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tv   Newsline  KCSMMHZ  July 16, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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welcome to "news line" i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. egypt's leaders have sworn in an interim cabinet. critics say the lineup does not reflect the will of the people. there is not a single minister representing islamist groups.
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military leaders removed morsi from his post two weeks ago. leaders are implementing a road map to restore civilian rule. a spokesperson says the transitional government offered a cabinet post to the muslim brotherhood to promote reconciliation but leaders of the group rejected talks with the new administration. they said they won't take part in discussions until morsi is reinstated. supporters say the government is illegitimate and refused to recognize its authority. russia's president vladimir putin wants to speed up. he visited the province in russia's far east to observe a large scale military exercise.
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about 160,000 personnel from the army, navy and air force are taking part. military leaders have deployed about 138 aircraft and 70 naval vessels. putin met with the governor to discuss developments in the province. analysts say putin seemed to be putting pressure on local officials to demonstrate that living standards are improving. the current development program includes efforts to build roads and ports. putin said infrastructure swemt is not going quickly enough. >> translator: 80% of the plan has not been achieved. i'm not sure if you are really trying to do your job. i want to see progress by
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autumn. putin says he plans to extend the deadline beyond the original date of 2015. a chinese naval flotilla seen sailing through a strait between northern japan and russia's far east has sparked concerns for japan's defense ministry. japan's self-defense forces have confirmed that five chinese vessels sailed through the strait from the sea of japan to the sea of okhotsk. >> translator: this is the first time chinese naval ships have passed through this strait. japan must be on the alert and monitor the seas to the north as well. >> the chinese vessels did not violate japanese waters when they navigated the strait. they had finished a joint exercise with russian naval ships in the sea of japan. tensions over territorial disputes have been mounting. chinese vessels have been frequently entering japanese territorial waters near the senkaku islands in the east china sea. the islands are controlled by japan but are claimed by china and taiwan.
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south korean officials say recent cyber attacks on the country's websites may have been carried out by north korea. the attacks took place on june 25th. they affected 69 government and private websites including those for the president's office and the ruling party. messages praising north korean leader kim jong-un were planted on the president's office website. a government-led investigation team said 82 viruses and several internet protocol addresses used in the attacks were identical to those used earlier by the north. the team said the method was also the same as the one used in attacks on south korean broadcasters and banks in march. russian authorities have confirmed that u.s. intelligence leaker edward snowden has officially filed an asylum request with russia. the former u.s. national security agency contractor has
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been stranded at a moscow airport since last month. he's facing espionage charges for exposing a secret u.s. surveillance program. a russian lawyer who met snowden last week said the american fugitive handed in papers on tuesday to seek temporary asylum in russia. a spokesman for the russian migration service confirmed that the documents had been accepted. the spokesperson said a decision on whether to grant snowden asylum will be made according to the law. snowden told the lawyer and human rights activists last friday that he planned to seek temporary asylum in russia, and then he'll fly to one of the latin american nations that have offered to grant him political asylum. russian president vladimir putin has said russia will grant him asylum on the condition that he does no harm to the u.s. government or the u.s.-russia relationship. the focus has now shifted to how russia will deal with snowden's request. the u.s. government continues to demand that russia hand over snowden.
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now, under russian law, a decision on an asylum request has to be made within three months and this period can be extended by three months if necessary. demonstrators angry over a recent legal decision in the united states are refusing to back down. they're demanding justice for a black teenager who was shot dead. the case has sparked a nationwide conversation about race relations. a jury in florida ruled that neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense. it found him not guilty of murder or manslaughter. zimmerman is of white and hispanic origin. protesters say the decision to acquit him was based on race. about 400 people gathered at a park in los angeles to vent their anger. police dispersed the crowd and closed the park. some protesters smashed windows of nearby shops and damaged vehicles. police arrested 13 people on suspicion of damaging property.
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>> if you truly care about the martin family, if you truly care about the underlying issues, the last thing you should be doing is taking to the street stealing scooters out of people's hands, assaulting people, smashing windows, scaring drivers or pedestrians. >> police will restrict traffic on roads near the park to prevent further demonstrations. u.s. attorney general eric holder has vowed the justice department will continue to probe the martin shooting. holder says department investigators will determine whether a federal civil rights law on racially motivated crimes applies to the case. >> i want to assure you that the department will continue to act in a manner that is consistent with the facts and the law. we are committed to standing with the people of sanford, with the individuals and families affected by this incident. >> president barack obama spoke shortly after the verdict. he says the united states is a nation of laws.
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obama urged people to respect the jury's decision. a u.n. tribunal has opened in the hague to examine a complaint by the philipine government on china's territorial claims in the south china sea. >> the government has said that the tribunal is formally constituted and the process has begun. >> the philipine government argues that china's territorial claims are in violation of the u.n. convention on the law of the sea. china claims it has sovereignty over virtually all of the south china sea, but it refuses to involve third parties or world bodies in its disputes. territorial disputes in the south china sea are intensifying as china increases its naval activities. the philippines has opened talks with the united states over a
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planned joint use military base on the edge of the south china sea. the facility will strengthen ties between the two allies at a time when the philippine government is in a dispute. >> reporter: philippine ambassador to the united states on tuesday said the two sides have started senior level starts about a proposed facility at subic bay. >> we are currently in discussions on how we can strengthen the relationship, the alliance. >> reporter: subic bay was formally the site of a u.s. navy base during the cold war. it was one of the largest u.s. military facilities in asia. many filipinos were opposed to the u.s. presence. in 1992 the navy base was
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returned to the philippines. the area is developed as a special economic zone. the philippines wants to strengthen its alliance with the united states to counter balance the rising power with its neighbor, china. the philippines and china have competing claims over the areas of the south china sea. their dispute has become increasingly tense making subic an important strategic location once again. the proposed facility would give washington a foothold from which to monitor the south china sea and the maritime activities of china. the constitution bans foreign troops from keeping a permanent base on the country. the proposed joint use facility will be governed by the philippine military to side step
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any constitutional issues. even so the anticipated return of the u.s. military has already steered hostile demonstrations. ambassador chose his words carefully to try and ease public concern. >> let me stress it is a joint use of facilities. there is no mention at all of a permanent base because i think the u.s. is very well aware that it will not be allowed under the constitution. >> reporter: china is becoming more assertive in the south china sea. in doing so, the philippine government is forced to strengthen its military relationship with the united states. many filipinos feel unhappy to be caught in the middle of this power again between the united states and china. nhk world, manila. judges on the international court of justice will spend the
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next few months going over a case that's put japan's whaling program in the spotlight. they wrapped up three weeks of hearings in the hague. japanese representatives defended the program against a complaint by australia. >> the convention does not bar japan from conducting its scientific research of whaling because it is in accordance with the convention. >> deputy foreign minister said in closing arguments that japan's program is in line with the international convention for the regulation of whaling. the agreement allows countries to hunt whales for scientific research, but australian representatives say japan's program is really for commercial purposes and therefore violates the convention. they filed a complaint with the court in 2010. if they win, japanese crews will not be able to continue whaling in the antarctic ocean. the court's ruling cannot be disputed. both sides have agreed to honor the decision. some japanese citizens have been paying attention to the case.
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>> translator: the ruling will not affect my family because we don't eat it very often. >> translator: it will be a loss of japanese culture. it is a problem. >> a panel of 16 judges on the international court of justice is expected to deliver a ruling at the end of this year. a u.n. body has appealed for -- some 57 million children lack access to primary education. that is the estimate of unesco which blames the problem on issues like poverty and conflict. the situation in pakistan has been highlighted in recent months by the plight at manila. they shot the pakistani teenager in the head last year to try to silence her campaign to promote education for girls. malala survived the attack, becoming an inspiration for
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people around the world. last week, she spoke at the united nations. but back in her country, girls that want an education continue to struggle. >> so here i stand, one girl among many. i speak not for myself but for those without voice can be heard. let us speak up. let us pick up our books and our pens. they are our most powerful weapons. one child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. education is the only solution. education first. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> reporter: malala delivered her address at the united nations in new york on july 12. that same day, inspired by malala, a group of about 30 schoolgirls in the pakistani capital took action of their own. here in islamabad, females are visiting the education ministry to demand improvement of female education. the schoolgirls are petitioning for better education opportunities. but attacks by islamic extremists have continued. last month, 25 people died in an assault targeting schoolgirls. schools in northwestern pakistan have been hit by a series of bombings. >> translator: our school was destroyed, and we cannot study. it's very frustrating.
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>> reporter: a girl's school in the northwest last november changed its name in honor of the brave teenager. but it later removed malala's name after some students expressed concern. >> translator: if the school were named malala, it would face a bigger threat of being attacked. then we would no longer be able to go to school, and many girls would be robbed of their chance to get an education. >> reporter: despite the harsh reality in pakistan, efforts are spreading to improve access to education. a known government association that has funds set up by malala is holding classes for girls around the country. last week, children in one of the classes made a birthday card for malala. >> translator: i asked for education for everyone in my message.
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>> translator: i want to be like malala and be able to guide other women to a better future. >> reporter: pakistani girls face other challenges on top of the threat from islamic militants. poverty also blocks their path to education. but one thing is certain. malala's message is bringing a spirit of courage and hopeful change to countless pakistani girls. nhk world, islamabad. and that wraps our bulletin emboldened citizens still demanding democacy. the threat of violence. get news and inevery week day
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live from bangkok. executives are pooling their efforts in what promises to be one of the largest car markets in the world. they are working together in an effort to capture 15% of the market in india. he unveiled the new plan. he says in the short term emerging economy shows signs of slower growth. he says is india and others will pick up down the road. >> i am very optimistic about the growth market even though i recognize from time to time we have to adapt and slow down. >> reporter: he said engineers are jointly developing small low cost vehicles. he unveiled the first nissan model. he said managers hope to increase their sales by promoting such affordable cars.
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the mayor of leon in france says he wants to create an ecofriendly community, but he says it's also important to preserve his city's beauty as a heritage site. he says he hopes to introduce a next generation power network known as a smart grid, with technological help from japan. the mayor spoke to nhk in tokyo. the system makes efficient use of electricity by automatically controlling power from solar and wind sources as well as energy stored in batteries. >> translator: i believe japan has the best technologies to create a smart grid. i have asked a corporation to help us realize our plan. i think communities of the future should be ecofriendly and comfortable for their citizens. >> the mayor revealed a plan to work with japan's new energy and industrial technology development organization. city authorities will install solar panels on the roofs of
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buildings to generate electricity for use at those facilities and elsewhere. they'll also introduce a system in which citizens can share electric cars. next let's take a brief look the japanese government is urging telecommunications companies to expand sales abroad, a key to the country's economic growth. this year's white paper endorsed by the cabinet pointed to japan's i.t. firms and the need for global presence. they said they should promote business in asia and the united states where opportunities are growing. the white paper says japanese i.t. firms could expand overseas sales to 5.5 times the current volume to about $175 billion. the paper also says the transmission of large volume data in japan increased more than five times between 2006 and 2012. this data includes information on mobile phone locations and purchases at retail stores. the report says growth in large volume data transmissions could generate positive economic effects.
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japanese entertainer sony dropped the fine. detailed information was stolen when the play station network was hacked in 2011. the u.k. information commissioner's office said the company could have prevented the breach. the office fined sony in europe about $378,000 in january. sony initially appealed the fine but says it has decided to pay because continuing with the proceedings could risk exposing details of its security system. now time to check on the markets.
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time now to check on the weather with meteorologist. >> commuters in tokyo are enjoying a cool trip to work or school this morning. what can we expect? >> yesterday the temperature in tokyo dropped to the upper 20s for the first time since early july. it is almost the same today because we have a high pressure system over the north bringing
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cooler air for the eastern half of the nation. the western side is a different story. we have a high pressure system. this is a heat weather maker providing very hot air from the south. temperatures nearly 35 degrees for the hottest time of the day. quite different scenarios from the west and the east. across the west over northeastern china yesterday and monday quite heavy rain battered this area and caused flooding. i want to show you this video. torrents of rain inundated. a pond overflowed causing fish to swim on the street. residents went to the intersection and reached into the water to catch the fish.
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some fish weighed two kill gr s ograms. quite heavy rain and frequent lightning is possible throughout the day. quite heavy rain is battering southwestern parts of china. probably might get as much as 250 millimeters into the next 20 hours. more heavy rain likely for northeastern corner. we have a tropical depression just to the east. it could hit the northeastern areas later today and become a tropical storm by tomorrow morning local time and it could hit taiwan once again. this is the area hit on saturday. additional rain is not welcomed at all. temperatures are quite soaring in shanghai. 37 degrees for you. this is a coastal area. we don't usually see this high temperature even in the mid part of summer. towards the south 33 in bangkok.
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north america the main story is going to be the heat dome covering the eastern 1/3 of the u.s. temperatures going up to the mid 30s in places like boston, chicago and new york city. dangerously hot there. with the high humidity feels more like 38 degrees or higher. watch out for that. and quite cool and wet across the southern plains. mostly dry for the west and temperatures are quite mild in the north. 26 degrees for vancouver. 27 in seattle. finally in europe mostly no cloud cover across the continent and the british isles. temperatures we'll show the figures in a moment. we are seeing afternoon thunder showers. and as you can see over 30 degrees in some places. 35 degrees in madrid. 30 for london and paris as well as vienna on your wednesday. that's it for me now. here is your extended forecast around the globe.
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that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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