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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  August 25, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the "journal." fighting continues in the libyan capital as rebels search for muammar gaddafi. help for the hungry, the african union holds a donor conference to address the famine. steve jobs resigned as ceo of apple, prompting questions about the future of the maker of the iphone. rebel forces in libya are still facing fierce resistance from troops who apparently remained loyal to colonel muammar gaddafi. fighting is being reported in several parts of the capital despite the fact that gaddafi's command and control center has been overrun by the rebel forces. the rebels are desperate to find him.
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>> rebels scoured gaddafi's extensive bunker and tunnel system. that under its control centers and underground transport vehicles. be elicited strong man was not to be found. -- the elusive a strong man was not to be found. at last, a sign of life. libyan state television broadcast an audio message from muammar gaddafi. nato has resumed airstrikes on bill loyalists positions in the south of tripoli, a rocket attack has also been reported. not far away, rebels reportedly liberated hundreds of prisoners from a jail. the rebels have called on all libyans to join their armed struggle against gaddafi. at tripoli's airport, a fighting left smoking racks of
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commercial aircraft before the rebels managed to gain the upper hand. >> we secured the airport. gaddafi forces have been shooting at the airport, trying to destroy public property. they started shooting at airplanes and destroyed one, and another was also hit. >> another intense battle erupted near the hotel, where many foreign journalists are staying. gaddafi's trips reported leafed started firing on the hotels. again, the rebels came out on top. >> our correspondent is in tripoli. >> gunfire, we can hear it from the hotel. farther away than the last time. there was supposed to be a sniper summer here in the new building complex. -- somewhere here in the new building complex.
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there was also some response from the rebels with heavy machine guns. it was quite a difficult situation for us. >> a couple of days ago, the rebels said they had control of most of the city. what is your view? is that the case, or is it not the case? >> you can not talk about the total control from the rebels. what we heard from the italian journalist who were freed today, they were just caught by gaddafi forces near the center of aaa. it was supposed to be a very secure place. -- center of tripoli. it was supposed to be a very secure place. >> how dangerous is it for journalists? >> we do not leave the hotel. on the street, you hear gunfire and after what happened here,
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this situation can change from moment to moment. >> have you been able to speak to any of the residents there? any of the rebels? >> it seems there is no information structure, even from this side of the rebel forces. there is the spokesman, no information policy. there is no spokesman who can give us certain information at this moment. >> the reports that the rubble had gaddafi surrounded near the compound -- the rebels have gaddafi surrounded the compound, what is your impression? >> the whole situation will go on like this unless muammar gaddafi is caught. at the moment, to talk about all
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their rumors, this is all speculation. we are here in tripoli and we are not able to comment and to say anything that is true or not. >> thank you very much. senior diplomats are holding talks in turkey on steps to stabilize libya in the post- gaddafi era. the turkish foreign minister called on the u.n. to take action to unfreeze billions of euros of libyan assets. italian prime minister said rollover least an initial 350 million euros. -- rome will release an initial pre hundred 50 million euros. -- 350 million euros. >> a donors conference in the ethiopian capital has raised more than 350 million euros for the relief effort and the
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drought-stricken countries of the horn of africa. the funds include 300 million from the african development bank, with the rest pledged by four african nations. >> the summit was marked by poor attendance. only the leaders of somalia and others showed up at the african union donor conference. >> your presence here today, once again, is not just an opportunity to make pledges, however modest. >> while millions of people in east africa face hunger, the crisis is not confined to food shortages.
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diseases are as threatening. the pledges will help alleviate the suffering. the european union is warning that africa needs long-term solutions. organization said the money raised at the conference fall short of expected pledges. the united nations says it's still needs $1.3 billion to help the hungry in the one of africa. -- in the horn of africa. is the money raised at the meeting enough to make a difference? >> considering the well over $1.5 billion required to do with the crisis, the $50 billion pledged by the african union and the member states are nowhere near enough. the aid agencies are hoping that this conference is just the beginning. there are more donations to be made in the weeks to come.
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they have some disappointment about the political -- that is not a signal of solidarity that as errors had hoped for. >> you've visited a refugee camp and witness the situation firsthand. what did the people there need most? >> people write that these camps and they need everything. they arrive with not much more than the clothes that they are wearing. in the camps themselves, people are living in makeshift tents for weeks on end. it is a very hard to reach a place. everything has to be brought there by truck. it takes about four to 10 days for the truck to get there, depending on the weather conditions.
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>> thank you. he has been visiting the refugee camp in southern ethiopia. we will have this report for you later. but kept to upon the latest business news. >> many unknowns as a creative and very unique genius relinquishes control. steve -- steven jobs has been synonymous with apple's staggering success. he truly defined the apple brand. after years of treatment for cancer and related conditions, joss says he can no longer are fulfill his duties as the head of the company. he will be replaced by tim cook. apple's shares finished lower by just about one% on thursday. >> anyone can make music now.
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>> steve jobs stands out as a visionary to transform the way people relate to computer technology. under his leadership, apple products became a must-have all items. he was the guiding force behind the ipod, kaifeng, and ipad. >> -- the iphone, and ipad. >> steve jobs since the way that we handle music. he changed the way we use computers. >> as apple continued to grow, so did criticism of the corporation. there have been concerns about labor conditions and the chinese factories. even so, apple possible as market trend setter is undisputed. on thursday, a german court ruled that the south korean firm could not sell its galaxy task in germany.
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>> shares in bank of america soared by as much as 26% in early trading thursday after billionaire warren buffett announced he was investing $5 billion in the struggling financial institution. he is stepping in to help the bank and the same way he helped prop up goldman sachs and general electric. the move bolsters confident and the banking sector. in recent days, shares in bank of america have plunged amid rumors that it was having major liquidity problems. several european countries have extended a ban on short-selling stocks until the end of september. two weeks ago, market regulators in belgium, france, greece, italy, spain intervened to prohibit traders from speculating on a decline in and a share's price. short-selling is a trade in which the investor shares borrowed cells without owning them in the hope of buying them back later at a lower price. on thursday, germany denied speculation that it would extend
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a ban on naked short-selling, a variation in which traders agreed to sell a security they have not yet even arranged. european shares fell in thursday trading. the dax was down by 4% at one point in the session. our correspondent sent us this summary from frankfurt. >> very few investors are driving the market. this thursday afternoon, the german stock index plunged about 4% only within a couple of minutes. this, for no apparent reason. two-thirds of the shares were temporarily suspended from trading because of the unusual volatility. the daily loss at the end of the trading day did not look that scary, but all of this shows how nervous the market is.
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>> at the closing bell, it was down by 1.7%. across the atlantic, the dow closed at the top of the hour. it finished lower by 1.5%. the euro trading lower against other major currencies. that is your business update. >> german chancellor angela merkel has been having a tough time with the been sharply criticized for an apparent lack of direction about her handling of the european debt crisis. much of that criticism has come from opposition figures. let the, the sharpest arrows have been stung by her own party colleagues. even her onetime mentor, helmut kohl, has come out with an
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unflattering assessment of her leadership. >> forbes magazine calls for them world's most powerful woman, but at home, angela merkel is struggling, fighting for her party in upcoming state elections. she is battling to answer criticism from an increasing number of public conservatives. some unusually harsh words have come from helmut kohl. in a highly publicized interview, his onetime mentor blasted what he called the government's lack of orientation. he said germany has not been a predictable factor for several years now. we must take care not to gamble everything away. we must urgently return to our former dependability. criticism has also come from conservative lawmakers. many openly question merkel's handling of the debt crisis.
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>> this is a case where journalists have produced a totally inaccurate reports based on a total misunderstanding. >> angela merkel has countered critics by saying her government is working alongside its partners in europe and the rest of the world to master the challenges of these times. >> the u.s. navy has ordered all of its ships to leave the airport and the state of virginia has a hurricane irene approaches from the caribbean this storm is threatening to bear down on the eastern seaboard in the next couple of days. the system has already pounded the bahamas with strong winds and torrential rain. as it moves north, it is forecast to strengthen to major category 4 storm with winds of more than 200 kph. hail storms swept through parts of germany early thursday
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morning. the emergency services were called in to help in many places. some people collected stones the size of golf balls. streets, buildings, and basements were flooded. heavy rains battered the german state. >> the draw for the group's stage of the champions league has taken place. in group e, chelsea. titleholder's barcelona.
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>> their lives have been devastated by extreme drought.
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12 million people on the horn of africa could die because there is not enough to be. on thursday, african leaders met in the ethiopian capital and pledged millions of dollars in aid. the united nations has declared famine in five areas in somalia. millions are struggling in parts of ethiopia, kenya, uganda. our reporter was in a miniature city were thousands of people have come in their struggle to stay alive. >> she is cooking corn meal for her children. it is practice time at this refugee camp on the somalia- ethiopia border. there is an official milk distribution center. but she prefers to do our own cooking she bought the cornmeal
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from money earned collecting firewood. she says her children do not like the rise in the camps. many others agree. half the children here are undernourished even though there is food available. to get here, they walked for a week for the desert. they are lucky. they all survived the journey. >> we started out with donkeys. but we could not feed them. we did not have enough food for the children. >> after a two-week wait for accommodations, they received a tent from you when the refugee agencies, which they shared with another family. >> many of the refugees are from
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our clan. they can sleep year, too. -- sleep here, too. >> women and children stay here at night for their protection. >> usually, there is not enough room, so i sleep outside but some of the children. >> it is cool at night here and many of the weekend -- weakened children develop pneumonia. this is a reception camp. each day, new refugees arrive from somalia. the border is only a few kilometers away. from here, yet they are transferred to one of the more permanent camps that have been sent up -- set up. there are not enough tends to go around, so many make improvised shelters to protect themselves
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from the sun, the sand, and the wind. although the refugees only stay for a matter of race, some set of small businesses. -- matter of weeks, some set up small businesses. many sell food. there is even a makeshift general store. they have gathered to watch as filming, this shopkeeper says he gets his wares. women ask for the money came from, -- when we ask where the money came from, he says from allah. a short distance away, there is a bus that takes people to the
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permanent camp. more than a thousand people are transferred every day. before they get on the bus, they have to be registered. they have to be fit enough to leave. >> she was hospitalized with her children. [inaudible] >> there will be another bus along. the flood of refugees seems never ending. peoples said the militants are now stopping people from leaving somalia.
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ramadan is another possible explanation. the month-long fast further weakens the people. for those still in somalia, there has been some good news. aid agencies are beginning to deliver supplies in territory. until recently, that was virtually impossible due to security concerns. >> we have air lifted and high energy biscuits to meet the immediate needs of the children in those areas. we have deliveries on the way of serial -- cereal to be able to
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do a general food distribution to people inside of somalia before they have to cross the border to ethiopia. >> once they reach the new camps, the first thing that happens is the children are weighed. all of the -- they undergo more checks. this amount is waiting for the medic to investigate -- to examine his two-year-old daughter. she weighs just 8.8 kilos. for her height, she should wait at least 12 kilos. like so many here, she is severely undernourished. " we traveled for seven days and
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my daughter had nothing to eat for the last three days. >> just before we left on the bus, they gave her a cup of tea. she immediately got diarrhea. >> they are sent to the camp hospital. medics from the doctors without borders organization will treat the little girl. this camp was set of just a few weeks ago. 35,000 refugees will make new homes here on this barren stunning land. -- stony land. more refugees are on the way and more cans will be needed. the ethiopian government is already looking for another site. it will be months before the horn of africa recovers from the consequences of this out and
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famine. even when the rains come, it is unlikely these people will be able to return to somalia. no one is expecting the situation to and approved in the near future. but to improve in the near future. >> deutsche welle will be focusing on the famine in east africa on much of our programming for much of next week. find out more on our website. thank you for joining us.
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