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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 17, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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>> a good morning and broke wagner thanks for joining us today at 11 and i'm sheltered and burkert junkie is into the box 31 newsroom this sport a safe and sound kyle lord missing since last the night and we are finding out tha bring you more details of this morning and of course a check for the very latest and over a police department tweeting out he was found by a citizen who recognized him on the news so glad that story ended well. >> and also starting with a developing story out of olympics village the big story this all spiraling out of that armed robbery us swimmers reported this is a security picture of them returning to the olympic village after the
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judge is called up for the seizure of swimmers and ryan locke d and james fagan's passports however locked his attorney reports he's already back in the states the brazilian drudge or shoot a search and seizure warrant for the two swimmers in the government is questioning the truth behind the alleged robbery the plot thickens on this one. >> we will see what happens basically we are really worried about is whether we would be too hard will it rain will there be lightning we have to go to the man greg do >> the answer is yes the answer is yes to all of that we will get a little bit of everything to the next couple of days as go-ahead and take a look outside behind me if you cause out there in the foothills otherwise clear skies over i 25 in denver as we had to this afternoon you see the clouds build yet again and we may get some storms out of it to all those storms look even more isolated than they were yesterday don't expect
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into your neighborhood this afternoon temperatures are so comfortable and hanging out here and spelling comfortable great on the weather deck 80 degrees in denver lower 60s and conifer lower 60s and bill passed 71 and edwards as we had on the western slope 90 will be our high today we've got about 10 more degrees to go tomorrow we cool down and there is in the rain we got there he checked we got a rain jacket we've got possibly some lightning to with the thunder storms out there check off that box as we have 78 degrees on friday and friday is a start of a really big change 70s for a couple of days will see when warm things up exactly how those other temperatures go because of the heiser in the 70s this note: because the in the 40s and a couple of spots. >> happening now lots of light sirens and helicopters in wheat ridge and that may start to look it kind of ominous to you if you're out there but it's also emergency responders they're ready for the real thing fox 31 jim wholly joins us live from lutheran medical
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that are victims of an earthquake this is all make-believe of course but you have the practices in the emergency facilities do this each and every year or two hospitals all of the denver area >> infrastructure is completely destroyed hospitals are impacted impacted they can't get to their facility in which they work family members are also impacted as well as trying to get to work but if they can't get through because
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infrastructure is our destroyed power is probably out utilities. >> keep in mind this is just a drill but again we are waiting for the helicopters here at lutheran hospital to come in here again for this drill things are running a little bit behind schedule they have to do this every year live over on the west side in wheat wheat ridge jim holy fox 31 >> or their flights but the train is exactly at that is where the difficulty has been continuing coverage on a situation we've been following in update on the a line train
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train to the airport that's been plagued with problems since its recent launch right now the a- getting back to normal earlier this morning in issue as several crossings lead to severe delays but rtd is not elaborating on what exactly does crossing issues were we heard there were problems with some of the arms potentiall back on schedule and rtd says all trains and should now be running on schedule by around noon we will keep you posted on >> new@11 the us coast guard responded to a ship of or fired our san juan puerto rico this morning take a look at those pictures they were dealing with this fire and an engine room is what we are running at this point at the caribbean fantasy according to the coast guard more than 500 people abandon ship the ship and routinely runs between puerto rico in the dominican republic there are no reports of injuries right now. >> ensure it is in today the
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surveying the damage left behind by massive flooding its so sad there are thousands of homes are damaged here are the pictures we are getting and now the louisiana state police blew over the area to assess how bad the situation is a damage was done to homes and businesses even cemeteries and honors great size of leaving casket floating down the street at the death toll in the flooding is now at 11b mac and ended the race for the white house of donald trump is said to receive his very first that national security briefing first access to classified national security intelligence new jersey governor chris christie who was also a former federal prosecutor will be with him presidential nominees of the two major parties received the security briefings in order to help with the smooth potential transition into office. >> right now you can register to vote by sending a text to colorado secretary of state's office says if you are eligible to vote you can text
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you will get a link as a response open the link to the registration site and it's just that easy coloradans can text to register update their address change their party affiliation you their sample ballots and 45 days before an election or check the status of it there voted ballot
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his name publicly it has been leaked on social media hints of those death threats. >> the milwaukee park were demonstrations and some violence broke out following that officer involved shootings now open again during the day during the weekend the cars were smashed in the area and half a dozen businesses burned yesterday the orange tape around the park was removed but the tape is going back in the evenings of the park is only open until 6:00 p.m. still a lot to do. >> the attorney general of resign officially today after being found guilty of making secret grand jury information and then lying about it kathleen came blame to her staffer for the scandal but was still convicted she was accused of orchestrating the week to get revenge on a former prosecutor she blamed for embarrassing media coverage the number of women in jail growing faster than any other group of americans that's according to a new report seven out of eight inmates are still men but
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faster pace today there shows pink gel for things like theft drug possession or disorderly conduct the report was prepared by an organization that aims to reduce mass incarceration of women today vice president joe biden is in kosovo where he'll participate in meetings with the country's president and prime minister he and joe biden will also attend a dedication ceremony for a road it to be named in honor of their son beau beau biden held the closable transition after the war died of cancer last year. >> vice lighthearted moments there. >> okay you see) biden and belgrade he visited the city center there and he took part in the traditional server serbian band with some of the local people a billboard with a bevy of political message creates controversy for a
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out this sweet ride and we mean sweet forget climbing over your neighbor to get to the restroom see the new seating arrangement on a popular airline plus the people of a a people of a certain age will recognize these we can't laugh too hard at this it'll give something away. >> if we are going to tell you
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>> a new controversy surrounding a restaurant in indiana this all revolves around a billboard says best mexican food this side of the wall the head of hacienda restaurant not affiliated with hacienda colorado calls a political humor poking fun at donald trump's campaign promise to build the us-mexico border model but it's upsetting at least one community leader. >> we don't intend to upset
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and when you use humor there is going to be some groups who will be particularly sensitive to certain things this isn't the first time we've been involved with their advertising this is the first time that had public outcry over different types of ads so part of what makes it worse is the track record that they have. >> there are about a dozen hacienda mexican restaurants across indiana there is no indication that the billboards will be coming down. >> somebody says with what they see in this election it may be but then there are others who say why should you just jump right in and handle business the way you usually would we've heard a couple of stories like this only we were getting a little close to the election sensitivity is running high number and london is launching a lawsuit they say in your will that requires all london taxi drivers to learn english is unfair starting october 1 london will require drivers from
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to persian language exam before patch a language exam before securing a private higher permit so uber not happy about this and in fact they filed a lawsuit against the new role the city says drivers have to be able to communicate in english to discuss a fair or safety issue over supports the idea of testing spoken english skills but believes that making drivers are set for a two-hour exam is really unnecessary if you have enough money to spare delta is launching a new plan that gives you more privacy this looks wonderful it have an all suite business class for international flights so what is a suite on a plane the flyers will be seated and their own personal space called a delta one sweet sweet will fit one flyer had a flatbed flat bed see an 18-inch entertainment system and individual storage space and get direct i/o access that means that no climbing over another passenger ticket to the bathroom delta one suites will be available first on the
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fall of 2017 total claims to add this week to its boeing 777 sweet bite 2020 that looks fantastic if you can afford it we don't know yet how much it'll cost at first i was thinking what do they mean by that they cannot have that bathroom and everybody's actual seat. >> is not enough room for that you could just get out there but he was looking at or thinking where are her legs i guess she's kind of curled up on their better than sitting like that >> speaking of travel lots of folks are taking the trip down to the valley today it's your last chance to see the broncos at practice in person and fact of their working out with the enemy will take you there live next. >> and it we have storms at last night will we see them again for this evening's commute the full forecast
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happening now this is that the the broncos final practice session at camp for having a friendly workout with the san francisco 49ers are leading up to the preseason matchup this weekend and fox 31 to greg me at all had to drag himself out to dove valley with his little football i guess you get to go again greg. >> yeah it's never friendly even if it's just training camp and preseason again against the niners a bronco fans hundreds of them parking here outside the dove valley
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different vehicles take a look at this one will get that the back car or even batman is a bronco fan actually a lot of folks just about to take off your practice running another hour or hour or so with the san francisco 49ers want to show you some pictures earlier the line probably at its height close to about 500 folks today technically is the last day for folks to come and watch the broncos practice again two days with the niners we actually went to a couple of the 10 bronco fans they are flight attendants they actually were able to catch a layover here in denver to watch the super bowl champs practice unless time i flew to chicago on monday it ahead where my bronco brings show people were getting on the plane with the chicago. >> there but huge bronco fans is the first opportunity we've had together to go see a
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today for these folks to watch the broncos practice here at the valley of course the broncos and the in the niners play saturday night at mile high stadium by all accounts of the broncos look pretty good of course a broken show still wondering who will start at qb for the broncos when they opened up september 8 against the carolina sports department will have a complete wrap coming appear at the 5:00 o'clock live outside the dove valley facility lets go broncos it really adds to the excitement to a kind of fun >> you may remember politics remember pogs they're making a comeback if you don't remember them that the palm-sized cardboard desks kids traded them there were also a game that went along with them a store in brooklyn is trying to bring them back saying there will be a launch party for positive later this month complete with 90s music and paul get tournament.
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dutra love to them. >> i think i had when that may be came in mcdonald's happy meal or something. >> i'm right there with you my friend if he is been saving up your money there is a pretty nice home on the market. >> not bad it's only the most expensive home in america just for $195 million palm beach or comes with 33 bedrooms a guest house with the seven bedrooms more than a thousand bit of an amended version beachfront also a golf course and wine cellar a gem that was to workout rooms by the way his and hers i guess and in case you need more space in the property comes
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the person i actually can kind of afforded its finest for that you know what people put down i can put on 100 million and i want to find how does it work as. >> we have a home like that here in the greater denver area. >> not with beach access about it's got access that's like going to see symbols and saying i just really live here beach access like i want to own the beach for hundred 85 million i wanted to be my beach in your water in your fish and that my charter yacht sitting out there i'll tell you what the weather over the next couple of days good if you like summertime kind of if you have beach access maybe if you sit on your down your chair will be just fine. >> next that's it though imagine book sitting in a
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>> is trying to play shoes right now we are beautiful outside this is our view from the doubt you can see some thin clouds we are extremely dry over on the western us so from the pacific on to the coast as a well and into the evening four corners was dozing driver whether i did as a couple of showers popping up monsoon winds over utah and over western colorado as well most of those are not going to make it here just a couple of scattered forecast high temperatures upper 80s to around 90 is sitting at 80 right now just about everybody tax on another eight ?-dash 10 degrees and 90 will be what is in athens same thing at dia artificial temple be 90 pretty dominant around the rest of the mile high city we have got 88 and 85 in castle rock which only has 80 this afternoon i talked about
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over the mountains but i just looked at the winds over the mountains and kind of the mid- levels of the atmosphere need a decent amount maybe we'll was he an isolated shower. >> they look for us to get a patch of storms admitting off to the bonds today so sunshine early we've already seen that turning clear to buy another seasonable evening we started off in the 60s of this evening's 50s yesterday tomorrow morning will mostly be in the upper 50s but that is not the cool air not by a long shot with take your future cost that thursday afternoon and thursday we do cool down a bit temperatures and about the mid to upper 80s but look at this a 71 and billings of 75 the high temp in casper van as the front slides off to the south at temperatures drop into the
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and future cost only 70 for saturday i think it's a little bit warmer than that i think it will be 71 but still look how far that front stretches all the way into northern new mexico i went looking i like numbers on the meteorologist and this is what i do for fun and i have my forecast and 71 saturday i wanted to find the day the most recent day that it was below 71 degrees as a high temperature i had to go all the way back to may 301 and 66 degrees high temperature of tei we've been warmer than 71 as a daytime high temperature it's been a little bit of time that we get some rain with the front as it makes it through but the high only had 71 on
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants. a writer, originally from ypsilanti, michigan... a financial analyst, originally from brooklyn, new york... and our returning champion, a contracting officer from huntsville, alabama... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen.


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