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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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dem controlled senate passed a bill that would kill privatization citing concerned constituents, a short timeline and too many lingering questions. meanwhile state authorities continue to say iowa is good d go. "the state is ready. the state has been ready since january. we're more ready now." that's what iowa medicaid director mikki stier told state senators in committee, a week ago.cms to stier federal officials noted significant improvements in the last 60 days, but pushed back the transition to april 1st. they said the date "provides additional time for iowa to complete activities needed to ensure a smooth transition." like familiarizing more case managers on how the three managed-care companies work. nat paperwork this woman, rhonda shshse, is happy with the cms ruling. up until a few hours ago, she was organizing a wednesday bus trip for local medicaid users to lobby for further delay in des moines. she did something similar in december, right before cms pushed things back to march. shouse thinks ththgroup has been heard. "seeing that delay made people
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make a difference, even my one email or one phone call. people are definitely feeling like we can do that again." the wednesday bus trip is still on. and while the reason for it has changed for some passengers, karen muters opinion has stayed the same. "i can't understand how they are so out of touch with the families." muters adopted nine kids who use medicaid. she says all the questions the last few months have been incredibly stressful. muters has no idea if her kids' doctors will be available under the new system. she doesn't even know which of the care companies will hold their plans. she wants privatization scrapped. "our ideal would be that they fix the sometime problems in the system that we have now." rhonda, the organizer of that bus trip, says they'll likely focus on lobbying for the medicaid oversight bill. last week it cleared committee with bipartisan support. it would give lawmakers new
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privatized system in iowa. if the bill passes the senate, it faces an uncnctain future in the republican controlled house. lawmakers there say they already have a committee to do that without the bill. thanks, forrest. a mental health patient from guttenberg is back in custody after police say he stole an ambulance and broke out of a waterloo hospital. police say 36 year old joshua rohner will face charges when covenant medical center releases him. police say rohner was a mental health patient at covenant. and about 7:30 this morning he stole an ambulance from a parking bay and drove right through a closed garage door. police found the ambulance about an hour later in the 11-hundred block of lindner drive in waterloo. officers searched between homes there and also used a police dog to fifi rohner. police say rohner had changed clothing after he abandoned the ambulance and was trying to blend in. one person who slept through the search was a bit
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she thoughghabout what might have happened. " scary. he could have come into anyone's house anyone's car. scary " 6:30 police say rohnewas in the hospital's mental health unit under a court order. the hospital would not confirm many details of the escape or damage to the ambulance or garage. but a spokesperson ays rohner escaped from the hospitit's emergency room and not a locked unit remember whenever you see news, call newsline nine at 319-365-9999. you can also send pictures and news tips to newsroom at kcrg dot com meteorologist joe winters joins us now with our first alert forecast. joe, keep this nice calm weather coming. a strong storm moves southeast of the state
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winds as we head into the middle of the week. overnight the sky remains mostly cloudy, but more sunshine shouldlde able to emerge wednesday tempering the stronger breezes. north to northwest winds are expected to increase at 15-30 mph through the day on thursday. after a brief cooldown, look for a milder day on saturday.tonight: mostly cloudy low: 28-34 winds: n 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy, windy high: 37-43 winds: n 15-30 back to you. usually when people from the f-b-i, the i-r-s, and the u-s attorney's office are in one place, it's a sign of bad news. but today those agencies and a few othehe were in dubuque to help people and businesses avoid becoming fraud and scam victims. the better business bureau says the top nine scams involve... identity ththt.. online dadang and social media... home renovation... check cashing and money orders... and sweepstakes and lotteries. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann explains that when reporting fraud, time is of the essence.
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times. "if it's too good to be true. it probably is. " but even with that warning, authorities say some people still fall for scams, especially the elderly. "hey, your grandchild is actually in jail and in order to get them out you need to send tm a whole bunch of money. " the well known "grandparent scam", is one of several scams that continue to plague people in iowa. experts outlined those scams and ways to prevent them during this tuesday training session. "if one of your loved ones, one of your family, if you see them trying to take money out that doesn't make sense or they tell you they won a prize or a lottery, tell local law enforcement. " "as law enforcement, we need to be notified when thing are going on. financial crimes and scams or whatever. " experts say the sooner you report anything suspicious, the more likely they are to catch the scam artist. "the longer they wait before they step forward and talk about what's happening to them, it decreases the potential to get recoopment. " organizers say getting this group together will help streamline the investigation process. saving precious time,
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"fraud, fraud sucks, and we want to make sure our members are protected. " in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news the united states attorney's office held a similar training session with banks, credit unions and local law enforcement last week in cedar rapids. they're planning another event in waterloo next month. dubuque's superintenden t says the district faces a three million dollar budget cut for the 2016-2017 school year. superintendent stan rheigans says this is the result of low increases in school funding in the past six years. right now, the house approved a two percent increase in allowable growth, while the senene passed a bill for an additional four percent in state aid. he hasn't said where those cuts will fall, but he said some staff cuts are possible. "it doesn't necessarily y an they're ggng to be classroom teachers. it might be administrators we're going to look at all and figure out where we can make those reductions that least
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budget cut recommendati ons are expected at the next board meeting on march 14th. state law requires districts to notify employees if their positions will be cut by april 31st. rheingans says he plans to give employees that notice by april 1st. back in december, we told you dubuque schools were trying to be proactive, expecting lower state funding than they anticipated. rhehegans said the dubuque school district spends about 81 percent of its total budget on teacher and staff salaries. during the last school year, the district offered an early retirement incentive which inclulud a one time, 15-thousand dollar cash pay-out. administrators say that incentive ended up saving the school district more than one million dollars. the coralville city council is considering tight restrictionsnsn the use of e-e-garettes. the city is considering banning e-cigarette use in all places where it's already banned regular cigarettes under iowa's smoke-free air
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of e- cigarettes call them an effective way to quit using tobacco. but public health says research suggests they're still dangerous and can cause cancer. "there's enough evidence to regulate them in public places, enough evidence to say, don't switch, quit, is there enough to tell you exactly what sort of harms they're going to cause your body after 40 years, or your child from smoking them in your house, no. " health experts say the best way to quit using tobacco is to call quit-line iowa, and 1-800 quit-now. when the snow starts falling, the road treatment trucks come out across eastern iowa. but is that treatment effective? that's the question some college community students were trying to answer with a science project. stay with tv9. some college community students
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closer look at how the city of cedar rapids treats roads throughout the winter. it's part of a project where students did research and tests to see if a new mixture would work better. and today, they showed off their work to the city's streets superintenden t who leads the response to winter storms. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie joins us now. jill, how did they do this project? students used the e ty's mixture of salt, sand and chloride from their pile right
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then - they created their own mixtures with everything from beat juice to even cheese. then they applied both the city's mix and their own mix to pans filled with ice. they watched and recorded to find out how much melting happened in about 40 minutes. teachers say they want students to think about the science behind the winter road treatment process. students had a goal to use less salt than the city uses. " 20:03:02 we did some research h on alternatives, so they've learned that chloride the salt they put on the street, do cause some corrosion to the pavement, the road and they are not necessarily good d the water systete" " 19:49:38 we decide to use ash because ash naturally pulls in sunlight, so we would use that to melt away the ice." students say they learned a lot about different products that could make a difference for iowa. they hope their work helps as the city continues
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tonight at ten, we'll tell you what material tested today worked just as well as the city's mix, if not better! live in cedar rapids, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. still ahead, three new finalists for t-v nine athlete of the week. the hawkeyes had the past week off. scott shows us how that's helping them get ready for tomorrow night against the wisconsin badgers. stay with your 24 hour news
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a strong storm moves southeast of the state bringing an increase in our winds as we head into the middle of the week. overnight the sky remains mostly cloudy, but more sunshine should be able to emerge wednesday tempering the stronger breezes. north to northwest winds are expected to increase at 15-30 mph through the day on thursday. after a brief cooldown, look for a milder day on saturday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 28-34 winds: n 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy, windy high: 37-43 winds: n 15-30tomorrow night: partly cloudy, windy low: 22-28 winds: nw 15-30thursday: partly cloudy, windy high: 36 - low: 25 friday: partly cloudy high: 39 - low: 23 saturday:
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high: 55 - low: 2929unday: mostst cloudy high: 50 - low: 40 monday: partly cloudy high: 38 - low: 29 tuesda partly cloudy
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night against the badgers. scott westerberg has more on what the team did
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off. with six days off since their last game, the hawkeyes got a much needed break to re- group heading into the home stretch of the regular season. "it was very nice to take a step back and relax your body, had a couple days off to recharge."iow a is currently a half game behind indiana with four tough ones to go. while the focus right now is on wisconsin, coach mccaffery says they are cognizant of what's going on around the league. "you're locked into your next opponent as it relates to the game plan and preparation, but everybody will look at who is doing what in the league and checking scores and stuff like that. i think that's fairly typical."jarrod uthoff and peter jok both rank in the top ten in scoring in the big ten, and coming out of the break, the hawkeyes hope to provide more help for those two. "well, sometimes we kind of rely on them a little too much, leave them in one-on-one situations, in tough situations. we just got to try and get them easier shots at some point in the game and try and make the
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them."after losing two of their last three, the team held a players-only meeting on saturday. details of the meeting were vague, but adam woodbury provided his own creative version of what went on. "i don't know, a couple guys danced, a couple guys sang. it was kind of a talent show, honestly, got to see some of their talents and what they're able to do." but in all seriousness, the players were adamant that everything is a-ok. "we're fine. we're absolutely fine. we're looking forward to wednesday, can't wait. we're itching to get out there and compete." in iowa city, scott westerberg, tv9 sports. uni has called a press conference for tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 to introduce their new athletic director. it will be one of these two finalist who interviewed for the job. montana state ad peter fields, or iowa state associate ad david harris. minnesota state athletic director kevin buys-man also interviewed for the job but has pulled his name out of consideration. what a scene last night in tipton.. west branch trying to advance to their first state tournament
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durant at 42 working for the last shot and tatum kane-ig fires and it comes up short but haley polla was their for the put back to beat the buzzer for the 44-42 win and the celebration was on.. west branch is headed back to state for the first time in 44 years.. they are playing for a trip to state in 5a tonight and we will have highlights at 10:00 as 6 mvc teams are in title games. and finally it's time to announce three new finalist for the kcrg tv-9 athlete of the week sponsored by cedar rapids toyota. all wrestlers this week.. athlete number one is max lyon of western dubuque who won the 182 pound state title in class 3a and broke school record for pins with 39. athlete number 2 is brock rathbun of center point urbana. brock won his third straight state title and won 144 matches in a row. and finally athlete number three is tanner sloan of alburnett who won the 170 pound title in in class 1a and helped lead his team
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championships . to vote go to i will feature the winner thursday night at 10:00. thanks, scott.
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t joe winters for your final forecast. a strong storm moves southeast of the state bringing an increase in our winds as we head into the middle of the week. overnight the sky remains mostly cloudy, but more sunshine should be able to emerge wednesday tempering the stronger breezes. north to northwest winds are expected to increase at 15-30 mph through the day on thursday. after a brief cooldown, look for a mier day on saturday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 28-34 winds: n 5-15tomorrow: partly cloudy, windy high: 37-43 winds: n 15-30 thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6.
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have a great evening. any of you are considering going into experimental physics, my door is always open. once again, i'm sorry that the demonstration didn't quite work out, but now we know what happens when you accidentally spill peach snapple into a helium neon laser. short answer is... don't. and now to tell you about the theoretical physics department is dr. sheldon cooper. dr. cooper? sheldon: forget it.
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sheldon, we both agreed to do this. it's a waste of time. i might as well explain the laws of thermodynamics to a bunch of labradoodles. if you don't do this, i won't take you to the comic book store. hello. nice work with the laser, by the way. looking out at your fresh young faces, i remember when i, too, was deciding my academic future as a lowly graduate student. of course, i was 14. and i'd already achieved more than most of you could ever hope to, despite my 9:00 bedtime. now, there may be one or two ofou in this room who has what it takes to succeedin theoretical physics. although, it's more like that you'll spend


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