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tv   France 24 News  KCSMMHZ  July 13, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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>> ruling out the shimenera, there are possible defects on the railway tracts of the cause of the train track crash. >> egyptian prosecutors announced that they're examining a series of complaints against the ousted president mohamed morsi. >> tanzania peacekeepers are killed in the darfur region. the secretary general is appalled by what he called a heinous attack. >> welcome to the program. >> first the transport minister says that the human error has been ruled out as the possible cause of yesterday even's deadly train accident in a southern paris suburb. instead the minister said the focus of the investigations are now on the switching tracks,
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that's a divide that guides the trains from one line of track to another. the packed train derailed of a speed of 130 kilometers. it slammed into the platform. well, six people are known to have been killed and nearly 200 others injured. our correspondent steven carroll has the latest from the scene. >> the operations to remove the carriages and the train lines here will continue through saturday night and all day sunday, the most difficult part of it, we're told would be removing this carriage which lies on its side on the rail lines. the c.e.o. had told us that their initial investigations had shown the cause to be a faulty rail switching mechanism that removes trains from one rail line to another. they are conducting a check across all of its record, 5,000 different records.
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an inquiry went into what caused the accident which resulted in six deaths that of four men and two women and has left several more in a serious condition in the hospital. >> will a french national rail has accepted responsibility for that accident. as we just heard there they're promising to carry out immediate checks on all railway tracks right across france. he believes that a lack of resources may have been a factor. our correspondent explains. >> at 5:14 the train was heading south from central paris traveling within the speed limit . the switching point number five derailed. the train broke in two. leaving away the train behind it before tipping on the side. further down the line wagon
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number four also tipped over before the train stopped. the driver has been praised for his quick reaction to help avoid an even greater tragedy. it stopped not only his train but others on the same route. there was another train approaching just 200 meters away. with the events now cleared, the question is why did this happen? human error has been ruled out. investigators believe it may have been due to a faulty part in the railway system. >> the switch came apart and disconnected from its normal casing. it was found in the middle of the rail switching system and prevented the train from taking its normal course. we are looking at why this switch disconnected. it's the focus of the three investigation that are underway by the police, the government and the train company.
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>> questions have already been raised about the general health of france's railway infrastructure and whether safety has been compromised as budgets have been squeezed. they promised an immediate check of all rain tracks across the country as well as a further inquire on friday's crash. a minute silence was held today at noon on all french trains in all railway stations across the country including, of course, the stations where the train left from and the station at lemuge which should have been that train's final destination. investigators in the united kingdom says that so far there's nothing to suggest that yesterday's fire aboard a boenig 747 plane caused the temporary shutdown of the airports
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runways. hitches for this aircraft type, the entire one was grounded after the battery system overheated. it was one of the busiest times of year. but the airport has now returned to normal. >> now to sudan's darfur region where seven people have been killed. we understand that the ambush was carried out by close to the peacekeeper's base which is near in turn to the south darfur state capital. 17 other peacekeepers were injured in that attack. earlier on we spoke to u.n., a spokesperson chris semanic. here's what he told us. >> we had -- it is a patrol that
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we have from one of our sights to another in south darfur. the patrol was ambushed. extend firefight that went on. and we've lost -- at this moment we know than even of our peacekeepers were killed and at least 17 were injured. these were military and police personnel. that were on this patrol. we'll continue to conduct our work. on average we conduct over 150 patrols a day. these things have happened in the past and will continue to push on. and we'll continue to enforce our mandate here which is marketing protection of the civilian population. >> and we've just received reaction from the u.n. secretary general to that ambush. ban ki-moon says he's outrage by the killing of the peacekeepers calling it a heinous attack. >> in egypt the muslim brotherhood has called for more
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peaceful protests next week. they want the demand of power to mohamed morsi. meanwhile the prosecutor says an investigation has been launched against the ousted president as well aws other senior members of his muslim brotherhood. a spokesman for the group says that his principle concern is that his democratic process has been under mined. let's take a listen. >> this is not about prth president morsi being released. this is about protecting the democratic choice of the egyptian people and the ballot box choice that have been hours in the sun for the past two years. this is about protecting the will of the people and not allowing the minute if you take on a political role sanctioning a military coup while the government is afraid to use the c word still. >> katherine tells us more now about the charges that morsi faces. >> this came in a statement
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today from the general prosecutors office earlier on. it's not clear who launched these complaints because under egyptian law, anyone not just the police could make a legal complaint but the prosecutors will decide whether to investigate or not. so this is just the start against mohamed morsi and a number of prominent figures. it looks like they're going to be investigated for a range of crimes including inciting violence, making weapons and explosive, attacks on mill tarle barracks and damaging the country's economy. it's not clear which crimes morsi himself is being investigated over. i think the timing of this announcement is quite significant. yesterday there were calls from germany and the u.s. for mohamed morsi's release. and those calls have been echoed here by both pro and anti-morsi camps. if he's being investigated over criminal charges, then the
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authoritys will be able to hold him longer. it seems that it's perhaps part of the increasing crackdown of the muslim brotherhood that we've been seeing here since morsi has been ousted 10 days ago. we have to stress tchat point neither morsi or any of the islamist leaders have been charged with any crime yet. they're just at this point under investigation. >> now iraq has once again been hit by a wave of deadly violence. police and medical source say that a bomb has exploded in a sunni mosque killing at least 271 "people." 47 people were killed most of them in a suicide bombing which tore through a crieded cafe in the city of cook thsm recent spike in sectarian violence has some analysts speculating it could boil over. joseph tandy has more. >> shattered class and blood stains on the ground all signs of the force of the blast. on friday evening, the cafe's
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customers had only just broken the ramadan fast when the attack happened. a man came into the cafe and blew himself up. there was black smoke everywhere in the cafe. several people were dead. since the beginning of july, more than 300 people have been killed in attacks across iraq. the search -- surge in violence comes with tensions. they claim they have been margin liesed. at the sight of the attack is at the heart of a territory dispute. iraq's on the brink of widespread violence. similar to the war in 2006 and 2009. >> now russia is still waiting
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for asylum request from edward snowden. he applied to formerly ask for asylum. >> washington's already told moscow that snowden must be extradited. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated in coastal areas of china as a powerful typhoon approacheses. it killed one person in way to wan. it has winds of around 120 kilometers an hour. let's get the latest now from stage 14 of the tour de france. there was so very nearly a first french stage winner julian seymour was one of 18 riders that had got clear of the
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peleton. he made a break for it with about 15.2 kill meters to go. he was too tired to contest that final sprint. it was the italian mateo trinquin. it's the first italian to win. the american is two minutes 28 seconds clear. >> it is now sunday which means it's the cut-off, a time when france stops to commen rate the start of the french revolution on the fourth of july, 1789. >> the squadron watches over paris' sky over mission to intercept any aircraft which could pose a threat to the
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capital. in a matter of seconds the pilot spring into action by a team of snipers. >> there is ooh a team that's about ready to take off in seven minutes during the day and 15 minutes at night. >> on the 14th of july, monitoring is further increased. it's joined by five reinforcement helicopters. on sunday they will fly over paris at all times. at the starting point, 40 soldiers will be in place to choreograph this. everything is planned and measured to the dots. each driver has a margin of error of five seconds. if they exceed this, they risk being removed from the parades. while still waiting the green lights to enjoy, the planes and helicopters will do tricks in the air. far below, the grand trip
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marriaged in the early hours of the -- marched in the early hours of the morning. it's time for rehearsal. this year's african troops involved in the war in mali. soldiers will march side by side with the french soldiers. in total 4,4883 men, 265 vehicles and 241 horses will decent it from 10:00 on sunday. >> that brings us up to date for the world news. stay tuned. >> next week, a look into the growing popularity of digital detox holidays.
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the week's news -- and the video of the week. summer is upon us and social networks are abuzz with vacation related posts, messages and commentary. we've been busy uploading holiday pics to facebook and knowledging badges on four square and looking for restaurants on smartphone communications features but now a new trend iser merging. let's take a look at digital detox holidays. >> it's becoming increasingly prevalent. they want to do something different from the masses. they were two groups which seem very different from each other which correspondent to two very
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mine seths an two different types of vacation in the first group, we have business tourists and those who think they're incapable of switching off on holiday and leaving work behind. a lot of tourists feel that way. and then there are those who want to make the most of their holidays. there is a lot more choice for this group of people. >> a weekend on a texan ranch or a time-out in st. vincents, even the city dwellers among us have a choice, even in washington you can leave your digital world behind when you check in. so who are the holiday makers seeking a break? there are three main categories to speak of. the first is made up of those
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who grown weary of technology. the second is more fear related what could be happening to their personal dale data or information that's been shaped. >> there's a third reason for wanting to switch off and that's people who feel overwhelmed, stifed by the idea of having to be up to date. remaining connected to your professional word is stress uffle of. . but it can also stay stressful to ones who have personal contacts. we have this need especial ily younger people to tell the people who are not with us to become comfortable with. one must post one doing on facebook or treat it. we have also what's known as the fear of missing out. and that's actually quite addictive. the need to be aware of everything that's going on. we can see everything we're missing out. yet, when we're off line you
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don't have the sensation of missing out. with more than 10 people saying they fine it hard to spend 10 days without the internet, whether it's a passing fact, everyone has something to gain from a digital detox and recharging once own batteries. most everyone seems fine. i'm ok. this message was posted online by david una after being evacuated on the san francisco airport on saturday. the passenger published a series of additional messengers showing his friends and family. other passengers onboard from shanghai were also quick to share accounts of the crash on social networks. judar thinks it's a miracle he's
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a live. the manager has post odd ven a scene a weaver -- waiver. he describes hearing a deafening noise before realizing there was a gaming hole behind him. >> they were 141 chinese passengers on boards including 130 high school students and their teacher about to embark on a language exchange trip in the u.s. two girls were killed in the hospital. many have paid their respects on the network pages. >> we're 22 millions collected on the streets, egypt's movement was that the origin valley of the islam black president moment morris si. it meanings rebellion.
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they are also aopposed have missed authorities that have been leading the country since the arab spring. this in particular idea. he's call for the disasolution of the national constituents but which they belief they're trying to embed religion from the cause of constitution. >> they have a lesser extent like libya. >> now i've seen the various political parties delaying the pick. >> and condemning divisions within the syrian national council. coalitions of opponents which many feel don't represent the remember lation or the rebels fighting on the ground against the damascus regime.
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ry cording to resorts of the human civil rights group. if you're in these things, i demand better conditions. >> thousands of abusers in syria and abroad are backing their protest on facebook page. others have produced digital posters which didn't really help without charge, cool elling for their immediate briss. some of the feel detainees were reportedly sick or seriously will. >> do we have a vie of women who have killed women are being treated. the n.g.a. human right's weight.
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you investigation, it was based from so foreman female policer ins. he describes -- he actually left two shirts that was subjected to sharing their time in prison. >> there graphic animation accepts out to answer that very question. the tongue and cheek video shows it's more fashioning to wear horse -- than meat. >> best up the slow food as opposed to fast food.
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>> when he's taking a break from fighting villains, he plays basketball. the super hero is pretty good at it. the video was made by grayson boucher with basketball fans ever where. >> hello. time now for our weekly press review with our correspondent. first up, hi, there. first up, we're going to talk about the unrest in egypt and a
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collection of cartoons published by the newspaper. >> let's take a look at the first one. it's by an iranian cartoonist named harnoosh. you can see the army between the muslim brotherhood, the army is smashing mohamed morsi out of the picture. there's another picture where you can see the mummy of violence to wreak havoc on the country. finally a cartoon by a moroccan cartoonist named halid. maybe there could be a doe domno effect. toppling over and knocking into a ben kira from justice and from morocco who's toppling from the harada party in tunisia. >> and a possible comeback for former president nicholas sarkozy. >> it's the million dollar
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question in inference. he made his first official political appearance this week after losing his bid for re-election last year. a lot of people -- well, say maybe this was the beginning of a comeback if it was not quite the real come back. but he's been very mysterious you about the whole thing. we take a look at the secrets of a strange comeback. he's doing a great job at it. but the truth is, he hasn't really changed at all. when he's really out to do is get revenge according to them quite left liening magazine here in france. he's not really a rallying figure these days. >> that's dominick, the former i.m.f. chief and quite a famous figure here in france now. time wonders if he could be
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making a come back. and that makes me elliott spitter. >> what about dominique's. he's been making several provide experiences. he was at 10 and this week he gave his first international interview since his arars on cnn. >> time does say it's unlikely a political comeback but he could make a comment on the scene as an commments. what he's really trying to get that is a lip of his owner. >> let's talk about a dark side of switzerland's recent history. >> that's right. she talks about the pie ra yacht children. thousands of young swiss
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citizens were locked up for for a crime which mean people said it wrunt crime. is interviews several of these -- well, people who were looked up for just running off with a married man. this is a very dark chapter of history. and finally its takes a closer look an unusual type of his torable take. >> the greatest traders in history. they have quite a long list there. so of course, the first one called the famous one of traders. wetch throw we have bradley manning who have been called by twainers by a lot of american officials. but look demonstrated.
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they're friends who have turned their back on all trends. it's the most recent courtneyli -- news. please stay tuned.
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hello and welcome to nhk newsline. efficiencies at france's national rail operator say a fault in the rail trucks may have caused a deadly train accident near paris. at least six people were killed when a train crashed into a platform on friday. the train was carrying some 380 people when 2 derailed and crashed south of paris. six people are confirmed dead and 30 others injured. eight of


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