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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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it's time now for news line. demonstrators took to the streets across the u.s. to vent their anger. this came after a jury in the state of florida acquitted a man that some u.s. media described as a white hispanic of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. on saturday the six-member jury found george zimmerman not guilty of killing 17-year-old trayvon martin in february of last year. zimmerman's lawyers argued that the defendant quarrelled with
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the victim while patrolling his neighborhood and that he shot the teen in self-defense. protesters are criticizing the verdict as racially biased after the february shooting, local police initially declined to arrest zimmerman. they said based on florida's self-defense laws they didn't have enough probable cause to detain him. the white house issued a statement from president obama on sunday. he said he knows the passions from the case may be running higher after the verdict but he says the united states is a nation of laws and that a jury has spoken. obama also said americans should ask themselves if they're doing all they can to stem the tide of gun violence and to prevent future tragedies. representatives from 11 countries are preparing to start the 18th round of transpacific partnership free trade talks on monday in malaysia. japanese officials are expected to join the talks next week for
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the first time 3 negotiators from the united states, australia, new zealand, singapore and seven other countries have gathered in the city. the 11-day meeting covers 21 trade sectors. participants say they have the trade sectors. participants say they have almost concluded discussions in some areas including electronic communication, but they say conflicting national interests are slowing progress on tariff elimination, intellectual property and the environment. japan wants to exempt some farm products from tariff elimination to protect domestic agriculture, but major exporters such as australia made demand no tariffs for rice and beef. in other sectors japan wants to boost its exports of automobiles and other manufactured products by eliminating taxation, but the u.s. may stand in opposition to this. negotiators want to conclude talks by the end of this year. south korean investigators have sent a protest letter to
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the u.s. national transportation safety board. they say the agency is disclosing information in a one-sided manner about the probe into the asiana airlines jet crash. the letter says the investigation should be conducted objectively and fairly in line with international standards. it asked the ntsb to periodically provide information to south korean officials. the agency has found no evidence so far of a major mechanical failure. south korea's government and media have expressed dissatisfaction with the u.s. agency's disclosure of information. they say it's giving the impression that pilot error caused the accident. the plane crashed at san francisco international airport earlier this month. three chinese school girls were killed. india has started a test rub of a new new clear power plant. local residents oppose the stand. they're concerned about the plant's safety after the fukushima accident two years
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ago. officials of nuclear power corporation of india said one of the reactors attained. the corporation says it will continue the test run for a month before connecting the reactor to the power grid. the indian government plans to build around 20 nuclear plants to address serious power shortages. the united states and france have signed separate nuclear cooperation agreements with india. japan and india agreed in may to speed up negotiations to sign a similar pact.
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some 60 troops from mali led about 4,800 soldiers in a parade down the champs-elysees. peacekeepers have begun their duties in mali ahead of a presidential election scheduled for the end of this month. french government wants to cut the number of soldiers stationed in mali by more than two-thirds to 2,000 by the end of the year. after the parade he said his country's military intervention was successful with the help of the european union and the united nations. prime minister shinzo abe has worked to reshape japan's economy and get back to growth. now he's setting his sights on amending the constitution but his party must make a strong
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showing in this month's upper house election so it can push its policies forward. less than a year after putting abe in power, japanese voters have a chance to judge him on his record. don't miss our special coverage leading up to the july 21st election right here on "newsline." people from around the world have gathered in front of a hospital in london. they are awaiting the arrival of a royal baby. prince william and his wife kate middleton are expecting their first child. journalists and crowds of others have gathered outside the hospital. they say the baby is due in mid-july. >> for me personally being a new mom and being a similar age to william and katherine, it's fun. it brings the royal family closer to us. >> it's a privilege to be here.
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it's exciting. it's a special baby. either way, girl, boy, king or queen. >> souvenir shops have displayed mugs and other items xhem katding the occasion. shop keepers plan to expand their lineup as soon as they find out the baby's name. a health ministry survey has found fewer women and men are taking parental leave in japan. the ministry says the number of mothers who took maternity leave declined by more than four percentage points from the previous year to about 83%. only 1.89% of fathers took paternity leave. this was 0.70 points lower than 2011. parents are legally entitled to take time off from their jobs until their child is 1 year old. ministry officials suspect that mothers are feeling more insecure about their employment since the 2011 earthquake and
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tsunami in northeastern japan. japanese researchers have discovered that male thread worms give priority to mating over finding food. they expect it could be similar behavior seen in other male creatures. a group of biologists at the university of tokyo's school of science studied the behavior of the one-millimeters long nematodes. the worms live in soil and usually move around looking for food. researchers found most males head toward places where they can mate with females regardless of whether food is present. >> translator: we believe the tendencies seen in the nematodes may be related to a natural instinct of living things. >> they also found that female nematodes prefer places where food is likely to exist, regardless of whether males are present. here is the three-day weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline."
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i'm kay co-kit gou iowa in tokyo. thanks for watching.
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