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tv   DW News  PBS  November 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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berlin. germany in an unprecedented and -- predicament. talk to form a new government collapse. the new president increase the pressure on the parties to try to reach a deal. with no new government on the verizon, uncertainty reigns across europe's strongest country. angela merkel says she would prefer a elections at the talks continue to go nowhere. her political future hangs in the balance.
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also coming out, zimbabwe's ruling party -- moves to impeach the president. robert moog got a -- the president ignored they call to resign. brent: germany has been thrust into political uncertainty. talks to form a new coalition government collapsed late on sunday after four weeks of marathon negotiations. they could -- the german president will try to cut a deal. johnson a angela merkel is weighing her options tonight. she says she is ready to run for chancellor again in a new election if necessary. >> she would have gladly spared herself and germany from this
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walk of shame but after the collapse of coalition talks it is up to the german president to decide what the next step will be. forming a new government is always a difficult political process involving struggle and disagreement. this is possibly the most important task that voters give their representatives within a democracy. the german president plans to make up for talks with various parties over the next few days. he has told his own party, the social democrats that they cannot shirk their responsibilities just because of poor election results. >> we are not going to pull our ministers out of the serving government so we have all the time and the will to find a solution.
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it is our chance to take on responsibilities. >> this is not concealing its way. in the election campaign that demanded angela merkel step down. now they see themselves one step closer to this reality. we are pleased the jamaica coalition failed. that would have been a coalition that did not represent social change. it would not have heralded a start of a different type of politics. it would have represented business as usual. but the german people can't understand why the way talks failed. they had a task and were not capable of coming to a compromise, that is a shame. these politicians can't agree. they said they would have had to accept tyranny compromises and stressed they wanted to stay true to their promises. nothing would have been worse
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than beginning a relationship that with what it ended in a ugly divorce only three or four months later. this country deserves better. + but the greens don't agree, they believed they were on the verge of signing a compromise, even on the difficult subject of migration. this irresponsible action is just reopening old ones. >> chancellor angela merkel insists that even in this phase germany remains a stable -- stable country. she would prefer new elections. >> i did not plan on leaving a my article listen. now we have to wait a few days after that, new elections are also a possibility. >> according to pause, the results of new elections would find this is the party and the spd with about the same number of votes as last time.
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+ >> he joins us from outside the german parliament in berlin. we have heard that the german chancellor favors snap elections if it comes to that and on the other hand we have the german president pushing the political parties to try one more time to compromise and reach an agreement on a coalition government. what you think is the most likely scenario? >> these two different views just showed the level of uncertainty germany is currently facing. i think the idea of step elections is one that most parties would like to avoid because it is seen as a returning the responsibility to the voters instead of taking that responsibility to the parties. clearly he said that that is what angela merkel stressed that the next move was in the hands
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of mr. steinmeyer will be talking to the leaders of the different parties. just to see if there's any possibility of finding common ground or a compromise. it is at this point unlikely because they are clearly different perspectives in many cases the parties are diametrically opposed but at the same time it is not impossible. obviously these discussions, these debates in the next few days will be very important to see to what extent german political parties are willing to form that coalition. >> the party with the second largest number of seats in parliament, the social democrats, that party says it will not enter into a grand coalition. we heard that again today. was that the final word? >> not necessarily. it is a word dad been repeating time and time again. it has to do with the fact that
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they had a very better election results, one that was partially blamed on the fact that it had already been in a grand coalition with angela merkel. a grand coalition where they failed to have a clear profile quick even though they passed some of the proposals, angela merkel made the very skeptical about entering a new coalition. that is why we heard that that is going to be the case. they said they are also open to talk to a german president. it is up to him to see if he can move the spd to reconsider that position again. we have to see what comes out of these discussions. brent: that is our correspondent outside the german parliament. thank you very much. the future of coalition talks is
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not a blip for the german government, it is unwelcome news for many across europe. the santa barbara basil. -- let's go to barbara basil. we can say that france is germany's most important strategic partner. what have you heard? >> shock and are in paris. it is not in our interest for things to seize up. they also sent president macron to reiterate that france was to keep on making proposals to reform. the takings a step toward however we need germany to implement them. that is clear that mccrone who started out high and was really looking up to angela merkel as the leader he admired, a role model may be, somebody who weathered so many crises that he
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was suddenly left alone at home, very uncomfortable for the french president, something he didn't want paris -- >> we have been hearing from politicians in the netherlands and austria today. these talks come at a very better time for the european union, what is at stake here? >> a lot is at stake because the upcoming part crises and problems was the very form of the asylum system to brexit and everything else that is on the agenda in the next month and in the next year. it will be held up, the new foreign minister from the netherlands -- this is creating a very comfortable position for europe. decision-making will be difficult/almost impossible.
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the austrian finance minister said something similar and there can be no deepening of european cooperation and we think about the upcoming at the december summit, the upcoming decision about defense corporations, if germany is not strong and stable and the leadership is not quite clear. it is something that emerged today, that is that there will be politics for the next few weeks and probably months and something that puts europe in a very difficult and that position. brent: that was the european reaction in brussels. we know brussels does not like the uncertainty about markets are surprisingly calm. >> normally they say investors hate nothing more than uncertainty but the political crisis in berlin seems to be of little interest to german
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shallows. the index actually rose in monday's session. analysts say it is far too early to be complacent. >> competence in germany's political system and its booming economy are reassuring many to look at the current impasse by there's trouble had if uncertainty lingers, business sensibility, investors do certainty and germany. europe's largest economy has a lot on its plate. >> the economic challenges are huge. what does it mean for the eu economy? international trade? this infrastructure, payment for germany's transfer, there is so much on the agenda and we need answers. one answer that is. by many stakeholders is new elections. it is a process that would be two months of uncertainty. elections are so unattractive to german businesses that many across the economy -- each
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publicly urged for continued coalition talks. there is concern at the youth -- the level. emmanuel macron has a mistake and the german government. he is looking for a more integrated european economy and it hinges on german support. >> being number one without a partner is not good. mccrone has also been elected to revive beer can project. it was supposed to be a matter of weeks before he had his german partner now the timing is anyone's guess. >> the city of paris has been picked to host a key institution after britain leaves the european union in 2019. the european banking agency is coveted in london but britain's imminent departure left them looking for a new home. competition to acquire them which employs over 160 people could be theists, dublin and
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frankfurt lost out of the vote. they voted for amsterdam as their new post-brexit location, the european medicines agency. a total of 23 cities were in the running. charlotte, why did harris went as the host city for the banking agency russian mar? charlotte: we'll have to speculate. a lot of people are wondering why frankfurt was not the winner for the epa. it had been a front matter and we thought it was going to take the lead. it did not, it was knocked out and he did reach the final three alongside dublin and then it came down to dublin and to paris and in a tiebreak boat, names were picked out of a hat and paris was the winner, there is something of a bit of luck for
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paris which was left incredibly disappointed. let's not do down, paris is a financial hub, it is only on to the european security markets agency, that might play a role. ultimately, any winner of this had to prove various criteria. one of which is that they were damaged takeover as soon as the eu and the u.k. posted the eva. that is something paris proved it was able to do. >> moving the agencies brings up its own problems including issues of workers. >> that is right, although the idea is that as the new host city -- if it is able to relocate the workers from london -- and a lot of the videos they were applying for these two agencies, they were very keen to prove that they would be good hosts for these londoners. they could offer good international schools, some were even came to prove how many
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lights a day they would offer back to london. they are keen to move over to the new cities and indeed amsterdam was one of the top choices apparently. as you said, there are some problems if a lot of those people don't want to relocate then you have to employ new workers from the host cities and that does raise some issues, particularly since they are so highly skilled, these new workers are likely to have a very strong area of expertise and only work in industries and having to move from industries does carry a host of concerns. brent: the ruling party in zimbabwe has moved to begin impeachment proceedings against the president. the embattled leaders refusal to
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quit has plunged the african nation into another crisis. his party says that impeachment proceedings are likely to start tomorrow. in a new twist, the army tonight says that he is in contact with his ousted vice president. the very man who was said to be his successor. the head of the army says former vice president is working with the president on a dairy good solution to the crisis. >> we have had a consultation with the present to great on a roadmap on the prevailing situation. the zimbabwe defense and security are encouraged by new developments reaching conduct between the president and the former vice president.
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he is expected in the country shortly. after, the mission will be outcomes between the two. >> that was the head of zimbabwe defense forces. i am joined by the human rights watch said in africa director independence broke. it is good to have you on the show. according to the army as you and i just heard, they will talk to nicaragua about a possible transition of power. do you think this could be the final step before we see mcgaughey resign? >> it could be, yes. what is clear is that from the outset, the army had not had intention of removing him from office, but he should do, was to have achieved was workforce -- force them to fire his deputy
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and to talk with his wife from becoming the successor. for now, they have achieved their goals. it is quite possible they would agree that he would be used out of office when this expires sometime next year in july of next year. >> let me ask you, last night, all of us were watching the speech by mr. mcgaughey and most people were expecting him to resign in that speech. he did not. do think that we were all expecting the wrong thing? >> yes, that was classic last night. it was clear that they would be legal and constitutional problems because the military does not want this to appear to be an outright military coup. they wanted him as president to
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be able to reappoint him first before he could step down. that way it becomes a constitutional transition. if he had resigned last night it would have meant that to get in as the next president until you have some kind of election. the talks would facilitate a process by which i spent you be brought back into the government before he steps down, such a next year. >> is interesting that you're describing it that way, earlier today we know there was a new deadline for him to resign. he ignored that. how are zimbabweans reacting to what has become a political roller coaster? >> a huge disappointment. anti-climax because thousands of
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zimbabweans marched in the atmosphere was euphoric. there was expectation that there was the end for him. they wanted him to step down immediately. there was a call from the party to said he was fired. there is huge disappointment because he remains in office. for many, the social siege is the final stages and inevitably he has to go as it -- as soon as many would have wanted. >> the southern africa director at human rights watch joining us from johannesburg. thank you, we appreciate your insights. >> to kenya network to people have been killed in violent protests after the countries supreme court upheld the reelection of the president. the court dismissed to legal challenges to the boat.
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he could well be sworn in next week but many opposition supporters are saying they don't accept the vote. >> since the ruling, nairobi has become a tale of two cities. some people have been celebrating the supreme court decision confirming the reelection of the president of the jubilee party. after he won, 98% of the vote. supporters have had run his with police that cost lives. everyone came after they successfully challenged and earlier to in august. the nation remains divided. >> the verdict has gone to the other side. >> is in the state of we don't know where we stand.
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>> after the new ruling, a lawyer for kenya said justice had been served. >> the court agreed with our case. there was no reason to modify elections. i think is good for the country. >> the opposition leader had this one in. >> it helped move this country from the present, there's going to be turmoil in our country. >> the swearing-in ceremony for the president is scheduled for next tuesday. >> here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world, concern is growing at the 40 crew members of an argentinian summary missing in the south atlantic. today it was revealed that satellite cause detected over the weekend did not come from the submarine. storms are also public process.
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the navy says the summary was on its way back to base after reporting an electrical fault. >> donald trump has declared north korea a state sponsor of terrorism. trump said the move to blacklist the regime again was long overdue. pyongyang was removed from the list in 2008, north korea and the u.s. are over kim jong-un's controversial nuclear program. >> the american coleader charles manson has died in a california hospital at the age of 83. in the late 1960's, he ordered murders including that of the actress sharon take in 1969, murders that shocked the world. manson said that he hopes to spark an apocalyptic war between the races. instead he ended up behind bars. he was still in custody when he died of natural causes. >> charles manson's mug shot has
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become synonymous with manipulation and murder. he plotted gruesome killings that shocked and scandalized america. in the 1960's counterculture movement he assembled a group of followers. there were no is the manson family. in the summer of 1969 and became -- began a killing spree. they stabbed sharon tate and for others. in court and facing a possible capital punishment a grinning manson was asked to follow her testifying against him. >> all of my feelings are good. >> he and for others received life sentences that were spared the death penalty. over the years his image has continued to haunt the american
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consciousness from behind bars. he did -- died of natural causes on sunday having never shown publicly was for his crimes. >> now to some controversy in germany's lower football leagues, a chinese team playing a series of matches against german opposition walked off the pitch during their first game in the country after protesters displayed tibetan flags in the stands. >> and unfamiliar team taking to the pitch in germany. they were welcomed with familiar colors but when demonstrators in the stands unfelt that in flags, the chinese players halted proceedings. they walked off the pitch in protest and returned when the flags were removed. the decision to allow china's under 20 side to play against teams in germany's southwest and regionally was met with opposition and the introduction was delayed until november. three teams have refused to quit
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a guest side but a crative participation of the of 15,000 euros per match has persuaded the remaining 16 to operate. the first game ended in a three mill defeat and there are signs that presence in germany will cause plenty of unrest. >> the tibetan flag is banned in tibet. i think they must have been constructed from higher up to stop playing. they want to keep people obedience. that works in china, not here. they were words of warning from the vice president of the german football association. germany and there are certain laws for instance, freedom of expression. you are allowed to show flags like that one. we hope to explain and contextualize the situation to the chinese delegation so that we can carry on with the remaining games. it is a rocky start for the chinese side and it may not be the last protest the guest steam
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encountered this season. >> here's a reminder of the top stories we are following. germany's president says he is not yet prepared to call fresh elections. that after talks on forming a new coalition government collapsed. the president says he will meet with the parties and urge them to rethink. after a short break i will be back to take you through the day, stick around for that.
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reyes: a remote tribe in the ecuadorian amazon is giving up their traditional hunter-gathering way of life for the good of the environment. i'm elaine reyes in washington, d.c., and this is "americas now." [woman speaking spanish] reyes: first up, an award ceremony in ecuador seeking to promote environmental preservation salutes sustainability projects in the americas. [speaking spanish] translator: the truth is we only have one planet, and we are certainly exhausting its resources. reyes: correspondent harris whitbeck reports on latin america's green awards and the impact they're having on the natural world. then a group of women prepare food every day for those trying to get to the u.s.-mexican border on top of the beast. this week's game changer is no


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