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tv   CBS 2 News 6  CBS  October 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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clouds go away late tonight and tomorrow we are back into the sunshine and we will see warmer temperatures. it was a little chilly out there today we started was reading to the upper 20s the lower 30s and now most of us are in the range of about 50 to 54 degrees although it will be cooler, 40 to cool -- current temperature. tomorrow the indian summer gets underway once again for the second time this year. it will be a bright shiny saturday highs popping up into the 60s and for the i would give it should be nice in iowa city for the big game wisconsin. to the five to kickoff temperature, if you are targeting it will be a 41. eventually by late afternoon we will be back into the mid and upper 60s and we will get the weekend off to a fine weather start. governor breasted is helping -- asking for assistance to help residents recover from the flood. it is in 18 county spears -- 18 counties. the storm dumped lots of rain. if approved by the present the presidential decoration with
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iowa drivers or something you may not know. in iowa district court judge has ruled it illegal for the iowa department of transportation to issue speeding tickets. cbs2 news reporter steffi lee shows us how the judge reached this julian dish ruling and why the iowa dot said they are trying to keep people safe.>> reporter: it is a matter of how state law applies to the officers. the district court based on previous iowa supreme court case that gives the officers are limited in what they can issue citations for. when peyton@was caught speeding in may, his ticket came from the iowa dot. the judge sided with at them. they say the iowa dot acted
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citation.>> excessive speed is where the top three reasons for deaths that i would. >> reporter: the state law does make speeding traffic violation it also says dot officers do not have any additional authority to make arrests beyond registration. size, weight and loaded the vehicle. the iowa dot spokeswoman said their officers do have the proper training.>> our officers are fully trained and licensed peace officers and fully equipped citations and we believe it is a matter of folk -- public safety. >> reporter: nothing different between their training with other law enforcement go through.>> they go to the law- enforcement academy just like any other peace officer.>> reporter: the goes back to the message of safety.>> that is one of the reasons we believe it is very important for our officers to be out there enforcing the laws.
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reviewing the ruling and say it will weigh all options before making a decision. good news fear corridor commute. 42nd street in cedar rapids will be reopening this weekend. detours have been up between i- 380 and -- road northeast for most of the summer. have been widening the intersection near the interstate. in repairs have been made to the sewer system in the area. the 42nd street construction is part of the 30 paving budgets across i would. iowa stores have new ways to catch a ride -- eye. this is how they plan to do.>> reporter: many of the stores here in downtown iowa city have signs that lay fight against the storefronts picked iowa
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the same sign has identified daydream comics for 11 years. the store's owner said it is time to turn the page.>> it is a good idea for any business to refresh, resize so every often. it has been over a decade and it is time to do that.>> reporter: he's hoping to take advantage of a new opportunity called cosign from the american sign museum. >> is great collaboration amongst merchants, storeowners, the artist community & fabricators. >> reporter: the denton district has been trying to increase creativity in storefront signs. hoping city council votes in amendments to city codes to help them to.>> we are going to push more creative with signage. more pedestrian friendly signs that hang down like you would see an older historic neighborhoods. signs can rotate will be three- dimensional.>> reporter: it will be an interesting way for the cosign project and can work with an artist to bring a new adventure to his store. 14:22:41 even being around for as long as we have, there's still people that stop in and be like, 'we didn't know you
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people in the door can't be a bad thing. kaeding says this process will cannot be a bad thing.>> reporter: the city said the process will get going next spring. hoping all the designs can be unveiled next summer. workers earn billing brand- new websites for local is all part of the fifth annual operation overnight. the workers volunteer their time over the past two days to build new sites for nonprofits based in linn county. this year six organizations are getting new websites from the charity event. in the wake of wednesday's debate republican presidential nominee donald trump created controversy saying that he might not accept results of the november election unless he
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"well i think i've done a great service, because there is a lot of fraud going on and they could clean it upa&they could get people off the voter rolesa&there are many dead people on voter rollsa&there are studies on this i just want to see a fair election, that's all i'm asking for, i just want a fair electiona&a&we have the crowds, people want to see changea&.i didn't need ot do this, it's a lot of work, but there is such lovea&we need changea&we have the our country is in such serious troublea&" (:47)(reporter row. there are studies on this. it is not for meters from a fair election. that is all i'm asking for. i think if we have a fair election we have the crowds, the people, people want to see change. they have to see change. we cannot continue to go on like this as a country or we will not have a country anymore. i did not need to do this. it is a lot of work, it is hard but i will tell you there is such love, it is like a movement. we need change and if we don't get it our country is such serious trouble.>> reporter: you talked about meeting people, some of them crying at
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meet the public. what has changed you in this election process? one moment that is really touched you.>> i think more than anything else what you say. i have met the greatest people, veterans, they been treated badly. our military so depleted and the people lose their spirit but the people of the country, it is such a divided country now. we have such divisions whether it is race or the economy, there is so much, you call eight these. ionization of our country. we will have spirit again and come together as a uniformed country. controversial campaigns are creating challenges for corridor classro. classrooms. ll: this presidential election
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candidates with record low approval ratings -one a former first lady whose emails are overshadowing experience.the other a business titan whose celebrity status is now shrouded in a slew of sexual allegations.add personal attacks - you've got a mess not even a janitor can clean up.good luck, teachers."the nature of this election, i can't imagine teaching to this election and keeping my job."alisa meggitt is a seventh grade teacher who sees the 20-16 presidential election as a challenge for corridor teachers"i don't have teachable moments. i feel like i'd have to protect my students against the rhetoric around this debate."meggitt isn't the only still ahead tonight at six - the battle for the bull is less than 24 hours away -- how the hawkeye defense plays to slow down the badgers' balanced news.morgan, cbs 2 connor
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connor morgan, cbs 2 news. tonight at 10 - the university
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tool that will enhance student safety.see the features and why the university says it's a game changer when it comes to fighting crime on campus. that's tonight on the cbs 2 news ten at ten. still ahead tonight at six - the battle for the bull is less than 24 hours away -- how the hawkeye defense plays to slow down the badgers'
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it's troubling. congressman blum actually co-sponsored a bill that could make it legal for a woman to be fired just for being pregnant. and blum tried to defund planned parenthood, even though women depend on it for critical care, like cancer screenings. i was diagnosed with breast cancer, and i know it was early detection that made a difference. it's not a political issue. it's about caring about all of our people here in this country.
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monday on cbs 2 this morning - new surveys show this year's election - is really stressing people to ease your anxiety levels in the last weeks of the election -that's monday you have got a lovely picture behind you starting to go down. is doing that earlier and earlier.>> the days get shorter and shorter in the son angle is going down. the story gets worse and worse. the bottom line this weekend is that the temperatures will be warming up so we do have better conditions to talk about as we head into the weekend. now the crowd to see out to the
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warmer air starting to punch back into the midwest and that will overtake the cool air that has been here for the past couple of days and bring us a much better conditions for saturday and sunday. temperatures once again well above normal. currently we have 50 degrees, when southwest at five miles per hour and the dew point just 36. pretty dry canadian air is residing here in the upper midwest. with that in place there is absolutely no rain on the radar despite the fact that we do have clouds around, no showers expected in our forecast over the next 24 hours in a few returns trying to show. the radar to our northwest but those are up in the clouds. the low levels of the atmosphere will evaporate that so we are not concerned about precipitation and the clouds go away later on tonight. as far as the current temperatures most of us are around 50 to 54 degrees, the one exception is -- 48 otherwise 51 waterloo, done in iowa city tonight we have a reading there of 53 and on our
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these clouds working their way quickly from northwest to southeast read about in here is where we have a warm front situated tonight to the clouds form on the other side of that with the cool air in place and eventually as the warm front comes into that sunshine will be back with us tomorrow that means good things for outdoor activities come all the leaves are peeking around eastern iowa and there's a huge football game dunning tenney stadium up that when the kickoff temperature should be 55 degrees, lots of sunshine around but it will -- if you doing ta morning, the temperature just 41 degrees. you will start cold but late afternoon you will take off -- take that off. the clouds passing two hours guys as we go through 6:00 a.m. but after that the clouds quickly take off for back into sunshine during the morning hours and we will keep the sunning hours guys all day long tomorrow and right into sunday so beautiful weather conditions in the timing could not be
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place. here's our precipitation will take you out through tuesday at 7:00 i am still no rain in the forecast but just beyond that a stronger system is expected to cross the midwest and watch what happens between tuesday and wednesday, some of these rain totals getting wild up in the north with a could be as much as to or to have hinges particularly from the north of highway 20 but everyone looks to be getting a good soaking out of that system so we will watch that incubator detail it as we get better data in the next to make these per tonight low temperatures about 36 to 40 degrees from north to south. skies will be partly cloudy overall into my the clouds to partner back into sunshine and temperatures should range around 66 in waterloo to 65 and dubuque are going for 66 in cedar rapids and again i was city for the game tomorrow temperatures around 67 degrees. here's the long-range outlook for sunday, 70 with some sunshine, a little cooler monday still sunny in the
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wednesday, showers and storms in the forecast, designed the possibility and sharply cooler temperatures expected as well. coming up in sports it is a winner take all in williamsburg brewed will be the raiders or the -- a live report is next. marsh.i'm michelle washington, alert desk in terrorism from the from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle mar. marsh.the u.n says from the terrorism alert desk in washington the un said it is greatly worried isis is using citizens in mosul as human shields. appears about 550 families have been taken hostage by the terror group as the offensive on mosul progresses.
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various refugee camps outside of mosul. here's what we know right now in the fight to take back that city. are backing coalition forces have retaken about 39 mi.2 from isis but infighting friday isis fighters targeted four plea stations because of targeted a government building northwest of the city. 20 people work killed in that attack. into gill public gatherings and demonstrations have been banned in the country's capital. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year
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speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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i hope you are ready for some math -- because the final week of the regular season is all about numbers -- but i hope you're ready for the final week of the regular season is all about numbers. not for everyone. into a, district 5, mt. vernon are in the plasma there's wanting to playoff for the district championship. pat moroney that bob murphy stadium and when it co are perfect for the season.>> i'm lucky enough to be joined by williams. coach. they have 17 mac in a row what is going right? >> if you have a bunch of guys that will continue to get better and better each week, inexperienced coming into the season, new casey have been they have worked hard and stuck together and gotten better each
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blowout. tonight if think you can probably safe expect a closer game against mt. vernon. eye i think both teams are ready for a game. -->> i think both teams are ready for a game. you can have thoughts coming into this game are now but we are waiting to get better at that for sure. >> there is one thing you can point to that you have to do to meet would you say? >> there a lot of things. there a dangerous often 15. if we can get some stops, try to control the ball, they could be an interesting game in very similar teams period most like looking in a mirror a little bit when you see them. it will be interesting to see you can make their system works the best.>> wayne the district and getting the home playoff game how important is that?>> there a lot of good things. you are hoping of course you
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playing at home is huge. our kids love to play at home. that is the biggest thing. we have only had four home games this year. if we can get one more home this year with the seniors that would be fun. >> williamsburg and mt. vernon kicking off your shortly. there have been some lapses but for the most part -- the biggest challenge comes tomorrow. the hawkeye offense on saturday. the badgers average 174 yards per game on the ground and 201 yards through the air. the team knows the lab their cancel.>> they take pride, they play hard, they haven't their stuff they do. they will make you respond to the way they do things. >> will like the challenge. is what we do.
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hard.>> it is like having offense of them the days like to run the ball down the trail sometimes. we have to be on our --. >> a must win for the hawks but if iowa wednesday knock at the badgers from the west title and that is what they want to i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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the hawks and badgers
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be a winner. 55 degrees for the kickoff tend to be sure. lots of sunshine around. eventually you can take the caught off in the afternoon as we get up to 66 and sunshine.
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it's heartbreaking, but true. as a millionaire c.e.o., rod blum laid off over 70 employees, but he took millions in stock and bonuses. it gets worse. in washington, blum supported special tax breaks for corporations shipping jobs overseas and millionaires like himself. i'll tell you what i think is missing in washington -- common sense. it's about investing in jobs and our economy.
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. >> brad pitt's face-off with his son. what happened inside their closed door meeting? what we know tonight. >> brad is devastated but he's not giving up. >> then, cher's love life revealed. >> what is man. >> her past boyfriends, the good, the bad and -- >> there's a bunch of them that weren't. >> new surveillance video of the alleged kim k. robber. wait until you see sister courtney's live interview about the hype. >> what? >> and backstage exclusive with country's hottest starr. carrie underwood struggled to get her hockey player husband


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