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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 5, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to nhk "newsline." on this anniversary the city is filled with prayers for peace. in light of japan's current nuclear crisis, city mayor urged the government on saturday to review its energy policy.
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60,000 people remembered the moment in 1945 when an atomic bomb destroyed city. the names of 275,000 a-bomb victims were placed in a vault. more people have died of the a-bomb's effect since then and earlier deaths have now been confirmed. [ bell tolls ] there was a minute of silence at 8:15 a.m., the exact time the bomb exploded. the mayor of hiroshima called for a lasting peace in a world free of nuclear weapons.
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>> the time has come for the rest of us to learn from the experience and the desire for peace. then we must communicate what we learned to future generations and to the rest of the world. this year, japan has had a fresh reminder of the dangers of atomic energy. the earthquake and tsunami cause aid crisis and people in japan are again living in fear of radiation. the mayor of hiroshima never wants the situation to be repeated. >> translator: from the common admonition that nuclear energy and human kind cannot exist together, some seek to abandon nuclear power altogether. others advocate extremely strict control of nuclear power by increased utilization of renewable energy.
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the japanese government should institute concrete countermeasures to gain the understanding and trust of the people. >> prime minister kan is pushing a review of japan's energy policy and said japan should reduce its dependence on nuclear power. >> translator: regarding nuclear energy, we will deeply reflect over the conventional ability that nuclear energy is safe. look into the cause of the accident, and to increase safety implement fundamental measures while also decreasing the degree of dependence on nuclear power generation to aim for a society that does not rely on nuclear power. 66 years after the atomic bombing, hiroshima continues to remind the world what happened in the city. renewed pledges for world peace
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will be made through out the day along with prayers for bomb victims. a japanese government panel has updated its guidelines on compensation for people affected by the nuclear accident in fukishima. full-scale payments are now likely to begin. the panel of experts finalized what claim interim guidelines at a meet frying daing friday. the new guidelines brought in the range of businesses to include cattle farmers in 17 prefectures, with rice draw of radioactive levels was distr distributed as feed. and green tea producers where tea leaves are contaminated by radioactive substances. travel agents in fukishim had been eligible due tour tour
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cancellations and agents in three neighboring prefectures have been added. all dealing with foreign tourists will be compensated as well if cancellation came after march 11th. exporters are to receive damages for merchandise produced or shipped, but rejected or restricted by foreign governments due to radiation fears. tepco has the started paying provisional damages to affected people, recipients and others have claimed that the payments are too little too late. people who had to evacuate homes close to the fukishima plant may be allowed to go back for a short while. the government set up a 20 kilometer no entry zone around the plant after the nuclear crisis began. it allowed people whose homes are between 3 and 20 kilometers from the plant to go back briefly. but it hasn't allowed trips back to homes within three kilometers of the plant. the government says it's now
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ranging -- brief trips to homes within the 3 kilometer radius, because they are being cooled and radiation from the plant is going down. they will soon begin detailed radiation monitoring to ensure returning evacuees are safe. friday was a day of wild swings on the new york stock exchange. dow jones international closed at 11,444. this follow is a drop of more than 500 points thursday. stocks rallied in new york for less than a half-hour after better than expected employment data friday. then the dow trended downward apparently because of economic weakness in the u.s. and the debt crisis in europe.
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u.s. jop dajob data showed provement in july as the the private sector hired more workers. the jobless rate improved for the first time in four months. the labor department says nonfarm payrolls added 117,000 jobs, that's the biggest monthly increase in three months. the market had been expecting 84,000 jobs. unemployment came in at 9.1%. it was 9.2% in june. for more on the job data and outlook for the u.s. economy, we spoke with david wrestler, chief economist at u.s. securities international. the employment is increasing. not at a rapid rate. it is increasing. we view the report as generally constructive. hiring in the automobile and motor vehicle industry, manufacturing hiring, was quite strong in july. well above a normal kind of
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growth rate in -- in manufacturing jobs. so we think that u.s. manufactures are, are still out there adding employees to increase production. and that's -- that's a good sign. the economy will grow at a little faster rate in the second half it did in the first half. an important part of the reason that we think so is that we're enk encouraged by what we seep out of japan about car parts production and what we see in the u.s. about carassemblies an production. we noted that production in the u.s. by assembly of cars in the u.s. by japanese car manufacturers is the highest it has been relative to its year earlier levels since -- since -- just after the earthquake and tsunami. so we are pretty encouraged that the resumption of normal car production is occurring. and we were also encouraged
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that -- u.s. automobile sales were higher than they have been for the last three months. so we see the news as generally encouraging. that was david resler, u.s. economist. and here is now your extended weather forecast.
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that's all for this edition of > they say that the tokyo tower looked like a flame when seen from the expressway at night. but not any longer. since the march 11th earthquake, the tower's lights have been switched off. we can see a red light in the elevator. the number of visitors to its observation platform dropped by 80%.
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and the tokyo tower almost seems to be fading away. dark and desolate as it was, the tower was not completely forlorn. many people have sent heartening messages to the tower. please illuminate the tower again as a symbol of recovery from the disaster. >> i can't forget the image of the tower i saw when i visited tokyo. >> don't lose to the sky tree. why do people love the tokyo tower so much? let's look for clues to the tower's almost magical attraction.
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>> a great many people sent affectionate messages to the tokyo tower. this is 33-year-old nakano, a company worker in tokyo. he's one of the people who sent messages to the tokyo tower. he wrote that he wanted the tower lights turned on again. as a sales rep, nakano spends many hours driving. when he was new on the job he was under constant pressure to meet his sales quota.
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driving the car with no one to talk to, he had to face the challenge all by himself. but one day he saw an unforgettable sight from the metropolitan expressway. >> translator: my favorite view of the tokyo tower is coming into view very soon. on the left oh, there it is, the view opens up right here for a short time. yes, there are no tall buildings in the way. >> this brief, ten-second glimpse of the tower as he drives his car, is a special moment for him.
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the stately image of the tower standing in the middle of the tokyo metropolis gives hi comfort. >> translator: i sometimes feel as the tower is telling me to drive carefully. no need to rush because i have plenty of time. the tower is relaxing and gives me peace of mind. i've experienced that many times >> that's why he's taken to glimpses at the tower between buildings wherever he is driving. >> translator: look there, tokyo tower. >> translator: ah i see. >> tokyo tower seen at a distance between building is actually beautiful. a small view of the tower gives him big encouragement.
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you can see it on the left. >> translator: ah, you're right. i can see it. >> whenever he is, the tower soothes his heart and gives him emotional support. >> on this day, nakano got married. here with the tokyo tower in the background, the couple embarked on a new chapter of their life together. >> translator: i've always gazed at the tokyo tower by myself. but now i'm married, i hope the tower will be part of our new life together.
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♪ isn't it rich ♪ are we up here ♪ we here at last on the ground ♪ ♪ you in midair ♪ send in the clowns ♪ isn't it bliss ♪ don't you approve
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one who keeps tearing around one who can't move ♪ ♪ where are the clowns ♪ send in the clowns >> the tokyo tower was constructed in the 1950s and was then the world's tallest broadcast tower. japan was recovering from its defeat in world war ii. having the world's top tower standing in the middle of the capital gave the japanese people hopes and dreams for the future.
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a woman living near the tower still remembers those days. >> midori tajima who runs this photo shop showed us something. >> translator: when i stand at the counter here and look up, i can see it right over there through the gap of the window. i can see it all the time. it's such a narrow gap so it looks -- how can i say -- it's a strange view. >> the shop walls are lined with pictures of the tower as it was being built.
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the tower glows silver at sunset the moment was beautifully captured just after the tower was painted. this is where the tower is located, this picture is above the tower which is still under construction. these were all shot by tajima's father. he went out every day to take pictures of the tower as the construction progressed. tajima was 10 years old at the time. what did she think of her father who kept taking photos of the
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tower? >> translator: he always use me in test shot telling me things like, stand over there and pose like this. it was just annoying. i kept saying, i wouldn't take over the shop. i said i'd get married to an office worker who would bring home bonuses. >> just as she declared, tajima got married at 22 and left her hometown, tokyo. but eight years later her father was killed in a car accident. she came back to the photo shop which had lost its owner.
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she looked outside the window in a daze. the tokyo tower was there, as it had always been. >> translator: when i lost my father and came back to this town, the tokyo tower was standing there unchanged. and somehow -- i don't know how to put it, but it made me feel at ease. looking at the tower gave me a sense of peace. it's gotten old. >> she often takes out her father's old camera and thinks about him. what went through his mind when he was looking it at the tower through the viewfinder.
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to find out, tajima has been capturing her own images of the tokyo tower. but the unprecedented disaster has changed her feelings for her favorite subject. what she saw after the earthquake was a damaged tokyo tower. >> translator: now i look at it from here, and all i can see is the tip is slightly bent. >> translator: yes, it's heartbreaking. it looks so painful. i can't take a picture. people seem to find it amusing. they say, look at the tip, and snap pictures. i wish they'd stop.
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i can't bring myself to take pictures of a bruised tokyo tower and keep a record of the damage. i just can't. >> tajima felt connected to her father through the tower. since the earthquake, she hasn't taken a single photo of it. another day has passed, and tajima still couldn't shoot the tower. about a month after the earthquake, an effort to turn the tower lights back on was under way.
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motoko ishii, lighting designer, has designed illuminations for the tokyo tower before. when the number of visitors to the tower was declining, her captivating lights rekindled its popularity. she's now trying to put up a message on the observatory of the tower, which has not been lit up since the earthquake. the electricity will be generated by solar panels, but not much output can be expected because the space for them is limited. she's planning to put the lights on the east side only to keep energy consumption to a minimum.
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to make do with the limited output, she's decided to use l.e.d. lights which require less electricity than ordinary bulbs. if things work as planned, her 13-letter message should appear on the tower. >> translator: since this is my task, i'm responsible for what i produce, for pleasing people. i can't afford to fail. i always have this mental attitude and even more so this time. >> the day of the illumination has come. ishii gazes at the tower tensely. ten minutes before the lighting goes on, she waits to see if her
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first attempt at solar power works. >> translator: of course i'm nervous. it it's always frightening to do something for the first time. >> and the moment has come. ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two -- >> ah! >> translator: oh, it worked! oh, i'm so relieved! those 13 letters are made up of 8,400 tiny l.e.d. bulbs. actually seeing them lighting up, my heart is too full for words. i truly hope the message reaches
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many people and encourages them. >> people on the street are also are looking up at the tower, engraving the scene in the -- their collective memory. >> tajima was also on the street where she can see the tower. >> translator: i wanted to see the lights turned on at 6:40.
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>> translator: ah, i didn't bring my tripod so it's blurry. >> this is the first photo of the tower she's taken since the earthquake. >> translator: the lights are already on that part, but i can feel the messages going out to many people. since the day of the earthquake i've been telling the tower to hang on because its tip was bent and there haven't been any lights.
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so i thought i was supporting the tower, but now i know the tower has been giving me strength. >> tajima kept shooting the tower. >> translator: it's magnificent, >> translator: it's magnificent, isn't it? -- captions by vitac --


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