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tv   Newsline 30min  KCSMMHZ  August 16, 2011 6:00am-6:30am PDT

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hello again. welcome back to "newsline." high-speed rail passengers
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in china will now need more time to get to where they're going. the country appears to be prioritizing safety following last month's fatal crash and derailment. it's slowing down the bullet trains and scaling back their schedules. the chinese railway ministry began temporarily revising its high-speed train schedules on tuesday in response to growing public criticism over how it handled the accident. it reduced the number of daily round trips on a line connecting beijing and shanghai from 67 to 88. that will give workers time to repair cars. the beijing tan gin line, the maximum speed reduced to 300 kilometers per hour from 350. >> translator: it's better to reduce the speed if safety can be ensured. slowing down is a good idea. >> translator: the cause of the accident should be determined,
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but it's not necessary to reduce the speed of the trains. >> the chinese government plans to disclose the result of its investigation into the accident by mid-september. it says they'll freeze the approval of new high-speed railway construction projects for now. a tibetan monk has died after setting himself on fire in southwest china. a radio service says the man was protesting the chinese government's crackdown on religious activities. the xinhua news agency reported on monday that the 29-year-old monk committed suicide in garze tibetan autonomous prefecture. they say it was unclear why he killed himself. but the voice of tibet, a norway based radio service for exiled tibetans had a different report. it said the monk scattered leaflets at a local government office and then doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. the flyers read "tibet has no
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freedom" and appealed for the dalai lama's return. the voice of tibet says authorities have been increasing their crackdown on tibetan monks since demonstrations in early july. people were protesting the heavy-handed rule of the chinese government in a ban on publicly celebrating the dalai lama's birthday. the euro zone economy grew in april to june quarter by a fraction. the latest figures from the 17-member group shows gross domestic product is up by 0.2%. that major slowdown in germany's economy is being blamed. the country is the region's driving force. the european union statistical office says the increase in the euro zone gdp is the eighth rise in as many quarters. the 27-nation eu also recorded growth of 0.2%. germany's gdp rose 0.1%, less than analysts expected. it was up 1.3% in the previous quarter. slower growth in europe's
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largest economy will likely be felt throughout the region. france's economic figures were also worse than predicted. economists had expected gdp growth of 0.3%, but it was flat because of a drop in household consumption. last week there was widespread speculation the country would lose its aaa credit rating. the classification means france's capacity to deal with its debt is extremely strong. italy's economy increased by 0.3%. spain's by 0.2%. the prices of bonds issued by their governments plunged earlier this month to their lowest levels since introduction of the euro. investors have concerns the countries may have difficulty dealing with their debt. the united nations says international food aid is being stolen and sold in markets in somalia as millions of people there starve. the country is dealing with its
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worst drought in decades. the u.n. food program confirmed some of the food is being sold in the markets in the capital mogadishu. bags imprinted with japan's national flag can be seen piled up inside a store along with nutritional supplements for children. thieves apparently stole the transport. half of somalia's population is believed to the at risk of starvation, about 3.7 million people. the u.n. says mogadishu and four other regions are in a state of famine, calling for international assistance. but somali is a dangerous place and the security situation has made distributing relief supplies difficult. somalia isn't just dealing with drought and famine. it's been ravaged by civil war for years. human rights watch released a report on the conflict. it says the government is being careless with its battle with an armed islamic group and
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civilians are paying the price. the new york based organization released the report sunday detailing abuse and crimes in somalia. it based its findings on accounts by refugees and other sources. human rights watch says civilians have suffered the most from the fighting between the somalia transitional government and the islamic group al shabaab, especially in mogadishu. >> all parties to somalia's armed conflict have committed serious violations of the laws of war, and that these are contributing to the country's humanitarian catastrophe. >> the report partly blames the high civilian death toll on government forces firing back indiscriminately in densely populated areas in response to al shabaab attacks. it also denounces the transitional government for failing to provide basic security and safeguard human rights in limited areas under its control. human rights watch says somali supporters such as the united nations, the african
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union and the united states, should reconsider their assistance unless the transitional government changes how it operates. in the wake of criticism of japan's nuclear watchdog, the international atomic energy agency will seek regular checkups of nuclear regulators in member nations. the agency publicized the plan on monday. the iaea met in vienna in june following the fukushima daiichi accident. members agreed to improve the response to nuclear crises and ensure the safety of nuclear power. the iaea worked out the new plan as part of such efforts and presented it to member countries. the plan outlines a series of measures in ten areas. these include assessments of safety measures taken by nuclear regulators every ten years and, if necessary, additional checkups in three years. the draft also proposes the iaea organize an independent group of experts to regularly assess nuclear reactor designs and
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measures to cope with critical accidents. the draft will be submitted to the iaea general assembly in september after it's reviewed by member states. travelers in japan will soon have more options when it comes to cheaper flights. japan airlines is going to launch a new budget carrier to compete with its rival all nippon airways. jal is going into the venture with australian discount flier jetstar and trading house mitsubishi. >> translator: in a few years airports in the tokyo area are expected to deal with more flights. this is a good opportunity for us to diversify and expand our business. >> the companies announced tuesday that mitsubishi will invest 33.4% and the two airlines 33.3% each. the low cost carrier will be called jetstar japan.
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jal is planning on benefiting from the experience of the australian partner, a subsidiary of qantas airways. jetstar japan will be based at narita airport and begin service by the end of 2012 and offer domestic flights and international routes linking asian cities. its investors are considering providing services to and from kansai airport in osaka. a move by all nippon airways apparently prompted jal to break into the low-cost carrier business. ana has already announced plans to launch two budget airlines next year. one will be based at narita and the other at kansai airport. and now let's bring you weather forecasts around the world.
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that is all for now on "newsline." thanks for watching. have a good day.
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♪ >> this university town in the philippines is home to more than a hundred schools and research institutes. one coffee shop there is a local favorite. crowds ever students gather here as the sun goes down. the man making coffee behind the counter is jabez, 23 years old. he is a proprietor of this shop. he opened this coffee shop in the neighborhood that nurtured him. he served heavenly cups of coffee to please his customers. >> every drink that's from the heart is a work of art. so i just invented that too because heart rhymes with art.
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jabez's coffee is filled with his heart and soul. it embodies his passions and aspirations as a young filipino. a two-hour drive south from the capitol. manila, loss banos is a town surrounded by mountains and lakes. nearly half of the 90,000 population are students. jabez's cafe antonio is on the town's main street. at 2 in the afternoon, he starts preparing since the cafe's hours are from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. to
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meet students' needs. two years ago, friends and relatives help jabez raise 18,000 u.s. dollars to open this small shop. it's staffed by five people, including him. one espresso costs 35 pesos, about 75 cents. the prices are kept reasonable so students can afford them. jabez is not only the owner but also the barrista, a professional coffee maker. he makes it a point to use only philippine coffee beans. it is very humid today, so he
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grinds the beans less finally than usual to bring out the best flavor and aroma. very good. it is medium bodied. a cream finish. those are the characteristics of the benguet. >> he seems satisfied with the taste. it's 4 in the afternoon. as the sun goes down, the cafe becomes crowd id with students. an order for a cafe latte, the most popular beverage here.
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latte art is drawing hearts or leaf patterns by mixing coffee and milk. this is how a barrista demonstrates list ability by skillfully creating a pattern on the coffee's surface. jabez's lattes relaxes his customers. with just a single cup of coffee, customers can have various encounters in his shop.
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>> he's our special match maker. just like when he introducees a coffee to us, he knows what kind of coffee we like. >> noe is a musician popular in the student town. he met his band members at this popular cafe and hopes to become a professional musician one day. jabez decided to start his cafe after an experience in his student days.
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>> when i decided to become a barrista, when i was in college, writing my thesis, i was doing coffee for free. and when i serve it to people and i see them smile and i see them happy, that's enough for me. >> jabez studied sociologist at university in loss banos. in love with coffee within he also took classes to become a barrista, learning about coffee and business management. he opened this shop just a year after graduating from university. the shop is named after a barrista he respects. >> i also collect packs of coffee. it is not complete. i drank them all just in one summer. >> in search of coffee that customers would enjoy, he
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collected and tried as many coffee beans as he could. >> yeah, this was my first concoction. i call it the spicy mexican mocha. syrup, different chocolate bits, coffee and some foam. it's very hard to make. and they are so dedicated and passionate about their coffee. >> more and more people in the philippines are enjoying cafes. many have sprung up around cafe antonio. though competition is fierce, cafe antonio is packed with
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customers everyday. without their paying operating costs and staff, jabez's income is about half what a new university grad would earn. he asks his staff of four to be patient with the low salaries. >> jabez can't easily cut costs or lower salaries any further, but he doesn't want to raise the price of his coffee either. to keep costs down, he decides it turn the lights off in the kitchen whenever he can. the staff uses both sides of the paper to take orders. even if jabez has it struggle to
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pay costs, he wants to keep the cafe going. there's a reason why. today members after student film club are showing a film they've made. jabez wants his cafe to be a venue for his students to present their creative work. he also asks an aspiring young designer to design the interior of the shop. jabez wants it watch people launch their careers and make their dreams come true in his cafe. >> they've been given a stage to
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showcase their talents and making other people's success, making them happy. we know the people, we know the culture, that's why we have played a very big impact in our community. even if it is an coffee shop, whatever the industry, you should love the place, love the people. and pay tribute, pay homage to their hometown, just like we did. >> jabez tells us he has a new plan. he takes us to a store under renovation. 15 meters from his present coffee shop. he says he will move cafe antonio here. >> here's the new shop. have to order here.
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and the menu will be written in these cabinets. here we will also put some chairs and tables and a couch here. and our main dining area is here outside. >> he wants to double the size of his shop and hire more staff. he hopes it'll be a place before where not only young people can display their talent but also job seekers can work. >> you can alternate lights. i think she suggested this. >> the unemployment rate in the university town of los banos is 47%. even for university graduates, jobs are few and salaries are
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low. so they have to go abroad to find work. many of jabez's friends, also go abroad to work. he's delivering drinks to a general hospital nearby. zadl is a nurse here, a jabez's best friend from university. >> he is going to another country to be a nurse there. he's good. he needs to support himself financially. >> zadl has decided to go to a hospital in canada to acquire
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advanced medical skills and work for a salary 20 times higher than he could earn in the philippines. >> so another of jabez's friends will depart overseas in search of work. >> when i learned zadl was going to canada for work, i was said. we don't want our friends to go. i don't blame him for wanting to go abroad. step by step, little by little, he started his small, we love this place very much. it's the last day of business
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>> it's the last day of business for the small cafe antonio. hearing this news, more than 200 customers have come to say good-bye. some have even waited for hours to be here where they have many university memories. >> you have to take a lot of bus rides. yeah, it's too hard. a lot of my friends enjoy the cafe. >> zadl arrives at the cafe after work. still in his nurse's uniform.
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>> jabez's two years of hard work have not gone unnoticed. between a flood of orders, jabez makes a special cup of coffee. jabez is drawing the national flower. since zadl is leaving the country, this is jabez's way of wishing him good luck. >> thank you, sir.
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>> it always will comfort me that i will have one place for me to go back to. that will be cafe antonio, no matter where that is. >> it's noe who formed the band with people he met at the cafe. >> this is for cafe antonio. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> we still have hope for our country, and these are the country, and these are the little things that we are doing. -- captions by vitac --


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