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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  January 28, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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new products. the country we still face numerous challenges the key steps are necessary in order to take the road to think that if the wind meaning you. i am says. this week's outrage in this week's episode the bomb dot com by defeating john employees about islam. religions that
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god opened a restaurant in trouble with pretty people get into it that the farmers and it was a kid's feet of office on how effective they get no regrets about politics three floors of a private tv news john and look cute but well above that it's just a call that everest thought that tv camera coverage is biased with all the bomb threat and to continue the attacks on john s government is to provide security to janice and they have become sitting ducks don't get to the man looking sort of psychic tv station in pakistan's southern city of karachi. the day. a cyclist
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dave dickenson gone to drive with the celtics based tv station. just add the chicken outlet will still be about the tt up until then let's get it again but it's not bad what does any of the toddler d i had been on and i began to god's will for you. choose from the bom spokesman said two of whom are acting responsibly that for the attack. he told reuters what does it get to mcdougall idea. i wanted desperately to break. the i saw the scoops. a sunderland
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side to the states. it had been in town it's good stuff that flies. continue to talk to and is the disagree with ottawa today it will get the jump through his speeches in s'pore but the best in the top of what i'll do the will but all types of loan you must live outside this led to the muslim mob supplement. they called about it. izturis tv was attacked twice last year and city employees instead. i'd show this with you that are this time last year. the committee to protect journalists says it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to me it only lists
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a separate incident. unknown gunmen shot dead two weeks in chief of radical sunni party along with his driver and guard in karachi. the loose money on car since she was too may opt to live on a small sum you up. it was costing it is today facing when did act as if i did to him god. the drive though. he said. another bus and was aged in the attack. if i cannot overlook the bed with the film of the most about it ibm as easy to miss the wedding it will be open to begin the season because of the month. is that the wheat from the crime scene. police said they were investigating. it is. it
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started for us once again gobble up all the restaurant came under attack but to st and honestly this is a balm of them set up what could you want on tom people died in the gruesome attack taking photos with you that know they can break into the ministry set up a strong hand in it. audubon suicide attack. one problem bristol popular with all the weapons was aimed at civilians. st spokesman predicted that the attack and said there had been for them and want the good deed for bed. go into the u s citizens britons canadians. when you
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want with it. norm. according to our. the city to unseat the terrorists and one and that it was a bit to explode the bomb exploded yet know what happened to others who were thanked and thirty s the visit with them that they were faced with that the security guard to the area. two of them have been hits. why was it but to expose the explosives the afghan security forces the special units up here they are. they have found that the area completely they are trying to milk it they are and the other toddlers in sight. we did not come from and eighty four off a bit like being in the area i love you daddy. we are still trying to get dizzy so be it works. for many at
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the information in the guts to stick to less than the estimates. set the scene suggested attacks of this type of book of the doubt but that it's a spoof of seats on tv across the board of the box art. or so the terrorists that they talk so one of the restaurant and called it one of them with this roadside bomb and to two of them with guns and the open fire. on the innocent and defenseless civilians who were at the restaurant. it pushes me and taking off out. most foreign students including four woman had been canned it's nice to court contending they were there it starts. the suicide
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bomber. i'm not that i live a decent list. he gets knocked up. on friday evening. futile to twenty one people including four good i can use to stop. the arguments told them santa did not respond let's do the rest of spring diagnosed with its off to the balm of whom set up near the entrance it seems sort of asthma among the listed according to police. the us embassy said in a post on twitter. but at least two us private citizens with you went to canada or stupid song. the hit two goals to none scoots. so the moment refunds. representatives of non stop. sixty years old
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deputies passed. love it it was one of the guy that's it the fund's office since two thousand and eight. i do chess a little. we have a good knowledge often we are really working hard to make sure. that said we can. he can present its dollar weakened and in the boots of these attacks. unfortunately found the enemies of the finest sunday's terrorists. the staff. i see the evidence and pockets on and a half centuries in the other side of the border and beyond are brainwashed and those centers. thompson back to ca with kakak and innocent civilians. i mean that there was no peace in that restaurant. so this shows that to be are the enemy off lawsuits and
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civilians in defense and offense to speak up. most foreign forces on the ferry to be honest on the cia often hold addicted to war. and then the fields the honey bun will intensify attacks in the run up to and from next april. when the scots with some success on the site sites to denigrate it. with that without some u s troops stay on. but its north team in the streets of dark forces would be best to fight the insurgents on the wall bob davis wants to keep the kids are going into bags for the us airstrike. this week. on that nice outside as a super hit. says. some
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of the practitioner is present the autumn when the sun was assassinated in bonn. it recently another innocent citizen the p o p has been targeted. a young boy from a small dollop of cream topped up with the chief of the education and never come home was killed by the hate mongers and villages alex box on in the top of the business capital karachi. sun's business capital but she has become a bit baffled about the son of the ghastly ago you gave me and said joe buck he's going to split the side doors but to give them a distinctive dark to get a shot dead but as the eighth of august and religious
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tenets day maybe i was about to sign up for breakfast didn't see this court that the debt as at the state's bond said that it is the home. when we. for me assuming a more reasoned that the march th. cool man. just about the education gap to thirty permanent working in unity but the idea to give you the edge. guests are given every second of march so we just could not estimate of the early eighty s the confederate battle being invested in them yesterday but you know the truth is that you get that gets to kiss him peace. europe's history. during the term chatting with one another she
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has to focus on the practice in tokyo it. ever since hans did bought the pizza just needed to do the video. not just because he wasn't stuck to the education and employment because of lack of private teaching yet. many students need to go see it stuck to the highest at the good living. but it got caught sight of the political divide. the victims of hate and discrimination. nope the competition that. you need. he could yet see on the details. i was too low when it came soon and we don't get the most good thing we call security. it was an oval in shape did not possess it can and should continue to be chunky funky zealand unions and put the team got my suprise my son he angered many athletes not to engage in such occupation and an uncle clean up with quite content to be picky. and then
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sank a solid fantasy a prom but sure enough the sun was doing it and call us with ample what am i that consists of the goings on down get down to the theater to meet eu ninth of may she simply so cut me a day. when complications and diane current union doesn't it into a human being who knows the owner to me on the issue of making structure doesn't come up with her again. i choose twenty summit but they keep peace with its gas authority over a stupid uncle of one of the book of my day not only students is being called it that the doctor was also targeted. but that didn't touch it the securities provided that the focus of a perfect beach read if you get the cd gets killed in a box of pockets on this bed. for more. he knew
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that he really knew what was it another two thousand following the b ed got a good team pierre worker and union was martyred in earnings during the testing kits and will get him off i started thinking that it's not a right to veto the update. not only taking his paci. it's the crimes committed in other talented artists on this. that the stewards and his dog restricted ethiopian citizens living in the nest box of punjab and got this from the province. says. it started off the brick stitch you up to the park. those of all of the protests against
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thaksin minority. given the plateaus of garbled and the softness of the stores and obama is interested double post. it wasn't long before dissidents main opposition one of these nationalists party bnp and a mock islam a popular tax and minority community across the nation force in national elections. the scene by the beach on saturday the kids did against meet opposition. the snacks to spot. and tonight is somebody who at that time i nodded to community consultation the minority community what's the scene at the time and as a team and be kissed on the spot. it seemed to stick to the country including dodged i did not screw with our un charter and
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jan stuart getting beaten forced to match it with lights. he speaks to sneak into the connections and jan beatty said. which ended with nine minutes to shake the hands of money. winning more than to return to pot and six. i have. the students it is exciting to me. it's not stupid. the skin once again. he says nh. he even thinks to himself. i was at gunpoint. props to the woods when you don't want to know how to sort this thing on me tonight. jackman said. at
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the end. the they did to me in the middle that someone wanted to mess them up. by. opposition into its windy nights and it comes to business establishment and chokes up to commute to get induced. i did this just in time to get it you should be invested in i mean reports the ob on the i did get the elite of the whole edition of the ghetto to a lesser but jodi don't add up the typical double to the joe cool a bit of the digital world. to see the beauty and the need to be confronted the cia of the two divers who
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have wanted to ask prime minister. there are the tools of the costs mean teacher wouldn't this be true that his intestines head of the addiction and the speed of biden's speech in reducing accidents. the opposition has renewed its owners were nice and light strikes the day the students into posting the court tickets and would cost thousands of june nineteen ninety six election like what did the mommy thinks one person. c a meanwhile the dangers and don't wield the stick muffin and staying away from the police job which is dominated by men in about a song to me that my awesome challenge all the old stock
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to get stuck and i decided to take on the shore this safety and security of kabul on the shore this year is in a poll of the brain gym either will see me please. so was chosen to run the busy to speak. last time. the point god help us with bush. we told them to join the contents with these goals assorted to see the stock is one of the greatest challenges that organizes the president in elections to be had in a sea of coffee sick the one thousand women on the tube to carry out searches at polling stations by mid august two thousand
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against women. we live. and joining the peace is great for this but it was slow to post on the field with two late goals to stick them up jaw. this blog and use most of the house of the heart beats. originally the playoffs. who has spent to use the force said. toss was to the support of the women. each breast with his jaw. rather than on its stages. the last may's lake and warm on the honey bee though that's what it looked down and saw none of the meeting. the newcomer sun was out getting busted for a speedy nine shot off the bus
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kept us on the most. maybe some point. spotting she said yet now when i and those with tickets bought on sale for one deal by the lme said the exchequer and even a bag at the magic who was out on the fifth of appeasing them howard and eighty c for about an economic and domestic. the plan them up the money from him the sound the latest non members. like many of the scene because its ion said she had avoided going to look into this long to get this. on wednesday gently for steve. citizens of this in the crisp green jacket started with shiny badges. women into baseball's was considered an important
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victory with twists and it's the stupid people that eat off the top of the hardline islam is thought to buy. in two thousand won. goblin wrist instead of the view from inside it. all the is de clutter make a lemon says the watches the tops of the guardian as though the team while mommy crying out though that the bad enough. he and the fish of the decided to gamble on them that this trip and find some of the sides of bacon the three act as a muslim the house of a given some places on some weight has been one occasion a sketch from a commended in the dying them on a mission. but this proved still unknown blows me off in the system of cause i started on five thousand women by the end of two thousand and eight. what was
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all sounds really silly. just one percent of the police force qantas on its tv. and more urgently needed to combat stalking the levels of violence committed against women. because victims the bosses says. this is. got to the end of this edition of newsweek celebration. we are back next week with one year was here was an analysis from sub continent. we want to give writing to us that end up where sid and i end up now this is our designing often be off the entire production team of music style. i saw
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that it is the name of the week. i tell you about that. i'm not fine. and all after that. on a hot coffee or hot. and one. watch out cz to the meeting the european people's party he was had in texas recently in the cypress minister of foreign affairs the line is considered as adults and teens the ministers etc since neighborhood wednesday that its fans a taste for content religion can and that that setting examples of inter
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religious but also in turn has problems. the opinion you could define the future tense as the eccentricities and therapeutic measures. we already have something new so that the future. we are going to stumps yesterday so that when she's you know the us although i don't really know. and the continuation of the world each. so for the severance is my duty. anybody know the cause. standing from the region. the use of the nation and court fees the eu should be raised up by making sure that it is a stay at its outset inspecting the society's well so we don't want this
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madison candidacy as often as he'd said than done the company topless at the dentist and sizes instead presenting a seat in the mid teens really need them. his team toughness after they tested the choices just wanted to let the antique black heart ctmh. next time. i was chosen to open the festival the upper iowa state shadow is the first medieval castles such as pens gave me a sentence us yet this was in the audience for one of the performances. the money is set in attendance in eighteen thirty six. it s a study of memory no aforementioned intends to do anything he can to win them out of bed expecting to tnt you and i do the today
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from france twenty four. a live debate on top of the day one day concert at seven pm optional. i chopped off. and come on don't. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process. during the cdc the guests among them the whole family all gathered for the nobel banquet. think about this on some sort of. i
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don't don't have a clue as to the opening of the students i've been told. the bottle both of them. he has done in time. we have concluded percent. it was fun to post the court in vietnam to stomach was going on. yes that's the main figures in the fall. so be it tomorrow after bowling ball. this disgusts them hooked up the severity of the decade it's a late day some of the animated series but it's because morrison of the cia identity can be. you will
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will will will will the eye place lamb greed pride tennessee twenty thousand bikes down an officer until the end of this mold. it's been mentioned as a hit and then another twelve months promise to us just sat down ukraine crisis is set to don like she stays eu russia summit instance laugh cry and


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