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tv   CBS 2 News Noon  CBS  November 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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back. breaking news this afternoon the minnesota police officer that shot and killed flandreau casteel during a traffic stop has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and two charges of dangerous does term -- dangerous discharge of a firearm. news of this spread like wildfire after his fiancie live streamed the aftermath in the car on cbs2 news will continue to follow this story for all of the updates. we will update when we get them. in the corridor, it has been a couple of weeks. family and friends of jeremy mitchell continue to demand answers. earlier this month, the cedar rapids police officer shot mitchell. last night, his support system gathered around cedar rapids
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sure we're doing it the right w" way."his mother and niece both say mitchell is hanging in there.they say he's a fighter and they will continue fighting on his behalf. meanwhile - cedar rapids police are now responding to public demands to release dash-cam video of that shooting. the department tells jerime mitchell at about one-am on november first.they say mitchell started fighting with officer jones who then mitchell at about 1:00 a.m. november 1st they said mitchell started fighting with officer jones who then shot him. mitchell drove away and hit two cars before being taken to the hospital where his family says he remains paralyzed. crpd says it is following the device -- of the advice of the linn county attorney's office and not releasing the video. officer jones is still on paid administrative leave peers that is protocol for an officer
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second shooting for which officer jones has been investigated. he was cleared in last year's fatal shooting. there are a number of cases where video comes out in a matter of days or hours. but with this case, it is not out of the ordinary that it is not coming out so soon. the issue is the open records law iowa. it reads the public records, including video like this, cannot be kept away except in unusual circumstances would jeopardize an investigation. police refused our request to see the video at the direction of the linn county attorney. in a statement, they said the very role -- is to not release the video until the it will not happen in this or
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in light of recent events - corridor police will hold a community prayer service with a number of area pastors. called - "to pray and serve" - in light of all of these recent events, corridor police will hold a community prayer service with a number of area pastors to pray and serve. the event begins this sunday afternoon at 3:00 at several locations. if you would like to take part come you can go to cedar rapids, marion or hiawatha police department's or to the linn county sheriff's department. a check of weather forecast with justin. it looks like we have a pretty good night ahead of us. >> a great rest of the afternoon. a gorgeous night as well. let's get to the numbers. cool this morning. 33 degrees. where we are now. at 57 we are on our way to the lower-60s took plenty of sunshine out there as we look out the door. 57-degree reading in cedar rapids. elsewhere on the board,
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dubuque, 55. iowa city, 57. wind southeast at 5-10. gusting up to 15. the satellite radar is pretty quiet as well. looking at the predictor. a nice quiet rest of the afternoon. into the early evening, maybe a couple clouds. nothing major. sixty-four today. 53 degrees at 9:00 we will show you mild numbers tomorrow. that is coming up in about ten minutes. jenee. the trump transition team says they are making progress following some major changes. in the latest move, vice president-elect mike pratt -- mike pence order the removal of all registered lobbyists on the team. we are outside trump tower with more. >> president-elect donald trump's children and members of his transition team returned to trump tower to fill key cabinet
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former goldman sachs partner steven mnuchin is said to be the front runner for treasury secretary. >> there are a lot of things to do. priorities are taxes and infrastructure. >> mr. trump challenged reports that his team is in disarray tweeting this morning, totally wrong on the transition. it is going so smoothly. the tweet comes after vice president removed all lobbyists from the team. >> he is putting together his team. it is never easy to dupe particularly and you are coming in, not having been in government. >> the president-elect is also raising eyebrows after the team told the press he was in for the night. instead, trump went to dinner tuesday at a nearby restaurant. >> the white house responded
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reporters are in place to cover the president-elect and it is critical they be allowed to do their jobs. >> in the meantime, the company that owns several apartment buildings in manhattan bearing the trump name, took down the gold letters after tenants petitioned for the removal. cbs news, new york. >> some of capitol hill still calls for the firing of steve bannon, donald trump's chief strategist. says someone -- saying that someone who gives way to racism cannot unite the country. and since donald trump's election, rallies, peaceful and violent, have erupted all over the country. almost every night. so to combat all of that pain and anger, cornell college is holding a postelection healing event. stephanie johnson is live in mount vernon. stephanie, what is this healing event? >> reporter: jenee, the event started at 11:15 a.m. still going on now. the school invited a buddhist
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with their feelings postelection. the buddhist priest headed the event. cornell college is affiliated with a methodist church which means they support and honor other faiths. the school's chaplain says that today's event has been scheduled for months. she thought of the idea in august of 2016 before the school year started. she knew some people would be upset with this year's election results. today's event was perfect timing. earlier in the school year, the chaplain held a discussion about islam a phobia. she believes it is important to honor and support people of other faiths, races and backgrounds. >> this program was created knowing that half of the country may struggling with the results of the election election, regardless of who it was going to be peers the other half would be celebrating. the school has invited
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before class to meditate. in mount vernon, stephanie johnson, back to you. >> thank you. the woman accused of sexually exploiting a former student will meet a judge again today. mary beth haglund was fired this past summer after telling cbs2 news that she had a sexual relationship with a washington high student when she was a substitute teacher there. she has been charged with sexual explication earlier this month, the lawyer asked the trial be moved because of media coverage tonight live at five. sexual assault prevention is now open to more university of iowa students. the daily iowan reports students can get additional training beyond the initial course offered to incoming freshmen or transfer students. the new refresher course was created in response to the online survey given to
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being sexually assaulted. last month - the university provided more money to the sexual assault prevention programs as part of a new plan to stop sexual assault. soon - the pedestrain mall in assault programs like this to stop sexual assault. soon the pedestrian mall in iowa city will have a new look. city council approved a renovation order of the downtown square. that will be used as a point of reference. there will be utility updates and installation of a permanent stage pretty cool. we will have more on this developing project tonight on cbs2 news at 5:00 and 6:00. hundreds of students will have to find new ways to get to chicago. mega bus stopping service in iowa over january 9th.
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cuts thing people can afford to drive or fly themselves so less university of iowa students are using it as a cheap way to see friends and family. again, that ends january 9th. still coming up on cbs2 news at noon, and exciting win leads to some sticky fingers. the weather forecast is nice today. even nicer tomorrow. take a look at what is
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university of iowa athletics is looking for some missing equipment. you couldn't even see the field at kinnick stadium after iowa rocked university of iowa athletics is looking for missing equipment. this is what the field looks like after iowa rocked the
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they noticed that no one was paying attention to the equipment and took advantage of the commotion. around a dozen or so football helmets went missing. as of now, all major pieces of equipment are already back and are ready to take on illinois. it will be great weather for people heading out there. >> coats before we go out there. it will be chilly pick all in all, a fun game. let's talk about what is ahead. today, tomorrow and friday, staying above normal. 26 degrees above normal tomorrow. a big cold front moves through. and we are below normal saturday, sunday and monday. a brief look. to put it in perspective, this will be the coldest weekend we have seen since february 13th and 14th of this year. the first back-to-back 30s we
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in eastern iowa since march 2nd. today, it is a fine day. sunny and mild. temperatures in the 60s. projecting 64 with a mostly sunny sky. kind of a hazy sunshine day out there. looking at the sky camera. 57 degrees. 69% humidity. wind out of the southeast at ten. iowa city, 57. dubuque, 55. waterloo, 56. helped because of the wind out of the south and east at 5-15, gusting up to 15. sixty-three in the morning. fifty-four in decorah. burlington, 58. highest today, low 60s up to the mid-60s. upper 60s to low 70s in western iowa. mild weather and clouds. high-pressure drift software we have a weak -- warm front moving through that will push
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all eyes are on this cold front . as the frontal boundary moves in, it brings colder air. we go from 70s tomorrow, to the 60s friday. rain in the forecast as well. look at the temperatures as we go into our late friday night into saturday. saturday afternoon, low 40s are the high. much colder air compared to where we have been. here is a predictor. a couple clouds tonight. tomorrow, starting with sunshine. we do bring clouds back in tomorrow late afternoon. more so into the evening time. a cloudy night thursday night. more clouds friday. it looks like rain showers start to move into the forecast friday later in the morning. as a cooldown, don't be surprised if you see a few flurries across north iowa friday night and saturday. today, mostly sunny and
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iowa city, 65. tonight, upper 40s, lower-50s. still above normal for this time of year. a few clouds. a calm night. tomorrow is a beauty. upper 60s to lower to mid-70s. a breeze out of the southeast at 5-15, gusting up to 20. temperatures tomorrow, near record warmth. cedar rapids, 71. record is 73. iowa city, expected to be at 72 peers the record is 75, going back to 1958. the extended forecast, a cooldown. starting with rain friday. some flurries saturday. low 40s sunday. mid-40s monday. upper 40s tuesday. the ten-day trend, 40s and 50s for thanksgiving day. and the big shopping day on friday. the full forecast always at still had, if you want to
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there's a new healthy trend that has people looking to there is a new health trend that has people looking to vegetables to satisfy their carb cravings. so for pasta and rice -- that kind of stuff. we have more on the food swap making its way into the mainstream. >> she lost 30 pounds eating pasta and rice made with vegetables.
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cause i didn't feel like i was dieting. >> for the past three years, she has been replacing starchy foods with vegetables made to look and taste like carbs. every day, she is cutting, spiral lysing and chopping all kinds of vegetables. this turnip risotto is one of her specialties. >> i have never eaten so healthy i have never eaten so many different variety of vegetables in my life. i feel full of energy. >> it is a healthy food trend picking up spain -- picking up steam. priced cauliflower made by traders does -- trader joe's cannot stand michelle's. and green giant released these tater free tots. >> kids love them. >> and this veggie rice, all made from mostly cauliflower. >> rice cauliflower has 85% fewer calories.
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are literally eating them up. >> sales so far are greatly exceeding expectations. >> and alie has a blog and two best-selling cook books. >> i think it is a testament to the fact that people expect healthier to be easier. >> and taste just as good. marley hill, jersey city, new jersey. >> i love to do this with zucchini and cucumber for salads. green giant's frozen vegetable sales in the u.s. declined 25% since 2011. still coming up on the cbs2 news at noon, a popular
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about controversy surrounding the president-elect. new balance is defending the owners of a shoe company are speaking out about a controversy surrounding the president-elect. new balance is defending itself after being described as the official shoes of white people and the official shoes of the trump revolution. new balance says things are moving in the right direction with president-elect trump. the shoe company responded on twitter saying they do not tolerate form. new balance also clarified that they employ thousands of people of all races, genders, cultures and sexual orientation. the holiday season is always about giving but how about treating yourself not a bad thing to do either. the national retail foundation found that most americans plan on buying for themselves. spending an average of $136.61 since -- cents. sales excited to go up even
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and ahead of the holiday shopping season, target is beating expectations. well isn't this peachy.... apple has brought back their original peach emoji which looks much like a rear end.the look was changed earlier this month in the beta one update but revearsed it to it's unicode constorium creates the emojis but fixes can be made by apple. marty's back to the future shoes can be yours! -- for 720 s dollarswhen you put your foot in the shoe it lights up... and a pressure sensor will $720. when you put your foot in the shoe, it lights up and a pressure sensor makes the strap tighten and the laces on the front are actually just for
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he might be wearing those. you cannot see his feet in front of the green screen.
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today and tomorrow are the days to get out and put the holiday decorations out as we will be in the upper 50s to mid- 60s. cedar rapids, 57. iowa city, 57. waterloo, 56. down to 53 tonight at 9:00. only into the 40s and 50s overnight wishes normal for the average daytime temperature. the satellite radar is quiet. partly cloudy skies overnight tonight. more good stuff tomorrow. temperatures in the 70s tomorrow. waterloo, 63. iowa city, 65. washington, 66. breezy and mild in the 70s tomorrow. loud then showers friday. maybe some flurries tonight and saturday.
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? >> brooke: [ sighs ] >> bill: what's the opposite of closure? because it's what i need from you. >> quinn: [ sighs ] >> wyatt: oh, the conquering hero! >> kristina: awesome show yesterday, mrs. forrester. >> quinn: thank you, kristina. quite the stage manager, aren't you? >> wyatt: oh, no, nothing was staged, and your interns have been waiting for you. >> charlotte: here are phone messages from last night and this morning. >> kristina: e-mail requests for interviews and inquiries from buyers. >> pam: uh, charlotte, take the mail down to legal and accounting, will you? >> wyatt: uh, all of it? >> pam: no.


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