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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 10, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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hello, welcome to "newsline." it's friday, october 10th. hong kong officials dealt a heavy blow for a political stand off. they canceled the talks scheduled for friday with prodemocracy leaders. protesters remarks damaged the trust needed for the talks. >> i truly regret that we will not be able to have a meeting tomorrow, which will produce any constructive outcome. >> the city's number two official says student leaders have been shifting their demands. the students are now calling for
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beijing to reverse the decision to vet candidates for a 2017 election. she says it called on supporters to continue occupying roads if the government didn't answer the questions during the talks. the protesters main demand has been a nomination for candidates for hong kong's top post. beijing said applicants must be approved bay pro-beijing nominating panel. that rules out participation by candidates. the protesters have been ok pieing the streets since late last month. kurdish forces say militants are seize zing more and more territory in northern syria. they have been battling islamic state over the control for weeks. a senior officer told nhk one-third of the town bordering turkey had fallen to the
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militants. they are supported by u.s.-led air strikes targeting armored vehicles around the city. the officer says they are struggling. >> the kurdish forces with appealing for more military support. if they lost control of the city, civilians will be slaughtered. a powerful typhoon is approaching japan. residents in the southern islands are preparing for the brunt of the storm. we are joined from the weather desk. this is the second typhoon. what is the latest? >> kathryn, i want to start off by showing this incredible image from space. the astronaut that took this picture said it's the first time he's seen anything like this before. he's been there several months
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and this was taken when the severe typhoon was most powerful on earth. out's weakened a bit and making its way to the island. we have images coming here. the gusts are very strong. we have a report of 94 kilometers per hour on this island. this will get even stronger as the system approaches. people are already preparing for this system, which is good news. they are boarding up windows. take a look at the track that we have here. it's likely to move into the islands of okinawa passing islands and going by monday as a strong typhoon status. it will maintain intensity into saturday and sunday when it nears the island around overnight hours. it looks like it's already bringing high waves, crashing 11 meters high in the center. the gusts will reach about 162
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kilometerses. that's likely to persist into your weekend. now, the rain is another issue, engulfing much of japan in the next 72 hours. this is because the land is very prone to flooding from the previous storm system that slammed into these locations. we will keep a good eye on this storm system. >> thank you. she will join us later in the program with more on world weather. two suicide bombings rocked yemen. more than 60 people have been killed. no one claimed responsibility for either strike. the local media said it was the works of an extremist group linked to al qaeda. the state run media reports a man detonated explosives late in the capitol. he killed 47 people, including children. the attack happened at a check point controlled by
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anti-government forces. al jazeera said it targeted people gathering to stage and anti-government rally. the same day, a suicide car bombing hit a military base in yemen. 19 soldiers died. the u.n. brokered a cease-fire between the government and rebel forces in yemen last month. both sides have been working to form a national unity government. an explosion rocked downtown kuala lumpur thursday z. one person is dead and at least 13 are injured. the predawn explosion was at a site popular with foreign tourists. the blast occurred outside a pub shortly past 4:00 a.m. local time. police suspect a hand grenade exploded. >> translator: several people were apparently quarrelling before i heard the sound of the loud blast.
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>> the police say they found another explosive device at the site under a parked car. entry to the area was blocked while officers disposed of the device. the police say the bombers motive is unknown. a senior official says a gang feud may be to blame. a university professor -- the 26-year-old student has been questioned by police about his plan to fight for the group. tokyo police say the student at the university in northern japan consulted him about ways to contact islamic state. he is a visiting professor at a private university. they are investigating whether he mediated between the student and the group. they learned he told an
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acquaintance he contacted a commander of the militant group about the student's visit. he disclosed on the internet that he told a senior member of islamic state a japanese national will visit it, not as a fighter, but immigrant. he denies he is a member of the terrorist group or recruiter for it. tokyo police searched his home as well as the student's lodgings. it is time for the latest in business news. we are joined for the latest. >> thank you kathryn. g-20 finance ministers and central bankers are meeting to find ways to boost global growth. the meeting comes after the international monetary fund released the latest growth forecast for 2014. the report revised upward. the u.s. economy citing continuing improvement in the labor market. the imf is less than impressed with japan and the euro zone
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that received downgrades. the recovery has become clear and uncertainty over the global economy is growing. the g-20 finance chiefs are expected to discuss increased infrastructure in emerging economies. japan's prime minister is attending the meeting. they are expected to tell the audience that sluggishness in japan's economy is temporary and due to a hike in the consumption tax. their economy will continue the moderate recovery. they will speak at the g-20 meeting, plus at an annual meeting at the imf and world bank. the head of the imf spoke to reporters on the sidelines of the meetings. she said growth in the global economy is slower than expected due to sluggishness in the euro zone and japan. japan's slow growth after the tax hike and stagnation across
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the euro zone are fueling uncertainties about the global economy. >> we have, also now, alerted the po tin shl risk of recession in the euro zone. >> she urged the euro zone and japan to shore up with monetary easing. >> in the face of what we called the risk of new mediocre where growth is low and uneven. we certainly believe there has to be a new momentum. >> she called an policymakers to implement policies that focus on growth and create jobs through investment and infrastructure. investors on wall street are worried and pulled their money out of stocks. the dow jones shed 300 points, ended the day down nearly 2% at 16,659. for the details, let's go to
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ramin. good morning. what can you tell us? >> good morning to you. yes, indeed. the sell off we saw in the u.s. is most definitely spreading here to tokyo. let's have a look at the opening levels for the nikkei and topix. down 1.25% for the nikkei. topix is down 1.6%. the pace of losses in the u.s. has taken investors by surprise. the day before, markets rose substantially being reassured they will maintain the current policy. however, as we noted, the dow jones registered the worst one day drop in over a year. many in the market are keeping an eye on what is known as the vix. that jumped 23%. so, a lot of volatility going on in the markets.
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according to one analyst, the focus shifted to global growth. as you were touching the imf and world bank meeting in washington along with officials. a lot of investors are telling me, they want to know about further policies for boosting growth, especially the euro zone and china, which drive a lot of the global growth. also, they want to hear any comments, which may mirror those of european central banks who came out and said a lot of the problems are structural rather than cyclical. a lot of focus on what needs to be done. ramin, investors seem to be concerned about the dollars rally. what is going on there? >> yeah, just having a look at it. the dollar and yen mixed up. 107.70-72. investors are ignoring fundamentals in the u.s. as
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well. jobless claims showed fewer people signing up. traders selling the dollar, the euro remaining weak. i also quickly want to highlight government bonds, volatility and investors shifting out of stocks and what they consider relative safety of government bonds and the yield on the u.s. treasury falling to 2.286. actually, 2.316. let's look at german bonds as well. a fresh, historical low of 0.86 now it's 0.904%. keep an eye on asian indexes. right now, the nikkei is down over 200 points. back to you. >> all right. thanks for that update. i'll be back next hour with more business headlines. here is a check on other markets.
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a japanese journalist is under indictment for defaming the president. the journalist wrote a piece about what he was doing on the day of the deadly ferry disaster in april. the case raised concerns about press in south korea. officials in japan say it could put a damper on relations. we have more. >> the former bureau chief of
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japan's newspaper. he wrote a commentary in august that said his where abouts were unknown for seven hours on the day the ferry sank. there was a rumor she was with a man. more than 300 people, mostly teenagers died in the accident. the seoul office -- prosecutors summoned him three times for questioning. they say his article is not based on facts and damaged his reputation. u.s. government officials say they are following the case. the state department spokesperson says u.s. leaders support freedom of speech and expression. >> we have outlined in the past, concerns about the law on the books in south korea.
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>> members of the group reports without borders called on south korean authorities to drop the charges. they said in a statement, it's normal for members of the media to question politicians actions. the heads of the newspaper where he works has demanded the indictment be immediately retracted. the president says he was writing a commentary and had no intention of defaming her. japanese officials repeatedly asked south korea to act prudently over the matter. >> translator: the indictment is extremely regrettable from the standpoints of freedom of speech and the relationship between japan and south korea. this is not how democratic countries should behave. we'll ask the south korean government today to provide a details explanation and convey
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our concerns. >> reporter: there have been some recent signs of warming in the country's relations. the japanese and south korean foreign ministers sat down twice since august after going for nearly a year without meeting. officials have held informal talks on the possibility of a summit between prime minister shinzo abe and park. they have discussed arranging it as early as next month. officials suggest the mood could now change because of the indictment. south korean media agencies and legal experts weighed in on the case. the newspaper ran the news on the front page. it said many people have raise zed doubts about the validity of the case.
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another paper said the indictment sparked concern around the world about freedom of the press in south korea. some lawyers have been critical. this one noted the commentary was partly based on reporting from a south korean daily. >> translator: indicting only the japanese reporter is equal to cracking down on freedom of press. >> he says the indictment could have a ripple effect. >> translator: if a journalist is prosecuted, the media will have no choice but refrain from speaking out about president park and her administration. >> he specializes in criminal law. he said prosecutors must prove he wrote the article knowing it could constitute defamiliar mags. >> translator: i think it's
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likely he will be judged as committing defamation. >> there's a strong possibility he will be convicted. chinese health authorities say there have been more than 27,000 cased on den gi fever in the southern part of the country. six people have died. the authorities said as of wednesday, the number of infections have risen to 27,219. that's about five times the total of the previous year. the viral disease is transmitted by mosquitos. officials say this year's warm, wet weather in southern china provided good breeding ground for the insects. the province accounts for 90% of the cases. more than 1,000 new infections reports every day since late last month.
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authorities sent a high ranking official to give advice on how to stop further spread of the virus. the mosquitos may remain active into november. a japanese entrepreneur is crafting a plan to keep the skills of traditional artisans alive. they are facing an uncertain future as they struggle to sell their products. so, she's helping them create a new market eyeing future consumers. >> reporter: this baby is wearing an indigo garment made in a traditional fashion. the fabric protests the baby's skin, thanks to the antibacterial and moisturizing properties. they are dyed by an artisan to welcome a new birth. the garments are the brain child of this woman. she collaborates with artisans
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across japan to produce every day goods for children up to the age of 6. she started to take an interest in traditional industries while a teenager. in university, she approached a magazine proposing a series of articles about artisans. she then witnessed how they were struggling to start their products as well as finding apprentices. >> translator: if people are introduced at a young age to products made in a traditional way, they may buy them as adults. this would be a way of preserving our traditions in a real sense of the word. >> reporter: she is visiting 1,000 meters southwest of tokyo. it's where porcelain was first made in japan 400 years ago. this is one of the kilns in the region. 20 potters work here to preserve
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the skills handed down through eight generations. she's been working with them since may on the so-called first rice bowl project. the idea is to develop a product that can fit in the hands of young children. she discusses with the craftsmen the best shape, weight and size of the bowl. >> translator: there's a proper way of holding it. lift with both hands and hold with one hand. most kids don't know of such manners. the purpose is to learn about the beauty of the gesture and appreciate the craftsmanship. >> reporter: in a world bound by tradition, she, with her common sense approach, stands out. here, she's paying particular attention to the pattern on the bottom of the bowl. she believes an uneven surface will make it easier to hold. to replicate the design more
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accurately and ensure it is easy to produce, they made a mold based on a computer aided design system. >> translator: i was very surprised by the design, because i had never seen anything like that. working with people within our community may be the only chance. otherwise, the brand might disappear. >> reporter: the result combines the artisans know-how and advanced technology and fully meets her expectations. >> reporter: the midden pattern satisfies two cardinal aspects of design. functional and pleasing to the eye.
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the next step for any prototype is testing. she visits a couple with a 4-year-old son. >> translator: look, just put your fingertips on the bumpy part. >> translator: i'm glad, as a parent, to see him holding a rice bowl in the right way. >> reporter: her goal is two-fold. to develop traditional, yet innovative products and bring together as many artisans as possible with future consumers. >> some beautiful pieces there. japan accomplished an unprecedented feet and the gymnastics thursday. he won a title in the men's individual all around category.
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no other gymnast has ever won more than three. he finished first in the qualifying round before competing against 23 other gymnasts in the finals. his performance was steady throughout the competition. he was the only contestant to gain more than 15 points in all six categories. he focused on avoiding mistakes. he added he was satisfied with the fifth straight title, but unhappy with his performance on the parallel bars and horizontal bar. >> fair weather conditions except in northeastern china. we have more. >> looks like the calm before the storm system traveling into japan. much of japan's peninsula and china looking at clear skies and suny conditions. a different story in beijing with hazy conditions. this the due to the p.m. 2.5 on
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the hazardous level today. looks like the air pollution will continue throughout friday. i know some people out in the airports trying to fly into beijing are told the flight may boomerang back. looks like it's going to be a very low visibility condition out there. by tomorrow, things will be dispursing due to precipitation and windy conditions pulling in. out toward the north, the high pressure system is responsible for very cool temperatures, 12 degrees. the low is about 2 degrees for your morning hours. 8 degrees with wintry precipitation already out there. toward the tropics, due to the surge, manila is going to be a messy day with unstable conditions continuing throughout the weekend. out here, across europe, we are looking at a po ten system.
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stretching all the way down into southern areas. especially in and around southern spain and france. more unstable conditions that include tornado activity. one tornado reported in the uk. we have that potential here. northern italy 185 million of rain in a three-hour span. this is likely to continue and travel to the east. paris is looking at 20 degrees and really nice conditions in warsaw with plenty of sunshine on your friday. across the u.s., the midsection is slammed by torrents of rainfall on top of the 65 millimeters reported in missouri, 100 millimeters of additional rainfall will risk flash flooding. it continues into texas and oklahoma city making for messy conditions with severe thunderstorms. oklahoma city at 23. houston, the same. to the north of the jet stream, we are looking at just ten degrees for winnipeg and rainy conditions here in washington,
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d.c. and in new york. the extended forecast across the globe. that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us. s/ /s .
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big exporters are cheering abenomicses. why are the rest of japan feeling so gloomy? hong kong's protesters make it loud and clear while banks and shops quietly close their doors. and vietnamese are drinking more milk as farmers tap into a fast-growing industry. hello. you're watching "asia biz forecast." i'm yuko fukushima. some people are calling it the umbrella revolution. pro-democracy demonstrators if filling the streets of hong kong over the past week have been dealing with bouts of torrential rain. their cries for political freedom have come from benea


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