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tv   Journal  PBS  April 27, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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is "the journal." >> the series of explosions hitting eastern ukraine. we have all the details. >> the spanish jobless rate hitting a high as the credit rating slides closer to junk status. >> the german bill awards are upon us, the european richest cultural contest. captioned by the national captioning institute >> authorities in the ukraine
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say they were hit by a strain of a terrorist bomb attacks on friday, almost 30 people injured in the eastern part of the country. >> the first at a subway stop, the second near a school injuring children. two others near a real race station and a movie theater. -- near a railway station. >> the first device went off at a tram stop. the other three went off minutes later at key locations across the city. >> there was an explosion -- a huge explosion. i do not know. i was traveling at the very front. the man standing near me got an injury from flying glass. >> the authorities are talking about terrorism. the ukraine president addressed the nation. >> we know that people have been hurt.
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we understand that this is another challenge for us, for the whole country. and we are considering how to respond appropriately. we will figure it out. it is a pity that this happened. >> they come at a key time for the ukraine government, under pressure at home and from abroad over the jailing of the former premier. she has alleged mistreatment, a political conspiracy. this is her home town. in just a few weeks' time, ukraine will co-host the european soccer championship. >> unemployment in spain has reached a record high. figures released today show almost 25% of the work force is jobless. >> this comes just hours after
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standard import downgraded their debt rating, three notches above junk status. >> spain is now at the heart of the european debt crisis. >> the spanish debt crisis is aberdeen -- aggravating its already high numbers. this was supposed to help liberalize the job market but their mood is getting worse. >> that have cut the rating on spain today. they say the future is very uncertain. i think the government is doing things very bad the. "spanish authorities are economizing as much as they can but have a few choices left. the health-care sector is one example of how they spend more than they take in. the national debt is that is a 0.5% but budget cutbacks also mean less employment. financial experts say the rating agency move was not surprising.
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>> we have some political declarations of intent, but they have not been able to do it. until the measures are put in place, the debt crisis will continue and the downgrade comes at a bad time. quite the country is not alone in its problems, other have sdid. -- slid. only those in the "a" category are those you should invest in. they're worrying about portugal 's creditworthiness. greece's of reconsidered in default. spain is not necessarily headed for the same fate but it is still weak in they will not be able to bail them out without external intervention. >> how worried is brussels about the situation in spain it? but but the question to our
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foreign affairs correspondent, jeff meade. >> very worried and they have been for long time. this is one of the biggest economies. there's no question that europe could afford the scale of a bailout required. officially, today, all is calm on the surface. the commission is saying, yes, there has been a downgrade of spain but that has not triggered a market fall. the official line from brussels is that the commission is supporting the spanish economic reform austerity program. they will meet their target in 2013 reducing their deficit to no more than 3% of national wealth, which is the highest allowed commitment under a you stability lot. -- e.u. stability law.
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that will not happen, largely because of the scale of the spanish economy in the spanish prime minister telling the president of the commission that we will need to recapitalize banks and we will not meet our deficit targets on time. that is the official commission. spain is on course and we are supporting them in their austerity measures. >> how did equities react in the eurozone?% our markets corresponded has the story. >> corporate numbers have been in focus leading to mixed feelings. the spanish downgrade came first of a shock but the markets recovered quickly. traders are trusting that they are on the right path. profit numbers have been an important balance for the worries of the euro crisis after vw-dimer -- dailmer worrying.
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ending with gains. >> let's have a look at the trust. dax climbing almost a full 1%. stoxx 50. dow not that far mbehind, over 13,000. euro trading to $1.3234. >> a vote of no-confidence was spearheaded by the opposition parties to have seized on public anger over budget cuts. the center-right government had come under increasing concern.
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a number of lawmakers switched sides to vote with the opposition. they have not nominated a leftist leader of the new prime minister charged with assembling a new government. the age of european austerity seems to be deadly for the very governments who had assured it in. just this week, both from me and the netherlands all the apartments fall. the polls suggest the french will be voting for a change roswell. >> trying to contain the eurozone that contagion. >> like economic dominos, they are collapsing under the weight of the debt crisis. buried under a mountain of debt, increase was the first to implement austerity measures. others were soon to follow. confronted with falling wages and pont -- pension cuts, people across europe to to the
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streets in protest. eight european governments were forced to hold new elections next year. ireland, portugal, spain, slovakia, and slovenia. this year come the netherlands minority coalition was forced to resign. even in wealthier countries, they're becoming frustrated by the never-ending belt- tightening. ireland spent 13% more than they took in last year. in greece, 9%. in spain, 8.5%. voters are losing faith in cutbacks and believe it is not the right way out of the crisis. it looks as if the game of dominoes is set to continue. >> the czech government survived a confidence vote. >> after a nine-hour debate,
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they back to the prime minister's government with 93 voting against. he had threatened to hold new elections at the end of june. his coalition collapsed last week and days of the biggest anti-government demonstrations in prague since the fall of communism. some governments around germany may be falling, but berlin has vowed come yet again, there's no going back on the tough strategy of cutting back spending. >> chancellor angela merkel says there will be no going back on the fiscal pact. she says it addresses the root cause of the crisis. >> this is a direct challenge to the french presidential candidate, hollande, who says he will reply get elected. -- rewrite it. >> the socialist party leader
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repeated his desire to renegotiate the fiscal compact. hollande says it is not to rely on austerity. the german chancellor is not keen. in an interview she said, "the fiscal package has been negotiated. it was signed by 25 heads of government and already ratified by portugal and greece. it is not me negotiable." holland's reply? "it is not for germany to decide for the whole of europe." sarkozy and merkel will critical to the entire pact. it could prove to be a less comfortable partner, but he said his first trip abroad, if he wins, will be to berlin. >> john, are we looking at a little bit of election engineering here? is angela merkel trying to strengthen sarkozy's position
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with these comments? >> that is the way it is being interpreted in both berlin and paris. there was only 1.5% separating sarkozy and hollande in the polls. whatever the opinion polls are saying, the races still open. it is in this context that chancellor merkel made her remarks pointing out that 25 heads of government had already signed the fiscal pact. it has been ratified by two states already and it is not up for negotiation. as hollande has been suggesting. >> he is still the front runner according to the polls. if he wins, are we looking at a head-on collision between france and germany? >> not necessarily. socialist president's in france have worked well with conservative chancellor is in germany. think of helmut kohl and
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mitterande. or even the reunification of germany. hollande has a reputation of being a very solid, courteous, defendable politician. if elected president, chancellor merkel will have to make some concessions to him. she would do that for the sake of franco-german friendship, the motor of the project. it is possible, of course, that after elections that she might, as a result of this cannot be able to continue her present coalition and may have to form one with the social democrats. many analysts in germany think that is exactly what she would like to do. >> john, thank you very much, as always. >> the stars of the big screen are in berlin for the german film awards. >> 2000 guests came to see and
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be seen at the gaullists' ceremony. -- gala ceremony. >> michael bauhause received an award and he has been nominated for three awards. it brings with it a cash prize totaling nearly 3 million euro. that is not bad. who were the big winners of the german film awards? the ceremony is underway right now and after the break, we will go live to our correspondent who will bring us up-to-date. >> we also have a sports news coming up with a look at this weekend in bundesliga.
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>> and the lawyer, chen guangcheng, has made a daring escape from house arrest and has recorded a video deep healing the abuses that he and his family have suffered. >> chen is blind and manage to flee his closely guarded home with the help of supporters. >> in an online video, he said he had suffered "repeated beatings." >> activists say chen guangcheng skip from his village sunday night and is now in a safe house in beijing. this youtube video shows him on friday. he accuses local officials of corruption and calls on prime
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minister wen jiabao to act. >> premier wen, the lawless occurrences are confusing to the people. the cadres are abusing power on their own, or do they have the support of the central government? i think you should give the people a clear answer on that. >> he has been under house arrest for a year and a half. these pictures show security forces blocking a road into his village last year. activists say local officials broke into a house belonging to his relatives last night and arrested his brother and nephew. >> you have heard about green
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cards. germany will now start to issue blue cards. they will be giving them to foreign specialists seeking work here. >> it is essentially a working residency permit, legislation passed in the bundesta andg to attract highly qualified workers. >> especially important for a country like germany facing severe shortages in skilled labour. >> they see the blue card will make it easier for foreign specialists from non-eu countries to work in germany. the minimum annual salary will be lowered hoping they will seek work in germany. >> if someone is offered 45,000 euro, that is a clear signal, first of all, that an employer needs that person and, secondly, that the person is capable. >> the country faces a severe shortage of scientists, technicians, engineers, and
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doctors. they must earn at least 35,000 euro. the opposition does not think that a blue card will help germany in the competitive market for top quality specialists. >> does the government really believe that it can attract bright minds from abroad with a limited residency permit? do they really think these people will plan their future in germany with a limited residency permit? >> business leaders and labor market experts are also skeptical. >> i think there are a lot of steps in the right direction, but they are relatively small steps. it will still be seen as an immigration barrier and not a welcome mat. >> a welcome mat is what germany needs, as the demand for skilled workers grows, both in europe and around the world. >> the protestant lutheran
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church in germany of looking forward to a major anniversary in the history of the reformation. in 2017, it will be five years since martin luther nailed his pieces to the door of the church in vandenberg shaking the catholic church. >> and now the leaders are on a mission to make sure that the anniversary gets noticed. >> he has a new job in the church. she used to be the head of the federation of german protestant churches until she resigned two years ago after a drop driving incident. now, at a ceremony at a church in berlin, she has been given a new job. the ambassador for the anniversary of the reformation in 2017. she is calling on people to follow luther's example and work towards an informed faith and rejecting all forms of fundamentalism. 2017 will mark 500 years when
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luther but the reformation in motion and a protestant church intends to celebrate. >> the german film awards have just been announced. filmmakers vying for the german equivalent of the oscar in a gala at near berlin. >> these carry a nice cash prize, 3 million euro, the highest in europe. so far this evening, " anonymous," has won six out of seven categories. in the running is also, " barbara." it still the story of a doctor in east germany in the 1980's. our movie group, scott, is on the red carpet for us. who is the big winner tonight? tell us. >> i wish i knew. i just can run out of the ceremony come out and talk to
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you. the best film award winner has not been announced, but it will be coming out in the next minute or two. "anonymous" is the big winner with six so far. it is a bit surprising. the film is completely different than anything we have seen nominated here. it is a big hollywood film that was shot in germany with a german crew and a german director back from hollywood for the first time in 20 years. i welcome it because it shows that these really huge movies can be made in germany and can also be so critically well- received by the academy here. >> how big would use the beat german film industry is now? -- how big would you say the industry is? >> "anonymous" was the only big
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movie nominated. german actors, german directors, i would like to see a bit more of those on display at events like this. i welcome the fact that "anonymous" won so much, but the industry is a lot more than it seems. i hope this is a good start for a man of such great talent like rollins. i would like to see more about him. >> tell me about michael mauhaus -- bauhaus. people are not aware of what his work is. >> people live side of the regular filmgoer's probably do not know. anyone inside knows about him. he has been nominated for three oscars. he is martin scorsese's favorite cameraman. he has really revolutionize the way that we see cinema.
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it is amazing that he was nominated tonight and receive the lifetime achievement award. it was the most touching moment of the night. he got a standing ovation. he is incredibly generous and told people to quiet down. he is just a cameraman. >> ok. i think we can ask one more question here before we let you go. let's talk a little bit more about "anonymous." do you think it should be winning the award that has been nominated for? >> yes, i think so. it did not win many of the artistic awards. it won for the technical awards -- costume's, cinematography, editing, and it definitely reserve the those. it was technically a class above anything else nominated. it is a hollywood-style film that was made on a tiny budget
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of $30 million. he showed with the german talent he used here that he could make a film that looks like it cost $200 million. >> got for us all the red carpet reporting on the german film awards this evening. as always, thank you very much. >> barcelona fans are coming to terms with the shocking announcement that the coaches leaving at the end of the season. >> he was the architect of one of the greatest eras in the club's history, but after 40 years in charge he is burned out and needs time off. >> the press conference was attended by many of the players and legendary coaches molded into one of the most successful teams in history. everyone wanted to know one thing -- why he was not renewing his contract. >> the reason is simple. after four years, i am burned out and i need a break. a coach must be strong. he must be passionate.
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he must have energy to enjoy each game. >> they took the chance in twice, the league title, and the spanish cup. guardiola said it had nothing to do with the recent lost to chelsea but putting them out of the champions league. he will be replaced by a former assistant. >> it is soccer-time this week and in germany. there is still a regulation battle raging. >> they are teetering on the edge of relegation and so is cologne. it is dollar nothing for the two clubs. -- it is all or nothing. >> taking game by game.
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four points from two matches or six. >> cologne holds their feet in their own hands and berlin can only hope that look will be on their side. at this weekend's matches, it can be game over. >> if we win and are rivals lose, we swap places on the table. >> berlin went off to a special training camp this week after a depressing series of home defeat. they managed to scratch a few points back. now, they face of. >> bye-bye, for now.
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