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hear how he won even though he wasn't even on the ballot. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at 10 . developers behind a proposed casino in downtown cedar rapids have taken another step in their bid for a gaming license. wild rose entertainment has partnered with a nonprofit that would hold the state gaming lic portion of revenue to linn county. wild rose wants to build a 40-million dollar boutique casino in downtown cedar rapids. it would go up in an area across from the doubletree hotel. the casino would be much smaller than the previous plan that the state gaming and racing commission rejected two years ago. back then, the commissioners believed a cedar rapids casino would cannibalize too much revenue from other casinos in eastern iowa.
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forrest, state law requires this nonprofit partnership? casinos in iowa have to have that nonprofit partner. it'll not only hand out a cut of the gaming revenue, but hold the gambling license. wild rose has joined forces with the newly-formed seven-member board, cedar river alliance for gaming or crag. members say, a green light from the state, will mean millions for the county. plans are still in the works, but if this becomes a least 4% of annual gaming revenue.that's more than the state minimum of three. it could add up to a lot of money for charitable needs in the county. "wild rose is averaging about $1.5 million per casino. given that ours is probably-- that we're the second largest city in the state-- we'd be north of that." the boutique would be smaller than the last proposal by cedar rapids development group. this time, fewer games, no restaurants. the total cost is a fraction of
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rose thinks the size reduction will decrease the amount of revenue loss felt by nearby casinos-- a sticking point for gaming commissioners last time. "i'm not guaranteeing what the commission will do or won't do. but, i know that something scaled down has a lot better chance than what was proposed before." developers may get some insight into what commissioners are feeling during their meeting, thursday morning. the group's agenda shows discussion time for wild rose's intent to file for a chair jeff lamberti said the group will likely talk about timing for the application. but, also how members feel about the overall state gaming market. lamberti said quote "i believe the market is pretty saturated. whether a specific proposal would be favorably considered would likely be based upon our market studies." wild rose is in the middle of a market study right now to see what, if any,
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results will likely impact the final plans for the casino. the nonprofit expects the gaming application to be filed in the next month to six weeks thanks, forrest. the owner of a crumbling brewery in dubuque says he's close to selling the 120-year-old building to a developer. jim krueger owns the former headquarters for the dubuque malting and brewing company. he say there's interest from a company to turn the says the sale is close to being final. let's now turn to weather and meteorologis t joe winters. joe, can we expect warm and breezy weather to continue? breezy and warm conditions build for our thursday. thursday marks the 21st straight day of above normal temperatures. however, an area of low pressure and associated fronts promise to put an end to the streak saturday. after highs in the 70s tomorrow, colder
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the 30s and 40s for the weekend. wintry weather stays to our northwest with this storm and we foresee a seasonable weather week ahead as we approach thanksgiving. have a great night. tonight: partly cloudy. wind: se 10-20. low: 49 tomorrow: partly cloudy, breezy, and mild. wind: s 15-25. high: 72 back to you. some drivers want the iowa department of transportatio things like not wearing seat belt or speeding. the drivers, who each face traffic tickets, filed a motion in court yesterday. they're doing this after a polk county judge ruled the d-o-t doesn't have the authority to issue tickets for most traffic violations. that case involved a 16- year-old who was fighting a speeding ticket. but the d-o-t says other courts have upheld tickets the department has issued. republicans in the iowa house have chosen to keep their top leaders for the next legislative
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again serve as house speaker. and chris hagenow from windsor heights will be majority leader. they say there have been no formal discussions about what the republican majority will be ocusing on next year. but they expect issues to include tax cuts, water quality, and education. they say they realize voters are hungry for change. " people were frustrated with washington. in iowa we want to fight against the same type of environment. " "what my voters told me may be different, we'll comeand put it together, listening to folks in our own districts. " the next legislative session begins on january ninth. " 27:51, "it was a grueling 10 hour campaign."" on election day, a wartburg
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family to write him in for the bremer county soil and water conservation commission. and now 22-year-old jesse kielman is the newest member of the commission. kcrg-tv9's jordee kalk talked with him about his plans for a position he didn't expect to be in. on this campus, jesse kielman is a super-star. 29:02, "i'm that guy, i harass people at the checkouts."th e communication s major turned sustainability guru has a mission throughout people about the environment. 29:19, "do you know how long it takes a sack to degrade? it's like 3000 years!" a passion he's now going to take to the county government. and it's all thanks to his mom.. 27:29,"about 10 o'clock on election day my mom went down to vote and she told me she wrote me in and i said oh that would be really cool."from there it spiraled. on a post on his facebook page kielman asked friends to
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commission. 28:11, "i think the reason it got so much traction is people already knew i was interested in it." but the county had to take a few days to count in write in votes. so kielman didn't find out the results until tuesday. 33:06, "i got a text from my mom, i don't know who she got the results from but i got a text from here at 10:08 yesterday." kielman plans to use this commission as a gateway to his future. 38:32, "so to have this commission not have a website not sharing information is ludicrous. we need to have channels to share information." while using his college trained communication skills. 40:10, "this is home, and i want this to be the best bremer county, waverly and iowa possible. in waverly, jordee kalk, kcrg tv9 news. kielman will join the commission after the first of the year. he won't be able to vote because there's already a commissioner
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waterloo police say they're working to improve their relationship with the community. hair cutting one of the things they're doing is making information available at a place where people often talk - a barbershop. stay with us. a barbershop in waterloo is
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american community. it's part of an effort to improve relations
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excessive force. kcrg-tv9's samantha myers explains. brothaz barbershop is more than a place to come and get a haircut. it's a place to catch up with friends, a brotherhood. 17:41:59;02 ""if you need somebody to talk to you know you can come and ask one of these guys about something and they will give you good feedback on what you've got problems with." " problems that sometimes deal with heavy topics like race relations between the community and police. 17:30:21;03 to anger to different people telling stories about encounters that they've had good and bad." " "one employee, donell rivers, wanted to find a way to help. 17:31:00;20 they don't wanna work with police, they don't want to work with churches, but everybody gets their hair cut. so he asked waterloo police chief dan trelka to make pamphlets that the barbers can give to their customers. 17:31:00;20 "i think it's important with all that's going on in our community that we do something proactive and try to get people to know what
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that everyone can go home safely." the pamphlets will explain what people's rights are and how to handle different situations when stopped by police. 17:33:45;09 "this is just a start and i think there's a lot more that has to be done and we have to come together i think that's more important than anything else." he says working with trelka and the city will help bring the community together. in waterloo, samantha myers kcrg-tv9 news. the barbershop expects to get those weeks. the election's over, but hillary clinton is telling her supporters not to give up. that was her message at her first public appearance since her concession speech after the election. breezy and warm conditions
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21st straight day of above normal temperatures. however, an area of low pressure and
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after highs in the 70s tomorrow, colder northwest winds blow into the area friday afternoon dropping highs into the 30s and 40s stays to our northwest with this storm and we foresee a seasonable weather week ahead as we approach thanksgiving. have a great night.
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partly cloudy, breezy, and mild. wind: s 15-25. high: 72 tom. night: partly cloudy. wind: s 10-20. low: 58 friday: windy with a chance of showers along with falling temperatures. high: 62 low: 58 saturday: partly cloudy, windy and much cooler. high: 40 low: 29 sunday: mostly sunny and seasonably cool. high: 40 low: 21 monday:
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chance of showers. high: 46 low: 32 wednesday: chance of showers. high: 46 low: 36 thursday: partly cloudy. high:
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raised close to 36- thousand dollars during this year's radiothon for variety, the children's charity. this money will will go to variety's compassion fund, helping families with hospitalized children pay for expenses that insurance doesn't cover. if you still want to donate, we have a link under this story on kcrg dot com. we'll be right back. stay
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and hillary clinton made her first public appearance tonight since conceding the election last week. a-b-c's maggie rulli reports. "? ..."hillary clinton returns to washington? though, not in the way she originally intended. sot - hillary clinton / former democratic presidential nominee "there have been a few tim this past week, when all i wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and e democratic presidential nominee speaking in front of the children's defense fund? the group that helped start her career. sot - hillary clinton / former democratic presidential nominee "please listen to me when i say this... america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country. fight for our values. and never, ever give up." at the same time - clinton's lead in the popular vote is growing? now up more than one million votes against donald trump. nats - back in new york? tales
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president- elect and his team trying to shoot down reports that the transition process is not going well. trump himself tweeting that it's "very organized." but former house member mike rogers - who worked on the team before being ousted - describes it differently. sot - mike rogers / fmr. republican congressman / former member of trump transition team "i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york." all eyes are now turning to this man - jared kushner, trump's son- in-law. abc news confirming, the transition team has requested national security clearance for the real-estate developer... who has no government experience. that report not helping with concerns about conflicts of interest between his family businesses and his new job. one impact on trump's brand already visible? three manhattan buildings which licensed his name - have now removed it after residents protested. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. the minnesota police officer who fatally shot a man during a traffic stop last july faces a second degree manslaughter charge. prosecutors say st. anthony police officer
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unreasonably when he used deadly force against philando castile. castile's fiance, who live streamed the aftermath of the shooting, says the officer shot castile as he reached for his wallet. wildfires have hospitalized more than 200 people with breathing difficulties in recent weeks in tennessee. the fires are also burning in five other states, including north carolina. dry weather and high winds have fueled those fires. coming up next tonight, scott has his weekly coach kirk ferentz and he will also have highlights of the iowa women's basketball and volleyball teams. stay with your 24 hour
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on one with iowa coach kirk ferentz as the hawks get ready for a trip to illinois. picture in the locker room with the players around you showed it all showed the emotion this this was really an important one for this football team. it really scott and the fact they were ranked and all that stuff was important to but the most important thing we got nailed two weeks ago we really got a nailed
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your response gonna be couldn't be prouder of our guys the way they got up off the mat went back to work last week so to see them feel better about themselves it's hard to buy that feeling feeling. tough job when he motions up here how do you get back down here and ready to play football again? you it is similar to last week only there end of the spectrum because it's really an extreme so far we had a couple days practice the guys are wired in we need this to sustain that right through the end of the game on saturday. the rest of the regular season what do you see in manny what did you see in the game that that that you like going into this one. he played a really good game saturday made a couple of mistakes and it also made a couple big plays for us big break ups in the fourth quarter 2 critical plays an interception so yeah he just has to stay focused and basically just has to do his job he doesn't have to play for everybody just take care of his position if he does that will be fine. akrum really showcased his talents in this game you constantly say you need him to to be at 200 pounds why is that so important for
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would be fine were not trying to bust his chops it's just a matter of to play in this conference when you're the ball carrier everybody's trying to nail you its just the nature of the position and so being a little bit stronger i having that that maturity just makes you more durable and i he's a really good player is a great guy good team member very tough competitor and we just want him to be able to run the whole race that's the only reason we are staying in him about that. remind you of ronnie harmon a little bit. out there because ronnie is one of the best players i've been aroundin my career the likeness i think would be the fact to tell you know he does have a good ball skills he can catch a football do something with it besides just run it and he has the ability to make guys to make miss too and those are things that you really don't teach guys they have that. bluders bunch hit the road tonight to take on north dakota in grand forks. the hawkeyes got off to a fast start jumping out to a 24-15 first quarter lead.. ally disterhoft with two of her game high 20
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42 in the third quarter.. but iowa with a spark from hanna stewart off the bench.. stewart playing in her home state had 8 points.. and a big game from freshman kathleen doyle off the pine 11 points and iowa pulled away down the stretch for the 75-60 win to raise their record to 3-0. the competition will get a lot stiffer for the iowa men tomorrow night when they host 2-0 seton hall in the gavitt games at carver hawkeye arena with an 8:06 tip off. team that is gonna be the ncaa tournament we are playing an ncaa tournament team they know that they expect that we would like to be there as well. sot oc: "there as well " the iowa volleyball team was at home tonight trying to get above .500 in the big 10. the hawkeyes hosting rutgers... 1st set, iowa looking to put this one away as jess janotta blasts one through the blocks to put the hawkeyes up 24-15... match point, iowa
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block, hawkeyes win 25-16... set two, reghan coyle absolutely destroys this ball for the kill, one of 10 on the night... later in the set, hawkeyes go back to riter who finds the corner... iowa wins 3-1 thanks, scott. joe... breezy and warm conditions build for our thursday. thursday marks the 21st straight day of above normal temperatures. however, an area of low pressure and associated fronts promise to put an end to the streak saturday. after highs in the 70s tomorrow, colder northwest winds blow into the area friday afternoon dropping highs into the 30s and 40s for the weekend. wintry weather stays to our northwest with this storm and we foresee a seasonable weather week ahead as we approach thanksgiving. have a great night. tonight: partly cloudy. wind:
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- garth brooks, tom hiddleston, and from "manchester by the sea" lucas hedges. and now, moving forward -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice. we have so much. we have a jam-packed show tonight. but i want to start with something that could affect your


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