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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 19, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm shery ahn. the dollar hits a record low of u.s. and credit worries in europe. the lowest it had ever been previously was 76.25 yen after the march 11 disaster that hit japan. market sources say one factor behind the dollar -- may have to launch monetary measures. for insight on the impact of the
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weakening dollar on the u.s. economy, we spoke with chief economist at jp morgan chase bank. >> the u.s. is the economy which is at most risk of going into recession right now. japan is in a process of rebounding after the disasters that hit it earlier this year. and we do think that the u.s. is suffering in terms of its performance in asset markets and portfolio flows as a result of the disappointing news that the u.s. might fall into recession. in the context of the move in the currency, we do believe a fall in the dollar's value is an encouraging sign providing some cushioning against the weak ness in the economy. we also believe that the weaker dollar while it is helping to add some inflation pressure in the system is not going to deter the fed from providing some additional balance supported. so overall at the present we think the movement toward a
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weaker dollar is a construct force for the u.s. economy. but the economy is going to be weak here and is at a heightened risk of going back into recession. >> that was bruce caseman at jp morgan chase bank. more than 50 people have been killed in a suspected suicide bombing at a mosque in pakistan. the mosque is in the region near the border with afghanistan. more than 500 people were there for friday prayers when the explosion happened. it's reported that more than 50 people were killed and about 120 injured. local authorities suspect the attack was carried out by islamic militants, but no group has claimed responsibility. a south korean academic says north korea offered to freeze its nuclear tests in exchange for u.s. food aid last month.
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the professor published a commentary in which he says he got the information from an american source. moon refers to a meeting. it says that according to his source, north korea was ready to freeze its nuclear test launches if the u.s. resumed its food aid. he says kim suggested it might abandon its uranium enrichment program. moon also says kim proposed north korea and the u.s. hold a summit. the u.s. is not likely to have accepted the proposals but did announce emergency aid to help the north cope with flood damage. also washington looks set to resume talks on the remains of u.s. soldiers who went missing in the korean war. japan has urged syria to
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immediately stop using force against antigovernment demonstrators. japanese foreign minister matsumoto summoned the ambassador on friday. matsumoto reiterated that syria start fundamental reforms towards democracy. he said japan condemns the crackdown that's resulted in dozens of civilian casualties. matsumoto said president assad can no longer be the legitimate leader and japan will call its ambassador to recall the situation. the syrian envoyhe only use military forcagainst armed groups. snoop
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the japanese government is partially lifting the ban of the shipments of cattle. it opposed the restriction after radioactive levels were detected in beef. they were fed rice and straw that was highly contaminated from the fukushima daiichi nuclear accident. >> translator: we are ensuring that only proper cattle whose meat is safe to eat gets to market. >> chief cabinet secretary said friday that miyagi prefecture now has a system to prevent shipments of cattle with levels of radioactive cesium exceeding the government safety limit. miyagi will test all cattle that ate the contaminated feed. testing will also be on straw that is yet to be inspected.
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other farms are required to test only the first animals they intend to ship out. >> translator: i've waited for the ban to be lifted. so i'm very happy. we want show that miyagi beef is safe to eat. >> a ban on shipment of cattle is still in effect in three other prefectures around fukushima daiichi. mien man's suu kyi has had its first meeting with the president. the meeting is the first step towards the political dialogue. suu kyi spoke for an hour with the president. the government has not disclosed what they discussed. myanmar's military regime was displaced by a civilian government this year following a general election that excluded
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suu kyi. she was under house arrest for seven years until just after the general election. when she resumed political activity earlier this month, the government apparently decided to take a hands-off approach. it issued a statement saying it would cooperate and have dialogue with her party. chinese premier is urging the u.s. government to tackle its debt problem and get its economy back on track. the state-run xinhua news agency said when he met joe biden on friday in beijing. they discussed the downgrading of the u.s. credit rating earlier this month. the issues of particular concern to china because the country is the largest foreign holder of u.s. treasury bonds. >> translator: although the united states is going through some economic heartship, i believe it will be able to
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overcome its difficulties and return to a robust track of development. the prosperity and stability of the united states is favorable for the whole world. >> vice president biden attempted to address china's concerns by pledging that the u.s. government will do whatever it can to pull itself out of its economic slump. and here's now your extended weather forecast.
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and that's
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>> but it's not only the appearance that puzzles us. >> translator: now, look how the compass needle moves. >> the needle, which is supposed to indicate north, continues to point to the center of the stone. but at the lower part of the stone, the wide part of the needle that's supposed to point south is always facing the center. how can such a thing happen? >> translator: well, anything can happen in a wonderful place like this. i don't know why it's here, but ancient people had a wisdom that made this possible.
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>> he works for the public works center of kumamoto city. he became interested in rocks while handling construction projects. >> translator: i often hear construction workers say they don't feel like touching certain rocks or moving the small shrine. so i've been wondering if there's some force at work that we can't see. >> as he pondered this unseen force, he became drawn to mysterious giant rocks. burning with curiosity, he began spending all of his holidays visiting megaliths. in the past ten years he visited
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more than 200 stones all across japan. amazing. but there's one thing that's bothering him -- his family has never shared his enthusiasm. >> translator: i don't care to ask because he'll never stop. >> translator: i wouldn't say i'm not interested. but he devotes all his free time to rocks instead of us. until last year, he's gone out to see the rocks all by himself even on october 22nd. >> translator: she means our anniversary. >> translator: he was never home that day. he goes all over the country you to visit the stones. really, he's gone a lot of places.
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it's like where i've never been. >> despite his family's displeasure, he can't give up his pilgrimages of the stones of ogigamaishi. it's because he discovered something extraordinary there. the rock arrangement is made up of some of the largest stones in ogagimaishi. the complicated formation makes you think that ancient people must have wanted to express something. what was it that they wanted to
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depict? he long had been searching for the answer. it it was the summer solstice years ago. immediately after the noon siren went off, a thin ray of light shone through an opening and formed an isosceles triangle. >> translator: i think it's a piece of art created by our ancestors. i can't describe how beautiful it was. in fact, many arc area logical sites around the world made good
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use of the sunlight, the mayan civilization created a pyramid where a shadow in the shape of a serpent emerges on the spring equinox. elsewhere, in ancient egypt a temple was built in such a way that the morning sun illuminates a sculpture of a king inside on his birthday. ancient people use sunlight in every way imaginable. >> translator: there are many famous archaeology cal sites in the world, but not one creates a clearcut triangle like this place. >> wouldn't your family like to see it? >> translator: oh, i wouldn't
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ask someone not interested enough to come on their own to join me. >> after he saw the shining triangle, it occurred to him that it might be even more fantastic if moonlight creates the shape. that would require a special situation. the triangle emerges around the summer solstice when sun rises to its highest position in the year. if if the moon goes up to the same point, the moonlight might project a triangle. but one problem remains. even at its brightest, the moon is just a fraction as powerful as the sun. he looked up all upcoming moon dates and found one that could
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provide the perfect setting. on the winter solstice in 2010 a full moon will come up to the perfect location, a once in 19 years occurrence. >> translator: if i let this chance slip, i have to wait for 19 years. how old will i be there? i might not be around anymore. three days before the winter solstice, he started preparing with friends from the area. uchida understands his idea and offers to help. to allow as much moonlight as possible to reach the rocks, they're cutting off some branches. there had been no trees in ogimagaishi until about 30 years ago.
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uchida remembered what it looked like back then and agreed to do the cutting without a second thought. >> an open area of sky about ten meters across emerged. everything is ready now. december 21st, the longed-for day has finally arrived. >> translator: see ya! >> take care!
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>> the moon will reach its highest position at half past midnight, but the weather doesn't look so promising. at nightfall, clouds started to gather. uchida's friends came to join him. >> translator: the weather isn't in our favor. >> translator: not a breath of wind. >> translator: it's so still. >> who's this arriving?
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>> it's his daughter. and his wife! >> translator: would you like to come? come with me? bring your bag with you. >> translator: if you say so. >> translator: the wind has started to blow. >> translator: hey, look! the moon's out.
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>> translator: i've never been so eager for the moon to come out. >> translator: the clouds are moving fast now. >> translator: let's go! >> translator: yes, the moon is out! >> unfortunately, though, the winds subsided before long. the moon remained behind the clouds. >> translator: it's not so easy. we can't control nature. >> translator: but if it was an everyday occurrence, we wouldn't have been so excited. >> translator: i'm not
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complaining mind you. well, maybe i am. >> translator: too bad. >> the following evening. >> translator: i have a favor to ask. could you make a fair weather doll. you can use whatever you find. >> sure enough, he has not given up. >> translator: beautiful. this is perfect.
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>> translator: i'm sure it will be clear tonight. >> translator: hello! >> the whole family has come. >> translator: i'm tired. i've got wobbly legs. >> compared to the full moon last night, the moon is less bright and lower in the sky, but still there's a chance.
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>> translator: i was very disappointed last night. yesterday i was so tired that i thought i'd never want to come here again. but this morning i wanted to see it it again. >> translator: that's the spell this stuff casts on you. >> at half past 1:00, their wish has been granted. >> translator: oh, there it is! look, in front of you. >> translator: it's really a triangle! whoa! whoa! >> translator: yeah, it looks like opal. >> translator: i didn't know moonlight was blue. >> translator: it's a perfect triangle.
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i'm glad. this is wonderful. i'm glad i got to see it. it's so moving. >> moonlight performed a miracle. >> translator: after that, a wave of excitement washed over me. i couldn't fall asleep. i felt happy that something extraordinary haed. i didn't feel that way at first, but i did feel the excitement. >> translator: what about the summer solstice? >> translator: well, as i've never seen one in the summer, i'd like to see it if possible.
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>> she now seems to be falling under the mystic spell, too. >> translator: let's throw a summer solstice party. >> the ogamigaishi stones attract visitors seeking their supernatural power. and, indeed, when bathed in moonlight, the giant rocks add enough magic to bring a family closer together.


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