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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  August 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm CDT

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north and cooler drier air will start moving into our northern county shortly out of minnesota and wisconsin. 76 at cedar rapids. it did reach 84 degrees as a high. even with a north wind a lot of should humidity out there. as we look at some of the temperatures you could see babies in the south. as this moves on to the south it is sparking isolated showers and thunderstorms. nothing very organized and most of these are long or -- along were south of interstate 80. thunderstorms not too far away northeastern portions of johnson county. the rain will depart the area later tonight. tomorrow skies will clear and the temperatures looking very pleasant with highs expected to reach into the upper 70s by late afternoon kickstart right now eight water -- a waterloo man faces charging days charges caught a girl shoplifting at the waterloo target. they say
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online--and told them to come to waterloo from chicago for a better life. when they got here, campbell allegedly told campbell met both a 16-year-old online and told them to come to waterloo from chicago for a better life. when they got here campbell allegedly told them they would be to have sex in order to make money. please have contacted the girls parents. human trafficking ring in iowa city.but there are several organizations that work to end the cycle and rehabilitate survivors.tonight at ten -- we hear from a woman the cycle and rehabilitate survivors. tonight we hear from a woman who experienced the devastation of human trafficking. her story and advice she has for women tonight at 10 pm . we now know the name of the man killed by a train this morning. the sheriff's office says deputies were called to the tracks just west of montoya about 8 am. deputies said reginald walker was on the tracks when he was
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walker was pronounced dead at the scene. police say a cedar rapids teenager was driving without a license when she caused a crash that tied up the morning commute. she ran a red light on six street hitting a pickup truck driving to the intersection on first avenue . the truck passenger in the woman's car. police say she is expected to be okay. the driver of the car was charged with running the light, and violating the rules permit. right now -- the f-b-i is charged with running a red in illinois and arizona. arizona.cyber security officials say these hacks show how vulnerable election systems can be -- but also that a unified attack across states is unlikely. there are more than eight-thousand different voting districts in the u-s - all of which run
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congressman rod blum spent some time in cedar rapids this afternoon to see how local t-s-a officers keep the eastern iowa airport safe. the congressman first was introduced to the tsa officials me met through a veterans job fair he hosted. 25-percent of t-s-a employees are veterans - who can then advance through the ranks or join other federal agencies. blum says while long lines may be frustrating - seeing the security process explains why the wait is worth it. "every without a plane getting blown out of the air, we get complacent. and i know the public sometimes can get a little grumpy about why do we have to do this, why do we have to wait in lines, but there's good reason for it and they're doing a great job at it actually when you think about the number of passengers, and miles flown flownthe t-s-a says it has some of the most advanced screening technology at the eastern iowa airport. a staff of roughly 50 officers keeps the average wait to about 10 minutes.
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priority win for both political rod blum won the seat after democrat bruce braley left it to run for the 2 news political reporter and host of iowa in focus kevin barry explains why blum's race has caught the eye of one outside group who could soon be knocking on your door. door. door knocking nat natdhuha tawil's work with the peace corps took her to places where frustration with political candidates was ?not something you could easily passionate about voting -- and drove her to work for the progressive turnout project. alex morgan is the national field and training director -- and he's based out of cedar rap. rapids.we'll see voters multiple times to talk to voters about voting in general so we can encourage them to be activethey're a super pac -- but aren't looking to donate
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trying to push voters to the doesn't work in every race -- but morgan says over the last few elections -- there have been roughly 60 seats in the house of representatives won or lost by about five points. points.when we know that a field effort can boost by 8 points -- we are active because we can make difference. that's what brings them to iowa's first district. democratic challenger monica vernon ha and support in the district -- and from groups like the democratic congressional campaign committee -- who's put blum's seat near the top of their list to take back in november.nat popbut one of their tactics is getting iowa secretary of state paul pate's attention.nat pop montage opening montage opening letter right around the primaries -- turnout sent out these letters to voters in the first district -- saying who you vote for is secret -- but ?if you vote is public record.
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about the social aspect can motivate to vote voteit's a fine line. it's some element of the same go out and vote . >> in my opinion it is a fine line -- saying you are going to watch them does imply it to be some element a shameful approach. i think there are too many campaign and they think it works so they continue to do it . >> a recent study suggests it does work . it looks that august 2006 primary election in michigan where a control group voted at 30% but boaters who got mailers pointing out it was their civic duty to both were more likely to head to the polls being told someone would be checking to see if they voted 12 that out more active being shown their own voting
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outreach was more effective than live phone call and nearly more effective than in person door knocks. >> secretary page it says he doesn't like it believing that language could lead some boaters to feel harassed at these numbers do not lie . >> we are trying to motivate people in an authentic way not to sort of with false information. that is not what we do . >> leading up to the iowa caucus the ted cruz campaign got a lot of negative attention for their mailer that was so aggressive much of it was factually in accurate. both turnout in secretary tait said that kind of outreach is out of line. iowans running for local positions have a deadline. they just have 24 hours to get their ballot date name on the ballot in november . the deadline for state and federal
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>> our mission is to connect candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to candidates to participate in extended interviews with us and our sister stations. we do want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know. please share your thoughts with us but from email or facebook . >> a local trucking company is something that is to get on the road towards better pay. cedar rapids-based the rft has been given the green light for its veterans apprenticeship program. the approval means new and current drivers using g.i. benefi earn additional income within the company. managers tell us that the program will complement the company's existing heroes on the highway military program. developing tonight health insurance rates will still be going up for tens of thousands of iowans. iowa insurance commissioner nick gerhardt tells us those most affected are iowans who buy their own insurance. increases have been approved for
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policyholders . some will face hikes as much as 42%. if you would like to see the total amount of iowans impacted you can log onto our website across the country alzheimer's disease not only affects patients but their families. next month the corridor is hosting the walk to and alzheimer's. connor morgan joins us liv purpose. >> reporter: karen, alzheimer's is a disease that is affecting more than 5 million people at it is also a disease without a cure. something that the corridor is aiming to change. walked to and alzheimer's is an annual event and there are various locations throughout eastern iowa in the country hosting walks through october. coordinators said they hope the
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that money will support local alzheimer's programs as well as research for the deadly disease. the number of patients is expected to triple by the year 2015 base 2050 making this year's walk all that more important. we don't continue to focus for fun and identify a cure through research. it is not going to be a matter of if you know someone with the disease it will be a matter of when you know someone with the disease >> the walk in cedar rapids begins here at mcgrath amphitheater at 10 am september 21 days 24 rather. to learn how you can get involved visit our website right now our partners at the corridor business journal are celebrating a new space. we are live at the new headquarters in north liberty.
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who have been with the corridor business journal from the beginning it is like coming home. they started 13 years ago right here at a north liberty basement when the paper began to grow they moved down to coralville where they spent the last nine years. ceo john lohman says the new office better meets the papers needs and give them more than 4000 ft.2 to spread out along with additional 8000 police to other businesses but tonight business and communi l their return to the heart of the corridor that is great for employees particularly employees that live in both ends of the area and one of the things we strive to do is make sure we are covering the entire region and not to iowa city focus or to cedar rapids focused so being right in the middle of the corridor is a great place for us to be. >> reporter: they have the official ribbon-cutting just a minute ago and now people are just hanging out and taking a look at the new place.
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still to come approaching game day. why curt ferriss and the boys will not be overlooking their week one opponent. and a cold front is moving across iowa. that will bring a nice change not only tomorrow but into the upcoming weekend temperatures expected to hold in the 70s and
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america.
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in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while he's taking the shirts right off our backs. tomorrow on cbs 2 this morning. inspiration can come in all shapes and sizes -- and at the moments it's needed the most. most.learn about the big steps one small girl is taking to help flood victims in
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weather first -- this will be the last night of rain. after that we get a lot of days rid of a lot of the humidity also. forecast is looking pretty good. >> now. we have a northwest wind at 5 miles per hour. that is important because that means the cold front is getting through eastern iowa and taking out this precipitation that we have been dealing with. right now still muggy. dew point at 72 i promise you tomorrow that will be lower. as far as the temperature goes
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thirds of the region are in the upper 70s but just a long and ahead of that cold front still 82 in iowa city and 81 in washington down in southern counties but temperatures will continue to slide as the skies clear off and with drier air coming in by tomorrow morning temperatures in northern counties will be well into the 50s and low temperatures. as far as today's highs go they were warmest in our southern and eastern counties. official high in cedar rapids coming in 84 degrees. waterloo never got about 79. 78 was up in mason city. that is the direction our mayor asked is coming from so that gives you a good indication of what type of whether we will see tomorrow. going to radar there is about where our front is located just exiting southern counties down around interstate 80. going to the radar you can see showers to the south/southwest attempted. there is another one above
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what you see is very light and moving quickly onto the southeast and that will be it for rain once those without in the next hour. satellite tonight i will show you this big cheerily queue in the clouds. may not see -- see much like to you but that will buckle but jetstream and forth in from the northwest. that will take this moisture around the midwest and send it out of our part of the country. tonight we are watching our southeast and by friday you can see the cold front digging into the southeast. jetstream starts coming in from the northwest meaning present air will be over the midwest for several days to come also cutting off chances for showers and thunderstorms. right now it know storms in the forecast until sunday night or monday at the very earliest. high pressure will be dominating keeping temperatures
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and temperatures tomorrow will be back in the upper 70s but a lot less humidity. watched dew point's crash tomorrow making from very pleasant weather conditions. tonight looks like low temperatures back in the 50s to the low to mid 60s in the southeast. last of showers with exit 7 counties. tomorrow mostly sunny skies. after 75 to 80 degrees from northwest to southeast. extended forecasts excellent for thursday same on friday little warmer on saturday and finally back in the 80s out with a chance of storms and warmer temperatures. coming up in sports it is almost time for the hawks to take the field. but the guys are saying about their week one opponent.
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i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here!
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vernon: a lot of childish bickering stopping you from getting things done. sounds like washington, but it was my house as i raised three daughters while starting a small business. i'm monica vernon. we've got to help hardworking families with affordable childcare, expanded family sick leave, and equal pay for equal work. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message
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"it's a journey. it's week to week. there' now sports with zach hamlin.>> it is a week to week, there are can take place during the course of the year and it gets down to simply focusing on what is important. >> that journey for the hawks start saturday from miami to ohio. the only thing iowa has been focused on. not getting back to the title game just the red hawks. and as pat moroney found out the hawks cannot wait.
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workouts or fall camp. it is finally game week in iowa city and after beating up on each other for the last nine months the hawks are ready to beat up on somebody else this saturday picking we were like this a long time ever since the taste of the rose bowl has not left our mouth so we are very -- we are ready to get back to the game. getting ready to play with each other. >> we have been playing against each other for three weeks, banging against each other. now we can go against someone on the schedule but in the crazy world of college football there are no easy once . >> i don't think the record from last year shows how good they are. they have a good team and we have a bunch of respect. spirit you have to treat every team the same because you don't know what is going to happen . since i have been here -- we
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hawkeyes are not taking anything for granted . >> looking back historically -- we have looked good on opening day historically. i don't care who our opponent is we need to be ready to go . >> iowa has won 14 of their last 15 season openers. there last loss came from a different >> team. northern iowa. pat moroney cds to sports >> the other big-game is between iowa state and uni. the teams split in their last two meetings. matt campbell you don't have to fill him in. he is fully aware of what the panthers bring to the theater. >> i cannot be more impressed with the opponent we are playing. they have one take football games. they are young guys even if they are not starters. they have a ton of reps and
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that is what good programs do. they don't just rebuild. they reload . >> and the defending north champs suffered a huge blow. teddy bridgewater left practice in an ambulance after injuring his left knee in a noncontact drill. old shaun hill and joel stave -- a rookie out of wisconsin -- are the only other quarterback's on the depth chart. that's it for sports.terry is back with a final check of the
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i'm patty judge, and we know chuck grassley stopped the senate from working, but he also stopped working for iowa. as a farmer and a nurse, i learned iowa works best when we pull together. used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa.
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and it's time we change our senator. problem is, his feet drag. love the clouds are starting to
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across iowa. ending threat of thunderstorms. tomorrow should be a very nice day. look for temperatures in the upper 70s and a lot less humidity and sunshine. beautiful night also.
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have it. i don't know what you're talking about. yeah. ? your imagination ? remembering gene wilder. what you don't remember about the icon. >> this is it. i have no regrets. yes uncover his passionate love >> i know you love me. >> and the new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> vip pass. can ryan lochte last? >> taylor swift just pulled the i'm a celeb card to get out of jury duty. we are talking to bridget about reunited them. the tom hanks goes off on channing tatum.


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