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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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frontrunner for months now and continues to pick up steam. this is just coming into our newsroom right now. i did check chris christie's twitter account to see if he had made any comments on there yet. so far, he has not commented on this. we'll bring you more details later on today on the cbs 2news. check our facebook and twitter pages for the latest. we're going to check in with justin right now and he'll fill us in on weather. we're talking much warmer the clouds. upper 30s to lower 40s today. there is the sun breaking out in the sky across cedar rapids right now. looking live from our place, it's 35 degrees out there. the winds, not too bad. out of the west 5 to 10. tonight, out of the west, 10 to 12.
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there are the wests-turning- south winds 6 to 12. satellite radar, clouds. more clearing towards the afternoon and evening, high of 32. 34 tonight at 9:00. full weather first forecast, coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, justin. new details this afternoon on the deadly shootings in kansas. three people are dead and 14 others injured in the workplace shooting. police killed the suspect during the attack and now details are coming out about his motivation. . >> reporter: police in kansas say shooting suspect cedric ford was served with a protection from abuse order in the factory where he worked 90 minutes before he opened fire. >> he didn't display anything that was outrageous. he just displayed -- he was a little upset that he was getting this order. >> reporter: ford, who had a criminal record, left work after getting the order and first opened fire from his car, hitting someone in a vehicle.
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stole their car before heading back to the excel plant. >> shooter at excel industries in hesston. >> reporter: ford shot one person in the parking lot and another 14 inside the building before an officer gunned him down. the unidentified officer is being called a hero. >> he had to stop that threat. you've got 200 or 300 people in there, luckily 200 or 300 people came out. >> reporter: relatives rushed to the factory, after hearing about the shooting. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: one couple was reunited as cameras were rolling. police say ford was armed with an assault rifle and an automatic handgun. investigators are trying to figure output how a suspect with a criminal record was able to get those weapons. cbs news, hesston, kansas. >> ford had convictions for multiple burglaries, fleeing from police and disorderly conduct. authorities say the person named in the order did not work at the factory, but released no
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people in cedar rapids are responding after a customer caught a local popeye's employee's rant on video. the customer posted the video to social media after visiting the location on edgewood road. in the video, you hear an employee say they dropped food on the floor and it gets eaten anyway. a person claiming to be the manager at popeye's says the employee in the video was not talking about serving that food to customers. he was referring to people who work there and eat the food. still, the health department says that should never happen. >> first step is the public is to let the restaurant know something that's not to your satisfaction and give them the opportunity to correct it. >> we have the full video on our website. we want to warn you, there is explicit language. in a statement to cbs 2news, popeye's says they thank customers for reporting the issue and they say in part they are investigating the situation and making sure nothing like this happens again. new this afternoon, the zika virus is spreading in iowa.
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now says three cases of the virus are in the hawk eye state. all are women between the ages of 41 and 80. none are pregnant. all three traveled to areas where the zika virus is rapidly spreading. the health department says they will continue to send weekly updates on the zika spread. also new today, john deere employees in iowa will soon be looking for new jobs. today, the company announced they are laying off about 100 employees from the company's factories in davenport and dubuque. deere says it's trying to balance the size of its workforce and demand for products. the company's stock suffered a sharp drop in august, after poor earnings numbers and has yet to recover. the u.s. navy's once again training people to use celestial navigation. it stopped teaching sailors how to find their way using stars when gps came around, but now with the threat of cyber attacks, the navy is bringing back that skill. sextants were created in the mid-1700s that help sailors determine locations based on the stars.
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it cannot be tampered with electronically. >> you never know what's going to happen. you want to be there for the worst case scenario. >> the naval academy mid shipmen get three hours of instruction in the classroom and in lab and in practice on the water. the girl scouts' mission is to build young girls' courage, confidence and character and to change the world. every year, the nonprofit hacap donates food to organizations, and a local troop is joining them to give back. >> reporter: earlier today, i joined the girl scouts, as they volunteered their time to give back. label oatmeal packets, and put them in bags to help out the organizations 'backpack' fundraiser.hacap delivers food every friday to seventy-five schools.the fundraiser feeds more than 2-thousand local children.troop leader erin frost says the girls are learning the importance of giving back. "these backpacks these bags
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weekend actually supply them food for the whole entire week and it's just kind've a nice thing to do and to give back to the community" community"this is the second year in a row the girls have volunteered with hacap. hacap.for helping out and they will earn their 'give back' badge. coming up on the cbs 2 news at noon,teenage girls in the corridor this week used social media to declare freedom from something that usually helps them feel more confident.why they did it and what they learned after the break. break. . >> our weather first forecast, finding warming weather today with clearing skies. take a peek at our almanac. normally we're in the upper 30s. today, lower 40s and much warmer weather is coming our
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we're still a ways from .
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our forecast calls for clearing for the afternoon and evening. 40s today, breezy, but mild tomorrow. and we're breezy sunday. mild both days, upper 50s with overnight lows tomorrow night in the low 40s and lows sunday night with a little rain chance our skies are clearing. we are just a tad warmer heading through the day today, upper 30s to the lower 40s and a very nice and mild weekend is here are the numbers. clearing those skies this afternoon, high of about 42 degrees. down to the upper 30s at 6:00 this evening. and the mid-30s after midnight. here we see more sunshine coming in to play as we look live at the skycam. 35 degrees right now, southwest wind at 10, making it feel like 27 degrees. on the board, 32 in dubuque. 35 in waterloo. 35, cedar rapids, iowa city. 36 in washington. the midwestern forecast, 40s for cedar rapids, upper 40s
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30s green bay, 36 chicago, and 46 in st. louis. as it stands right now, still leftover cloud cover to the east of us. we'll see high pressure drop in from the east and as it does, it helps to clear those skies out of the forecast. so let's set this in motion. as we see that high continue to move our way, we'll watch those clouds continue to diminish heading through the later afternoon, into the evening time. cold front continuing to move up towards the north and east. there's the high. that continues to drop off to the south and east, keeping us nice, clear and quiet and warmer as we head through the next few days. predictor says a few of those clouds this early afternoon. more clearing heading into the evening and overnight. clearer friday night, plenty of sunshine with a southwest breeze at 10 to 20 for the day tomorrow. we'll keep that wind out of the south as we head through our sunday, keeping things nice and mild. here's the clearing skies through the afternoon.
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it will be a calm day. look at the numbers. manchester, cedar rapids at 42. iowa city, about 43 degrees. not a bad day at all. tonight's forecast, mainly clear, calm, cool, but still normal. 28 in cedar rapids. 29 in iowa city and in washington. now, the first day of the weekend looking good. sunny, a little breezy with southwest wind. still nice and mild. 57 in waterloo. 59 in iowa city. extended forecast for you has more of those upper 50s for sunday. sunday night. dry, 53 for the day monday. upper 30s tuesday. rain and snow looks like they will mix together, keeping a watchful eye on that. do plan on some moisture and cooler temps for tuesday. wednesday and thursday, lower around. mid-30s for friday. mid to upper 40s in the cards
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next sunday. full weather details 24/7 at >> thank you, justin. this week, some girls across eastern iowa were missing something that's normally part of their everyday lives. >> they wanted everybody to know about it, so using the #gussieddown, they declared their freedom on twitter. i talked with the young lady behind the movement in today's beyond the books. >> it was a little bit awkward because i felt kind of naked. >> i feel a little shier, more reserved. >> reporter: these girls all have one thing in common. >> couple people asked me if i'm sick or if i'm feeling okay. >> reporter: can you even tell? >> feels nice. >> reporter: none of them are wearing makeup. >> makeup. >> reporter: it's part of a week-long pledge called #gussieddown. >> it promotes the notion that women should have the option to wear makeup. >> makeup. >> it shouldn't be an expectation of them. >> reporter: amelia is an iowa big student and has helped continued the gussied down tradition created in 2014 through the success she project.
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expectation that women have to wear makeup. >> makeup. >> makeup. >> makeup. >> makeup. >> women in the business field feel like it's not professional to not wear makeup to work. we want them to know they still can participate, because if you're dressing professionally, there's nothing wrong with wearing no makeup. >> reporter: over 400 women and men took the gussied down pledge this week, which means they promise to go the whole week without wearing any makeup. >> people wondering, do you wear makeup yourself? the answer is no, but anyone can pledge, whether or not you wear makeup. there's nothing wrong with being a male and supporting females in their struggle for equality. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with wearing makeup, if you wear it for the right reasons. >> let's consider one of my pet peeves. women. >> if society is portraying it in a way that it is a necessity, that makes society seem somewhat corrupt in a way. >> reporter: naturally, there are mixed reactions to the pledge. >> some people are very positive and very supportive.
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they don't think they can go anywhere without makeup on. >> reporter: the girls i talked with admitted it did feel weird to not wear makeup, but there about it. as a woman who has to wear makeup to work every day...i totally agree girls. if you'd like to know more about the success she project or hashtag gussy down visit our website cbs2 iowa dot com. still ahead on the cbs 2 news at noon - if you're looking for lunch on sunday, we'll show you where you can grab a bowl of awesome and help some awesome groups at the same time.
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. welcome back. it's 5:00 somewhere, but it's
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>> we are here with keith wright from isle of iowa, talking about this fantastic -- the blues society are throwing the 60th annual blues and buffett-- >> buffett! that's why i'm here! supposed to keep you from saying that! >> buffett chili contest! >> it's the blues and buffett chili contest this weekend at the cedar rapids marriott. keith, set the scene. >> this is the 16th annual. it started out as a friendly contest between lynn county blues society, parrothead club, the jimmy buffett fan club. we've morphed it into having eight restaurants there, so we have a professional division now. you get to get in for $8 at the door. 65 and over are $5. little kids, 6 and under are free. and for that, you can taste up to 25 different chilis. it's an amazing event really, for three reasons.
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we take up the whole marriott, all of their convention space. >> wow. >> secondly, we'll have a silent auction, about 120, maybe 140 different baskets. and the third thing is that we have a presentation award. so they have 3 1/2 to 4 feet of space to serve their chili and they could anything from a parrot to a pirate. one year we had a blues brothers and two pregnant nuns and one year i built a tiki hut 4 by 8 over our chili area. it's amazing. you'll never see anything quite like it. >> we're looking at video of it. you wonder, why chili? i'll try to capsulize this. whoever wins the 51% goes to their charity and 49% of the proceeds goes to the other charity. that's why there are two charities that benefit from this this year. >> that's right. this year, it will be the hdu
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free clinic, two very important charities. more importantly, local. >> that's great. justin, you're actually a judge. >> i've been there for the last 16 years, done 12 of them? >> something like that. >> 12 of them. our friend tommy lang will be there. other tv and radio folks will be there as well. it's an honor to be asked to judge, but there's also a secret judge, too, which you guys don't actually keep too much of a secret. >> we did one year, but then one guy wore a big sombrero. so the next year i asked you to do it and i wrote on the hat, "secret judge." >> it all starts on sunday. there are the details right there, the blues and buffett chili challenge. $8 to get in. seniors, 65 and older, $5. last 30 seconds, why do people need to come out and be a part of it? >> where else can you sit back on a winter day -- even though it's going to be nice -- eat comfort food, be with your friends, your relatives. it's a big family event. we have a face painter there. by the way, it all goes to charity. doesn't get any better than that.
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for coming on today. we appreciate you bringing your pet parrot as well. >> cat had jb's tongue. 12:21, we're back with more
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stay with us. more and more tech companies are welcome back. more and more tech companies are heading to the midwest. they say the low cost of living helps companies starting out that don't have much money. median home prices in san francisco are more than $1 million. compare that to the midwest, where costs are much lower. companies say there are challenges. they struggle to get outside talent and investors. last year, most investors came from california, new york and massachusetts. oprah does a lot of great things for many people, right? but even oprah might not be able to help out weight watchers.
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fell by nearly 5% in the last quarter. weight watchers has struggled against fitness gadgets like fitbit and free weight loss apps. oprah bought a 10% stake in weight watchers in october. groupon has sold 1 billion coupons. groupon says the 1 billionth restaurant will receive $10,000 for selling the landmark groupon. sun way is adding antibiotic-free chicken to its menu. the company becomes the first major chain to make that change in their stores. the antibiotic-free rotisserie- style sandwich will be available march 1. many fast food companies have committed in recent years to selling cleaner ingredients, due in part to years of public health warnings about antibiotics in food. beatles records is going to auction next month.the disc is described as the "holy grail." it was the band's first to be pressed, and actually helped
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song 'hello little girl' is on one side and 'till there was you' is on the's expected to sell for more than 14-thousand dollars. justin has your weather to go next...but first here's a look at today's markets. markets. there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something...
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great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters?
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congratulatio welcome back. cam. i'm trying to make it wide screen so you can see it better. sometimes technology does not -- there we go. we have congratulations to them, because last night mama eagle laid her third egg for the season, making a total of 26 eggs for this couple. a fun fact about egg number 3 this year, this egg was laid just 2 minutes later on the 25th than egg 3 in 2015. well, she sure is right on time. the raptor resource project expects the first egg to begin
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i'm sure all eyes will be glued there. >> we will literally cut into programing for that to show the egg hatching. >> i'm excited for that. take a look at what's happening outside. cloudy with the sun trying to come out. it will continue to do so. mid to upper 30s around waterloo. 32 in dubuque. 34 tonight at 9:00. let me show to your very eager and awaiting eyes the clouds out there now and the predictor that will move those clouds out as the afternoon turned into the evening. we're all working for the weekend. upper 50s tomorrow and sunday. breezy with a southwest wind at 10 to 20. nice and mild. 50s monday. we'll keep an eye for rain mixing to snow tuesday. highs in the 30s.
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enjoy this beauti >> steffy: hello? who is this? >> liam: [ groans ] adam. who is this? >> steffy: i think i -- i misdialed. >> deacon: that man in there is not your husband. that's liam spencer, and he hates you. quinn, come on. you can't -- you can't be in love with him. >> wyatt: i think it's a good idea. >> steffy: i agree, but this idea should be a finished necklace by now. >> wyatt: i -- okay. it won't take mom long. the gem's already cut. the metalwork's not too intricate. it'll be fine. >> steffy: it's already late. >> wyatt: i know, and that's the whole problem with this situation. it's not like mom. she prides herself on meeting deadlines. it's -- it's got to be this new


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