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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CST

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doppler radar is clear to then a few flurries here. here cedar rapids, collins and blairs ferry in you. let's go to monticello, 36, dubuque, 36 iowa city, waterloo and online. we factor in the wind, 52 2 miles per hour , and we get the windchill of about low to mid 20s right now. satellite and radar, plenty of cloud cover in that flurry chance around decorah, act ii.
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just a good old-fashioned december morning. your planner says upper 30s today, not much further away from where we are right now. it is 6:01 am, let's check the highways and highways. and that morning drive this morning. and yes, the usual hustle and bustle. bear in mind that some of these little sick this morning because of the moisture we had overnight. especially bridges and overpasses. coldstream avenue all the way back to 15th along interstate 380, looking fine this morning. let's go to 380, things are looking good there. in coralville, 380 and 80 at the interchange, no big problems as we put the board. no alerts other than, it could
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be mindful of that if you are heading towards interstate 80 e. just pass i was city. other than that, pretty clear this morning. another check of traffic and weather together coming up in about 10 minutes time. happened overnight. stephanie?dora---officers are paying their respects to a fallen officer who was shot multiple times while on duty overnight in tacoma washington killed the officer is still on the loose take a look at videoscene is active-- suspect has barricaded himself inside of his homeauthorities believe the suspect is armed and dangerous--- the neighborhood is on lockdown the officer killed was 45 years old--been on the police dept. for seventeen years. the officer died around 9 pm at a tacoma hospital--that's
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monitor this story as it develops--dora back to you. with deaths among law enforcement on the rise - lawmakers in the u-s senate have approved a new bill co- authored by chuck grassley.the public safety officers' benefits improvement act hopes to reduce the backlog of benefits.the program began some 40 years ago to give benefits to families within one year of a loved one's death.but the justice department is failing to meet that deadline in more than half of all cases.right now, 738 family requests for death benefits are pending approval -- including 175 still pending from the september 11-th terror attacks.if passed by the house and signed by the president, senator grassley's bill would essentially put the burden on the justice department to deny or withold
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fallen officer developing now in charlotte, north carolina...protests hit the streets well into last night - angry over a prosecutors decision ?not to charge a police officer in the shooting death of a black man.people gathered in the rain - outside of police headquarters - many who don't believe that the man who was shot, keith scott - actually had a gun in his hands at the time of the shooting.the incident happened back in september - and caused two nights of violent protests. last night's demostrations remained peaceful. a jury will continue charleston, south carolina - in the trial of a white officer who shot and killed a black man.michael slager took the stand earlier this week. he's facing murder charges and was fired after cellphone video of the shooting was released.jurors deliberated for about an hour last night before heading home. there are now calls in cedar rapids - for a special prosecutor to handle jeremie mitchell's case. mitchell was shot by a cedar rapids police officer during a traffic stop that allegedly got violent last month. last night, newly elected linn
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called for a special prosecutor to take over the case. it's important to note - he did so as a private citizen - and not a member of the special prosecutor to take the case. it's important to know that he did so as a private citizen. >> we been trying to keep the thing peaceful, and i think believe - since he has a close working relationship with the transparent move would be to have someone else handle the case. jerime mitchell's family agrees with that call for a special prosecutor.many turned out to a benefit last night to help mitchell and his family in any way they could. mitchell's brother tells us they are heartened to see the outpouring of support from friends and even complete strangers -- of all different races. we never watned it to ever be about black vs white it's just about people being good peopel
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you look around, it's everybody in that room. it's all walks of life."there will be another benefit for mitchell on sunday at gabe's in iowa city.a number of local bands will play from seven until 10.. that's this sunday night. investigators are still trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire in central city on thanksgiving day. an explosion triggered the fire at iowa gold prompting a response from 14-different departments. . cbs 2 news reporter joe husinga explains why that cooperation is critical for towns like this. when fire breaks out in a departments. joe ruzicka explains why the corporation is so critical for towns like that. >>and fire breaks out in a rural fire district, help is critical. >>we will get departments and route right away, just so that we have backup coming. time of your emergency might vary and so you need other departments come in and assist
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other full time jobs and during the work day not everyone can answer the call you can pretty much guarantee that a lot of your department members are going to be out of town working. 9 even when a full crew comes in they can't tackle the big ones alone. fighting that fire was over a long period of time and so you know a fire fighter can't stay in that position that long they need to get some rest 11 that.we're blessed that they'll come you know they're always willing to help every department around this area you know we're all willing to help each other take care of the problem 13 joe husinga reporting, the cause of this fire is still undetermined but investigators say that an electrical expert will be here this month to hopefully find answers. you can help people in the
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iowa city gives the homeless a warm place to sleep.when temperatures get low enough -- people out in the cold can suffer frostbite and even die.the last two years, they've opened an emergency shelter for those who cannot or will not use shelter house.the "out of the cold campaign" is looking to raise 45 thousand dollars to support additional services and the emergency shelter. 08:34:26 we've had a lot of anecdotal data that states that we haven't had anybody from the streets of iowa city having frostbite and certainly not dying in the last two years, so we're excite that.the shelter house says the easiest way to give is online.we have a link on our website - cbs 2 iowa -dot-com. it's and right now in it's degrees.still to come - where the president-elect and his vice president will be traveling today - touting one of his very first deals since
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6:11 am, whether time. usually have on the run down menu. cloudy skies on the menu throughout the midday afternoon and evening as those clouds the ground were cast. leftover moisture, drizzle and flurries in the park and viewing area. in our temperatures, even though they seem cool compared to where they been, this was right on the money. upper 30s to some of those
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the predictor throughout the day today, tonight, but we do have some good news for you sunshine lovers as we had through the rest of the week today. 35 at 11 this morning, 36 just after lunchtime and a high of 38 this afternoon we see those cloud sticking around it forecast. cedar rapids, looking over players very and carson road, it feels like 24. that's thanks in part to the west wind. dubuque at 35, and attempts on the board, 34 in waterloo, and all in all about normal this time of year.
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area of low pressure, a huge low is a slow mover. taking up the left lane with its turns it on, taking its we time to get out of the midwest. that's what keeps us out of the clouds today, tonight and tomorrow morning. we go from the morning to midday and there are those clouds. they will continue this afternoon. and here's your early friday with a cover to start. watch what happens as we head towards friday midday. i think we will see sunshine before tomorrow night, and for sure, that is before saturday night through sunday. central city 37, and stolen
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those temperatures are seasonable with the wind out of the northwest, 5 to 15, gusting to 20. all wind -- the southern part of the viewing area today looking at 38 in monticello, and 40 around sigourney and washington. be mindful, it's breezy. the th sunshine mix in tomorrow and we will give you a whole keeping hand for as we had through saturday. 38, clouds move in saturday night with light rain and snow for sunday morning. should not disrupt much the way of travel, but just be mindful as you head to church sunday morning, you could be fighting flurries or raindrops. upper 30s and low 40s with some rain as so tuesday and wednesday. quick check of traffic with you this morning and we will show you what those roads look like. there's interstate 80 and 380
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and why it, evidenced by our map. smooth sailing around coralville and iowa city. into downtown cedar rapids, the s curves are moving just fine. highway 380 also in the interchange looks fine as well. we have a special guest. >>stick around, coming up after the break, we have a special guest in our studio. he's going to play some special holiday songs for the rest of
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welcome back to cbs 2 this morning -- i'm here with jim welcome back on this first day of december. i am here with jim mcdonough who is preparing for holiday grand 2016. and i know this is just a prop, it's real. >>it is real and we are going to put it to use this >>it takes a lot of people that are so talented and dedicated, and have been part of my productions over the years. this project begins may 15 year of touring and some of the folks working on the show have been with me since beginning and others come on board. i've been joined on stage by my 14 piece orchestra, singers and
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christmas production showing the benefits camp courageous of iowa. >>i know we briefly talked about this but made you -- what made you want to become a professional musician? >>i knew halfway through my first lesson book, as corny as it sounds, that i wanted to be a [null] when i grew . a pianist when i grew up. i'm so blessed that 15 years later we not only spread the message of christmas at camp courageous but we are taking it to iowa's most beautiful venues, and the show has become a holiday tradition to thousands of iowa families. >>you gave me a program here with a list of dates, and the next one is animals that. how exciting is that?
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cities, beautiful venues. on the 10th we will be in dubuque at the five flags and on the 11th we are here in cedar rapids at that beautiful paramount theater. the final weekend we are at the upper theater in davenport in the gallagher blue join performing arts center on sunday, december 18. >> this is great. i've never been a musician so touching one of these are being on one of them makes me kind of nervous but, i know you guys are absolutely prepared. how long does it take you to work on this? >> we work on the show much of the year, but i would say, the work is really intense probably these last five or six month. and it's everyone's favorite christmas songs and that
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orchestra. and it's me at the piano playing for the audience, as if they are over at my place for the holidays. and just this week, and it features my orchestra in my singers as well as some of my own vocals. >> i know we don't have the orchestra here with cast but we do have you here and this is your studio today. i would love to hear you play so i will let you go ahead and do that. >> thank you.
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>> it's weather time. 6:25 am, overlooking collins and first avenue.
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waterloo 34, and the west wing of 14 makes it feel like 260. we have into cora, 360. northwest breeze at six, and through the rest of the morning, the day and afternoon, we keep that cloud cover with a high of about 38 this afternoon. clouds all the way across the board. here's satellite and radar with this morning. as we had through the next couple of days, will bring more sunshine tomorrow afternoon partly to mostly sunny saturday. low 40s and rain and snow for sunday morning and the day, 40 suspension monday, more rain and snow possible for tuesday and wednesday. more details always at
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officers is taking punishment to a whole new level. if you are caught drunk driving in kensington, not only will you be charged but the cops will also blast nickel back while they haul you off to jail. over the weekend, the police services posted the threat say middle want to open their copy of the album. the constable admits that he doesn't even heat nickel back but he's trying to get the don't drink and drive message out there.
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...another attack on america's finest.a police officer shot and killed -- and an active stand off still ha right now, another attack on america's finest. a police officer shot and killed and an active standoff still happening this morning. and a record or highway extension is nearly complete. plus, the first victory for donald trump before he even takes office. thanks f you are now looking at interstate 380 on 42nd st. it's moving along there very clear. welcome to cbs2 this morning. i'm door and miller in for jimmy robin -- ryan this week. let's check in with justin roberts. >>we did the radio show on wmt yesterday from mount vernon, so
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there that watches you because they love it when you fill in. >>well, hello to you, too. >> they are meeting right now, shopping all the world's problem and thinking "coffee in the basement so i said i would tell them high. we are in the mid-and upper 30s run the way yesterday, body skies right now and let's get peak. doppler radar featuring cloudy skies but not much moisture out there that's a good news and the better news is we will bring the sunshine in. there was has a brand-new christmas tree on the top of their building this year. it's a brand-new, light blue led tree. and 34 with cloudy skies right now, take a look. 34 waterloo, 36 and monticello
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5 to 15 miles power. it will gus at 20. here's satellite and radar and its pre-quiet. statewide picture, more of the same. i was 99 coffee chain cloud cover as well. 6:32 am, and, right now, interstate 380, no big concerns there. we do see the increase in traffic usually happening around the pavement might be just a couple's slick spots on bridges and overpasses, because of that moisture last night. but the map shows smooth sailing out there this morning as we move to the area, and we will zoom out and show you the white picture. things are looking good from cedar rapids back down to marion. you look around the marion area, and there's highway 18.
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police on highway 13 so bear that in mind. and a couple of stalled cars on highway 30 just south mount vernon. in tacoma washington - where a police officer was shot and killed last 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with the latest developments from the scene. stephanie?dora---suspect has been killed and two children rescued--after he k officer who was responding to a call officers--take a look at this video from a while agoscene is active-- suspect twitter and it shows officers entering the home. you can see that cop barricaded a whole neighborhood in two,, washington, trying to get into the suspects home. he barricaded himself in the home after he killed the officer. you officer was responding to a call about a domestic call and
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he went later on to the hospital and he died at the hospital. it took several hours for officers to get inside at home, as you can see in the video, the officers had that neighborhood completely shut down. the officer killed was 45 years old and he worked for the force for 17 years. again, the suspect is dead. two children were inside home and they have also been released. that's the latest from the breaking news >>we are learning more on what happened during the hours that led up to a violent rampage. the suspect, abdul, purchased a knife before the attack on monday morning. authorities are also working to see if the two-year-old was inspired by similar isis attacks overseas. abdul was shot and killed by police officers and 11 people are recovering from their injury this morning.
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figure out if the somali born student have any links to overseas terror groups. senator. grassley who shares the senate judiciary committee wants to know more about the suspects immigration criminal record. along that same line, many are wondering what that donald trump administration and elected officials face when it comes to battling recruitment online.. the suspect in the on ohio state university may have been inspired by what he read online. isis is now claimed responsibility calling the man a soldier of the islamic state. also radicalized online, 20- year-old justin sullivan who pleaded guilty this week in north carolina. his plan was to commit a mass
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school and syria. >>some lawmakers now suggesting taking a harder line moving forward. >> i think we need to devote more resources to the ideology but also engage the private sector, twitter, facebook and google,. >>this is not a freedom of speech at this point. >>even if government officials crackdown, other means of commute keeshan are popping up. that's compared to those test with fighting terror in a battle that often begins online. developing now, the fbi is still investigating a threatening message against iowa state university.
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police say they do not believe the threat is credible. the lawsuit brought on by andrea arrington's family against the coral ridge mall was resolved. she was killed by alexander kozak in june 2015. although kozak was tried and convict it of her murder, the suit was brought on save them all should have done more to take care of schools in marion will operate as normal today following intense moments yesterday. police were called all to a home along 14th avenue. or a person with weapons that refuse to come out. police tell us the public was never in any danger and, in cedar rapids, the first phase of the highway 100 extension is about to happen.
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will be open to commuters and how you can celebrate on that concrete. >> there are times of day when drivers on edgewood road and parts of interstate treaty are desperate for an alternative. play on the new pavement stretching to covington road. catherine cutler - idot planner (( 1:06:02 )) " they won't be able to actually drive on it beyond the point of the ceremony, but if they want cold stroll maybe along it that would be just fine. " nat scott (( 5:54:56 )) " when that area is developed a&. it could house an additional 20 to 30 thousand residents " in the decades ahead - city council member scott olson says the tracts of land along 100 - near city utilities will be incredible.scott olson - cr city council member (( 5:55:05 )) " it is by far the largest single potential development in the history of cedar rapids. " in addition to a new - flood proof bridge across the cedar - he's proud the city and county are
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aside land for a new school. scott (( 5:56:20 )) " it sets a road map for those important things in various new school. >>it sets a roadmap for those important things in various neighborhood such as walking trails. people will be able to look and see a master plan in advance and know what their land is best suited for. so that's very exciting for the future of the city. that was not reporting. the first 4 miles should open in a few weeks but you can check it out the saturday afternoon starting at 1 o'clock. the entire extensions be done by early 2013. university of iowa police are looking into a possible assault on campus. students were attacked near the hawk lot. the victim did not see the attacker and believes that could possibly be two people
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police have increasing patrols but if you have information on this incident, you are asked to call them. this morning to multiple travel with mike pence to their now federal officials say about 800 union jobs will be spared. republicans say it's a good sign. "and it symbolizes more to come and i think a lot of people are reassured that there's a president here who's >> it symbolizes more to come and i think there are a lot of people that the president here will look out for their well-being and their families will be. them of the terms of the deal are still unclear but carriers as part of the deal includes the state of indiana offering incentives for them to stay. but they have yet to say what those are. it's and right now in it's degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox
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means christmas vacation - and that means kids will be spending a lot of time indoors. convenient quick trips you can take this year plus, we have sweets in the kitchen, the owner of sweetopia joins us with how we can indulge our sweet tooth this holiday season. that's coming up fox 28 morning live,
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6:43 am, and cloudy skies with leftover rain or snow this morning. we are seasonable as well with temperatures. 300 at 10, 360 at lunchtime and
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cedar rapids looking off toward the east right now, and that the cloudy go this morning with temperatures at 340. that windchill is 30 or. 34 trend eight, monticello 36, dubuque 35 and 38 and prairie douching. all line, waterloo and tama, it's like 25, and it feels like 27 right now in iowa city. temps around the dodge and 35 in des moines. not much further from where we are now. this is where we should be this time of year. upper 30s to lower 40s. now there is club cover through the day today and we will have cloud cover through the evening and we have the cold front all the way through the midwest so we have been cooler. but again, this is right about normal for us.
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tomorrow morning but by tomorrow afternoon, repeal those back and find some sunshine around eastern iowa. is that cloudy day into the evening time tonight, and heading through the day tomorrow, we start with cloud cover. but watch what happens by friday midday, the clouds been out we will have sunshine friday afternoon and even more sunshine for saturday. here's your core 39 insulin, north liberty and i was city. cloudy skies with a flurry chance this morning, but those chances are normal. 38 and waterloo, it is six in the koran and olwein. dubuque at 47 and 40 in washington. don't forget, mount vernon tonight, a magical night. when you stop by, tell joe
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36 cloudy and cold conditions and lots of stuff going on tonight. they have trolley rides in horse-drawn carriage rides. loud nativity scene, hot chocolate and santa claus will be there. live music and all the stores and destroying carrier as well. it's the scene out of holiday classic movies. we will have the clouds, or clouds for the day tomorrow morning. some clearing tomorrow afternoon at 39. 38 saturday, 32 and 34 for monday. upper 30s to low 40s promising rain and snow mixed for to stay on into next wednesday. 6:46 am is the time. let's check the traffic one more time. this is interstate 380 heading down towards north liberty. the usual congestion this time of mourning that, the good news is, not really seen much in the way of delays there.
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traffic flow seems to be normal this morning. let's go wide here and i will show you from waterloo back down to corriveau, no be problems reported there. we always bring traffic and weather together here on cbs2 and fox 28. it's our honored to have mr. jim mcdonough. we will chat with him more on fox 28 morning live as we get
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thank you for joining us. we are taking a live look at mount vernon road. i'm sure that will pick up and then next couple of minutes but traffic is moving slowly. there are now calls and cedar rapids for a special prosecutor to handle germany mitchells case. stacy walker called for a special prosecutor to take over the case and it's important to know that he did so as a private citizen and not a member of the board. local chap their of the naacp agreed it will help in the long run. >>we are trying to keep kissing peaceful and i think that would go a long way for people to trust that justice will be served. >>dist. atty. gerry anderson and has been handling the case since it started.
6:51 am
be to have someone else handle the case. and germany mitchells family agrees with the call for a special prosecutor as well. many turned out at a benefit. mitchell's brother says they are heartened to see the outpouring us support from friends and even complete strangers of all different races. >> never wanted it to be about black versus white, or anything benefit for mitchell on sunday number of local bands will play from seven until 10.. that's this sunday night. a spreading wildfire is now claiming more lives in tennessee.officials say three more bodies have been found in gatlinburg, tennessee - raising the overall death toll to of this morning - the wildefire is about 10-percent contained.the mayor of that town -- which is right next to the great smoky mountains - says search and rescue efforts are still going on.there are dozens of people that have been injured and sent to the hospital.
6:52 am
-are still trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at iowa gold distributing on thanksgiving electrical expert will sift through the ruins to try to find the source.more than a dozen fire agencies responded to the fire.those small town departments like the one in central city are made up of volunteers.most volunteers have other full time jobs and that means not everyone is always able to answer a call. 17;21;18;20 as a volunteer for the fire department we're on call 24/7, you know that pager goes off if you're avalibl you go if you're not avalible unfortunately thats the down side to it so you got to hope you have enough crews and members to help you out 18the fire at iowa gold distributing brought 14 diferent agencies together with 10 of those being other area fire departments.right now -- linn county emergency management is in the process of updating those mutual aid agreements between departments.
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when we come back, we'll take a look at the three stories you'll need to know on this thursday. cbs-2 news connects with the us with your story tips at 1-800-222-kganor cbs2iowa.comor connect with us
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here are the three stories you need to know to start your thursday morning.the suspect in washington that shot and killed a police officer last night has now been killed. here are three stories that you need to start off your thursday morning. the officer shot and killed -- the suspect that shot and killed an officer into, has been killed. the standoff lasted well into the morning. schools in marion will operate as normal today following some tense moments of happened yesterday. police were called to a home alone or 2000 and where a
6:56 am
end the standoff. police say the public was never in any danger but they requested that they have locked down. right now investigators in central city are trying to figure out what sparked a massive fire at i love golden recycling. and and let's have a beautiful shot of quaker oats for your breakfast is being made right now. the camera is shaking back and forth in the breeze. upper 30s today, mid-30s and cedar rapids. 34 in iowa city to core, and 38
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump goes to indianapolis to manufacturing jobs and this morning new details are emerging to keep those jobs from moving to mexico. >> powerful storms that killed five people in the south causes new damage in the carolinas and thousands of people who fled deadly wildfires could find out today when they can check on their homes. plus, dr. david agus has ground breaking new research on aspinnrin aspirin. how the drug could extend the lives of thousands of more americans. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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