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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  April 9, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> hello and welcome to "the journal" here on dw. >> our headlines this hour. >> as hopes of a cease-fire and syria fade, and two groups come under fire. >> no. 3 at invites foreign journalists to its aerospace center. resources. power.
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national captioning institute >> of a journalist was killed on the border on the lebanese side. earlier, a syrian forces fired across the border into turkey. [unintelligible] >> gunfire along syria's border with turkey. refugees in one of the many camps near the border. turkish prime minister erdogan learn of the incidents during a
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visit to china. at beijing, a syrian ally, urged both sides to end the violence. >> china urges the syrian government and opposition groups to seize the current critical moment to abide by the cease- fire. cooperate with the special en voy's plan and facilitate humanitarian assistance. >> but it is questionable whether they are listening. residents are holding a funeral for the latest victims of the fighting. this footage is reportedly from central syria. activists say the death toll has as many as 35 on monday alone peony -- monday alone. many victims were children.
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the truce is essentially in tatters, a special -- especially since syrian foreign ministry went on tv to pour cold water on kofi annan's peace plan. he denied that damascus ever committed to the withdrawal. he has said that they will only abide by the cease-fire if assad's forces do as well. >> at least 25,000 syrians have taken refuge in turkey. kofi annan will be visiting the camps on tuesday to assess the situation. >> refugees are also crossing the border into lebanon where the u.n. is providing humanitarian relief out there. >> and unloading supplies for syrian ridge fiji's in lebanon. -- syrian refugees in lebanon. many of these people fled their
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homes, taking only what they could carry. the refugees take shelter in an abandoned industrial buildings, garages, and unused schools. the lebanese government officially supports damascus and has done little for serious displaced by the unrest. the u.n. provides a lifeline for people. >> we are doing well in comparison to our relatives who had to stay behind and syria. people are starving and cold. this is why we are demanding action from the international community. we are being pacified like sheep. >> what is just as important as looking after us is supporting the rebels and the free syrian army. >> with no help from abroad, the syrians are fighting . the eldest son in this family came with them to 11 non-. not long afterward, he was
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killed. -- the eldest son in this family came with them to lebanon. >> this violence in syria is leading to the displacement of people inside syria and here in lebanon, turkey, jordan. and of course, all these people are in need. >> the u.n. refugee agency has organized school class is for the children. the adults enjoy it, too. no matter how tough life is here, they will have to make it work. >> let's return to our top story. the hopes are fading over the syrian cease-fire. for more on that, we have our correspondent on . you are in istanbul. what is the latest you can tell us of events on the turkish-
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syrian border? >> the first thing is to find out whether these shots were fired, targeted at the turkish territory, or whether these were stray bullets coming into turkey from a fight going on inside syria. so far, the turks have made no official announcement. i suspect we will hear more about this as this clears up. >> turkey is also talking about implementing "certain measures," if the assad regime does not back down. have you heard about what those measures might be? >> everyone in turkey expects those measures would be the direction of a safe zone inside syria, a buffer zone to give refugees in syria of protection area. the turks have been preparing
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for this for quite some time, military preparation. people here in turkey are expecting their governments to declare the erection of the buffer zone critiques -- pretty soon now. >> alright. thank you for talking to us from istanbul. >> dozens have been killed in clashes between the army and al- qaeda-linked militants. the death toll is being put as high as 44, with 14 soldiers dead. yemen has seen a surge in violence since the president took office in february with the pledge to fight al-qaeda. >> the presidential elections in egypt are just six weeks away and a new conflict has emerged between at the muslim brotherhood and other leaders in the country.
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the muslim brotherhood it's candidate has accused another of wanting to revive the falling regime. he is the favorite to replace hosni mubarak. >> a new governor election since the region was devastated by the 2004 tsunami. it is seen as the key test of the 2005 peace deal that ended a 30-year war by separatist rebels. the incumbent governor, himself a former rebel, it is seeking a second five-year term. >> this has never happened before. north korea has taken a group of foreign journalists to view its brand new space launch site. >> the international community suspects pyongyang is preparing to test a long-range missile.
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north korea says it is an observation at missile to mark the 100th anniversary of the communist nation. >> a journey through the world's most secretive country. the destination, the new launch station. foreign journalists were taken on a tour of the sensitive site to get a firsthand look at launch preparations. it is an unprecedented move as north korea tries to persuade the world of its peaceful intentions. is says the three-stage rocket will carry out a satellite, the first of many. >> we're planning to launch other satellites in the future. even a stationary satellite. >> the u.s. and south korea say the upcoming launch is a disguise missile test and violates resolutions. north berea disagrees. >> every country has the right to explore peaceful -- explore
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space for peaceful purposes. >> this is what north korea plans to put in orbit, and a satellite called the shining star iii. many remain skeptical. there have been calls for north korea to cancel the launch. japan has put its mental -- its missile defenses on alert and have threatened to shoot down anything that strays into their area. >> u.s. perhaps -- u.s. president barack obama has been meeting with his brazilian counterpart dilma rouseff at the white house. obama has his eye on brazil and china to increase u.s. exports. last year alone, foreign companies pumped 50 billion euros into the country, more than two times 2006.
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>> but that success can come at a cost. as we hear in this report. >> when the reasons for brazil's strong economy is as well of natural resources. more and more offshore oil fields are being discovered and exploited in its coastal waters. the ore deposits are in excess as well. brazil boasts the second largest reserves of iron ore after australia. because of raw material prices are on the rise, brazil's economy has grown faster than more established, industrialized countries. in recent years, brazil's gdp has been expanding at an average rate of 4%. that outpaced germany and the u.s. the german economy has grown at 1.5%, the u.s. economy only at 0.5%. but there is a downside.
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get numb -- economic crises in industrialized countries are prompting more and more investors to put more money into brazil. now brazilian products are comparatively expensive on world markets. the country is now struggling with the problem of a widening trade gap. >> china has set up are rare earth association to streamline the sprawling sector and fend off criticism about the country's control. >> there's a lot of criticize some reject criticism going are around. -- criticism going around. >> rare earths are in demand from industries around the world. bair used for all kinds of products, from computer screens and sell funds to camera lenses and solar panels. -- cell phones to camera lenses
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and solar panels. china accounts for 90% of rare earth production. 5% comes from the united states. an equally small amount comes from russia. china in forces tough limits on its rare earth exports. critics accuse it of deliberately driving prices. a complaint was filed with the world trade organization last month. china says it will implement what it calls a reasonable price mechanism, but also give the government more control over the sector. >> some business news now. a japanese newspaper is reporting that sony plans to sack 10,000 people worldwide, 6% of its global work force. half the cuts will be in the chemical and lcd operations.
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the company has experienced a loss of 2 billion euros for the last business year, marking four years of losses. the european stock markets were closed because of the easter holidays, but new york was open. the dow jones industrial average down 0.5 -- 0.75%. and the euro is trading at $1.3115. for the price of 811 million euros -- no details have been released about the nature of the patents, but industry insiders say they most likely involve social networking, instead messaging, and e-mail technology. microsoft may be preparing to adapt its windows 8 operating system for tablet computers. it intends to return a significant portion of the
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proceeds to shareholders. >> keep up with dw. we will have more on that meeting between barack obama and dilma rouseff. >> stay with us. we will be back in a minute.
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>> welcome back. u.s. president barack obama is hosting his brazilian counterpart dilma rouseff in the white house today. the visit comes against the backdrop of a surging brazilian economy. >> its growth figures and natural resources are the envy of many western countries. our correspondent took a look at how economic life is changing their. >> rosenia, south of rio the janeiro -- rio de janeiro.
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she grew up here. but she hardly recognizes that. be drug dealers are gone. so is the crime. things have improved so much, she has fulfilled her dream and opened a snack bar. >> business is good. we want to expand and open a second shop in another neighborhood. >> brazil's economy is booming. with it, consumer demand. the market for new cars is larger than germany's, and many of those cars use ethanol instead of gasoline. the wealthiest brazilians can afford even more conspicuous construction -- consumption. this architect just went to buy goods for the baby she is expecting. for her, the shopping is no big deal. >> we go there to take vacation and to the shopping. because stores in the u.s. have
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more selection. and the products are better and cheaper. >> what brazil's new -- nearly 200 million consumers want is something he has studied. he works as a consultant for foreign investors on business opportunities in brazil. often european and american firms go head-to-head in competition for the growing market. >> that rivalry is good because it creates competition. companies from abroad have a lot of technological know-how and very experienced. that helps us develop, so in the near future, our infrastructure will be comparable to that of europe or the u.s. >> well much of the developed world has struggled with economic crisis, -- while much of the developed world has struggled with economic crisis, brazil continues to grow.
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most brazilians are confident about the future, even the ones in poverty-stricken areas like this, where people are hard at work building a better future. >> europe was shivering through the depths of winter, but chile experienced a boom in its fresh fruit exports. >> sounds good. the nation is a market leader in the fruit business, it accounting -- and the for business, accounting for 60% of fruit exports in the southern hemisphere. >> the harvest usually takes place between december and march on great farms in -- on grape farms in chile. more than 1,700 tons of grapes are picked for your.
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rodrigo is in charge. the good climate is a boon for chile's farmers, especially in the north. >> the climate has to be dry, more than anything else. in the south, it is very warm, so the grapes mature very quickly. that is when you make the most money, when no other grapes are available yet. >> about a quarter of the harvest is exported. red is the best-selling variety. european consumers are picky. >> this is perfect. a grape with beautiful shape and color. others goal for lower quality. >> farmers get slightly over a
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euro per kilo of grapes. production is being ramped up. but there is only so much space in the narrow valley, and he already owns half of the roughly to hundred 50 hectares available. -- 250 hectares available. is the largest such space in the region. the grapes leave by a port city. here they are frozen and shipped to europe. the form also does its own exporting and shipping. -- the farm also does is on exporting and shipping. >> this season, they are doing very well. initially, they had to the u.s., and then europe becomes more important. this year especially because u.s. prices are so low.
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on top of that, we make a 30% profit on the euro/dollar exchange rate. >> it will take another 24 days before these grapes appear on the metro shelves. that is how long it takes to ship them from chile to your. >> moving to peru, where the government says it could take another few days to rescue five miners trapped in a copper mine. some of the men are said to be feeling desperate. >> emergency crews are using the axes and shovels to reach the men. they are to meters underground. >> they have been waiting for four days now. and impromptu camp has sprung up around the entrance to the shaft. rescuers almost broke through on saturday, but fresh rocks hindered their efforts. >> the rock is very fragile.
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the passage way did not hold. we had to clear it out and reinforce it. >> rescue crews are communicating with the miners by at a metal tube. they are also supplying them with oxygen, soup, and water. they are not injured, but anxious to get out. >> i spoke with them. they are cold because of the humidity. all of peru is thinking about them and we want to get them out alive. >> the government is appealing to mining companies to send heavy machinery and speed up the rescue effort. >> a wildfire has broken out in new jersey on the east coast of united states. >> 2 square kilometers of land is burning. is the second major wildfire in southern new jersey in less than a week. officials say it could have been caused by arson. and now let's look at other stories from around the world. >> mali's president has formally
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resigned, more than two weeks after a disastrous military coup. his resignation was part of the deal to restore ruled. meanwhile, other countries are meeting to discuss the rebellion in the north. >> of former kgb boss has won the election in georgia's breakaway province. russia and georgia fought a brief war over the status of ossetia in 2008. both countries still consider it to be part of georgia. >> there have been clashes in serbia between police and protesters over the construction of homes by and southern belgrade.
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14 police were reportedly injured. they set up container homes for many roma families. >> transportation workers in brussels or are in -- are on strike after the brutal death of a colleague. police have arrested a suspect. transport police have refused to call off the strike before measures are discussed concerning their safety. the nobel peace prize winning german author has been banned from travelling to israel. his poem published last week caused outrage in the jewish state. the poem also caused controversy here in germany. he said the country was "a threat to world peace."
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>> at first, few israelis seemed interested in the pelham, but the interior minister -- in the poem, but the interior minister's decision to declare him persona non grata has excited the controversy. >> he says things we cannot accept people in >> opposition leaders say that the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu is trying to position itself as the protector of national interest. the former ambassador to germany described the travel ban as over the top and slightly hysterical. >> this is just domestic politics. it is wrong. i do not believe he is anti- semitic, not at all. >> since the bomb was published last week, the author -- since the problem was published last
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week, the other has modified his position. the title "what must be said" suggests that he is saying what others are afraid to say. some say history makes it especially important what he is saying. >> there is this taboo about criticizing israel in germany that is finally starting to break. >> many question whether the government fell handling of the issue in israel is the right -- government's handling of the issue in israel is the right response. >> that is it from here. >> thank you.
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