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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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district says it's on track to open a second magnet school this fall. the kenwood leadership academy will focus on leadership development. the district opened the johnson steam academy magnet school in august and one of the onlymagnet schools in the state the new one willserve the children of the kenwood neighborhood as well other families wishing to send children there through a lottery system. continuing coverage of the story cbs2 news brought you exclusively on friday. right now, the linn-mar school bore is holding the regular meeting among a those there football players showing support for coach. he is the subject of the abuse allegations by more than a dozen families who are now w taking their complaints to the state's board of education examiners. school administrators however continue to stand by the coach. >> when you find a wide discrepancy it's easier to say at this time it's not founded for us to do anything and that
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not things t`at have to be addressed within the program. >> the ory was reported by metro sports report. officials with the district first investigated the claims but say they couldn't find enough to back them up. so they didn't take anything action cbs2 news is work on this story and we will be bringing you full reaction from those there at the meeting tonight at 9 and 10. some students want to make sure they have a stay in the education. members of the iowa student union say one of the best ways to accomplish that is making sure school boards across the state have at least one udent ononhe board. they ararwork for a 4% public education funding increase throughout the state. members say having a hands on approach is the best route to accomplishing real change. >> it's extremely important that students are able to advocate for what they believe is best for education and i
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affected most by the school boards and education leaders decisions. >> the group has a large presence at cedar rapids kennedy high school and is urging students from other schools to get on board. they plan to hold a rally april5th at the capitol in des moines we put more information about the group and members on the newly redesigned cbs2 after a pretty nini weekend of weather in eastern iowa today it was not too bad. got the week off with sunshine from time to time and temperatures that were back up above the freeze mark. and we are at 38 degrees currently and skies are mostly cloudy out there with east wind at about 5 miles per hour. and temperatures have fallen back into the low to mid-30s in the north and still holding around 40 in the far southern coununes where washington n is at 41 degrees. a few clouds across the midwest. some of those in and out over the next 24 hours but as has been the case no rain or ow in the forecast. all the way y rough the rest of
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and our temperatures will stay mild tonight and we will drop back to around 28, 29 degrees for an overnight low and tomorrow, bus back up into the -- bust back into the 40s to be above normal. i see trends that indicate colder temperatures for us and we will tell you what that means in the most accurate forecast coming up. % >> thanky. in cedar rapidpeople w large e ergency response to the walmart store on 29th avenue southwest. police tell cbs2 news a woman there harmed herself. they say there is no threat to the public at this time. new details tonight on a fire that tore through a cedar rapid apartment complex this morning. firefighters say one person was taken to the hospital for smoke qnhalation. after the fire at the shamrock apartments on jaqueline drdre southwest. two calls came in around 9 this morning, one person was trapped inside their apartment until fire crews were able to get him out. three apartments sustained
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no word tonight on what started the fire. federal authorities are still searching for this man right now. take look they say kevin ededrds is connected to o e killllg of a 9-year-old boy in chicago. and he may be here in eastern iowa. late last week, police carried out a search for edwards at home in waterloo. while they didn't find him they did find another man 24-year- old ryan ellis who is wanted on a warrant out of texas. if anyone sees kevin edwards or knows his location, they are screen. there is a $5,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. right now, north liberty leaders are looking at the what they would like to accomplish during the next two years. >> the council is scheduled to approve the 2017 budget and the new two yeye plan tomorrow night. the cbs2 news reporter mellaney moore reportsid they are
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>> reporter: emergency calls come incritical information is sent out to smart phoneneof volunteer firirfighters. >> we could click i am responding to the station or you know 10 minutes out or however long and it shows up on here. >> reporter: last year the north liberty volunteer fire department responded to more than a thousand calls. >> i think the volunteers do an excellent job of covering what we have. >> reporter: it's a community -- as the community continues to grow city leaders are moving in the right direction considering full time firefighters. north liberty population is estimated at 18,228 people. the city officials say there is not a magic number for when the fire department would switch from volunteers to full-time. they say it depends on how long the north liberty volunteer fire department can maintain the quality of service. >> we need to look at if f we grow even more making sure we are able to meet the demands.
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than it used to be to get volunteers and employers are less willing to let them go when calls come in. >> we provide ems emergency medical service to the community as well which is about 60 to 70% of thealls. >> reporter: within two years all volunteer firefighters become certified emts. they are taught how to handle fires vehicle crashes and more. >> when the alarm goes off the guys are getting out of their beds at night and leaving their families and getting shoes on and getting in the ccs and driving up here you know especially in the winter and snowstorms and that. and heading out. >> reporter: it's a big timecommment for a burning desire to help the community. covering corridor in north liberty mellaney moore. >> the volunteer fire full-time staff around the clock at the station would emergencies. after more than 3 months now, as president of the university of iowa bruce harold will join other administrbtors for a townhall meeting.
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is opened to the public and questions won't be prescreened. the town hall runs from 4 to 6 tomorrow evening at the pom rains senter. > also in johnson county city leaders want suggestion on signs. the corralville business community and the public is invited to talk about the rules for commercial signs and billboards. that meeting is tomorrow from noon to one at west bank on miller must cay teen road the changes. several months. the the city of cedadarapid is continuing to work on a new fee structure for storm water utilities. the currencies tem is based on total acreage of a home or business and has the biggest financial impact on large companies. the new proposal bases the rate on surfaces on a property are imperous like parking lots sidewalks and roof tops. some. . >gas prices have been at
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now they are going up a bit. gas buddy says average prices in the state are up 8 cents during the past week. the statewide average in iowa sits at 1.74. that's slightly higher than the national average. analysts say midwest refineries are reducing output because of prices your area, head to cbs 2 iowa dot com and click on gas gauge under the community tab. troubled young people often benefit from therapy.and in many states - including iowa there's a special *kind of many cases including iowa, there's a special kind of counseling that you may find surprising. it's called play therapy. the primary tools don't come from books or studies, therapist help children through the problems with toys. >> sometimes kids will come in and be like why are you talking that because i will be going you are taking the puppy and we are trying to show every single thing they do is important. >> play is the focus during the therapy.
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method of counseling is effective regardless of age, gender or nature of the oblem. if you would like to know more about play therapy including whether your child or teen might benefit from it we have a link to the place on the website cbs2 cedar rapids museum right now is highlighting the many country -- contributions of african americans in the state. african person museum of iowg current exticket -- american museum of iowa current exhibit has pioneers like alexander clark who successfully integrated schools before the supreme court case brown versus board ofofeducation. the educator crystal gladadn says iowa's actions during the 2008 caucus is set the standard for the rest of the country when senator barack obama won. >> 60 years ago you couldn't order ice cream at a lunch counter in des moines to a large majority of people in iowa saying an african american man can hold the highest office in the nation is a huae change.
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banks the exhibit shows the many ways african americans have invented or improved items we use every day. you can check it out from 10 to 4 monday through saturday and from noon to 4 on sundays through march. still ahead tonight on the cbs2 news at 6, no play for mckay. the psysy clone senior center plays one of the big of the games of the season. why the head coach says he was absent. >> we went through a mild week end in eastern iowa with temperatures on saturday into the 50s and i think we could do it over again. look at what we expect after a cool start on try we should reach 50 on saturday and lower 50s by sunday and that's the day that could see a few showers but overall, i like the
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tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. losing a loved one can be one of the hardest moments in youou life.a local woman realized nobody really tells you what you need to do next. she's made it her mission to help prepare others. her tips for you tomorrow on cbs2. we have a mix of sun and clouds here in eastern iowa today. pretty nice start to the week. temperatures were above freezing in all locations. it's 38 degrees right now in cedar raped and winds tonight are starting to swing from the east. but they are light. at around 5 miles per hour. and as we look at temps from around the hk eye state you can see cooler readings continuing across the north and can't get rid of the snow cover and that's got the temperatures today in mason city to just 34 degrees.
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south especially from interstate 80 into northern missouri and a lot of temperatures were in the mid- 40s this afternoon. and atum with a at 47 and birmington one of the warm her spots with t tperatures of 48 degrees. weather headlines includinganother mild day tomorrow but convenient yule lay storm will develop that's going to by-pass us and go to the south and east but that will turn the winds from the north and pick them up by the time we get to wednesday and thursday and that will bring cool are air back to the midwest. but the weather certainly looks uneventful for us through saturday as we go for a nice dry stretch of weather therep as far as current temperatures go, readings are down in the 30sin most areas 34 charles city and still warm as 41 in washington and 38 tonight in iowa city. and as we go to the satellite you can see moisture starting to gather to the south. that is pretty impressive storm system as it)rolls through the ohio valley but the y it's
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precipitation is expected to stay to the southeast of us. there's the energy tonight getting organized in the southwestern united states and going to the the storm track that's goioi to form a storm over texas tracking up through ohio valley and produce low pressure and that's the area of the country that's going to see adverse weather. but for us, we will be on west side of thatand the windndwill increase and pick up from the north and that's why we will see colder temperatures towards the middle of the week. but you will notice the precipitation forecast is still very, very meager going through the next several ays. that won't be case in the ohio valley into missouri where some beneficial rains are expected out that way and perhaps even some snows could be as much as 3 inches of snow in chicago anschutz could pick up a little and further into indiana and michigan there could be areas over a foot of snow so it's expected to be a pretty substantial storm but for us, not going to do much but pick up winds. let's show you what happens as
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day not much as far as -- during the day. not much as far as winds. 5 to 10 miles per hour. but as the storm comes out into the midwest on wednesday, watch what happens here. the winds start to increase and there they are at st. louis up around 39, 40 miles an hour. and here in eastern iowa they are up to 20 and coming from the north. so that's when we will see cooler air moving bab -- move back into the midwest. tomorrow will be in advance of the storm and looks like a nice mild day with temperatures back up into the mid-40s around here. and then we swing the wind. >> the north by the end of the week and you will see the cooler dire winds into the north by the end of the-- wind into the rth by the end of the week and you will see the cooler air. mostly cloudy skies and winds out of the east. for tomorrow temperatures back in the 40s across the area. low 40s north to the mid and upper 40s in southern counties about 44 in waterloo. 45 in dubuque and 47 in cedar rapids.
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tomorrow. extended forecast and the cooling trend towards the middle of the week but in time for the weekend another storm passes north of us and that pulls warmer air in here and we should be going up into the 50s coming weekend. very slight chance of a light shower on sunday. really dry weather pattern we got in here. over the the last two months only 6/10 of an inch of presip station ananthat's not t -- much. everything goes around us. >> you are under the weather. >> you know those things happen. i don't want to touch you sorry. i am a germ ridden dude right nono >> a little honey and ginseng goes a long way. >> salt garble salt. >> a look rest for iowa and coming up in sports why a players only meeting is not exactly what it sounds like.
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on and now cbs2 sports with pat moroney. >> in the grand scheme of thingsit doesn't matter. iowa and iowa stat will be defined by what they do in march not whererthey are ranged in february but in this time it's never good to slide down the pole. and that's the case in monday's newest ap rankings. losses last week iowa and iowa
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hawk ice from number 4 to 18 and the cyclones from 13 to 17. the first time in a long time iowa basketball is facing adversity. after a 3-game stretch that includes two losses and aningly win believers are becoming doubters. all of that is coming from the outside. inside the hawk eye locker room they see the struggles as a minor hiccup in a long big 10 season and today at practice nicholas believes about the players only meeting and seniors say there's nothing to worry about. >> no. everythings fine. you know, we wanteteto get together and talk about the thing you know. and we are fine and we are anxious for wednesday. >> we are never panic. we been in the situation before panic is not part of our team. obviously we been down a by the and -- been down and come back and panic is not part of rvocabulariy. >> on the women's side hawks
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this point they know what they are playing for a shot at at- large bid in the nc-aa tournament but there's something else and they are calling it the redemption tour. >> you know they gave us a tough game on our home court and psychologically you worry about that with your players but we will continue with three redemptions we are on the demption tour and this is number 3 our third one. and we want it. >> we have to come out with the same energy and keep with the redemptionnd kind of words i guess and inspiration and i think that will come out with a win. >> for iowa state the story on saturday had nothing to do with their win over tcu or who played well or didn't play well all anyone could talk about was who didn't play. senior center played exactly zero minutes on saturday night. he was a dnp coach's decision. luckily for the cyclones burton shed scoring 23 points and grabbing 14 boards in the win. he is expected to be back in
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virginia and steve knows they need the man in the middle. >> we are excited to move onto west virginia and that's it. it was my decision and it's not much more to it. my decision what i want to do and that's it. no more or less we need him to be great and everybody in this room knows it our team knows it and d will be ready to go and our team will be ready to go. >> in baseball this could be the year for the chicago cubs. according to a las vegas sports book the cubies are 4-1 favorites to wint world series and they are heavy favorites. no other team had a single digit odds and they are coming off 97 win season and if they get it done it would end 108 years of misery for the loyal fans. >> i wouldn't call that misery. >> lat year was great. >> heart breaking. >> yeah that's a long time so i
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>> terry is back in a well tonight's temperatures are not going to get too bad around here. holding in the upper 20s in most areas and then tomorrow we should be back into the 40s. low 40s north and upper 40s in ththsouth for another nice winter day. can't beat that. >> yeah some sun too. >> a little i think more cloud than sun but i think a little here and there. >> okay. >> thanks so much for watching cbs2 news at 6.
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enjoy your evening. tonight, new kardashian backlash. ffnd out why kris jenner was booed in front of thousands. >> and kanye breaks up a a olent paparazzi brawl.
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way he broke up the fight. plus, we have t first photo of kim and kanye's baby boy. what camille cosby know? "e.t" is on the scene. >> a really star's plastic surge with the "e.t" cameras rolling. plus our weekend with k cuoco and she lls us how she gets that sick butt. >> and billy idol, rick springfield, boy gorge, wear backck >> what do you have to have in your dressing room? >> quite few things in the old days. now f february 22, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." kris jenner gee booed loudly on


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