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tv   Newsweek South Asia  KCSMMHZ  July 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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♪ >> hello and welcome to "newsweek south asia." in this week's episode -- china warns israel -- india not to create trouble on the border. attack on foreign mountaineers
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-- a setback for the tourism industry. and congress promotes an ordinance on food security. opposition turns it undemocratic and a gimmick. and now for all the details. the dragon has once it again shown its true colors. despite commitments of peace by china, the people's liberation army has displayed its real intention. just a few hours before the minister embarked on his trip, the chinese general provoked india by warning it not to provoke and create new troubles for china. here is a report. >> tensions rose between israel and china when just before the indian defense minister's visit to beijing, a top chinese major general, also the executive resident of china strategy culture promotion association
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said, "the indian side should not remote new problems and increase military deployment on the border and start new trouble ." strategic community defense and foreign ministry in new delhi was shaken by the rude comments from the chinese general hours before the defense minister's visit to china. he also said there is still 90,000 kilometers of territory occupied by the indian side. these are problems left over from history and we need to look at it with a cool head. >> if a serving major general in the pla can make a statement like this, what i in for as an analyst is that the chinese military is trying to assert what it deems to be its own position on the territorial and border dispute with india -- what i infer. and yet, we know, that whether
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it is in china or india, that it is the political leadership that has to provide the framework in which the accommodation is going to be realized. >> it's not long ago that the two neighbors and asian giants were locked in a bitter conflict over the chinese incursion. beijing seems to be in a hurry to resolve the age-old border dispute with india, but on its terms, which favors china more than india. in the latest round of order talks, china brought up its draft of order cooperation agreement. experts believe that new delhi needs to take a tough line against beijing. india has clarified that it would not rush to any conclusion on the border talks. >> it is a calibrated attempt to give this press conference on the eve of arrival.
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the government of india has been put on a back foot. they were also put in a calibrated manner on back foot when their prime minister was going to visit india. the idea is to put mr. anthony and india on back foot. >> india and china have been holding talks over the disputed border. of late, with a change of guard, china has become the aggressor, especially when it comes to the border dispute. new delhi sees this as a sign after it already fought a war with china in the 1960s. >> the defense minister is there. the defense minister will handle it. if there is any, he will ask us.
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we are not going to create a problem for the defense minister while he is there. he has gone there. he is talking. he will be taking part in talks with the chinese authorities including defense authorities. >> in the last decade, china has been closing up with india's hostile neighbor, developing roads and other infrastructure. there are reports that china is also assisting pakistan to build new nuclear reactors. similarly, china is working on encircling india with its string of pearls strategy and is warming up tradition indian allies. meanwhile, beijing has distanced itself from the general's remarks and both nations agreed
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to increase strategic demonstration, but strategic experts feel that spells of tension between the economies will keep on a routing until the settlement of the long pending boundary dispute. >> fighting back after the deadly terror attack on a foreign mountaineers. locals fear this will have deep implications on the already doddering tors and industry. locals blame islamabad. >> these residents are on the streets to tell the world that they are peaceloving people.
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[chanting] this candlelight vigil is to appear to the tourists that they should not turn their backs to the mountainous region, which is one of the world's tallest's peaks and is a well-known mountaineering destination. recent incidents of terrorism and specifically, last week's killing of a foreign delegation, has created a fierce psychosis among the tourists. >> no industry, no service
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sector, and the only source of income is tourism, which is bound to suffer from the recent incidents of terrorism in the region. people fear that they may lose their bread-and-butter and source of livelihood.
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>> locals blame the pakistani spy agency for promoting terrorism and sectarianism and hold him responsible for tarnishing the image of this peaceloving region for its own interest. some reports also suggest that islamabad wants to make it a new base camp for militants. >> many believe that congress has sounded by introducing a
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food security bill through an ordinance which would provide huge subsidies to two/three of india's population.+ incoming congress to fight opposition and took the ordinance about for the bill. congress thinks that food security would prove to be a game changer, like loan waiver schemes they had introduced in the past. will food security work for congress the same way? here is a report. >> with an eye on general elections, the party has promulgated an ordinance. the congress dismissed all opposition to the bill, whether it came from outside or within, from the opposition or allies. congress believes that food security would ensure a guaranteed 22/three of the country. the party also believes that the bill is the answer to malnutrition and would eradicate
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hunger and starvation in the country and would give boost to the economy. moreover, the congress believes that it could be a real game changer in the general elections, which are due next year. >> we have unanimously approved the national food security ordinance. >> the food security bill would add an enormous burden on the economy and could widen the fiscal deficit. furthermore, economist and economic analysis firms believe india cannot afford it and it is unviable.
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but the congress defies all this logic and has decided to go ahead with the bill. >> for many of our poor people, this maybe even life-changing. this may be life-saving. for many who are malnourished, delaying it by a single minute can save lives. >> whether it is the nationalist congress party, the printable opposition party, they are opposing the bill. they commonly believed that it is the congress' can make to catch votes -- you make -- gimmick to catch votes. >> i am personally opposed to the food security bill because
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it will cause more harm than good for the people of this country, but everyone is opposed to the ordinance route. i do not know why the government is deciding to follow that route. i hope they will not, but if they do, then it will be most undemocratic and not the way an important demonstration like this should be treated. >> in previous elections, congress gave farmers loans and have been effectively using the employment program to capture the hearts and minds. whether the food security bill will do the same remains to be seen.
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>> observers say that the congress brought the food bill to move the common man and to dispel all the negativity surrounding the government because of its tainted ministers and numerous scams. the pundits also believe that it will ride on the success of the bill. >> well, time now for a quick rate, but stay tuned because
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coming up after the break -- kashmir's sensation makes it to team india, the first kashmiri to play for the indian cricket team. and the cast of an upcoming hollywood political thriller promote the film in mumbai. welcome back. you are watching "news week south asia." let's move on. the bcci announced and names of india's exports to zimbabwe. one name caught the instantaneously. after years of hard work under difficult conditions, he has become the first man to represent india in any format of the game. he's been named in the 15-member of score that will travel to zimbabwe later this month for a five-match series, but the journey started with the days when he used to hold his father
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's finger to the grounds. >> as a kid, he often played cricket on the deserted streets of a small town in south kashmir . in the end, his talent and resolve proved to be stronger than any hurdle that circumstance could throw his way . the 24-year-old son of a shopkeeper became the first cricketer from kashmir state to be selected for the indian cricket team, and he will be touring zimbabwe. he has been a trailblazer right through his career. earlier this year, he became the first kashmiri to play in the ip
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a. he was also the first player from the rally to play for india. >> cricket runs in the family. his father loves the game, and his elder brother represented kashmir in the domestic championships.
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>> pervez's induction onto the india cricket team has also raised expectations. >> what we are expecting for the last 15, 20 years but now it is happening, and it is great. it's really great for the youngest of kashmir. it is an unbelievable team for the whole state, and we are enjoying, like anything, this time. >> it is a big achievement.
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>> never one to miss an opportunity to score a brownie point, the chief minister tweeted, "have heard the great news about parvez rasool being selected to play for india against symbolic way. well deserved selection. make us proud now." rasool may be the first kashmiri selected for the indian cricket team and might have enjoyed a successful run until now, but he needs to adjust fast at the international level. >> now let's move onto bali would -- bollywood. the casting crew of an upcoming political thriller promoted the
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film in the showbiz capital, mumbai. >> the cast and crew of upcoming political thriller "satyagraha" promoted the film in mumbai. with the film a national award winner and holder of several international that is, the creator has returned with a political thriller.
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the filmmaker is known for raising voice against the unjust and corrupt system. in the promotional event, he said it was not based on anticorruption and added that the film was based on the sacrifice and fight for truth.
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>> this is a personal story of a relationship between father was -- father and son, a father who has lost his son, and another son who is trying to find a father. both of them will walk several several sacrifices -- they will go to any link -- length to finally come together and be a part of this revolution. this is a story about this relationship. >> the poster of the film shows the lead actors in front of
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india gate. talking to media persons about his characters, he says that the character was very real and convincing and he could relate to it personally.
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the film is shot famously in london and mumbai. the movie, slated to released on august 20 3, 2013 -- august 20 3, 2013 -- august 23, 2013. we show you through these images the chronology of nature's fear and the devastation it caused.
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>> and with that, we come to the end of this edition of "news week south asia." we'll be back next week with more news, views from the continent. i'm signing off on behalf of the entire production team of "news week south asia
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