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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  March 6, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello and welcome to "the journal" and i'm meggin leigh. agree to disagree. >> ethiopian rebels releasing two german hostages. >> it super tuesday, a decisive day of voting in the republican primary election.
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>> will israel attacked iran it? that is the question on everyone's mind as the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu continues his visit in the u.s. today. >> in a meeting with president barack obama on monday, israel was firm that they would defend themselves against iran. obama has maintained that diplomacy should be used first. p>> the people in tehran are concerned. many are worried about the increasingly threatening tone at the israeli government has recently adopted. >> iranian officials should presenting united front to remain national -- rational so that the enemy has no excuse to attack iran. >> on monday, president obama played host to the israeli leader. benjamin netanyahu's government has been advocating a pre-
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emptive strike come sooner rather than later. >> israel must have the ability, always, did bend itself by itself, against any threat. when it comes to israel's security, israel has the sovereign right to make its own decisions. >> netanyahu's hard line has provoked defiance in iran. >> they cannot cause any damage with other methods of conflict. they think they can do this with threats because they have no other techniques. >> the u.s. united in israel's opposition to iran declaring nuclear weapons. >> we believe there is still a window that allows for a diplomatic resolution to this issue. ultimately the iranian regime has to make a decision to move in that direction, a decision they have not made thus far.
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>> i ran may be about to offer something. -- iran may be able to offer somthing. israel feels a ron wilson be able to build its nuclear bomb. the underground facilities it is one of the main concerns. armenian and scientists have been enriching uranium to 20%. experts say it could soon produce weapons-grade uranium. >> joining us now from jerusalem is our correspondent, tanya kramer. the they support this stance regarding adirondacks are they ready to go to war? -- do they support the stance regarding iran? >> there is a recent poll saying most israelis would not like them to go along. if you listen to prime minister
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netanyahu, he is using the word "holocaust." most israelis would stand behind him. when it comes to war, all of the nation's are standing behind the prime minister. what is very interesting to see is that in the discussion and debate between analysts and commentators is that there is more talk about not only if israel it will attack but when. >> netanyahu told reporters that they have a right to defend themselves. would you then say that israel was ready to go it alone without u.s. approval? >> i spoke to a lot of officials here, and they will all give you a different answer. it is highly anticipated in the
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media in israel, but netanyahu will get to green light or at least to get a guarantee that the americans would back up militarily if israel will go ahead. you can call this a political move, but he is at least talking about the agenda at this time. no one is really talking about those issues. is of great concern that time is running out. they're calling this a zone of the community. they could not be able to attack facilities that are apparently deeply buried underground. they would then meet ahead of the american -- >> it looks like we lost our feet there but we will try to get more from tanya later. ethiopian rebels have released two german tourists. they were handed over to german
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officials on monday. the backpackers were traveling in the far region when they were caught up in a gunbattle between insurgents. five of the four -- five others were killed. for now, we're joined by john. what more do we know about this situation? with the rebels say they handed over the hostages to leaders of the ethnic group and to the german embassy on monday. at intermission has not been confirmed by the foreign ministry in berlin. -- that information have not been confirmed. authorities are waiting because this is a very dangerous remote area of in which the alleged it hand over to place. maybe they're waiting for the hostages to get back to the german embassy in the ethiopian capital. then the normal procedure would be for them to inform the
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hostages first and only then to make an official statement to the media. in their statement, the rebels said today that they apologized for kidnapping the germans and they wished them a safe journey home. they have no issues with germany. they're fighting for a homeland for it there people in parts of ethiopia and djibouti. >> return now to the united states and its super tuesday, meaning republicans in 10 states will be casting their ballots in primary elections. >> they do so amid brightening economic information. how is that affecting the voting? >> this company advises doctors and hospitals on dosage levels for anti-depressant and other psychiatric drugs. more than 60 million americans
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use these drugs at least occasionally. >> after they ramp up very rapidly, we went from about one dozen employees this time last year to 60. >> the economy is growing again. it is threatening the campaign strategy of the republican front runner, mitt romney. he emphasizes his business credentials in speeches. >> my goal, if i become president, is straight forward -- more jobs. for the people of ohio and of america. >> can romney still build an enthusiastic following with this message? most americans believe the worst is over. republicans begged to differ. >> we have almost gotten used to this stagnation. we should not be. our country can do better. of course we think republican can do better in that role. >> workers here say they are
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less interested in the voting outcome. these people do not expect much help regardless of who is in washington. >> more on super tuesday later in "the journal peak of the debt crisis in europe has hit the german central bank. the newspaper report says bundesbank has fallen to levels under 1 billion euro. sources say the bank had put aside bond -- funding to cover risks. let's check in with our correspondent at the german stock exchange. what is disinformation -- what does this information say? >> if you look at all of these
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rescue programs, the bond buyback programs, whatever measures the ecb will take, of course the bundesbank bears risk. this is reminding investors because of the risks of the debt crisis. >> steffen, vw shares down over 2%. what is going on there? >> that is because of its subsidiary, porsche. there are employees and managers charged with fraud. it's all about a refinancing program of 10 billion euro loan in 2009. these managers are accused that they downplayed porsche's risks and now charges are ongoing. investors fear that this will cost some money. the market, in general, is it
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soured maybinly by the bundesbank news. the euro-dollar under $1.31 again. >> in just a moment, the latest from the cebit computer fair. >> here's a roundup of the other stories making news. >> thousands have fled homes in southeast australia as the worst floods in decades have hit the region. summit thousand were ordered to evacuate. authorities fear of waters from swollen rivers could overwhelm protective dikes and completely submerge the town. >> mexican police have uncovered a large weapons deposited near the border to the united states. they say the arms dump included hand grenades, machine guns, and ammunition.
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it was discovered when prisoners were being transferred from ciudad juwarez to other facilities. >> witnesses said armed men had planted two bombs and set them off remotely. the pipeline supplies israel and jordan. it has been bombed more than one dozen times since the fall of mubarak. >> cebit, the world's largest technology para has gotten under way. 4000 exhibitors including microsoft, facebook, and google. the two main themes are cloud computing and internet to keep. today, chancellor angela merkel sample the latest in gadgets for so-called e-government. we have more from hanover. >> angela merkel and the brazilian prime minister opening this year's cebit at the
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brazil stand. heads of i.t. companies were on hand to show their gadgets. [speaking german] >> u.s. giant microsoft is trying to recoup lost ground with mobile phone applications including 41 to reach government agencies even on sundays. your at the playground and a swing is broken. use the application to reported to your local government. it's very simple. >> sunday at 10:00 a.m. maybe a bit difficult, but monday at 5:00 p.m., ok. >> the main focus this year,
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data security in cloud computing. plenty for the chancellor to take in on her tour of the maine stands. >> in the second it division of the bundes league, 1860 munich and poly. 1-1 all. this then hit the post. then in the penalty area, this gave them a chance to put them in the lead. it looked like it would be the visitors' ninth, but after a slow but in defense, equalizing for 1860. coming up, and in that preview of super tuesday and an interview with the damascus- based patriarch of the catholic church. >> in addition, a look at the odd a trend that the geneva auto show.
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from the humble, back to the positively boisterous.
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>> welcome back. it super tuesday in the united states, one of the most important in the republican primary. boating taking place in 10 states including ohio, is so- called swing state. >> ohio usually serves as a political barometer for the rest of the country. we take a look at the mood as voting gets under way. >> the state of ohio fits the heartland pretty well. three-quarters of the residents call themselves christian, a state of agriculture and industry. when it comes to elections, as
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ohio goes, so goes the nation. the candidates know that. head of the republican primary complement were flowing freely. >> you guys know this is the biggest prize on super tuesday -- ohio. it's always the biggest prize. as the epicenter of everything. >> republicans in nine other states are voting this tuesday. 40 percent of the delegates needed to win a republican nomination are up for grabs. ohio does not offer the most delegates, but it's the biggest state that is still competitive. winning those delegates it takes deep pockets. that is where mitt romney far as strips his rivals. he has flooded the airwaves with television ads attacking the competition and playing up business credentials. >> what i know is the economy. i spent my life in the real economy.
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i understand why jobs come and go. >> meanwhile, his rival, rick santorum, is showing himself as the truly conservative. he rejects abortion and same-sex marriage as a catholic. >> i think he is a moral man. the morals in america have gone down the sewer. >> i think mitt romney has a good chance to win the presidency. >> the other remaining candidate, ron paul and newt gingrich have fallen far behind. tuesday will decide whether romney can begin planning his one-on-one contest with the president or if you have to keep fighting of three challengers. but the general u.s. presidential election is not until fall, but for the contenders, including president barack obama, it's never too early. >> president obama has been wooing voters taking advantage of positive u.s. economic data to convince americans that his
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policies are working and that the country is on the right path. >> thing presidential while campaigning for another term in office is a difficult double act. president obama tried but that a recent trip to a boeing factory. >> the tide is beginning to turn our way. in the last 23 months, businesses have greeted 3.7 million new jobs and american manufacturers are hiring for the first time since 1990. the auto industry is back. our economy is getting stronger. that is why we can look toward a promising future. >> obama is presenting himself as the savior of the american economy. he makes the case that his bailout of the auto industry was a success and plays up republican opposition to that policy. events seem to have proved him right. general motors is profitable again, as is chrysler.
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in obama's campaign headquarters in chicago, work on strategy goes deep into the night. one big question is how to mobilize democratic voters in ohio, florida, and virginia. their neck and neck with republicans in the states. at the same time, organizers and volunteers from the 2008 campaign are regrouping. in washington, d.c., alone, there are 12,000, many of them young. >> once the republicans choose their nominee, i think most of, if not all, will close ranks and give behind president to support him again. >> obama can only win if he can convince young people, women, and minorities to vote for him. analysts at the kato institute say he has work to do. >> the people who were excited in 2008 about a tremendous change are skeptical now.
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yes to go back and say if you do not reelect me, even with all of my blemishes and whenever, these guys will have power and they will be back to george bush and the rich will take over and whenever. >> it's still far too early to predict a winner in the election, but at the u.s. economy continues to pick up speed, obama's chances of another term will improve. >> for the first time, the u.s. government has justify the killing of an american citizen in its campaign against terrorism. speaking at northwestern university, eric holder said the government had the clear authority to defend the united states with lethal force. in september, a drone attack killed a u.s. citizen in yemen. u.s. intelligence had linked him to allocate it. -- al qaeda. >> the syrian military stepping up attacks on opposition strongholds.
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a major offensive involving tanks and troop transporters has targeted a town. other internet footage is purported to show the aftermath of the shelling of homs. there are reports the syrian military has bombay bridge as civilians attempted to flee to lebanon. joining us now is gregory iii, patriarch of the damascus-based catholic church. you have spoken out against a regime change in syria saying that they need peaceful evolution, not revolution. what do you have in mind. >> the problem is syria is very complex because it has the influence on lebanon and syria, for jordan, palestine, israel. we need to seek other ways for
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revolution, evolution, and start a dialogue between all parties involved inside syria and also outside from the west and east. i am here in europe for a special personal private messenger of peace. would like to see europe providing another look of solving the problems and not just saying to go home. i would like to hear other voices in europe. >> the problem in syria with the ongoing violence, did the -- it seems like the assaad regime is not open to dialogue. how you propose this? >> starting in march last year, in april and sell one,-- so one,
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, and have been appealing vote for dialogue from all parties. some people answered positively. now is kofi anaan willing to be there? the same for england. and sometimes it is lengthy, but it is done. syria is open to dialogue for all parties for a better picture for all citizens in syria. >> you just mentioned the u.n. arab league envoy kofi anaan will be there. >> he is a man of peace. he will open the doors for syria, for others, for america. i think it is possible to make
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other visions, not just fix on one possibility. are always the people of hope. i am a person of hope and i am here with hope in europe to ask for others to look. this is my private incentive. i am here in europe not with a mandate from anybody. i am here as a shepherd and a to play a role for all parties, christians, muslims, between themselves. we need to bring those parties altogether. >> gregory iii, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. god bless. >> the geneva auto show opens
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its doors to the press today and the general public on thursday. 700 car makers will be presenting their latest innovations. >> behind-the-scenes, the have been trying to dream up ways to get european buyers back in the markets. we have a look at some of the latest offerings from german- based carmakers. >> the new astra is the most probable ever. it is getting good reviews. opel still has its back to the wall. gm is preventing them from entering certain key markets and is taking a stake in citron. opel's ceo says he is not working. >> this alliance helps us in the purchasing process. we can buy parts together and improve our cost effectiveness. >> volkswagen is showing its effectiveness with a 1200
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horsepower body sports car. at the other end of the scale, a compact car for less than 10,000 euro. they are out shining in terms of sales growth and profits. >> we are big enough. the alliances being formed now show we are taking been right approach with modular parts spread across the brands. then we will be successful. >> they're hoping they can copy some of vw's success. >> if you're not every screwdriver, why you needed to all hundred horsepower car? >> to go cruising on the autobahn.
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