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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 18, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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forces as the opposition claims key nt basasrrl to hit back and hit back hard against the country's oppositio
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killed three of turning y are the last. daoud rajha . assad's own administration helped plan happening on mulltiple fronts more than 90 people died wednesday. some of the fie
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nhk by phone leon the situation in sere wra. >> what is happe n syria this is >> panetta work together to step the end for development?
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>> until now, attacks by anti-government forces wer bu the very fact the fighting is taking place in the capital mascus or aleppo, th anti-government forces were able to attack a key it means the free syrian army is no heavy psychologica beginning of
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coming days? >> i don't think the government diately. launch large-scale revenge attack. government troops are far better they outnumber their opponents, overnment forces one important factor will be how many participat administration is facing an isis.
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members can't agree on a resolution that would impose sancti assad's government. special envoy on a sanctions along ion calling for a of the mission. the resolution also alls for within ten days. ru t. the draft approves contains no mention
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russia on syria. people in libya can embroiled in conflict. nato led air strikes helped al gadhafi. no results. the first libya's commission an 200 the it says the national forces alliance led by fo seats. the mu trailed well behin
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seats. libyan seats are allocated for nonaffiliated lawm lace is newly elected parliament's first priority. minister. fou tourists has exploded in bugaria 30. ea city of afternoon. bulgarian state tourists boarded the bus in a car park in the arrival terminal. the israelis had just landed at
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the scene were caugh explosion. burgus is a popular resort with israelis. their government has been asking bulgaria to improve security airport and are investigating what they suspect is a prime minister it for the explosion. netanyahu said a series of recent attacks on be are all added that israel testified s a economy. what h
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fed chairman ben bernanke said the american economy is unlikely to go back into recession. >> well a house committee on an ted out ding. he said the central ban ssing whether the weakness structural factors. s about the eurozone's efforts to tackle >> i don't think to having lo volatility. >> as i just
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in the 6.9% in june compared to the previous month. that is better than the forecast. the u.s. commerce building of got under way last month on a season market watchers had expected the highest in three uction of apartments and other permi it which is a key factor for an economic recovery track. ck price
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mpin at was due not only to hou market consensus, but also the positive sentiment stemming from good earnings reports. to see how at the tok ibm raised its outlook for this effect let's not af . quite a focus there on pc and hi is playing into opening both indexes
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for both indexes yesterday. so pretty strong u.s. report otherwise known as the beige districts economy showed slowing growth in manufacturing. a le bit o closely by the central economy. we'll see how that goes when they meet actually in two a big focus there. econ meeting. now, the nikkei did flirt with s
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it did fall a stronge 78.77-79 changed. a little bit stronger around t as well today. ai? >> indeed ramin. ramin, i als lkman. >> probably not. it's a slimmed down version, highly competitive sector which is dominated by apple's ipod other product
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having closely watched and we'll watch the s that. as he topix up over 1.2% so far. let's see how south korea and australia indexes are doing. started a delicate operation that
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plant and demissioning ed unu one of the s are currently stored in the pool. that includes about 200 unused ones. workers removed one of the test. erwater cameras to make the right rod. they say the operation went smoothly, and they'll take o the e tepco workers will face other challenges.
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run tokyo's haneda internatio with a threat in the strike w ake off and bird strike gained prominence in 2009. a laguardia
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ines, shutting them cases at surged by rators opened a new runway in 2010. this strikes. the noise mimics the cry birds under attack. s of their species are at so they've introduced invested about $12 million on
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the new system. airport bird cam kind in the world. here's sent to flying in this direction. >> reporter: the off ptains of potenti y
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where birds are. s an to install the cross the worth investment. jun a but you might not know that the world's number one video facing challengers. this platform also offer
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s one from india. is explains. >> reporter: nature in vivid closeup. cutting edge computer generated animation. kind of vime popular with the young in new york. they got to see and hear some of
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videos possible. it's much er. the environment is better too. >> p and >> reporter: one reason fo videos produced th free of charge. there is signing up s. ng because of that kind of quality difference. and so more people are able to express themselves and
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>> reporter: a new yorker is one of the new jen is vimeo. for him this is the first step for becoming a director. usin next project. he is hoping attention of an get his film video maker ces. outh korea
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rain and strong ht. yes, we are still dealing with a tropical storm here. it is currently conti the good news is vy rain is coming down it's not going to be moving stern rain. you can see here in the next hours anything from 100 up china. you'll also notice western japan is getting a lot of
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apan and bringing in those rain clouds. so unfortunately, significant brought extensive flooding to r tropical storm system this one actually a tropical depression. whether it's going to devel inly going to be bringing plenty of wind plenty of rain off just now. e out toward the west over the
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ever, 33 degrees. seoul cooler at 26 with the rain coming thr a blast of ica, there's a lot of heat ing through parts of the into the mid-atlantic, southern breaking the heat but the payoff, unfortunately, be southeast as well. tle bit for chicago. you're towndown to 30 degrees today and d.c. as well down to
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city at 38 deg ween 90 kilometers an hour. very wet here e region in the next 24 hours. we are still going to see t degrees today. 30 in rome. hotter down toward the south. athens you're
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