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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information about gunfire in downtown cedar r rapids just outsisi a busy bar. the developing information about the trial for a horific killing in dubuque. the latest details into a large brawl on the west coast between protesters and members of the k-k-k. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin bbarry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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first weather- your planner shows what's ahead- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst pkycam- temperatures around the area will be warmer with mixed sunshine- the current winds around our viewing area will be calm- our planner features mild weather again today today temps around 29-degrees. same clear sky. around the region, waterloo, tama, southern winds guesting ab ten to fifteen.
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radar relatively clear. this afternoon. wel talk act how much snow, the timing, and when it moves out coming umm with our predictor forecast in just a little bit. breaking news, according to the new york times, the supreme court will announce what appeals they'll hear without justice scalia. they need four votes for arguments so be heard. new this morning, five kkk members this morning in jail for a brawl are released. >> acting in self-defense. it took place at anaty immigration rally and started by a larger group of counterprotesters.
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it's a majority or minorities. >> their message is protected by the irst amendment. >> seven people are still in custody this morning. caught on camera beating, attacking g cansmen with a post. violence call on saturday. police say 32-year-old ronald hamilton shot and killed her and his wife.he's sitting in a jail cell this morning and is cing murder charges.two other officers were injured but are expected to be okay. guindon's high school principal found her yearbook quote fitting which reads "live for something rather than die for nothing." "the irony i ioverwhelming. . (pause) a kid who gives her life to community service only to have it taken away the very
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fair."hamilton is expecting to be arrianged on charges later today. a vigil was also held in hesston, kansas for the three victims of last week's shootingampage. rampage.(ts! bagpipes) bagpipes)mourners lit 18 candles -- 17 in honor of people injured or killed -- and oneor the suspected gunman.most of the victims were at the excel industries plant where the gunman worked but some were shot while he was driving to the plant.a sheriff says the gunman was angry at a restraining order he got on that same day from a former girlfriend. new details this morning from an officer involved shooting in salt lake city, utah that caused riots.police say they *aren't going to release footage from body cameras worn by two officers on scene.they cited an ongoing investigation as to why they wouldn't release the video.police say a 17-year-old was shot by police when he and another male were atcking a third person. investigators say several ople were arrested following the shooting for throwing
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the person hit was holding a broom-stick. "we were trying to solve it before the cops intervened. t they already ran up with their guns. . they ran up with their guns pulled out and said, 'drop it' one time and then shot him. four times." times.""our officers started arriving on scene, encountered a loloof hostile people upset about what had taken place and we began clearing the area so that we could preserve the scene " people and we began clearing the area so that we could preserve the scene. >> the teen's identity not released but in criticic condition. in seeder rapids, police say bailly pulled a gun behind the bar and started shooting. he was charged with public intoxication and reckless use of a firearm.
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s2 follow up, a man accused of killing a dubuque mom. bed well's charged with first degree murder and sexual is also charged with two cots of burglary.criminal proceedings against him are on also c crged with two counts of burglary, criminal proceedings are on hold until they evaluate his mental competency. anyone who has information about them it urged to call police immediately. iniowa city beautiful sounds filled the presbyterian
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cause. the chamber singers of iowa city held their annual cultural fundraise ores. the singers say they chose a challenging piece for lent season. thigh run on donations. >> participate by way of coming to our concerts is best. >> if you'd like to support the group, find more office along with this story on our website, cb s2. call the oscar information. take a look as we look at the forecast, mid 50s for uses. normally the upper 30s. for those much you craving that
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main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the . it's 611. good morning to you. the day will begin nice. our clouds will build throughout the late morning into the afternoon. mild temperatures from the 40s to lower 50s in the north. tonight some rain and snow mix moves into that forecast. rain and snow on the far south and basically all snow from cedar rapids north. at lunchtime. 55 this afternoon. those temps start to cool down to the upper 40s at 6 tonight as the clouds move in and winds turn to the north. the skies are enlightened as i should say. looking off towards the weses sunshine this morning. 38 now. our feel like temps is 21.
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look at the contrast in the upper 30s. minneapolis 36 and 60s in far southern iowa. 80s down to oklahoma. our next storm system is an area of low pressure. that's right around rapid city. quickly move through iowa and as it does, , drag that is warm front through today. we're looking for that snow to start around 8, 9:00 m. tonight. fair amount of sunshine and clear sky. have some mccaffery sunshine through the early afternoon. 5, 6:00 p.m. tonight, things ll turn cloudy. by 9, 10:00 p.m., there's that moisture spreading. heaviest snow is after midnight through about 4:00 a.m. tomoqrow morning. snow on the ground and falling for your tuesday drive.
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tuesday, mostly out and we'll start to clear those skies. partlylyloudy skies for tuesesy night and with head into wednesday with one shine. we're looking at the heaviest of snow. three inches in cedar rapids. those numbers might increase a bit. we'll have new models coming out later this morning. iowa city, washington, in the south, that's where we're expecting those smaller ams. anything from an inch around washington, maybe up to iowa city. about two and a half to three inches of snow there. keep a watch fly on that. there's the winter weather advisory that goes into effect tonight. it does include cedar rapids and counties to the north. clouds build breezy and mild. 52 waterloo.
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tonight the mid to lower 20s in the north. mid to upper 20s in the south. we'll pick up another inch or so in the morning or midday tomorrow. 32 is the high in tama. 32 cedar rapids certainly a cool eurostep day tomorrow. -- cooler day tomorrow. 30s for wednesday with sunshine. thursday light snow and 34 is the high. 40s saturday, 50s for the day sunday, and our ten day trend warm is back up, mid to upper 50s. low to mid 50s. new oscar winners were crowned last night in hollywood. >> divesterty, the environment, and sexual abuse were all topics highlighted in the 88th
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>> the film that shined the spotlight on the catholic priest sex scandal. >> pope frfrcis, it's time to protect the children and restore the faith. >> mad max afters the most honored film of the night with six production awards. the revrend won best directing. o won finally. >> let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take @tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> bre larson won for her role in room. >> the white people's choice awards. >> the comededn beat thehe
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his sentiment. diversity and every facet should be as well. center. >> i'm here because to disappear nd truly make it oscar so white is stupid to me. >> the night included visits from r2d2 and viceceresident joe biden who joined lady gaga. >> they're trying to diverse fizz logical it's -- diversify it's memberships. >> people mad their movie
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do we all agrgr, happy for leonardo de-cap rio? >> nothing. >> i'm pretty happy for leo. i like him in almost i everything i see him in. >> yeah, i'm glad me finally got recognitiofor his hard origin. >> it's 617 here. >one big change the u.s.
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attacks are becoming lcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______
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the u-s navy had stopped teaching its sailors how to use the stars to navigate. vigate.but now, with increased threats of cyber attacks, they're making a change.mark alberts has more from the naval academy in annapolis, maryland. maryland. nats"every degree is equal" lieutenant caleb handy is teaching midshipmen something he never learned when he joined the navy - celestial navigation.(sot/handy)"q (mark lieutenant is teaching something he never learned when he joined the navy, celestial knave navigation. >> this is a sextant creaea inside the mid 1700s maimed for
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degrees one sixth or sextononof a circle. >> tough be able to navigate by the stars. >> stay stopped teaching when gps became widespread. with high-tech threats, the they visitor is bringing it back. a sexton cannot be tampered with electronically. >> is there a fear of hacking in this age? >> i wouldn't call it a fear but a potential threat. >> the navy is bringing back celestial navigation fleet wide at navy rotc units at college campuses. >> i've never done it or seen it. >> these shipmen told us they're on board. >> you never know what's gonna happen so you want be prepared.
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ritime tradition that could be a lifesaver in this brave new world. >> the academy shipmen get three hours in a lab and then out on the water. >> quality ones can cost at least $2 grand. etty amazing. >> times the old hardware is the most reliable. >> so true. 622 on this monday. good morning van hoorne, 33- degrees there. >> still to come, the first message this morning from a american being held in north koa. a mild day today, a snowywy national tennis tonight. a weather advisory that goes into effect this evening.
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waterloo, 32. we'll get to the upper 40s and lower 50s in central parts of the viewing area today. look what else is coming today or should say later tonight rather through tuesday. snow from cedar rapids to the north. newest models say later this morning. we might have some higher snowfalls to look forward to in northeast iowa. the smaller amounts in the uth. winter weather advisory tonight through 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and that's why we're expecting that accumulating snow. cedar rapids up towards decor
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45-degrees at 9, 55 is the high for cedar rapids with clouds. 32 tomorrow. snow in the morning, 16 clearing skies afternoon and that's the nighttime temperature. 36 sunny, wednesday, 34 with light snow and 30s for friday. lower 50s for the y sunday. ten day trend is back to the 50s for monday, tuesday, and next wednesday. a picture of a deputy get ago hug from his canzeri nine is going viral. >> his dog likes to give hugs and sit on him like that. he's trained to find evevence in narcotics. they've workedtology for three years. >> that's really sweet. >> that's pretty cute. that's almost human like. >> yes.
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how different dogs and personalities and they do different such like that. >> 627 right now. 32-degrees. after the break, see if the
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winning ways against one we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's. we serve wild-caught, north atlantic cod.
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full of flavorful nutrients, and that comes through in the fish. this is the way we ship it to your restaurants. it's not pre-breaded. so not only do we use the highest quality d, but we sll hand-batter it the old-fashioned way. that's remarkable. and we think we get the best fish filet sandwich because of that. this is the best fish sandwich in america. "welcome to delicious!" right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest information about the y some people night now on cb s2s2thisis morning, the latest information act the day some people call the super bowl in the 2016 race for the white house. give you a speak peek into how you can find your new favorite restaurant in the consistency of range door. here's pa look at colins roadn the sun is up and everything's looking good out there.
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i'm kelly, happy monday. >> and i'm kevin. thanks for joining us. just about 6:30 at the start of this new week. a check with the weather forecaststwith justin. the weekend was really good but very much over now. >> there's one more day. we have today where it'll be warmer, sunshine, and thenthe party comes to an abrupt end with snow and colder weather and a little bit of breeze too. the numbers through the rest of the day today. 45 at 10, 55's the high this afternoon. then we'll start to cool down. right now sunny and the sun is starting to rise in cedar rapids. look off wards the east, 28 right now. still a clear sky down at the eastern iowa airport. 31 at broadcast park. waterloo 36. the winds are out of the south and ththwest aafiveveto fifteen. they will gust to twenty five later today. clouds building into the
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cloudy night tonight with moisture expected. could see a lain drop here. very mindful of that. 53 at noon, 55 at threrethis afternoon. winter weather advisory. trace to three inches of snow expected in the blue area there. white area, minimal amounts. mainly rain and snow. stick around and we'll let you know the timing andndow mmh we're planning on getting in a more scaled down specific view with some of our forecast models coming up. just one day awayayfrom possibly the biggest day in the presidential process. >> each party offering about 600 delegates eacac on theheepublican side, donald
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first four race ands could sweep on super tuesday. his two closest rivals senator marco rubio and ted cruz are lagging behind in the polls and delegates count. >> you cannot nominate someone. we cannot name someone like that. we'll ne crushed. if beget crushed what that means is the next president of the united states is gonna be hillary clinton or bernie sanders. >> our came pain is the on one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday. if you want to stop this trump train, the only way is to beat him on super tuesday. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is riding into tomorrow with h wave of momentum of easily beating bernie sanders this past weekend in south carolina. >> clinton hopes the momentum will carry across multiple southern states. a new poll that came out sunday
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margin ins three key states. those states add up to nearly 500 delegates but sander's isn't giving up. >> we began this campaign nine and a half months ago at 3 percent in the polls. 70 points behind hillary clinton and in the last two eks polls have had us in the lead some times. >> he believes his campaign has a strong chance of winning in colorado, minnesota, massachusetts, and vermont. all the latest news, head to our weweite and click on the election tab under the news tab. breaks news this morning, the new york times say the supreme court will annoyance today at 8:30 what appeals they're going to hear without the late justice antonin scalia. he died earlier this month and each case needs four votes to be heard and will onon eight
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bit harder for some of those to be selected. new this morning, a u.s. college student detained in north korea spoke out for the first time. he begged r forgiveness. >> please. save me. please. think of my family. >> he's accused of trying to steal a sign with a political slogan from a hotel in january. the conference was held at his own request. coerced into speaking. new details out of the capital city in iraq where the death tolls has climbed now to 73 frorobombings. about 112 peopop are still in the hospital, five people are still missing.
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for this attata. a a seize fire in syria went into effect over the weekend. one side of the agreement has made violation. a top official with the syrian government and allies for killing more than a dozen with seize fire. the official claims their have been multiple attack ands russian war planes carried out air strikes. the hawkeyes will almost surely take a dive in those raraings after dropopng two games this week. they had a late lead against the buckeyes in crumb bus but ended being outscored 12-2. they've dropped their last three games after starting conference play 10-1. the current big ten standings, iowa in a four way tie for second
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breakeke, they now sit at fourth. indiana sitting on top two full games ahead but the hawkeyes still win a sharof the big ten tough time as physical they win out and the hoosiers lose their last two games no. it's restaurant week in the corridor and the cedar rapids' food week is putting sombest restaurants against each other. stephanie is here with a preview. >>reporter: hey, kelly. none of the restaurants open right now of course. they're gonna get in their kitchens and gegeready to make their best cuisines for restaurant ek. the theme is hunger gaga. they ncocted an item customer cans vote for online. they will advance to the hunger games dinner of champions. all thoughghhis is a a fierce
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restaurants hope this will bring new business to them. >> since we've just opened in october, we've had the same men and haven't done a lot to change it yet. this will give us a opportunity to see if this new burger is popular and if it, we'll put it on the menu. >> now restaurant week runs through tuesday through sunday. you want to know about the menu and all the participating restaurants, log onto our website,cb s2 stephanie, cb s2 news. the isle of iowa held its annual blues and buffet chili challenge. justin took the heat as one of the judges. he and others samples dozens of bowls of chile. it raised money for the hcu center. cb s2 news checked with the
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more than $10,000. this week astronaut comes home. his highlights from his time in space were some of the giant storor he saw and the non lights. his research will pave the way and will impact being ispace for that long. findnd link to kelly's return on end nasa tv. on our website cb s2 social security now 638 on this morning morns. first we're gonna take a look at what we're working on from fox live. how many addicted pilling iowans have been described. plus a geocasher on the hunt that didn't find what he
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his shocking discovery coming up live. it'll be another mild day today. yesterday we7got into the 50s and 60s.
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today and snow main weather- your planner shows what's ahead for the next hours- now a live look outside courtesy of our weatherfirst skycam- temperatures around the area will be warmer with mixed sunshine- taking a look at regional temperatures we see are going to warm today before cooling tomorrow- the regigial satellite/radar is featuring mixed sunshine today- let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface map - moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we clouds moving in this evening- today's forecast
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mild weather- tonight's forecast will be cloudy with a rain/snow mix- tomorrow will feature morning snow with cloudy & cooler weather- our 7 day forecast cools down with another mild weekend coming it will be kind of a cool week with some snow expected. the snowed tarp is off to the west and will come zipping through h e forecaca this evening. a quick moving clipper system so doesn't stay for a long period of time. a fair amount of moisture
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the morning tomorrow: by midday we'll start to clear and high pressure builds off to our west. clearing sky for tuesday ight and sunshine for wednesday. they're here as we head towards s the evening time. by the later evening, snow developing and iowa city, washington, might see an inch mccafferyed with rain. here we are by noon tomorrow clearing the skies. breezy and it will be cooler as we head into tuesday. . here's the wide kind of broad brush picture where you can see cedar rapids to decora: we'll take a look at the urorow and this is one of those forecast
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cedar rapids, dubuque, over towards monticelo. bear in mind, that's going to be mixed with rain. either way, the best accumulation will be from highway 30 north cedar rapids up to decora, that's where we'll have a winter weather advisory in effect from tonight to tomorrow. 57 in iowa city. 61 in washington, low 50s in dubuque. breezy but mild day with winds out of the south and west. snow is expected. a couple inches. north. another inch through tomorrow morning again, widespread trace to about 3-inches of know here. 32 is the high. 16 with clearing sky. . sunny and 36 for wednesday. light snow for thursday. upper 30s for friday. 40s for saturd.
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and the ten day trend staying in those 50s for the beginning and middle of next week. guys. >> thanks. eastern iowa's top stories iowans *favor an increase in the minimum wage.right now it's at 7-25 an hour.the poll surveyed more than 800 iowans last week.but those who were in favor of a wage hike were split when asked what to raise it to. 33-percent say ten bucks, while 15-percent say 15 or more. nearly four months after johnson county became the first in iowa to gradually increase the minimum wage -- workers are enjoying the pay hihi -- but some businessss aren't sure how to handle it. the wage will eventually go to 10-10 an hour -- and some business owners say they may it goes to $10.10 an hour and me business owners say they may have to increase prices to consumers or reduce staff.
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legislatururdoesn't t on it first. two iowans became ill with the zika virus. they treled to the caribbean or south america where it's spreading. there's currently no treatment for zika virus. 646 anthomorning. good morning -- on this monday. good morning.g.
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stories for you to e back -- it's now we're taking a look at your_______ your_______
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take a look out on the roads. traffic moving well in eastern iowa. no delays to report in iowa city or cedar rapids areas. new this morning, police say five kkk members in california who were in jail for a violent brawl have been released from crust difficult travels. >> they were acting in self- defense. 13 zairessed. it took place at anaty embrace -- anti immigration rally. >> crazy for them to even come over here whether it's a majority or minorities here. >> it's important to remember that this is the -- the clan's message is protected by the first amendment and we can't be getting in the middle of stopping them from doing that. >> seven people are still in custody this morning after being caught on camera beating, stomping, and attacking clansmen with wooden posts.
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for a rookie police officer killll her first day on the job. 32 year-old ronald hamilton shot and killed ashley and his wife. his sit inning a jail cell facing murder charges . two other ofofcers injured but expect today be okay. her high school principal found her yearbook quoteinteresting, live for something rather than die for nothing. >> e irony a bit overwhelming is. a kid who gives her life to community service has her life taken away on her very first day. just to the night. >> he's s expect today be arranged on charges later today. three victims of last weeks shshting rampage. mourners lit 18 candles, 17 of them to honor the people injured and killed and one for the suspected gunman.
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where he worked but some while he was driving to the plant. he was angry at the straining order he got that t same day from a girlfriend. an officer involved shooting in salt lake city, utah that caused riot. polile say they en't going to release body cams from the officers and cited an ongoing investigation. investigators say several people were arrested after the shooting for throwing rocks and glass. the person hit was hold ago broom stick. >> we were trying to stop them before the cops intervened but they ran up with their guns pulled out and said drop it one time and shot him four times. >> our officers started arriving on scene and encountered a lot of hostile people with what had taken place, and we began clearing
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>> the teen's identity has not been releasas but ststl in critical condition. in cedar rapids police arrested one man for shooting his gun over the weekend. derrick was taken into custody early sunday morning near the saloon early sunday afternoon. he pulled the gun behind the bar and started shooting. cbs news obtained this video when he was s arrested. charged with public intoxication and wreckless use of a firearm. a man admit today randomly last week, betwell's attorney argued his client has a mental disorder that keeps him from understanding the charges against him. him.betwell is charged with first degree murder and sexual assault in the death of nancy krapfl on september first.he is also charged with two counts of burglary.criminal proceedings against him are on hold until his competency is evaluated. right now -- authorities acacss iowa are looking or
6:53 am
inmates.guards at the newton correctional facility discovered jessy foley and michael amodeo missing late saturday night.foley is serving a 27-year-sentetee for merous drug charges -- amodeo is serving ten for drug charges as well.anyone who has information about them is urged to call police immediately. it's now on this morning. morning.right now it's degrees in when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on
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now here are the three stories you need to know to start your week. week we're taking a look now at the top three stories you need to know about to start your week. according to to the new york sometimes. they'll announce t tay at 8:30 what appeals they'll hear without the late justice antonin scalia. each case needs four votes from
6:56 am
arguments to be heard. with only eight possible votes, the chance a case will be selected asdropped. political candidates campaign one day before super tuesday. a dozen races for th partrts. marcrcrubio and ted cruz still tries to steal voters away. hillary clinton is heading into the big day with momentum on the democratic side after easily defeating g rnie sanders in south carolina this past saturday. leonardo difficult travels cap rio -- dicaprio won his first oscar. some say it was a slight upset. the newspaper dramspotlight took the best picture. mad max fury was the most honorerefilm of the night with
6:57 am
weather wise, it's a gorgeous day today. temps pinthe upper 50s, mid 50s today. winter weather advisories tonight through tomorrow. we're expecting anywhere from inch os much snww. the planner for the day, partly sunny at noon, 53, 55 is the high this afternoon. build in the clouds and temps will cool pretty quickly as we head into the evening ti. snow tomorrow morning. 32's the high with clearing tomorrow. more light snow thursday, sun friday, saturday, sunday as
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good morning. it is monday, february 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." on its biggest night, chris rock challenges the hollywood establishment. the comedian takes on academy voters and oscar protesters. >> the republican race gets even nastier. donald trump and marco rubio attack each other for the way they look. on this leap day meeting the oldest leaping lady. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thank you all for this amazing award. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> diversity takes center stage at the ososrs. >> it's the 88th academy awards,


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