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tv   The Debate  PBS  December 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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some colors to use it on my lap. i know. it's been about the government of stalling the led lights that are sure that this is a direct street of a great weekend at night the offer. chechnya snow falls and gets to watch july from ten receive a full news hour coming up let's look at the headlines may file photo cos he arrives in germany after ten years in a labor camp russia's most famous prisoner walked free from the department and officially this friday. he says he was guided by the principles of humanity. european leaders in brussels discuss that you use defense policy. it also tries to drum up support for troops in the central african republic the provincial elections in madagascar polls are no closed on the second round of voting independent
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observers have reported any instances. all are. we walked out of this prison camp this morning and immediately headed for private jet that was waiting for him in st petersburg. he is now a ride in berlin. leonard who signed the decree pardoning the former oil tycoon early this morning and already questions are being raised about the russian president's motives with some observers commenting that he's trying to deflect criticism of russia's human rights record ahead of the winter olympic games in sochi. the tale of a costly for his part released a short statement saying that he asked to be pardoned on humanitarian grounds. we do know that his mother is reported to be sick but still the net. the latest chapter in ukraine's political crisis european leaders say they're still open to a partnership
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with kid but not with the current president. this after victory in a cove it's no big news trade pact signed a deal with russia instead traits are yet to call each denounce the ukrainian president's tv appearance from the state did little to appease protests. the crowd to ep dn. up to you break a deal allowing russia to boeing led the team euros worth of ukraine's goverent bonds. some of president kimball course i think our president mr young the call which has sold the country to russia this year will be up about jealousy the ukrainians are protesters our movement will not fade away opposition activists welcomed the amnesty bill but to dump the state protesters arrested in recent weeks protest leaders is still calling for the elections and the adoption of the association agreement with the europea union. i ve used broken relationship with
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u fthertrain on t he came accused is what the neighbors of the state of interfering in ukraine's internal affairs at the eu summit in brussels some officials suggested the change of personnel in kiev would be the east tenons. europe is up and how many people. it is new and interesting the resultant covenant people. not just theame of this month. roy the eu summit chairman poem titled cooling system he'll be selling the soonest he was ready ukraine he said. his pulse of the european family european leaders were gathered in brussels for a two day summit focused on the blocks defence and security policy also long been trying to get support for the french military intervention in the central afran republic. several countries have promised logistical help but there will be no european contingent and crucially for paris. no european money member states will however discuss the possibility of setting up a civilian mission
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you're pretty sure but what i obtained this morning after all is that european countries not only unanimously support our mission in the central african republic. within the framework of the un security council resolution three d for profit but there could also be a european operations on the ground easter was provided it is noted in the foreign affairs council in january that it is today. hope you can say is if our courtship to show you. on the ground in bank the new fighting has been reported several civilians were killed in gun battles this friday fighting broke out around him poke or airports and only subsided with the arrival of french troops sixteen hundred men currently deployed in the capital. officially the mission is to disarm the population. however as our reports a whole new low witnessed. that's not always an easy call to make. it's a crisis meeting in this muslim district of bondi. these men no one reads. they accuse the french soldiers of disarming above all
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the fullness of the ripples from its muslim and paying less attention to the christian anti gun law commissioner. ms is known of these beaches on the seneca and then those guys were executed by christians of any instant. i don't like him to disarm the anti at two min we want to know about all that sentimental. from this tiny thing in this christine thereon and bondi. he's obviously not letting up they wear protective eye minutes. some of them all very young. they say the disarmant began on tuesday. obviously the soldiers didn't take all my weapons fear of what turf the roof of the day before yesterday and his friend shawn reed is almost a bomb and would love to sew. we walked in last few weeks that will be disrupted and now they have to do some of those in the all the campfire for one do that much. in that house isn't in the fields the signs are pointing their
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weapons. some of the french soldiers arrive where we filmed the ante by my count go and check over there. he told the associated data. i'm supposed to stay here until you get people into our old machetes and the knowledge that the messiah. cultivate your time to kill people wasn't the problem isn't just my own security the fringed and find the old guns to relieve the mennonites in this isolated area it failed as long they could drop to the face for prizes attacks associate unit in sydney this is what its mission is difficult to not you've got to follow the rules. also use some common sense going on so for now we have to be in their own weapons into the exotic and stop an attack before we tend to get rid of it. don't deem it important because it's hard to reach
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this area she gets to me because i'm on the main religion. we disarm everyone christians moslems excluding tax and the county seat on the counter and order re citizens and human kitchen takes is to know what's going to go to this. in the central african republic for the summer and price this is only just beginning. today is on the edge of civil war barack obama says the alarm bell is fighting continues in the country to united nations peacekeepers have been killed african delegation has no presence of the cure to negotiate an end to the conflict with his vice president reactith shock melbourne has the latest seeking shelter from the vine its source to don's counts for the internally displaced are becoming increasingly crowded with people in search of safety classes continue between presidents are but here's forces and troops loyal to his former deputy you react which are seen here on the left. united nations says thirty four thousand people are seeking refuge at un basis in the capital and in
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the city of four near the center of the country among the people who have taken refuge in our facility are the caretaker governor and some members of the state government cabinet. why is our understanding that war is no longer under the control of the national government and we are monitoring the situation there and in other parts of jungle a very close. the united nations says in a talk on its base in the combo on thursday claimed the lives of two peacekeepers and dozens of silt sudanese who had sought shelter there nearby troops loyal to fugitive former vice president react much are seized the town of four on wednesday. missouri has admitted that he's called for the overthrow of the president. some four hundred and fifty people have been killed in the capital since bottles broken all last weekend. soldiers from the majority think that rival celtic year have been appointing members of the new where ethnic group loyal to
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musharraf who is currently in hiding. u s president barak obama warned that south sudan stands at the precipice of renewed civil war the evacuation of american and european expatriates is underway. and african mediators are trying to broker a peace deal presidential elections in madagascar polls are no closed after the second round of voting so far the election commission an independent observers have reported any instances of fraud but is hoped the selection will put an end to political crisis that began with the coup d'etat in two thousand and nine. jonathan wallace reports from one of the capsules because polling stations. i mean this polling station people have been casting their ballots all day for the presidential election but also to elect the new madagascar the assembly. but all eyes are on the presidential poll today after nearly five years of instability since the coup in two thousand and nine. people now want an elected president on the one seemed to put the country on its economy
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back on track. both candidates voted today in madagascar capital has shown me the whole bustle have to put the head in the first round of this presidential election. he's bought by former prisons not comment on the ninth was now a site in south africa. running against him. there is in the hot zone of the monkey on it and he supported by the current transition president on top so and so in a week this election is anything but knew how with her. both candidates have promised it would accept the polls for that the campaign that took place peacefully on the wall posters we've been talking to it today. really hope that both candidates would keep their promise. well that's it now than you do stay tuned in just a few seconds right after this the world this week with our correspondence give you their opinion the week six. eye. off
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welcome back to the world this week for paris based corresponds to back the major stories and use their opinion will be discussing serious motor rebels are increasingly sidelined by islamist groups discussing the european summit for those trying to get european help as it stands for its troops in the central african republic and our guests will be hijacking the show they have some topics of their own that they want to discuss that's coming up in the second part the show. so joining us the this week tenure at the nova documentary filmmaker things being with this a year also in awe of the author of this book which i could rest we trimmed its in french i can roughly translated as the anna in the hearts of russian power investigation into the weekend. empire would be interested to hear what you have to say christopher dickey oppose the cabinets with us though that this week to paris. your chief for the daily beast chris states of being here. the hockeyroos former of course that is the french television as senior correspondents and amar of the rondo a franco surrey photojournalist whose
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worked extensively in syria among other places so let's get to this week's first topic let's get started with a russian plan to put the making headlines as the party is the most famous prisoner in the country mccloskey once the richest man in russia. the last ten years the labor camp in siberia. he's been released and he's now left for germany earned by vladimir putin. as for the first question to you tony is that is this a sign perhaps of lavender putin's grow. hold on power that he no longer needs to keep his rivals in prison now i don't say so i didn't sit well. he probably believes that he's sick of. held up but that i don't think it's the reason lol it's difficult to say because that happened today all day yesterday. but that's the first of all for me. i still agree was a lot of commentators who said that he is. there are warranted on them in big games coming in
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temporary soo many foreign political leaders sending people into them. and the miracles not attending barack obama is not attending the swallows of attending the sea and bowls to the states and and she remembers. i remember and he remembers the olympic games in nineteen eighteen. one of the deviation afghanistan and cough over the country so long. on tuesday in common that was it. a man like the villain the gains of more sky. said this is one of the reasons the single this gesture not. and there because what she did. we all very happy that the purple skittles at the rate is ten years in the russian prison it's like something especially you know. it is costly for the crimes he didn't need these. and a third trial was about to get underway so it was possible some people believe that he was actually going to spend a number of extra years in prison. i stated that he says
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israel. it's a very good question and it's a very important thing they serve trial is still awesome. even the keys three who was in e they decide to start in investigation. he still has a smokescreen political theater waits until the olympic games are gone and then bulls have slipped to third trial follow its course and and and put him back in jail as the messiah stinky they will see hall difficult to keep the caves what he's doing how can he speak as not to run some on the opposition leader's this too. they will see if he's for these his place in russian them. mr trial a soul is possible. and that they may know that it is an enormous role but the kissing him. she spent more than ten years in prison and normally he terms company and in all it's a monthly into work this into a medium heat. it's very good that he's been terrific but the bean pole started to build a month compared to ten news release in eight months
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early. it was noticing some fourteen cents. the hole and two days. this is the deal for this week will again be a professional home the holiday of cheeky steal the kgb today units that they'll be in creation maintenance guy was a killer for me. and since he was that the rakyat accepted the deal. the key to the team the turn back to old he is crawling with an occasional think it's such a demand. geeks people become an open tomb. while nonetheless it's great that he's free and events. chris and chris were you surprised by this. the total surprise i mean everybody is expecting put them to take these measures before the sochi olympics in february. but he'd gotten the idea that the coffee was never going to jail even if is eight months more had been served there would've been another trial something else to just keep them locked away in siberia forever. so all the sun to
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hear he's going to be pardoned the specimen is to take the time it takes a part of me throughout all this and he's gone he's on a private jet is out of the country was a little surprising. i also think that is actually attracting more attention and then not mean precisely because everybody thought he was out of the way in under the jail forever in siberia now he's gone all this attention to him and people are saying exactly what time is saying it was only a matter of eight months. why did he spend ten years. was this guy who doesn't think he is. well not too sour. i think this is when the french call for the pounce and privilege decision of life and death made by. the ahh moment antidepressants people and share them now is to put in camps on trial in the very cool movie russian administration would just tell. like its heels and
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executed yet it has is that we think this is the benefit of the russian people and we think this is for national while. mr putin first and there's also another reason to think which has been awful it's the fact that up has been considerable capital flight from from russia recently the bush economy is and that's isn't out of spots that have been serious banking problems for some of the russian banks. and he realizes that there's a new middle class energy and the rule if he wants to maintain. he is. connection to allow russian its power to have to give them to get them implemented where many meats investors to come back. these investors to feel comfortable making deals with people and so the imams are into russia and since the twenty plus years in jail after making business school with an american company insanely is a chart of embezzlement fraud was tight version of production of oil you know it
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doesn't give investors. you know of incitement to come over and make business with russia would you really think his release gives them an extra incentive to do so. all i think it says it creates a different climate and that's probably what to what putin wants to do when it's up in it it's out of track corporation the internal operation of all and you'll powerful. i've decided on a i have the capacity to discuss life and death with everyone as in toulouse. secondly on the saatchi as a brave as everyone wanted out. which is also very cool because he heavily invested in the stock to cover project on the money but also his personal reputation. and the fact that the you know the capital flight is a big thanks to the russian economy. mark was able to take on this is the southern interior of the clips again this week when i was interested of course is an awesome cause them to pursue writing because it's the pms and then
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there's the clinton days there will be keen to sell their knees to learn this about two thousand people have been hardened among them is true it's not just might end up across key to write it's awesome to see riot the punk rock band that was jailed for blasphemy after singing a song. i think about him. it was the orthodox church in moscow in the sink and anti putin song in jail after that. so of course i'm as time has been a very happy with and with such use i don't think kimi an underdog do not think. the she really cares about the international opinion or even a muscle tear in it so it's a game using the it's up to moscow in nineteen eighteen it was a summer game or use it enough to send someone game winter games. so it isn't a factor in the debate. i don't think he was amenable to the gesture has to do with it
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so cheap. anyway this decision of my life now and it was so cleverly imagine that tomorrow. barak obama office phone and say oh maybe i could go home he said that she wouldn't freeze. he would expand the market skates and pulling to the veneration for the cost of each is a very important thing for the russians because this is the twenty two days to see him and even if he isn't answering american character for him mumble all. but let me say. haitian officials say is that it is to be a part in a human rights violation. yet the minute he too was a lawyer who died in prison and the bomb immediately announced that she wouldn't extend this list which is very important full weekend and people in front of the tumor was so cheap. no but it's above the international image which i tend to think he really cares about is in some of the day gets a mini games in aspen and the us dollar deal in the nineties he does care of the international image but a superficial one. he doesn't want people to do
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some like it because it's a very specific sin only seemed to understand gesture i won't attend the olympic games in the games is a big thing for the russians to it. i mean in the last ten years and was in the ukraine recently or georgia or syria. at any moment to have the feeling that the duke which he must be careful of books his image than an inch. he is very careful us and its shares involved. his image in russia and russians concerning the international affairs. is this helping with these that the russians. isn't interactions fun. it isn't all that will be leaving the ration and the games and all this the business will pick up some cases kind of an inuit. it's to humiliation for putin. question a second ago was relevant this is not going to bring back barack obama angle america the world the kids and put them on skype directed to germany he's in germany now. so even though they might change the opinion because nobody
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said that definitely a sick baby on the twenty one tomorrow and we can stomp on his say. we're talking about international opinion is it is as reflected in the eyes of the russians are up internally and i have one pushed and tidy up and up up up to it and then envisions a future where he would be the leader for russia. it is dishonorable of euro asian and pot with moral values the themes he embodies the post would be called pseudo values of the west. so what do you think how much is that important he is in his belief in himself. as a leader. stinky so sophisticated that thing that was beginning to grow up in the soviet union. did you know the content because he believed in something just opened and he became sky in untold very close world system of watching us russian television and cinema and russian soviet
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cinema at that time i was in the sixties and seventies. it was very good to see what he knew isn't russia as he so it in the russian films that war will take to the end. in a muslim. the fairytale peaks of the season was his country could be as he's going to bed time and that's i think it's more like the building and pronounced that he doesn't wander off to the beach in the lead. recap of the soviet them. yes it was humiliating men's colony was humiliating loss of. he says the ins and outs as he is at least in law say it under the impression to be this important country and they liked was cereal was not the place is home you can come and put them in spring the position. you mentioned ukraine was the one interviewer says. and he says that meant but it gives a costly to europe. he keeps ukraine within himself. and
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you were mentioning it to i've heard several commentators and facts to be a new week. i'm commenting that the lender that has been very adept at keeping and trying to build what would these commentators have described as the neo soviet union straight to the people the ex soviet countries um on on a fairly short leash and he managed to do that once again this week with ukraine he essentially no kitchen no it's not all the words that mean what he did with you. an immediate better deal than they were going to get with the european union's look at the aei don't think that it's not that we can succeed in passing that you'll fail well it's not going. it's the because they'd already been over a team made one from a mission in oman the protests and ten. and that was clearly pro european edition that was in the closet against tuition creation can be pro european in the club the chickens and
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europe in the industry. they made this for permission to replace the morris iemma to spend three months and this cold on my diamond mind that i would be or not do anything but nico took the initiative and started having partnership with ukraine started talking about brain ukraine into nato is the kind of thing. if you were russian not even gonna put them. you look at that and say oh yes i want me to my auntie and that's exactly where i wt them. and i think that you can actually separate the sole european initiative from the major question in putin's mind. probably not in the ukrainians mind tornadoes of european union's mind. as for the european perspective um i mean it's clear why is that in there who would want to keep ukraine we didn't have to have a trade deal with ukraine and keep those former soviet countries within his sphere of influence buts at stake for the european union hear a lot of commentators have said the eu didn't really fight very hard to keep. two to preview clip ukraine close of the what's
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the use of interest. i think very very often. in the last of its expression is still on the significance. we are conducted by opinions or some media people. that puts presupposes values. so far ahead of politics and realpolitik. then people get carried away and say well we have to change this government in ukraine for example the recent today the europeans said the door still open and to stand on the inside. the city would not be. first to ukraine killing a number of deals with the european union. and and and we say yes. the doors opened but we don't own that man is sick of each pepper see a cool beach has been elected. i'm not with massive fraud as far as i know. so what makes us so arrogant
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they became extinct in front of mr putin. so as you want forty six million ukrainians added to the mix they can't be in trouble with greece they have trouble with portugal in the same the construction of europe annika made his film on the keys to a monetary union full construction of europe is made. we waited to have control over worked with them in the direction we have to have some pleasant if the new projects would have to have new positive ideas and that it doesn't matter it doesn't meant the fleet she can but have to be on the right way to india after the clinton years that effect. and in the mountains doesn't need to bring specific and the result is like this thirty four years full full full twenty s will be discussing it didn't bring anything but. during that time it was an important the shoes so i think that there is a lot that is i read the note written during his press conference said that he gets you is you don't read anything sticking them
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together. this is his the kevlar. on the beattie government is supposed to come and i tried to rein in its nine hundred pages but that id monster of going to get that lies at the meeting as has been in my school yes like. very quickly on this subject that i'm interested there's not much specific decision to toll legal eighteen thirty the terms well in advance. there are hectic and it's very very quickly to market. just a brief question and fifteen billion dollars that the country. the genus taking away from our own sterilization from oil and hard the russian don't think this because it was supposed to fund their pensions. with that. the only thing that separates of the city from that when i get a picture but it is that you will get back to cartoonish than just a second it will be discussing syria john kerry us and that
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the us state department was willing to talk to islamist rebels that didn't pan out we'll talk about injustice we're home says. seventy six remains a joint european union. i still get the picture. the border fleece to another neighbor's house for free movement between the eu sets. maybe less but screw that can control its three thousand km liam dollars have been interested in bucharest of troubled border surveillance cameras may get control of migration and trafficking across its borders. of course it's all thoughts like that i can't tell. just nice take a stand. note. defend
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your position the independents. ciao zeitgeist the boat. stunned the world. i live. we can sneak into his room for construction details of a post he arrives in germany in sixteen years in a labor camp russia's most famous prisoner was free. the department has officially this friday the russian president saying he was guided by the principles of him european leaders in brussels discuss the use defense policies also tries to drum up support for french troops in the central african republic. this violence has been reported in the baby continues to work for it in several neighborhoods of the capital french troops have increased their patrols his presence at sea denver up above warns of possible civil wars in admissions
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europe emergency consultations tens of thousands of civilians or seeking protection. and presidential elections in madagascar polls are no closed on the island after the second round of voting the electoral commission an independent surveys and studies instances. eye. lot the world as we continue part two of the show or a gas oven set to erupt in over a documentary filmmaker author of the day as part of russian power an investigation into that within the empire christopher dickey is with us and will pass your teeth the daily beast of holding get from regular ol' was opposed to having here's some of the loose form of toasted tv senior correspondent and amar and unravel a fracas ur info the jury list of artists was going to be the first question on this one will go the first atlas discuss syria and where to be. it was surprising development this week as the name john kerry
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said he was willing to speak with islamists and that didn't pan out in the end because of the islamist rebel group the islamic front saturday didn't want to meet with u s representatives and now this comes as the is the miss rebel groups in the country of all that sidelined it was used to be the western backed opposition to free syrian army so does this mean that the islamists now hold the key to the future of syria. you know the sky. basically the same people use to beat the sooners are meaner than just tension around or maybe it's just a matter of this will lead a political cause that a it is that the fsa want to trouble the star on the side. there is the islamic threat was to set up the and the islamic rules and in the next area just behind him. it's easy to send people in the same forces on the ground. what happened the reader chances from the european from the us i
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know we've been talking for two years of supporting it being red guy is the one being the sens in either or indemnity bedroom weapons etc etc and at the end. nothing really happened so the people of iran. winger ty were exhausted. i have the feeling cheated. so of course the beaches to position the morrow. the visit of that software is now so that some it's not that significant consequence. off spinner and away. well yes but it's also way too slow so we talking about the islamic state that kerry was willing to talk to mrs lama spoke of when talking about is essentially being organized and funded by the saudis and into their tent. so to speak these fsa people and take people who may have tended to be affiliated with al qaeda say ok let's put together a big force of forty fifty thousand people and see if we can really do something that's attractive especially if there's a lot of saudi money coming into it that is not
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the most restaurant that is not. isis the other al qaeda affiliated group. the whole idea is to create this if the islamic way. that takes over the war. whether that's gonna work or not i don't know and i think that one of the problems. in syria. is that you are trying to pull together this the cooperation of all these little warlords who have different loyalties and different interests. and some of them including the guy is nominally the head of this islam is found. it seemed to have done some favors for far less out of the past just by doing certain extreme things in very strange things. so you could have a situation like that in algeria twenty years ago. or you don't know who the real rebels are and whom the rebels who were flying a false flag for the regime on or walk. as one of the reasons americans stuff reluctant to get heavily involved in suits special if i may add. that in certain places where. such forces are
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savagely bonding. civilians it so happens that the door on the headquarters of the islamic forces. some of them. just make sure the kid the action going and that civilians can blame the opposition to this feeds into the argument that the islamic rebel groups are actually. in a distance. i'm playing in the sun in the side's favor. and he needs this to continue so that he can paint a picture of the rebellion being dominated by islamist groups in and therefore hold back the bid in austin. as christopher when he pointed out that you can talk in general only because goes on so i missed the call and groups are two different uses they have different partners tony's saudis and the parties in the time scaly these are some more. on most
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new mothers to mar ca dundalk only have those who are syrians many of those who are foreigners and adored same attitudes and policies of bush and oldest years and had had some dealings of us with power because how can you be a syrian an escape from the hat. at least some dealing with with the seventeen intelligence services. would it be elitist and a member of your family have to bring me some money to two years to civil servant or listen in your life. so you know this is an even more and more complex in the situation. for example and feel they can announce when at least you know roughly lose hope. and this is pretty much like algeria has chris said except that it's multiplied the number of factions which just unreal it only took the intelligence people don't tell you about this contest it tells you this that the press problem of the brigade the scene brigade
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the lever brigade an to deal with the situation they're not talking in general i'll see how things are awesome. i know what he's done with it judaism. the word listen because their members. i mean in two thousand and april two thousand and nine. and sitting with people from the milk to rush the sales chart and sometimes they are already saying we have to do it like a cheerio and it was there are things sink and syria makes the news of the ceremony. susan warren like this and this one that says it has been destroyed and they the regime. get down to the tune all day and they manage to afford. the opinion. enter today we don't know. brussels the french monks were assassinated nobody's really fair to say to them and where and how it is also a if you remember the times the beginning of the of the war you know after the round all the heat the side of freedom number of people were supposed to be a
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course it's worse than the ones i'm ecstatic said the jury the government never on the city which is if it's better than that it is the front and didn't use chemical weapons and its time is this something you said that the fact that the us was interested in dialogue with the islamic front is that something is surprising. mall a little bit but what surprises me along why the west and united states so late because i think that what happens this year and i think it's something very simple to say that it is old old old for america and the euro is why we waited for so long we owe twenty two she weighs now the morris and amy are in and papers that was semi new voices. two years ago saying let's help because solid and read these financing islamist lets finance let's keep our sleds let's help them on
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the right. nothing happened then i came to this occasion like an lga like it was a cheeky i liked its only was it in the rock. there is nothing that surprising line we are in the west oakland in a while i'll tell you why we couldn't do it before on iraq. the united states was not going to get in up to its eyeballs again in the war in the middle east. it's a simple is that that's the simple or complicated part is actually the role of the saudis are planning the saudis are allies of the united states close allies many respects it's on the saudis are playing this triangular war. on one hand they want stop iranian influence which they see reflected in her life at school. on the other hand they take the muslim brotherhood which has traditionally been the strongest opposition to the shariah. so they come in and they say well the civilian leadership can have too many people from the muslim brotherhood in it so we don't hear month after month and fined the year after year we don't have many civilian leadership that makes any sense at all. it can be a conduit for anything
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meanwhile kason is not giving up the ridge line. if you look at what the state department and other people were saying the early days of the conflict was the bush i could be made in the eyes maybe if he could just get rid of all these things around him. things would be ok it was entirely. he's a self serving for the americans to try and take that approach but they didn't by the time they came around to their senses and realize that the sun was not in a levy was going to keep all the ups and murder a lot of his own people. it was too late to do anything with each incremental stage. they just made that decision. and yes as you know in the west suites to defeating the us army team say that it's gonna cost. get rid of the car when you go to syria the main feeding on the ground to live with the stomach. it's a factions own groups. at the end they would have been sort of role was more like an animal or likeness was on in all that
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the us will end up being kind on the summit bid to protect the chalk onto the bench article is not such a bad doesn't it. the feeling of regret was that of course there's the obvious it's also the end they feel that. americans don't want the sharp fall the truth unless they have a better idea of what's going to replace it and so the russians and the russians feel the same impact as a coincidence of interests and to see what i find fault with the european position. it is that we we were very strong with saving lives. we said all this that the charlotte sun must go up. anybody who knows the least. realizes that the star is very strong he's very determined his ratings means that no one else in the area could use an upcoming governments that are realized. it was wishful
7:42 pm
thinking that we're going to do this. and on its of years and now you know in fractional situations like that would have totally in the state as if he pulls the mistake of auctions. a foreign power cannot come in and fix it. still yet to be able to rely on the people that can help. there were only two countries could help russia and iran. up to russia for reasons of thought probably cry because she was perhaps difficult. we did not try too. to talk to them sufficiency or perhaps the price but you want it to the track was too high. and iran was not great because we had to strike a deal to me with all the diplomats said look. we have to. we have to have these guys and along with saudi arabia because they have influence. all these people. the russians the saudis and the reviews have a lot more influence than we do. the problem in between or more ahead of
7:43 pm
twenty a syrian down. it's also true that in this kind in time when your beloved foreign powers backing a lot of different factions has to come a point where the people are just tired of dying. they just kind of fine they just don't have it in them anymore just what you saw in the balkans after three years four years of war of incredible carnage. yes i think it soon. but diplomats say. our midst let's move on to the topic this is an this week to our guests to tell me what they want to talk about so there's actually going to hijack what's left of the show in the summer he was referred it to him talk about brussels and the hunted. a friend who was involved with something very murky. this is european defence policy and a dozen paulo lack there of. i guess not want him to wanting to have top european help him now. and now for central africa. you see where we having troops now trying to
7:44 pm
sort out. in the us eu summit now over i think we can say that also failed in getting extra well. no one expected he would use of the geopolitical problem is that the germans are looking east the brits are looking west and french are looking south. so it's a big problem and then in europe we have only a few people that truly have a military capacity. see perhaps polls will call on monday. so um. who will want to be able to pay for a military decision that he didn't finish it she said this is what an impossible thing. and um so what mom did was to get a nice word on paper like this is gonna be a european nation. it will be a european action. but the bed and ellis said. hey wait a minute no disorders. and no
7:45 pm
payback. because the light of day that's right at the end the day that the youth not to pay for this to not take this as well so is this just individual countries will not pay. or will they have been sending something to the tune of a hundred and ten million euros the central african right of the corporation but that's it that's not for the french ministry of the operation of the humanitarian aid has also to help the african troops on the ground everything but the french troops was to see a thing as another angle to it. i don't think there's an awful amount of respect to the indo european tech troopers to two were arrested or posturing. i think well it's partially fulfilled for internal reasons and now let's say. the french president. does not want his opposition to say you are a lot. so he needs to show that he too needs to have some kind of a european conference there will be paying attention and you know we're not around is that god is doing something logistical
7:46 pm
than putting some money. i'm not impressed. need i say kids. it's difficult even to mention ten from ten am and is twenty eight fronts takes the decision all by now. to go to some fun interview with french soldiers who likes to look at the basis for this decision. and then to europe saying oh no we have this common european defence system lets not enough to support that the limited state in the wizard rock try to have the approval of the united nations before polling day. europe is not unique. i cannot lie and say that we have to wait for the united nations to kr are but then again in the meantime hundreds of people getting into a book about why the prosecutor of the fall. i mean i i i die so they will come and gone are the saints' second base will
7:47 pm
be withheld because he was not consulted the community to have a clue on european policy. let's decide something first and then do it they'll see this and christian. i mean with twenty seven. and songs from any different. of course the committee. it's raining it's just follow this up. a number of military law the requirements are being taken up by a few companies and on the one in the french senator suggested that perhaps we should get a rebate. in terms of our european now. you know financial ceiling. so as to make things easier for defence department. get your refund on its us military operations indeed it did it too far in those operations you get one free with your while. not exactly a refund directly but some some kind of awe. the more the way in terms we we manage our deficit. in terms of european see links. let's see if you're interested in what christopher was interested in
7:48 pm
this week that christopher olympics for robots are fascinated by the latest robot what they can do what they can do well what i'm really into a war without kneeling on one little word and i think that there's a fascinating debate going on in the school of robot olympics that scott is taking place today and tomorrow in florida that is interesting as the defense research on the beach the research part of the defense department the united states is falling rather extensively his effort to bring robots up to a level where they can perform human tasks in difficult situations now the defense department is always saying it's like cinnamon to focus ema and they can open vowels and they can operate in high radiation environment. and you say haven't you know they can never tell people to another bar that my own. really what it's about. but if you look to keep the people make these robots keep naming them after warriors the one most advances call the doctor a decided life and death on the battlefield. and that's what these. that's what
7:49 pm
ultimately these robots are really about. that's why the defendant ratings soldier of the twenty first of it to this entry there is a whole it's not just this time just robots in the twenty first century right now. it's as good and even new generation of drones tours they call them unmanned combat air vehicles are going to be essentially fighter bombers with no pilot. in the idea that you can control one of those in the air to air combat on the ground is insane. it's not a video game things that will be deciding who lives and who dies in the air will be out the rhythms. eventually the same world that there's somebody within the drone promoted it it all happens to the fact that they can think they can pilot the drone to them to the battle but once the battle starts. it all happened much much too fast we see this on the ocean already is something like the ages. common defense system on ships which is meant to react to missiles several missile attacks
7:50 pm
coming and we think there's a guy with a joystick saying there's a missile definitely not what makes those decisions will make the decision to go. in fact the un has taken this up there they're all these different acronyms for their lethal autonomous weapons lethal autonomous robots. all these kinds of things that they talk about it are the radical right now it's only want the theoretical you send a robot into a hostile environment. where decisions have to be made quickly. and the algorithm will have to take care of that question is will they be humans in the loo. will they be on the loo. will they be out of four ounces of him. this is that when the top and the chances they'll start out in the loo. once you get into a really tense situation isn't it the nrl. in the whole direction of the darker reason is to get the robots the point where they can carry out basic
7:51 pm
tasks on their own essentially reacting to different stimuli. on their own. i can't do it yet. by the time the next part of this challenge the finals comes out that the toward the end of twenty fourteen they are supposed to have the capacity of say a two year old child. where you say is what i'd like to do in the refrigerator open the door or can you give me a bottle now. and they can do that. you can just as easily as he does not like it additionally refute that i'm going to pull the trigger but dr doesn't say that this really nice. to me something for the moment. and as a wedding to shoot in tucson or afghanistan or in yemen. is it made him go to norway human person right now to get it. he looks like an office
7:52 pm
worker and indicated the bottom. and she asked three times. information to fire. then she pushes a button mentioned going to cope in combat in the meantime some buddies only when pain is gone but you know that. they have actually been recorded instances of posts traumatic stress disorders. of those by the drought. the more i wanted to see to your topic that the rise of satirical news web sites and all they're essentially sometimes being confused with real sense the program i mean the causes bone is being satirical news the more dense. this was not that accessible. i mean even in front of an auction it. it says the men before a five hundred thousand copies every week so it's not that it's not like a tv. use the program. but with the website's know there are of very famous the mm satirical web sites. dion in
7:53 pm
the coffee in france. and then you know it the onion on screen. the problem a lot of people will warm up to where exactly. so what's the one you know that coffee is the v fine on twitter or they find somewhere that the parts of the news. and they retreated as we hear news of the storm is fake and then from one to another to another. it doesn't mean i've seen it news items that are are consumed in such a disconnected way if you don't go on the website of the onion in the review might not realize its satirical if you just get the ones that like the good news. and then what isn't any job gets passed on a serious that it leads to intense as real news says use the minivan and very famous very serious. it's a night festivities all before scientists fear what might have made a thing of the rope
7:54 pm
the kids are noted. brussels the top european delegates in washington at the european parliament has voted themselves. flora station to go on pension at the age of fifty nine thousand euros a month pension. and it was the top and people took this seriously it was just out of the law showed up as anti european common stock on the net. the seat to light the light of this says to myself and i descend the story of two are up for swimming in a larger brush will boast a correspondent to need to stop answer back tonight. it was just completely untrue. you are full for a moment. well you know i i thought about his decision credible and that if events like a hoax or a rumor that i'm talking to you but satirical or think something like france's recent be the main east west and this kid has been appointed by the advisor to the serbian government. there was the serbian army and i don't remember the name may have made that saved his first advice to the narrow loss to utah to hire more women of
7:55 pm
course it's a joke but it was on the studio some other very serious offence as a clinical study in the first of august this was because my commute in the middle of the sedan former imf chief was that i can see it before the french presidential election was shot down. of course. after what happened with him in his son tj lunar new year that already. this is a joke was that he advised serve in when i needed to hire more with these money is going to turn it into the hall which students that speeds up and at times like these so i think we really have to ask mr the owner of a portion or similar logo or something. i suggest our needs just to the basics remain in the future. it's pretty awesome sometimes if you read or write to the story in the sights toward us long to
7:56 pm
realize that. funny if things are it will take you very much. we will continue their work. things only gets to pick apart the world this week thank you for washington state in the fourth and get more news coming up for naps i was. she repeats it. on december twenty six two thousand for a tsunami of the increase in the proportions that the indian ocean coastline would wait till three thirty five meters high. in indonesia become apparent that she was nearly wiped off the map the day after the disaster. there was no sign of bikes. since then the city has been slowly rebuilt from its big mosque which was very cozy and fun back to reconsider. on false been kept. austin kept dot com . it's been. and. it is
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was the eye. i knew. lou
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and. and. i can. to me geelong business. state of tennessee italian politicians of all singing all right and some changed the recipe of
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the disaster according to its beat given protected status to india on business when it will be implications on beyond business. my heart with new and new the game it's friday. i've been watching the scene i'm in your egg a bit when you're watching our tea. it begins today with the press conference where the president the snow flurry of questions about the nsa after receiving your grief if the recommendations from the white house appointed committee to reform the nsa surveillance practices president obama plans to make a definitive statement in january about which suggestions he will undertake at the press connc


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