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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  February 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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the school district and the company it hired to clean up the asbestos. the dnr investigation that started all of this found higher than permitted air levels of asbestos at washington high school during renovation work last year. the dnr alleges more than 100 construction workers may have been exposed. attorneys for the district have said students and staff didn't have access to the area where asbestos was found. kcrg-tv9's forrest saunders reports from windsor heights. commissioners voted unanimously for both referrals. the complaints claim the district and abatement specialists did not properly remove or contain asbestos during the renovation work. now it's up to the ag's office to determine if either should face a civil lawsuit those thousand dollars per day, per violation. it could be a long investigative process. the ag's office might drop the
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review the evidence, and collect more. cedar rapids schools superintendent brad buck said he was disappointed with the epc's ruling, but says he'll continue to defend the district's moves. "we've tried to work hard with the safety of our students and families and everyone in mind through this process. so, i think we've tried to be a good partner in the work. " attorneys with abatement specialties said they too are disappointed, but will continue to fight. in windsor heights, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. the former east dubuque school board president leaving the position. shirley horstman's colleagues announced her resignation at tonight's meeting. just last week, she said she was stepping down as president. she held the position... .. when the board put then-superintenden t greg herbst on administrative leave last summer. the schhl board later apologized and reinstated him. earlier this month, herbst announced that he was leaving to be the superintendent in galena, illinois.
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meteorologis t joe winters. joe, we have a warmup on the way? more clouds than sunshine dominate the weather for thth remainder of the week, but is does come with a warmup. overnight, if we see any clearing, some fog could develop, although that looks like a slight chance at this point. highs start in the lower 30s wednesday with 40s and 50s ahead for thursday and fridid. friday's warmth will be tempered a bit by windy conditions. enjoy a dry and quiet weather pattern right into the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 17-23 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 29-35 winds: se 5-10 back to you. university of iowa police say they have found this person, who is accused videotaping a woman taking a showow in a dorm. police s s the incident
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hall. an officer later found the man hiding in a bathroom, but he got away after fighting the officer. chargesesre pending. authorities arrested five people today in connection to the death of 14 year old emma redlinger in vinton. police say a friend shot emma redlinger in a home in february of 2015. she died days later at a hospital. 17 year-old william hines is charged with interference with official acts. faces a federal charge of providing a gun to a prohibited person. that gun was provided to her son, 17 year old dillon winterroth, who faces ssession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and other charges. 21 year old chase merchant also faces several drug charges including possession of a controlled substancncwith intent to deliver. another 17 year old faces minor
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police arrested a sixth person who wawa present at the time of the arrests on drug charges. a year ago, police respond to merchant's house where they fouou redlinger shot in the head. federal prosecutors accuse robyn merchant of knowing her son, dillon winterroth, was a drug user and giving him a gun that was used killed redlinger. authorities have ruled the shooting an accident. president obama says he intends to nominate someone who is ininsputably qualified to the supreme "we're going to find somebody who is an outstanding legal mind. somebody who cares deeply about our democracy and the rule of law. there's not going to be any particular position on any particular issue that determines whether or not i nominate them "
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conclusion of his meetings with southeast asian leaders. he also said there's more than enough time for the senate to consider a successor to justice antonin scalia. justice scalia died during a hunting trip over the weekend in texas. a funeral mass will take place saturday morning at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington, d.c. that will be followed by a private burial. a new plan that places the homeless in emergency shelters on cold nights has helped nearly 100 people since november. this is the first winter multiple linn county agencies have worked together to fill overnight beds. representatives from shelterss free meal sites, and waypoint work to fill beds in three shelters first. they include the willis- dady emergency shelter, mission of hope and catholic worker house, as shown here. once filled, an off-site space opens up. but as
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mccarthy explains, the process isn't p pfect. on winter nights when the cold can feel like a knife.. cutting cantaloupe dozens turn here for a warm meal.. 21:59:43 oven and last winter, green square meals even offered a warm place to sleep. 21:51:51 "we opened the doors at seven for overflow shelter, we had about 20-25 people each night we were open." a short term solution.. 21:36:55 "but there wasn't a lot of coordination between our shelters and green square to say, 'oh, well actually we have two beds open right now, send those two men over and we'll get them right in, hook them up with case management, and help them access housing.'" that's how the new system - in it's first wint of operation - works now. officialslsrigger an overflowow shelter on dangerously cold nights. they use a chart that includes temperatures, wind chill and more to make the decision. people then need to register for a cot through the isting shelters.
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and open an off-site space as needed. 21:38:04 "we've been open 41 times, we've, 23 times needed to open the off-site location, which is kind of cool to know that half of the time we've opened we've been able to fill existing shelters." trepp says the new process helped connect more than 80 people to longer- term services.. 21:54:22 it just seems to me like there's a low number. ..but it isn't perfect. 21:53:35 "that was the entire process, we're open, tell me who you are and we'll gegeyou a cot. now, they have to go through waypoint and a lot of people just don't like to be in the system so they just avoid it all together." imperfections they hope to work through by next winter. in cedar rapids, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. the u-s army corps of engineers says a new plan could help level off the number of boaters at cocoalville lake. in recent years, lake- goers have raised concerns about the amount of boat traffic on the lake during summer
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so the u-s army corps of engineers is releasing an updated shoreline management an. the army crops says it won't affect the placement of current docks, but will prevent new docks from going into some areas. officials say it could help reduce some boat traffic on the lake. "throughout the summer we did mail-out surveys, discussed to folks how they felt safety-wise out on the water. " the u-s army corps of engineers will hold a public meeting to discuss the updated plan this thursday. it's from 4 until 8 o'clock at the lake's visitor center. a group funding renovations of waterloo's canopy bridge isn't thrilled about it. the black hawk county gaming association approved 750-thousand dollars to rehab the fourr street pedestrian bridge over the cedar river. though some members have also expressed disgust for it. one member called it "the world's longest
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the covered walkway is heavily used and is a recognized landmark for waterloo. some cedar rapids kindergartenene are being recognized for t tir outstanding school work. hear how a change in teaching strategy is helping the young students succeed. and the iowa state cyclones traveled to waco, texas tonight to face baylor on the hardwood. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9 some cedar rapids
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skills. van buren elementary school leaders noticed some changes on recent assessment test results for its kindergarteners. kcrg-tv9's jill kasparie joins us in the studio. jill, what did the results show? the test showed 98- percent of the kindergarteners at van buren elementary school scored as proficient in basic reading. if you compmpe that to the rest of the district, it's quite a bit higher. district leaders say the assessment showed an average of 78 percent of all kindergartene rs were proficient on the winter tete. 16:15:41 i have another one for you one word after another these kindergartene rs often practice their literacy skills. 16:14:42 b-e-d today they're working on "segmenting. that means sounding out words. " 16:15:15 j-uh-m-p! recently - all of their hard work paid off in a big way.
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winter assessment test. "16:00:27 it became immediately apparent that 56 out of 57 kindergarteners were proficient in those early literacy skills. it was really exciting for all of us. " the school says teachers worked with the district to change up how they're teaching. this year they didn't teach to the test, instead they focused on essential skills. "i think in other years we taught a little here and did a little here and this year we really made sure they were sound and secure in it and it shows by what they can do now." and the school knows what it can do now is even more impressive because of the struggles some children face. more than 70-percent of the kids at van buren live with a background of poverty, and the school is also what's called an english language learners site. "16:00:10 we have 57 kids in kindergarten, 19 of those students are english language learners which means their primary language is something other than english. they are still learning how to speak english as well as leaing to read and the
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well." teachers say it feels good to see the students succeed. 16:18:34 turn to your neighbor and say you are so stinking smart - you are so stinking smart! the district says the parents of the kindergarteners also played a big part in their success by carrying out lessons at home. beth? thanks, jill. cedar rapids schools could dismiss students early each friday next school year. that's instead of a late start on mondays that the district had previously propoped, but that parents spoke out against. the district plans to use the time for professional development for teachers. the school board will hold a public hearing on the proposed calendar on monday night. donald trump and ted cruz are ramping up their attacks against each other in south carolina. it comes a few days before voters head to polls for a critical primary.
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the remainder of the week, but s does come with a
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any clearing, some fog could develop, although that looks like a slight chance at this point. highs start in the lower 30s wednesday with 40s and 50s ahead forhursday and fridid. friday's warmth wiwi be tempered a bit by windy conditions. enjoy a dry and quiet weather pattern right into the weekend. tonight: mostly cloloy low: 17-23 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 29-35 winds: se 5-10tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 20-26 winds: se 5-15thursday: mostly cloudy, milder high: 45 - low: 23 friday: p/cloudy, windy, mild high: 55 - low: 45 saturday: mostly sunny, mild high: 54 - low: 37 sunday: partly cloudy high: 49 - low: 32 monday:
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high: 40 - low: 29 tuesday: mostly cloudy
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comfortable lead in south carolola ahead of the primary. trump leads texas senator ted cruz by 16 points. today, trump doubled down on a potential lawsuit against cruz over his eligibility for presidency. cruz respondedeat his campaign event, saying
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also focused on policy, releasing a plan to strengthen the country's military. "we need to develop new, more effective kill vehicles a a expand the missile defense network to better protect the entire country from any rogue, accidental or systemic ballistic missile attack." "i've never seen another human being lie so much. he lies about everything. he'll take your record, like i talk to you about obamacare. he'll say trump loves obamacare. how do you fight that? he says i love obamacare, i hate obamacare." the republican presidential primary in south carolina is this saturday. the democratic primary is scheduled for the following saturday. severe storm swept through florida last night into this morning. the national weather service confirmed two tornado touch-downs. they say wind gusts were above 90 miles per hour in some areas of the state. florida power and light report more than 20 thousand homes were without electricity at some point during the storm. only minor injuries have been reported.
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being held captive in iraq for a month. u-s and iraqi security leaders say the three men were working for a private contractor in baghdad when someone kidnapped them last month. they suspect an iranian armed mililia was behind the kidnapping. the u-s says the men were in good health when they returned to the u-s embassy. coming up next in sports... scott has girls and boys high school hoops action. and the cyclones look for revenge on the road in waco on a milestone night for george niang. stay with your 24 hour news
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looking for a little payback at 25th ranked baylor tonight. deonte burton gotothe start over jameel force early.. and it was a milestone night for george niang with the trey to tie the game at 22.. niang with points tonight passed fred hoiberg fororrd on the all time scoring list at iowa state and he also went over the 2,000 point mark. and the cyclones took a 29-24 lead on the montre morris triple from the corner.. but baylor went on a 10-0-0un at the end of the half..lester medford connects from the top of the key and the bears led by 6 at the break. iowa state came out running in the second half the ally ooop to abdul nader for two of f s and then morris for three to give the clones the lead.. and big george was tough down the stretch
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with professer niang. but this game came down to the end tied at 81.. morris for the win no.. horn.. and they to went to o ertime. and baylor hit some big 3's in ot to win their fourth straight against the clones . iowa state falls to 7-6 in the big 12. boys highhchool hoops tonight.. xavier had a tough one hosting cedar falls. josh starts off our team coverage. its winning streak to seven games. meanwhile, xavier was hoping to snap a four-game losing streak. cedar falls gets off to a fast start, a.j. green buries the three-ball corner pocket. the tigers jumped out to a 5-0 lead. but xavier comes back, mitchell burger says that's mine. he quickly goes the other way and lays it in. saints led 13-7 after one quarter. 2nd quarter. the kickout to jackson joens in the corner. he cans in a three. saints go up by nine. but cedar falls responds. green with the
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three-pointer. cedar falls wins 64-57. up at cedar rapids washington, warriors hosting dubuque wahlert. the golden eagles closed out the first half on a 12-0 run, josh schmitt knocks down the triple. then schmitt kicks it out to david wedewer for another trey. wahlert led 39-25 at halftime. 3rd quarter, wash tries to get its offense going. keion wills misses the first time, but not the second time. warriors still down by2. but wahlert was just too much, future hawkeye cordell pemsl with the steal and lays it in. golden eagles win 62-44... josh christensen, tv9 sports. the girls with regional action tonight. north linn hosted south winn in the 2a quarter- finals. north linn got off to a quick start checkout the ball movement and katie kurt knocks down the trey.. and then the lynx pound the ball inside to ashley tull for two in the pain and it was sign night in troy mills. and north linn jumped out to a
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boer hits the boards hard for the putback.. south winn answered the wake up call on the nice runner from taylor book- hite to get on the board.. but north linn dominated inside tull with two more down low and the lynx raise their record to 19-3 with the win. alburnett entertained mfl-mar-mac and checkout the hustle on the rebound by kassidy rose back to maddie volesky and she knocks down the open jumper.. and the pirates did a nice job of breaking the full court pressure defense former tv 9 athlete of the week. taylor huber finishe. coe out recruiting taylor tonight.. and alburnett led 26-11 at the half.. lexi washburn no charge gets her own putback and the pirates advance with the win. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... more clouds than sunshine dominate the weather for the remainder of the week, but is does come with a
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any clearing, some fog could develop, although that looks like a slight chance at this point. highs start in the lower 30s wednesday with 40s and 50s ahead for thursday and friday. friday's warmth will be tempered a bit by windy conditions. enjoy a dry and quiet weather pattern right into the weekend. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 17-23 winds: nw 5-10tomorrow: mostly cloudy high: 29-35 winds: se 5-10 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for
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>>icky: from hollywoododit's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, step aside, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. thank you for watching at home. i appreciate your coming. that's very kind. [ cheers and applause ] it's very quiet in l.a. on the night after the grammy awards. the sanitation crews have cleaned up all the uptown funk that was all over the street. [ laughter ] everythihi is back to abnormal here. the big winners at the grammys last night. did you watch the grammy awards last night? [ cheers and applause ] i have no stake in it if you did or you didn't't but kendrick lalar, who gave a
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