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tv   Journal  PBS  August 14, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> this is the journal coming to live on dw from berlin. >> this is what is happening this hour. >> a russian convoy stops at the border of ukraine as foreign ministers hold talks. >> barack obama calls for peace in ferguson, missouri where there have been protests of the shooting of an unarmed black teenager. >> the first visit of a pope to south korea in 25 years. >> we start with the conflict in eastern ukraine and the huge
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russian aid convoy headed to the region. captioned by the national captioning institute >> they will transfer the aid red cross tracks. >> vladimir putin is doing everything he can to stop the bloodshed in the war-torn region. the fighting there is still raging. >> government troops attacked separatist stronghold. including the town -- they say they have cut off them from the russian border. moscow says it is sending humanitarian aid.
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the vehicles are on their way to a government controlled post. ukraine's government is demanding that the truck's be checked. >> to cross the border in an area controlled by the terrorists, all should be handed to the red cross. >> russia annexed in march. in a speech, he struck a conciliatory note. he said russia will stand up for itself but not the cost of conflict. he spoke of a need for moscow to avoid isolating itself from the international community. that is not enough for the ukrainian parliament. most of them russian who
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supported russia's annexation of crimea. >> this bill gives ukraine the right to protect its national interests. >> but the move is also like a to hurt ukraine's economy. >> they are surrounding this convoy and the first and foremost of which is -- [indiscernible] the ukrainian border is not being controlled by the ukrainian government. part of the region where i am currently. they turned away and started going a different way.
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they will not be able to track with their. >> [indiscernible] whereas it confirms, the business leader was denied yesterday. yesterday. indiscernib] and the fact that can support this theory is that yesterday
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they were on their way to moscow. >> thank you for joining us on the line. >> calling for calm in the days of unrest. after an unarmed black teenager was shot by police. >> the killing has sparked outrage. accused of using excessive force. a town that is predominantly black. >> this is what he had to say. >> there were certainly passionate differences about
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what has happened. there will be different accounts of how this tragedy occurred. this is part of our democracy. we are united in common values. in the right to peaceful public protest. >> richard walker joins us from washington. what moore has obama been saying? >> an appeal for what was a very serious violence in ferguson. he repeated is assurance that the death of michael brown was receiving an independent investigation with the fbi.
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was careful to warn not just protesters but the authorities. they had to call for calm since the killing. and until the police released the name of the officer that was suspected of shooting him, it is very unlikely it will remain strong. >> what is the response been to that? >> police have been justifying their actions. police have been heavily criticized for their overall posture.
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wearing body armor with snipers on the roof. and especially given that it all goes back to an incident. on top of that, they allegedly assaulted the journalists as well. barack obama also picking up a statement saying "in the united states of america, police should not be bullying or arresting journalists just trying to do their job. the governor of missouri is hoping to speak soon. >> think you for joining us from washington.
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>> tens of thousands of people fleeing extremists in iraq. >> u.s. officials say that aid has been dispatched. >> the helicopter arrives on the mountain and brings little hope to the estimation but are still stuck here.
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many are in shock. >> a situation is absolutely terrible. >> islamic state militants have come under attack by the fighters have now advanced on and off. this poses another challenge to the fighters.
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>> the dutch government is considering providing arms to the kurds and the government troops. >> it has increased its military support. where does that leave germany? >> the kurds in northern iraq are not looking for a war. they are in a desperate fight for the well armed islamic state militants and have appealed to the international community and germany has yet to act.f.- for decades, it has been policy not to export weapons to conflict zones. but there have always been exceptions. >> the human rights situation is a disaster and there is the threat of genocide.
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>> it seems contradictory. the country was considered unstable then, too. there are other cases of conflict zones. westerman manufactures provided a number of african governments with weapons, especially assault rifles. it has been used against the kurds. >> where the country was attacked from outside.
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>> may end up in the wrong hands in the long run. but still. >> not only a very reliable ally but also an important partner for europe including in the fight against terrorism. >> the kurds find germany's hesitance hard to understand. they need rearming fast. worrying about what happens to the guns in the long run is a luxury they don't have. >> germany is prepared to contribute and action is being
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taken. we have now heard from german defense minister in an interview with the newspaper that she has confirmed the shipment. about 35 tons. that is to be handed over to the u.n. for distribution. >> the debate is sending weapons are not sending weapons, which way is it going to go? >> other countries are willing to do o.
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>> we will be back after one minute.
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>> in pakistan, growing fears that a huge rally could trigger violence in the capital. opposition figures are staging a marsh -- in march. >> marching on the other end, 20,000 security and police officers. >> along the 300 kilometer route to the capital. he calls the government corrupt and calling for fresh elections.
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>> we demand that the prime minister will resign. >> the prime minister is offering to investigate the operations. >> it will play with the constitution. >> security forces have set up road locks to make sure the protest don't get out of control. >> we are joined on the line from islamabad who leads the center for research in security studies. does this pose an actual threat
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actio? >> from the prime minister, it started off almost 12 hours ago. it is expected the march would have swelled to tens of thousands of people. and behind the scenes, a lot is going on. it is very difficult to say if it is a threat to the prime minister and the government. they're sticking to the demand heating up to fresh elections. >> there are rumors that pakistan's military is covertly
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sponsoring these protests. is that credible? >> there is strong speculation about that. it has provided the government direct support that the government needs the challenge. but if they are really sponsoring such protest, the target seems to be taking the head of washington. it is unclear as of now. >> we wish you luck in the coming days. >> the two sides agreed to
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extend the temporary cease-fire by another five days. the last few have remained quiet. they have named at the conflict. >> calling for peace on the korean peninsula. >> even before frances landed in south korea, tensions loomed over the visit. they fired another into the sea in an apparent military test. >> piece is close to our hearts.
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-- peace is close to our hearts. [indiscernible] >> france stressed peace in the region can only be achieved through dialogue and justice. the south korean president appealed to the communist north. in order for south and north koreans to live without fear of nuclear war, to attain happiness and reunify the korean peninsula that will contribute to world peace and prosperity, north korea should stop developing nuclear arms i can take away countless lives in an instant. during his visit, the pope is to the edify martyrs in the opening days of the korean catholic church.
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the ceremony will come during an open air mass on saturday. >> the catholic church has seen the followers grow in asia. >> in germany, catholics have been leaving the church in droves and parishes are rapidly shrinking. >> they find comfort in the church. increasing numbers are looking for answers within the congregation. >> when i started earning money after leaving university, the contributions that would've had to pay are too much. >> we don't believe in god. >> what do you believe in the ac?
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>> self-development. i don't think you can help anyone with that kind of thing. >> in 2010, it reached a high point when evidence of those that have been sexually abused by priests. using church tax money, the scandal infuriated the congregation. and later resigned. do people really leave the church for such reasons? >> such events could be the trigger for a person to leave the church if it was not important for them in the first place. i think one has to clearly differentiate between reasons of those having loose relations with the church.
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and the trigger for them leaving. >> and he thought he would the a reason for people to stay in the church but it seems even the undeniable popularity cannot stem the flow of germans leaving the church. >> south korea and germany are both industrial powerhouses. there are very different attendances. they asked him my that is the case. >> it is very top down. >> it has been a very clerical church. many people experience the rejection of religion as being a liberating experience.
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they are able to decide for themselves to determine one's own life. in korea, it's very different. this tnt was introduced to the country not by priests but aristocrats, intellectuals in japan. intellectuals in south korea, they are run by the roman catholic church. it is impressive. they experience it as being an agent of liberation and that is one of the reasons the church is grown in the last 10 years by
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70%. >> pope francis 90 in south korea but it might be a chance he has found time to check in on the football scores. >> that is south america's top competition. thousands of fans to the streets in the capital and pope francis became an honorary member of the. luis suarez is free to kick the ball again. >> he was banned for four months and nine international fixtures.
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they barred him from any football related activity. finally, the italian national football team has a new head coach. >> the resigned after a disappointing performance at this year's world cup. the 45-year-old reportedly signed a contract. >> extra watching.
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