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tv   DW News  PBS  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institue, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is dw news live from berlin. is europe getting its act together on migration? donald tusk says he sees the first signs of the eu states overcoming their differences. german chancellor angela merkel and french president hollande trying to make it happen ahead of the migration summit. one of brazil's most popular presidents is questioned by police. the latest to be called up in a corruption investigation that has the country divided.
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and not ruling out bribery. an investigation into germany hosting the 2006 soccer world cup finds no proof but says it can't rule it out either. i'm brent goff. president of the european council says he sees the first signs of europe reaching consensus on how to manage the migration crisis. he has been visiting turkey in a diplomatic drive to get the country to stem the flow of immigrants. tusk said that common ground is emerging for the first time. he's been on a tour of turkey and the balkan nations that lie on the route that most refugees take from northern greece to europe.
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one of the greatest challenges in the crisis. smugglers have been sentenced to more than four years in prison in connection with his death. >> each one representing a person that risk everything for the hope of a better life in europe. they put their lives in the hands of people smugglers. the votes are often in poor condition and cramped full to maximize profits. a turkish court has sentenced syrians to more than four years in prison.
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they were not found directly responsible for causing the deaths of five people. but the defense is not satisfied with the verdict and plans to appeal. if my client had been a turkish citizen, he would be released from jail considering the time he has already spent in prison. one of those who drowned was this three-year-old. the image of the dead toddler on the beach became a symbol of the refugee crisis. >> our correspondent has been following for a while. the case, it's another reminder that human trafficking puts thousands of people at risk.
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is turkey doing enough to stop it? >> the government will be keen to see if they are taking this smuggling seriously. it has to be said, with how many people smugglers are facing. prosecution, even being convicted, this does lead to growing suspicion that in spite of the rhetoric, there is a reluctance to carry out this crackdown. to go down to the beaches, you can quite easily find groups of migrants and smugglers. and very little intervention from the police. this is one thing they will crackdown on the smugglers. brent: you have to wonder what the verdict means. i know the trial was incribly fast.
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it lasted only a month, which is almost unheard of. will it serve as a deterrent? >> the lawyers said that if there client had been turkish, they would already be out. it has become a billion-dollar industry. it appears to be very little risk. brent: the cease control of one of the biggest newspapers in the country. and it is very critical of president erdogan. the newspaper is closely linked to the us-based muslim cleric.
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they are an apparent opponent of the president. the president accuses him of trying to overthrow the government by building a network of supporters in the judiciary, police, and the media. let me ask you about this case. it is the latest on a series of crackdowns. what is behind us? >> this case is part of a titanic struggle. he and his former ally work very close in the years when they came to power. they accuse the followers of trying to overthrow him and he has been subsequently seizing assets of a very powerful organization and close down pages and tv stations. it also has to be realized that this newspaper is one of the last remaining mainstream newspapers critical of the
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government. another tv station critical of the government was removed from broadcast because of intervention by the prosecutors. there is this systematic campaign to wipe all critical reporting in the country. brent: not easy being a journalist in turkey at the moment. dorian, thank you very much. here in europe, leaks have been coordinating strategy ahead of the eu summit on migration scheduled for monday. chancell angela merkel and french presidential on held a press conference ahead of paris. angela merkel stressed that unilateral solutions would be useless. germany took in more than one million people last year and wants other countries to do their share as well. some members are refusing to do
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so. the 25-year-old identified only as neals d. had already confessed and admitted to joining the unit that hunted down deserters in syria. >> the defendant consistently denied torture and executions during his time with i.s.. they described command structures and atrocities in syria. the court was convinced partly on the basis of testimony given -- during his time with i.s., he
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served with the so-called storm troops whose mission was to find and apprehend deserters and spies among members as well as among the general population. according to his testimony, the defendant witnessed prisoners undergoing hours of torture and the list of several deserters. as to whether he had indeed distanced himself from i.s.. brent: four workers killed and 22 injured after a scaffold collapsed in the southern mexican city. workers at the cathedral were pouring concrete on its ceiling and the structure was not strong enough to withstand the weight. police are conducting tests on a
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property found by former football great o.j. simpson. simpson's ex-wife and male friend were stabbed multiple times. the murder weapon was never found. the zika virus is likely linked to a severely formation of the brain among newborns. scientists have found evidence the virus targets key issues. was it bribery? did germany by the right to host the 2006 world cup? that question has been hanging in the air for months. people had hoped an independent auditor would clear that up. we still don't know.
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it did not find quite a few other things. >> the right to own the 2006, it was less than clear. >> we have no evidence that can't pull it out. -- rule it out. >> it passed through several countries and banks. most notably, the role of german football legend. it was from his bank account the money trailed again. he eventually ended up in the accounts of a scaffolding
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company by band former football head. the link to qatar is explosive. the delegates were decisive and germany ultimately handed the rights. it has caused a conflict. we are dealing with the bank transaction that has been kept secret for 10 months. thanks to an extensive and detailed search in the last 10 days, it has been uncovered. some of the questions regarding the 6.7 million euro payment have been answered. a pandora's box may have been opened and difficult to close. brent: this year's formula one campaign gets underway in two weeks time.
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i will have to get used to one major change to the qualifying rules. the slowest cars will gradually be eliminated leaving only two cars fighting for poland till the end. -- for pauole until the end. >> it is set to be introduced next season. for our he showed off their powerful car but the team are not quite pleased with their time. >> generally seems like a step up. it is usually a good sign.
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>> it feel strong and solid. for now, what team has the greatest chance of victory is far from certain. >> the two week long tasks have hinted it might be a tightly fought battle this season. >> we still have a lot more. including one of brazil's most popular presidents.
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coming up on the other side of the 62nd break, stay with us.
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brent: we are back. here are the top stories for this friday. donald tusk sees the first signs of the eu overcoming its differences on migration. angela merkel and french president francois hollande have been court needing strategy ahead of monday's crucial eu summit on migration. the former brazilian president the silva has left police offices after questioning of a
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sweeping corruption investigation. renovations at luxury properties used by silva and his family. >> he is both loved and loathed in brazil. poverty and inequality decreased with the economy booming. i worked and can't even afford a bicycle. to his critics, he's just another corrupt politician. he should have been detained a long time ago. if this was in the united
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states, he would be detained and investigated already. his close ties to current president threatened her already fragile government. several other members of their workers party have been implicated in operation carwash. she herself with the country in a deep recession, the popularity is at an all-time low. but to some of her supporters, the real criminals are the investigators themselves. what is happening here is a coup attempt against the government. this is what we are protesting against today. >> lula denies any wrongdoing calling the search illegal and unjustified. brent: the carwash scandal,
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these are the latest in the corruption campaign. good afternoon to you, alex. she looked furious there, calling today at day of indignation and disrespect. how damaging is this questioning to him? >> it is very damaging. lewis touchdown as president in 2011 as the most popular president in the history of brazil. but since details of the investigations into his possible involvement have been dripping out since last year, surveys of shown that his popularity has been steadily declining. this is a major blow to his reputation. he has a strong core of supporters that back can but they are fewer by the day. brent: his protege, the current
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president, she is under a lot of pressure right now. and this is certainly going to add to it, isn't it? >> absolutely. he remains an important power broker. this is one of those in recent days. they apparently signed a plea bargain and is offering testimony that appears to implicate the president in obstructing the investigations into petro brass. it could increase chances she be removed from power through impeachment or another case through the electoral court. brent: are we looking at an independent justice system
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working here? what about the workers party saying this is a witchhunt trying to destroy leftists? >> the workers party simultaneously praises corruption as a sign of institutional progress. they say the way that they have targeted figures show that they are actually a right wing conspiracy to take down the government. this is a sign of institutional progress. in years past, you would never see anyone being investigated from the party in power this way. brent: alex, thank you very much. time for business news now. maria anna is here to talk about apple. mariana: apple and its
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encryption battle with the u.s. government. including google, facebook, microsoft, and two dozen other technology companies filed legal briefs on thursday. the appeal to the court to support the iphone maker and the refusal to open the encryption technology. even the united nations has weighed in. >> the u.n. high commission warned of the risks involved in a u.s. ruling against apple. >> we urge the u.s. authorities to proceed with great caution in the ongoing protests given its potentially negative ramifications all over the world. >> they want access to the phone
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used by the shooter in san bernardino. >> they make it impossible for any major international i.t. company to safe guard. it is a gift to authoritarian regimes as well as criminal hackers. >> families have filed a brief opposing apple. mariana: facebook. funneling taxes through ireland, keeping them low. have been criticized for using complex arrangements to drastically reduce their bills. things to clever accounting, the 2014 14 corporate tax bill in
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the u.k. came to the equivalent of around 5.5 thousand euros. which is a tidy sum given that britain -- zimbabwe's president says his government will seize control of all of the country's diamond mines. robbing the country of its wealth by siphoning off gems. they will own the diamonds -- the eighth largest. new york city is now home to the most expensive train station in the world. the new transit hub is located near ground zero. the site where the twin towers of the world, twice the original estimate.
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the oculus will connect to subway lines and 200 passengers a day. that is a look at the business news and back over to brent. brent: thank you very much and have a good weekend. celebrating its 800th anniversary next month. despite seeing the church where they were based, they+420 -- they are still pitch perfect. they gave a concert at the dresden state opera house. take a listen. >> every court is perfect. it's the detail that sets the core apart. the concert held in celebration was no exception.
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the bundestag president pointed to the political situation in germany. >> when a majority remains silent, the minority is threatened. >> they came to fame in the earliest -- the early 20th century and have been in demand across the world. it is here that worship takes place. the sacred music performed here is both conventional and contemporary. there are requires that specialize more than we do. we want our choir to represent a wider genre palette. the greatest reward for all the
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hard work comes in the form of spectacular performances. in april, they will be celebrating their 800th anniversary for a whole week. brent: there was the music. before i let you go, a reminder the top story we're following for you. the european council president says he's the first signs of eu states overcoming the differences on migration. german chancellor merkel and french president hollande have been correlating strategy ahead of the crucial summit. i will be back to take you through the day. hope you stay with us.
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