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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  April 2, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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♪ >> a warm welcome to the "journal," coming to from dw in berlin. month. >> recession concerns in the eurozone as unemployment hits a new high. >> 30 years since the start of the falklands war. ♪ >> the international envoy kofi
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annan says the syrian government has agreed to pull all of its military units out of towns. he told the u.s. security council that syria says it has already started the pullout and that it will be completed by april 10. progress has been made in reaching a cease-fire, and the u.s. ambassador says washington doubts the new commitments will be enacted. in syria, the fighting has continued in that the rebel stronghold of homs. >> this video posted online claims to show showing in homs. it is impossible to verify what is happening in this area with the government strictly controlling journalists' access. other videos claim to show more fighting in idlib. as well as protests against the president. these demonstrators are chanting "al-sadr is the enemy of allah." more and more serious are trying to escape the violence by
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crossing into turkey. this family was filmed last week driving to near the border and the crossing into turkey on foot. >> until there is peace, i am going to turkey. until bashar is defeated, god willing. then we will return to syria. >> a number of western and arab countries have now agreed to send money to the opposition but have stopped short of agreeing to supply arms. >> for the latest on the story, let's go wild -- live to our washington correspondent. max, this is supposed to be a major diplomatic breakthrough at the u.n. to david kofi annan, but washington is already throwing cold water of any hopes of a deescalation of tensions. why is that? >> they are careful and skeptical. the u.s. envoy to the united nations said that syria had already broken many promises and
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there was no reason to believe that there would keep this promise. that is basically the feeling that a lot of people at the german delegation share as well. i spoke to someone there, and they said we just have to wait and see because of what has happened in the past. >> what does the obama administration want to see them from damascus? in need -- is anything less than regime change acceptable? >> officially, they stick to kofi annan's 6-point peace plan, although hillary clinton, secretary of state, has typically ask for more concrete timeline through this thing. what they want, their main goal, is to have an inclusive democracy, and it is really hard to imagine how this would be possible with assad at the head of the state. >> max, thank you so very much. >> here in europe, the eurozone on employment levels of jumped to an all-time high in february, hitting southern nations the
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hardest as the social toll from the debt crisis tighten its grip on the 17-nation bloc. >> analysts say it is as and eurozone is the begich recession. figures show 17 million are out of work across the zone. >> the figures make gloomy reading. the jobless total has risen by 1.5 million people over the past year. more than one in 10 of the potential work force is unemployed. the worst figures are recorded in this country's hit hardest by the euro crisis. spain has the highest unemployment rate at 23.6%. that is followed by greece at over 20%. italy has a record 9.3% unemployment level. the german figures make better reading, 5.7% are out of work. apart from in germany and a few other countries, the situation is likely to deteriorate further. cash-strapped governments are cutting spending and firing
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public-sector workers. companies are also shedding staff as the economy continues to slide. >> as a result of the figures, it was a rough day of trading. most stock exchanges around europe. but only for most of the day. here is our frankfurt correspondent conrad. >> the unemployment rate in the eurozone is on the record high. this feels concerns on the markets that the large austerity measures which have been introduced in the eurozone might have muffle the the economy is too much. that is why nearly for the whole trading day here in frankfurt, the market really did not get into gear. but there also were a few signs of hope. signs which pushed the stock market of birds in the very last hour of trading. these signs came from china and from the united states, where the manufacturing sectors are doing better than anticipated. and this fuels hope that demand for german goods and services from china and from the united
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states might soon increase again. >> here in germany, opposition leaders have lashed out at switzerland in a dispute over taxes and banking secrecy. the criticism comes as berlin pushes for a role in monitoring its own citizens hidden assets across the border. it is harming bilateral relations. the swiss government says it will arrest three german officials for buying stolen information on german account holders. they are accused of paying 2.5 million euros for that data. >> two years ago, a german tax inspectors bought a data disk from an informant in switzerland. it is now central to their investigation into suspected tax cheats. but swiss authorities say the data was stolen and its purchase a criminal offense. a case of economic espionage. last week issued three arrest warrants, prompting an angry response from germany's opposition.
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>> tax officers from the state of north rhine-westphalia are now wanted for arrest in switzerland. there were only chasing criminals. they were doing nothing more. if people want to hide their money from the tax office in switzerland, they are not only being anti-social, there also criminals in germany. that is quite clear. >> germany and switzerland have long been at loggerheads over tax evasion in swiss bank secrecy laws. a draft text it was negotiated last year, but this latest diplomatic route could be another setback to its approval. >> time to look as some of the market figures. >> let's get a look at the right now. the dax got off to a good start this week. 7,056, up 1.58%. euro stoxx 50 coming in and bid up as well.
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2,501. in new york, the dow up nicely, 13,292. the european trading down $1.3332. we're going back to the switzerland story. switzerland wants to prosecute german officials. we asked our chief political correspondent mohler at -- melinda crane just how bad this dispute is. >> the german government was downplaying it today, saying it is simply a case of neighbors having a difference of opinion about some tax data. the fact is, the dispute has been going on for years and we have seen the big guns rolled out before, at least rhetorically. we have heard german officials comparing switzerland as a tax haven to waga dugu and being compared by the swiss to not cease in turn. the big question now is, will the two countries ratify the deal you mentioned? it would require switzerland to impose punitive taxes on german
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tax evaders. many of the german states, and they're not and would sentence phillippe once governed by the opposition spd, they say the deal is too weak. now the german government is saying, hey, misunderstandings' like this one, there will be a thing of the past if you ratify this deal. the question is, will the swiss move provide an additional incentive for those states to finally get behind the deal or will increase the opposition's resistance? stay tuned for more. >> melinda crane there. officials in burma have confirmed a landslide win for suu kyi's party. the pro-democracy leader will lead parliament after half a lifetime of political repression. >> the international community has welcomed the results. suu kyi has spoken of a new era in her nation. >> suu kyi's election is being celebrated as a milestone on burma's long road to the mark was a bit of thousands were
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eager to congratulate her on winning her first public office. after decades of struggle against the military regime, the opposition leader held the ball as a triumph of people power. -- hailed the poll as a triumph of people power. >> we hope there will be more emphasis on the rule of the people i never did politics. we also hope that we will be able to go further along the route of reconciliation. we will welcome all parties who wish to join us in the process of bringing ease and prosperity to our country. >> the european union is due to consider easing sanctions on burma at the meeting later this month. germany is open to the idea. >> i am satisfy the things are moving in the right direction. i am hopeful that the democratization process will receive the necessary support from abroad, and that includes letting eu sanctions expired. >> in rangoon, many burmese are
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cautiously optimistic. they hope it will bring improvement to their daily lives. >> i hope there will be changed. suu kyi was not in parliament before. i hope when she takes a seat, the country will change more and things will get better. >> burma's southeast asian neighbors have praised the election, saying it was conducted in an orderly manner. the poll was closely watched as a test of the military leadership's commitment to political reform. >> west african leaders have opposed a raft of diplomatic, economic, and financial sanctions on mali. >> the ecowas has put its military forces on standby. it follows a 72-hour deadline for mali's military leaders to restore democracy. captain amadou sanogo led last month's coup and has promised mali to promised's original constitution and hand back power to civilian authorities. but west african nations remain unconvinced. >> 31 people have been killed in a plane crash in russia.
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>> the aircraft came down and caught fire shortly after taking off in central siberia. it was on its way for an oil city. most of the passengers were oil workers and technicians bit of the russian emergencies ministry says 12 people survived, but some of them are in critical condition. actor becoming a symbol of division. last week the university in budapest stripped the president of his 1992 doctorate after determining much of the thesis had been copied from others. in other news, ceremonies have been taking place to mark the 30th anniversary of the start of the falklands war. >> hundreds of people gathered in an argentine city to remember their nearly 650 soldiers killed
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in the conflict with britain. in the falklands itself, veterans of the local defense force their marched through the capital. to commemorate the 255 british soldiers killed fighting the argentine in invaders. >> we will have more on that later in the show. >> first, final preparations underway for the release of the last political hostages held by the compliant -- the colombian leftist group the fark. >> some have been held for 14 years. their release has been negotiated by a column by a non- governmental organization with help from the red cross. >> it brazilian held up taking off from a colombian air base, hoping to bring the hostages out of the jungle. on board was a former senator who has been helping negotiate the release of the last 10 soldiers and police being held. the release and years of torment for the captives and their families. this is a relative of a police
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officer held by the fark for 14 years. >> welcome to life. welcome home. and thanks be to god, because he has worked this great miracle. removing the chains from his neck after 169 months. >> the fark announced earlier this year that it would release the soldiers and police was holding and end its policy of kidnapping civilians for ransom. the group has not said what it will do with the 100 civilians it is still holding. but for the relatives of the soldiers and policemen held by fark, the end is in sight. on sunday, some gathered at this cathedral to parade that after a series of postponements of the release date, their loved ones would soon be coming home for good. >> stay with us. coming up in one minute, we will have more on the falklands war
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with fees from both sides. >> do not go away. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> it was 30 years ago that argentina invaded the falklands, triggering more with britain. many soldiers lost their lives before argentina's surrendered. >> but argentina has never given up its claim to those islands. as the anniversary a purge, tensions flared again, fueled by the discovery of oil under the seabed close to the falklands. >> about 3000 people live on the road most wind-swept falkland islands. fishing, tourism, and sheep farming are the main industries. the islands lie in 400 commuters off the coast of argentina. they have been a british
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territory since 1833, but there remain the subject of a sovereignty dispute between britain and argentina. argentina says it has a right to the islands. its troops occupied the falklands on april 2, 1982. britain responded by sending a military task force and retaking the territory. almost 1000 argentinian and british servicemen were killed in the fighting. the then british prime minister margaret thatcher was given a hero's welcome by the falkland islands. many argentines have not got over the trauma of the 1982 defeat, which they view as a national humiliation. today, the falklands is also feel bite -- dispute this field by economic interests. british companies have been exploring for oil around the islands, raising tensions the argentinian president has repeated her country's claim to the archipelago. she says british oil exploration there violates international law. earlier this year, britain sent
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one of its most powerful warships to the islands. although officials deny it was in response to the rising tensions, the move was widely seen as a show of strength. >> argentines of course called the island's the malvine as. the british sovereignty over the territory has long been a source of resentment. >> the invasion was an attempt by argentina's filling military to revive its fortunes, but the military collapse. >> all the argentine servicemen who fought on the islands are respected as heroes, little has been done to help the psychological wounds heal. >> the mall wiens war memorial getting a fresh coat of paint in town for the 50th anniversary of the conflict. 25 marble plaques bear the names of 649 argentinian servicemen who were killed. they are considered national heroes. 30 years ago, there was a naval officer. today, he heads the association
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of bolivarian as veterans, many of whom are still haunted by the memories of war. >> the memories of the malvinas are still there. it was sending incredibly important for us. for the first time in our recent history, we've defended our sovereignty and a part of our territory. >> for some of veterans, the fight goes on. in front of the presidential palace, they demonstrate for the malvinas to be handed over to argentina. most argentinian degree. only a few, like this historian, take a different view. >> the people who live on the malvinas should decide. it is a fundamental democratic principle. >> but it is an idea that sketches that argentina's national pride. many who fought for the islands and watched others died still
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suffer from the psychological scars. >> the post traumatic stress, but also society's lack of recognition for our sacrifice back then, have led to more than 400 suicides. >> malvinas war veterans are finally granted a state pension 19,005. even after three decades, some see the islands sovereignty as a patriotic cause. >> i would say none of those people demanding the return of the malvinas really want to solve the problem. argentinian nationalism would lose its greatest symbol. >> it is about supporting the veterans, their solidarity, and their passion for the malvinas. >> the anniversary has given new impetus to argentina's claim of sovereignty. the government in buenos aires has revived its bid for control of the archipelago and has intensified pressure on london.
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britain has no intention of relinquishing the falklands. for many of argentinian, the malvinas will always be theirs. >> this is not just an issue for britain. it is an issue for the entire e you. jeff joins us from brussels. can you tell us why the new tensions are such a source of concern were you are? >> it is little known fact that in the recently agreed lisbon treaty on european union, strangely enough there was a reference to the falklands. the declaration of the treaty says that the falklands along to the united kingdom, and therefore, of course, that means that 27 nations, including the u.k., have subscribed to that belief. officially. now, if you talk to european commission felt here, they will say, look, it has nothing to do with us. this is a foreign policy matter for argentina and for the united kingdom. so we do not want to get involved. but in fact, if there's any by is one where the other, because of the treaty reference, the
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express instructions of the british foreign office, then the official opposition for the european union is malvinas are the falklands and belonged to britain. >> latin america is pretty much united behind argentina on this. in spite of this treaty, what else is happening with the eu? is it as united as latin america is behind britain? >> latin-american and the caribbean are virtually totally agreed on the fact that this should be argentinian soil. of course it is divided up on geographical lines basically. if you are in europe or beyond, if you are in the u.s., japan, you tend to side with the united kingdom on this, because there is a big trade dispute with argentina. it is not directly to do with the falklands. argentina is putting levies on any imports coming into argentina for more ever around the world. the european union, japan, a dozen other countries are all
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united against that on the world trade organization as a big dispute. if you are against that, if you're fighting argentine on that front, it is very hard to see that those countries would have any sympathy for argentinian pose a claim on the falklands. there is the oil. those the prospect of oil off the falklands to you do not have to be cynical to suggest that maybe the argentinian upsurge of support for regaining the falklands a second time is perhaps driven by the enormous wealth that could be derived from the oil that searches out of the ground within the realms of the falklands. >> is this more about oil or more about trade? >> i think it is more about oil. there is a real trade problem to do with the rest of europe and elsewhere. in terms of the relationship between argentina and falklands, oil is the big prospect of that is why it is worth fighting for as far as boeing is iris is concerned. >> thank you so much.
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>> you mentioned oil there. the chambers of german industry and commerce war and energy prices could be the biggest risk to economic growth. >> not all analysts agree though. the drivers are dreading the upcoming holiday season with gas prices already sky-high. >> the easter holiday is a popular time to travel, and germans keep a close watch on prices at the pump. a leader now costs over 1.70 euros. petrol prices have risen sharply over the year, about 10% for high octane fuel. >> it has to be stressed that the reason the of the high prices that we have to pay. last week they reached record highs. and the high prices are passed on to consumers at the pump. >> the pain is not just felt by motorists. it also affects businesses and
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the entire economy. in the 1970's, international tensions led to a sudden rise in fuel prices, which triggered a recession. but most experts say germany's economy is now less vulnerable to international oil price fluctuations. >> the ziller sector was supposed to make a difference, but the crisis now engulfing germany's solar energy sector has claimed another victim. >> after making a huge loss in 2011, q-cells has filed for bankruptcy, the latest in a string of solar companies to do so. it was once the world's biggest thecell many facture. it has been struggling with a combination of cheap products from china and cuts in state subsidies. >> the last of the major stadiums for the london olympics is complete. 116 days before the games begin. the city now has a host of the most modern sports venues in the
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world, including the masterpiece, the centerpiece, the main stadium. the public has not caught a glimpse of it for the first time from the inside. >> some unlikely olympic characters were among the thousands who descended on the stadium on the weekend for an event to raise money in but the brand-new facility to the test. -- and put the britney facility to the test. the rhino was out of its lead on the 100-meter dash, but plenty of young athletes gave their all to achieve their personal best. >> terrified at the moment. >> some 20,000 people were on hand to watch the event. olympics organizers have less than four months to work out the kinks. >> you have got the crowd going. you have only the 20,000 people in here. there will be 80,000 people in here. supporters behind our athletes. it will be truly amazing.
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>> now the countdown to the lighting of the olympic flame on july 27 is on in earnest. >> a veteran american singer harry belafonte is in berlin today. he is not here to sing but as a unicef goodwill ambassador. >> is launching a campaign to raise money for clean drinking water in some of the world's poorest countries. >> the group of schoolchildren joined him here in the german capital to help spread the message. eunice of the estimates at 780 million people still do not have access to clean water. >> harry belafonte says the campaign is focused on helping women and children who often suffer the worst health effects. >> a great cause. stay with us. we will be back at the top of the hour with newark -- with more news here on dw. ♪ captioned by the national captioning institute
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