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tv   DW News  PBS  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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♪ >> this is dw news live from berlin. fears of violence and a military confrontation in gambia after the country get a new president. jubilation after adam the very is sworn into office -- adama barrow is sworn into office in senegal. but the outgoing president is refusing to step down. also coming up, three people are dead in central italy, dozens more after an avalanche buries and mountain hotel in snow. in a dw exclusive, we hear from
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a man who knew the hotel well. he says his neighbors are among those trapped inside. also coming up, u.s. president-elect donald trump touches down in washington dc ahead of friday's inauguration. we go live to the u.s. capitol to hear what is happening. trump is promising a very special, very beautiful event. ♪ brent: it is good to have you with us. tonight, the gambia is holding its breath amid reports that senegalese troops have marched into the west african nation. gambia's new leader, adama barrow, who was sworn into office in senegal in his nation's embassy short while ago, triggering the military crisis. outgoing president yahya jammeh
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is clinging to power tonight. the troops from senegal and other african nations say they will forcibly remove him from power if he fails to step down. the un security council has voted unanimously to back barrow but is calling for a peaceful transition. we want to take you now to the gambia. our correspondent is in the city monitoring developments for us. we are hearing reports that the army from senegal that has entered the gambia, what more can you tell us? adrian: the chance of a peaceful transition is over. i am in the biggest city in the gimpy of, three thirds of the people -- many people are staying inside. there are towns close to the border were there are jubilation of people for the troops coming
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in from senegal. in the capital, it is different. some people were looking forward to the military intervention because they see it as a last resort to push yahya jammeh out of power. this is a scenario that has never happened to this country before. brent: president elected barrow has been sworn in as president. he got used to the first address to call for national reconciliation. let's listen to what he had to say. >> in one's lifetime. this is the first time since they gambia became independent in 1965, [indiscernible] i mustake this opportunity to turn the entire electorate of the gambia and gambians in
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general for making this day possible. i turned the entire country of the coalition 2016 and the stakeholders for putting aside political differences to unite us on a national influence. brent: there you have a call for peace from the new president barrow tonight. former president john mack -- yahya jammeh refusing to step down. do we have two presidents? adrian: i don't think so. is a matter of hours rather than days. this was not much stronger than the army, and the army is very split. there are some soldiers supporting yahya jammeh. some of them are not supporting him, so that is why people do not believe the army has the strength of fighting against
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this military intervention. people are really a bit scared seeing what is happening, but most are optimistic this will not end up to bat for the country. brent: we are still hearing reports of thousands of people scrambling to flee the country, fearing things could turn more violent. what are you hearing? adrian: those are not recently reported. those happened in the past, one or two days, people try to leave because they are expecting this. most people are staying indoors. the streets are deserted, and people are waiting for this thing to end. probably by tomorrow morning, we will really what happened and it might be over. brent: our correspondent in gambia, adrian. thank you. to an avalanche now that buried at hotel in central italy.
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three bodies have been recovered so far, 30 still missing, feared dead. the disaster, triggered by a series of earthquakes that shook the region a day before. rescue workers shuttling to get their emergency vehicles through the snow were only able to reach the hotel on skis. they found the four-story building completely covered by snow. reporter: this man was one of the few lucky ones. he survived a massive avalanche that hit this hotel. several guests are still missing. these pictures show how devastated the avalanche must have been. it was so large, it actually shifted the building by 10 meters. the disaster unfolded in one of italy's earthquakes near farindola in the province of abruzzo. the hotel rigopiano lives on
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this slow. with the region cut off because of heavy snowfall, many rescuers had to be flown in. the question is, have they arrived in time to find other survivors under the masses of snow? >> we are all holding our breath over what happened last night with the avalanche that struck the rigopiano hotel. we are holding our breath as we wait to see developments on the dramatic effect that avalanche has probably had. the rescuers are working in very hard conditions. the first rescuers skied through hours to reach the site. they had been working around the clock ever since. reporter: some say they have been calling out to potential survivors, but so far no one has
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responded. brent: and we heard in the report, the site of the avalanche is near farindola, in remote central italy. earlier, a reporter spoke to a resident of farindola and a friend of the owner of the devastated hotel. >> we are all devastated. we have friends out there. neighbors of ours are trapped up there in the hotel. and we don't know what to do now. we know everyone. we know everyone, because we went up there a lot. the owner of the hotel was a friend. a close friend of mine. brent: his home actually looks up onto the mountain and the wreckage of the hotel. he went on to describe his
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mounting sense of english as the hours where on and his friends have not yet been pulled out of the debris. -- sense of anguish as the hours wear on and his friends have not yet been pulled out of the debris. >> after the avalanche, the hotel was hurled about 10 meters by the huge impact. my house faces the mountain, and when i look up, i see a lot of trees uprooted and the gash that the avalanche left behind. and no wing were the areas -- knowing where the area of the hotel was, i know this is terrible. it is a really huge landslide. brent: tragic account there. from where the hotel was covered in snow by an avalanche. to iran now, state media say at
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least 20 firefighters are dead after iran's oldest skyscper collapsed in the capital to ron. -- tamron. -- tehran. this was all caught on camera. this came down after a fire had been ablaze for hours. state police say seven people have been injured. this beginning in the middle of the big -- the building. soldiers, sniffer dogs and rescue workers are at the scene tonight, sifting through the rubble. donald trump has arrived in washington dc on his last day as resident elect. for the first time, the republican billionaire and his wife bellotti is traded in their -- melania traded in their private plane for the official jet. in the evening, he gave a speech held with only his cabinet nominees and a trusted few confidants.
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on friday afternoon, local time, donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. and i trump protests are expected, but there are a lot of people who will be celebrating his election. this is what some of them have been telling us. >> i like the fact that i think he is very up front, and he is quite brilliant. he is not a perfect man, but he is brilliant, and he is not lazy, and he is going to do great things for america. >> i really hope he is able to fulfill his campaign promises like repeal obamacare and get a replacement in there for that. for my family, that is very important. >> i can't promise it will be great, but i can promise it will be different. i am interested to see where it goes. >> it is nice to have someone to talk to them for once. i don't agree with everything, but it is nice that i think he
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is saying what he is thinking. >> i agree with>> his christian values, like abortion. i am a strong standpoint against abortion. it should not be legal under any circumstances areas that is why most agree brent: him. there are some thoughts. that is the city preparing for the inauguration and where our reporter is. she is on the spot the whole world is watching this evening. good evening to you, alexandra. donald trump has arrived. who else is there? alexandra: well, many trump supporters and people are gathering here. the national mall in front of the lincoln memorial waiting for the traditional concert and reading of course for donald trump, who is expected to be addressing the crowd in about
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one hour. i talked to many people here, and they told me some of them traveled the whole way, long way from their homes of kentucky or texas, and they told me that they are very happy to be here, to be part of the celebration of the inauguration. they voted for trump, and they hope he is going to bring new jobs to the united states. who is not here of course our international stars, because many of them didn't want to perform this concert because they didn't want to perform for donald trump. brent: and what is going on in washington at this moment apart from trump's make america great again welcome concert at the memorial? alexandra: well, you know, when you walk across the city center,
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you have the feeling the whole city is in the very festive mood. but we do see a lot of protests going on on a daily basis, and there are some groups who announced they are going to try to disturb the inauguration even. we are expecting up to 200,000 people who are going to attend a protest rally on the day after the inauguration. even at this moment, we are looking, we are dealing with a very divided nation. brent: divided nation indeed. our correspondent in washington. the u.s. prepares to inaugurate its 45th president. thank you very much. you are watching dw news live from berlin. still to come, at the australian open, a little known person stuns the tennis world. we will tell you about that. and hobby error be here with the business news. ♪
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♪ brent: welcome back. you are with dw news live from berlin. out of -- adama barrow has been sworn in as president of the gambia, and his nation's embassy in dakar. even though longtime gambia leader yahya jammeh is still refusing to step down. reports say the senegalese army has entered the gambia to force him from power. three bodies have been recovered after an avalanche buried a hotel in central italy. many people are missing, feared
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dead. one man who knew the hotel well spoke to dw about his friends trapped under the snow. >> we know everyone. we know everyone because we went up there a lot. the owner of the hotel was a friend. a close friend of mine. brent: and that search and rescue mission in central italy ongoing tonight. we will keep you up-to-date on that. time for business news. we have continuing coverage of the world economic forum. javier: china has been at the spotlight, with remarks from xi jinping, and now this. the commerce giant alibaba has announced a major sponsorship deal with the international olympic committee. the company's ceo jack mock broke the news -- jack ma broke the news. the money has been earmarked for developing digital platforms and providing internet security for the games.
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the move comes as asia prepares to host the next three olympic events. and we wanted to know the details of this deal as a part of coverage in the world economic forum. we have a reporter in davos who got to talk with alibaba. >> alibaba is teaming up with the international olympic committee. for some more insight on this deal that was announced here in davos, i am joined by a man from shanghai sports, a company involved in making this deal happen. so tell me, who was seeking the deal here, alibaba or vice versa? >> jack ms -- ma, regularly attends the meeting, and they had very interesting discussions , saw eye to eye, and that is when the discussions started.
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we have been advising and helping alibaba on sports related manners in china. this accelerated, and the deal happened with announcing here during the meeting in such a list. reporter: if we take a look at the deal from the standpoint of the ioc, what was the committee looking for when it decided to team up with allie baba? >> if you look at china from a technology and media standpoint, especially internet, china is way ahead of other countries in terms of adoption of internet and technology. it is the and alibaba is the biggest in china. jack ma says they are at company that happened to be based in china. they have global ambition. from that standpoint, it was marriage in heaven. on top of that, jack had this
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vision of what he calls double h, health and happiness. so he wants to bring people, create new jobs to people, create really a platform for everyone, and is a great fit with the olympics. reporter: what is it the ioc is looking for in alibaba? >> they will join the top partner, so the group of the top sponsors. on top of that, they will have the character of e-commerce and clouded. they will present a lot of technology to the olympics. this allows you to run much more efficient games, increase the efficiency of hosting the games, and also from a media standpoint, allie baba is the largest media company in china, and they will work with the ioc to launch a channel in china and bring media assets to bring the olympic games every day to all
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the users. reporter: jack mock -- ma, the founder, he has met donald trump and pledged to create one million jobs in the u.s. what does that say about allie baba as a company -- alibaba as a company, which very few people had heard of? >> that is what is fascinating about china. you have energy. you have internet speed, then you have chinese internet speed which is even faster. this country has become a giant, has global ambition. and what is impressive about alibaba is a platform. they have 12 million merchants on this platform, 12 million people who sell on the alibaba platform. in terms of job creation, they have an amazing contribution. their goal now is to extend further. that is why this is an amazing
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platform with this expansion. he really means it when he says he will bring jobs overseas to serve back to china. reporter: thankou so much for your insight. javier: in a highly anticipated statement on wednesday, janet yellen said it makes sense for the fed to gradually increase interest rates. this is because the u.s. is approaching full employment, and the american economy is close to being able to grow on its own without stimulus from the central bank. she has not provided details about when the next rate hike is coming, but her remarks sent emerging markets lower. people took money out of when the u.s. treasury offers a higher yield. the donald trump administration starting on wednesday want to introduce taxes for many goods if they are not produced in the u.s. first the car industry, now the canadians are afraid their lover
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industry could face higher costs. the problem is not new but could get even worse. reporter: this lumber is heading for the u.s., but american exports are dropping. about 90% of canada's lumber production crossed the border. now it is only 65%. the u.s. has never been fairly -- friendly, putting high tariffs on canadian wood. and things could get even worse. >> we can't compete with the larger licensees, so they found a smaller market. reporter: the chinese market. most of the lumber here is heading for asia. >> it is survival of the fittest. basically i think we are in that realm, we should survive. a lot of times, a lot of the little guys fall, but we are ok. reporter: the major players here are not as flexible. in logging country, british
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columbia, many lumberjacks fear for their livelihoods. 140,000 jobs could be at stake. this is if president trump makes good on his threats to flag canadian lumber. javier: it is time for sports. brent: tennis, and a major upset at the australian open, six-time winner and defending champion novak djokovic has crashed out of the men's singles. he lost sensationally to a man from uzbekistan. he is ranked 117th in the world. reporter: they are playing a living tennis legend, but he did not let it show. he surprised his opponent with a series of counterattacks. that was a wake-up call to the serb. and the smiling stopped for the man called the joker.
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djokovic next 72 errors, who seized the opportunity. he won in a tiebreak and kept momentum going, taking 6-4 to crown the biggest win of his career. >> all the credits for playing amazing, he deserves to win. no doubt he was a better player in a clutch moment. reporter: every underdog has his day. dennis did not even apologize for beating his superstar opponent. brent: the football now, six nations where nigeria and tunisia faced off in a group clash. tunisia took the lead in the second half after this deflect into his own net. and a penalty on 66inutes. geria g a consolation goal in overtime but could not
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prevent the defeat. here is a reminder of the top stories we are following for you. gambia has a new president, a domino -- adama barrow. longtime gambian leader yahya jammeh is still refusing to step down. reports say that the senegalese army has now entered the gambia to force yahya jammeh from power. three bodies have beenecovered after an avalanche buried a hotel in central italy. many are missing, feared dead. the disaster comes after the region was shaken by a series of earthquakes on wednesday. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] brent: you can always get dw news on the go, just download our app. that will give your access to the latest news from around the
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world as well as push notifications for breaking news. you can use the dw app to send us photos and videos when you see this happening. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day . we will have an in-depth look at the five hours -- final hours before donald trump's inauguration. the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. we will explore that on the day. ♪
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