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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  August 15, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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hello. glad to have you with us on "newsline." i'm yuko fukushima. people in iraq reeling from another series of coordinated terror attacks. at least 52 people died in shopping districts and police districts were targeted. the deadliest attack happened on monday morning in the city of kut. local police say a roadside bombing was immediately followed by a nearby car bomb explosion. the blasts killed at least 34 people and injured more than 60 others. about the same time in the southern city of nayaf a car
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stopped near a police building and blew up killing four and injuring 20. the blasts occurred in the northern cities of kirkuk and tikrit and diyalah and car beulah before monday. the interior ministry said exsoivs were found in five other locations but security forces dif fused them. authorities consider the bombs as systemic acts of terror. they are debating whether to ask the united states to keep some of its troops beyond the deadline for withdraw by the end of this year. thaksin shinawatra is resuming diplomatic activities with the backing of thailand's new government led by his sister. the exiled former prime minister is going to visit japan next week. thaksin will arrive august 22nd and stay about a week. during his stay he's expected to make a speech in tokyo and travel to areas hit by the march 11th disaster. the thai government asked japan to issue a special visa for
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thaksin, who is [ inaudible ] of corruption. the request went through. japanese immigration rules prohibit the entry of foreigners who are been given prison terms of more than one year. he has been living in exile since the thai military ousted him in 2006, but this month, his sister yingluck became the first female prime minister. his ins runs in over the new government is drawing attention. his trip is likely to illicit criticism from his opponent. japan marked 66 years since the end of world war ii on monday. ceremonies were held across the country. a government-sponsored event took place in central tokyo to remember the nations 3.1 million war dead. this year about 7,200 people including bereaved families attended the annual ceremony. >> translator: japan was able to rise from the ashes of war with
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the efforts of each citizen. we have overcome many hardships to date. drawing on these experiences, we will surely and strongly revive areas affected by the march 11th disaster and japan as a whole. we will do this to honor our ancestors' sacrifice and hardship. >> after a minute of silence, at noon, the emperor also spoke.
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>> 66 years since the war ended, 60% of attendees were 70 or older. in south korea, monday marks the 66th anniversary of independence from japanese colonial rule. in a speech president lee myung bak urged japan to teach the history of the two nations accurately. lee spoke in seoul on monday during a memorial service. >> translator: japan has a responsibility to teach its future generations the true interpretation of history. >> lee said the people of south korea can never forget their country's history with japan, although for the sake of the future, they will not be bound by the unfortunate past. the president is believed to have been trying to warn japan
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on territorial issues without mentioning the takeshima islets claimed by both nations. ties have been strained over a recent attempt by japanese lawmakers to visit an island near takeshima known as dokdo in south korea. south korea denied them entry at an airport in seoul. south koreans see dokdo as an matter of interpretation of history. they argued that japan took over the islets during its colonial rule. president lee also spoke about north korea on monday. he stressed the country must take concrete steps toward nuclear disarmament. >> translator: it is important for north korea to take responsible moves in order to build mutual trust. >> the six-party talks on north korea's nuclear program have been suspended since 2009. last month the two koreas held denuclearization discussions for the first time in more than 2 1/2 years. that was followed by bilateral
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talks between north korea and the united states. north korean officials are refusing demands to stop their country's uranium enrichment program. they revealed its existence last year. they say its purpose is to help generate power. the japanese government endorsed a plan to set up a new nuclear watchdog under the environment ministry. the government wants to ensure it doesn't have any ties with the power industry. the plan approved by the cabinet on monday removes nuclear regulatory powers from the industry ministry which promotes nuclear energy. the action is part of the government's efforts to improve oversight in the wake of the accident at the daiichi plant. the new agency will be responsible for advisory functions such as the cabinet safety commission and radiation monitoring undertaken by the science ministry and oversee safety management at nuclear plants and check if regular inspections are being carried
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out appropriately and take charge of the initial response in event of an accident. the current nuclear regulator under the industry ministry has been criticized for trying to influence public symposiums in favor of nuclear energy. the government plans to submit bills to the diet early thex year and launch the new agency in april. now turning to sri lanka. the government is carrying out a major study of wild elephants in an effort to protect the animals. workers are now going over data from a recent census. the coexistence of elephants and farmers has become a serious issue in the country. there are an estimated 5,000 wild elephants in sri lanka. about 250 of them are killed every year mostly by farmers defending their crops and villages. sri lanka's three-day survey ended on saturday. nearly 4,000 government employees and wildlife workers checked more than 1,500 locations including watering holes.
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they also gathered data about the elephants' gender and age. the survey made some of the elephants or animals nervous. one of them chased after a car that was carrying researchers. the sri lankan government aims to complete the study by the end of this month. officials hope to reduce the conflicts between animals and humans once they determine where the elephants feed and which farms are most at risk of being invaded. now let's bring you a look at weather forecasts around the world.
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that is all for now on "newsline." i'm yuko fukushima. we'll be back at the top of the next hour. see you then. good-bye for now.
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>> aman, 21, is a star performer. >> altiyab, his favorite horse, is 6 years old. he talks to his horse with special whistles.
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it's been six years since aman entered the world of djigitovka. he's second to none in the world. >> we'll follow aman as he pursues a new goal this spring. turkmenistan has a population of five million. more than 80% of the country is desert. natural gas supports the economy.
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this is the capital. ashgabot. the markets are well-stocked with food. prices are low. utilities are nearly free. horses have special meaning for these people descended from nomads. they cherish a type of horse called the akkhaei. it's said to be the oldest type of horse breed in its world. known for its stamina and well-proportioned body, this legendary horse was loved by alexander the great. only these stale generals can perform here.
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the first national theater will open in ashgbot this year. as society modernizes, it has been losing popularity. but turkmenistan is reviving its traditional culture and can accommodate 1500 people, making it the largest in the country. performers practice djigitovka. they are the only professional performers in the country.
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the group was organized six years ago. aman, the group's young star, began learning when he was 16. aman has shown outstanding talent since he joined the troupe. all the troupe members like him.
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the chessboard is a pattern made on the horses quarters with a comb. it's a good luck charm. the troupe leader wants the troupes performance at the opening ceremony to be perfect he has a sharp eye for details.
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descendents of nomads, the turkmen people hold festivals from time to time across the country. on such occasions, djigitovka is a nice distraction.
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traveling through deserts, men competed to see who the best ride is said to be the origin. aman's performance is daring and spectacular.
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national theater is approaching. aman and the other members seem different from usual. the preparation of the harnesses isn't going well. the theater even has stables. despite having proper facilities and equipment, aman is the most anxious he's ever been.
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aman makes several small mistakes during practice. he turns on the saddle, but he gets stuck halfway. pirly, the troupe leader, gives aman something new to work on. he wants a more delicate and graceful performance from him for the opening ceremony.
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aman faces a new challenge in his experience. the troupe has made ballet part of their practice. this is a testing time for aman.
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three days before the ceremony aman returns home. his family and relatives have gathered to celebrate his upcoming big performance. aman, the youngest of six brothers and sisters, was a shy boy. no one in his family thought he would be a djigitovka star.
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the troupe has started a rehearsal in the center ring. the members look nervous. they have an audience for their performance today. a rider has fallen from his horse. aman musters his courage.
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he's made no mistakes but found another problem. the day before the ceremony aman keeps practicing as usual.
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his nerves are at a high pitch. he's finished his final practice. he draws a chessboard charm on altiyab's hind quarters. it's the morning of the opening ceremony. people celebrate the opening of the theater. aman's full costume represents the nomadic tradition. he's prepared it for this day. aman is nervous.
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a senior troupe member pokes fun at him to make him relax. the show begins. in the first half circus performers from around the world entertain the audience.
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it's almost time to start. djigitovka is being performed at the national theater for the first time. performers first introduce themselves. the time has come for aman the star rider to take the stage.
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the audience gives him a standing ovation. aman's brave and brilliant performance delights the crowd.
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aman thanks his horse, altiyab. he expresses his gratitude with special whistles. aman will take an exam this year to enter a veterinary college.
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aman takes a day off. his first since the opening ceremony. he goes out with his girlfriend, jenet, for the first time in ages. aman will keep pursuing his two dreams. to become a veterinarian and perform djigitovka. perform djigitovka. ♪ -- captions by vitac --


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