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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  August 5, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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this high schoolteacher was laid off in mai. something he's come to speekt i've been the teacher three years, each year i've gotten laid off. >> he was hired back part time for the coming year and if the san francisco unified school district gets the $10 million to $12 kblinl expected he could be hired back full time. the district says canceling four furlough days would have to come first. >> this priority is making sure students get as much instructional time as possible. and we'd want to have funding to reinstate the pay for teachers that had to take four day autos oakland unified laid off 40 teachers this year and spokesman troy flint says the district is worried about using one-time funding to create expenses it can't afford later on. >> this board will determine how we can use to improve
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situations for our teachers. weather it would be bringing back teachers laid off. >> this bill provides $10 billion to schools, and $16 bill wrin for the med yeah kaid budget suppose owed to help save other jobs but san jess yeah says that i will will probably not save firefighters jobbed or reopen closed stations. oakland says does it not expect the fwoil save police clobs. he says he's making life style changes to make ends meet. he'd love to be hired back. >> i really enjoy the procession. i like coming to skoochl i like working with students. and it's fun getting them fired up, also. it kind of outweighs that. >> it's unclear how much of the $10 billion state would get, then, the district on the
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medicaid side of things the state says that it's getting $1.28 billion for the medicaid program. >> there is breaking news from washington. an economist resigned as the readvisor to president obama. and will step down to return to her teaching job and reports she may be in line to head san francisco federal reserve bank. the president saying she's provided service to me and our country during time of economic crisis. the white house says she long stated a desire to return to the east bay where her son will be starting high school in the fall. >> a last ditch effort is underway to alert two distinct groups about closing of the transbay terminal. there is the terminal going to be sealed off to make way for construction.
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and there is a report on what is being done to help. >> are you prepared to move on? >> oh, yes. >> ready or not, san francisco's trance bay terminal is closing. and will be demolished. it's not just transit riders who are affected this, building has been home to the homeless for years. >> this could with warm in here most of the year. there is a bathroom with running water there. tourists come through here to give people food. and tents. >> the director of the homeless solsy has been spear heading an all out push to get people to leave. there were once about 100 people living here for four, more years. now there are maybe 30 hard wore hanging on. there is workers making rounds inside and outside of the building trying to convince
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resistant it's being torn down. >> it's having a lot of understanding and we're no different from none of theme this will be fenced off starting at midnight on friday part of the construction project, too. so there is all of the homeless people who live here, too. will have to leave. >> sad owe-to-see this town down for progress. >> where gou toing go? >> i'm staying here. >> she's refused offers of help. >> i had 113 vacant shelter kids. and in addition there is units and detox beds. >> construction on the new terminal is scheduled to last seven years. there is a temporary terminal ready to roll. the homeless will have to take the city help, or find another
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option on their own. >> prosecutors say the owner of a pack of pit ball that's mauled his 2-year-old grand sn knew those dogs were vishis. the attack happened two weeks ago. prosecutors say the dogs belonging to 52-year-old steven hyashi killed a another dog and a pet parrot. >> a massive sweep by parole agents and 100 police officers resulted in arrests of nearly 50 gang members today. officers called the sweep operation gang busters because most people arrested were known gang members and 20 of them were wearing state-issued gps ankle bracelets as a condition of parole. police say the tracking helped tie those suspects to new crimes. >> this gps played a big role.
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the data provided to our partners is where a lot of crimes are solved. >> streets are safer today than yesterday. this is because of the great work done by our partnership. >> police seized 106 mayor plants from a oakland location and found guns and 5,000s ndz cash. a parole who stabbed a 15-year-old girl as well as a good samaritan who came to her aid has been sentenced to life in prison. scott thomas convicted in march of attempted murder and other related crimes for the attack on the two people three years ago. thomas was mistakenly released a day before. thomas will have to serve 26 years before he becomes eligible for parole. there is a bracen home ings vacation now appears to be
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drug-related. residents say two men broke into the parkway apartment about 11:30 and wearing police jackets, armed with handguns and a taser. claiming the men identified themselves as police officers. >> i haired them get on the ground. >> i heard get on the ground, and a big gang. i just immediately just went to my door and locked the door. >> owe police say one resident was daysed and hit in the head with a gun. police believe they had targeted the apartment. investigators not saying what drugs were taken. >> it's been more than four months since the crime lab was shut down. interest hundreds have been trained to test for drugs in the field. vic lee is in the newsroom now with the story. police say it's working out well, but dpeens attorneys are raising concerns about this. >> there is more than half of the patrol officers have been
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trained to use kits to test drugs in the field. this is a common practice among other departments in the bay area, field test among san francisco cops was always done randomly. the scandal changed that. >> there is a narcics officer does not want his face shown. he's one of several hundred who has been trained to use these kits. >> this is using them regularly. it's just a procedure going through prior to booking them into narcotics. >> the drugs will be re-examine fd the case goes to court. most of the officers were trained after the chief shut down the lab in march. and this provides just enough
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corroboration too arrest the suspect caught with drug autos this is only entry-level process to provide probable cause. >> some testing is done in the field. and there is most processed at the station, a more sterile environment. a tiny amount of the suspected drug in this case is inserted into a vial. the officer squeezes each end, and leases a chemical. the color blue means it was positive. there is dichb kits for the drugs. some attorneys say police are not chem tests and tests, not fool proof. this public defender says this can test positive for cocaine. >> if you had it in your mouth and the officers took a swab of the mouth and sometimes, people do keep knit their mouths it could test positive.
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>> the chief won't dispute that point. >> any defense lawyer that says this is not fool proof, they're right. it's not intendedded to be. it's acool to get us to the procession. >> the d.a.tells us that the police department went to presumptive testing and filed about the same number of drug cases as they did last year during the same time frame. since april the d.a.says it's charged almost a thousand cases. >> thank you. vick. >> and san francisco is now testing a plan to provide security guards to make sure muni rider as long t lines get home safely, being called community ambassadors. a dozen will be stationed at stops in bay view neighborhoods. safety teams in yellow vests will be carrying cell phones and will be waiting for passengers. about 100 crimes per months are committed at muni stops. >> this is a community program this, is a grass roots
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program. and this is what we need and we need more of it around the community. we have good people on the streets, and the people that want to do harm to others have to move out of the way. >> this is enough funding to last through september. >> and still ahead tonight on abc 7 news there is a new intallation in the solar capitol of the u.s. and a break through at stanford that could make solar more efficient. >> concerns over the high-speed rail project. prospects of jobs versus how to survive the -- survive the peninsula. >> today, looking for a woman's lost pension, we find it. 7 on your side is coming up. >> and from you report, a >> and from you report, a mishap
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> take a look at this. it's what stopped a san francisco cable car today. a big tree blocking high street lines. and there is our service you report powered by you tube saying the large tree knocked that over -- knocked over the free and the tree was removed by crews. if you shoot something news worthy upload it and or e mail it. >> and san jose is still basking in the glow of state recognition the largest insauler of solar power today
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adding another company to the list. and there is a report on a break through that could make this more affordable. this is a flipping of the switch. power integrations installed 2500 solar panels and saving on the electric bill every year. >> we'll get back our investment. it's about $3.6 million. >> tax credits and state rebates are the driving force and without them this, system would have taken twice as long to pay for itself. the government says incentives are essential because of the hidden costs. >> factoring in all of the costs for the united states keeping shipping lanes open, for the oil... the cost of cleaning up the gulf and on
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and on, it puts a different perspective. >> the public and private sectors are investing to bring down the cost of solar power, this qeek, engineer as announced a break through in trance forming heat into technology and could make it twice as efficient, and potentially cheap enough to compete with oil. >> it's going to come down. it's coming down. >> and there is some irony. the company creates eco chips to make products more energy efficient. art rosenfeld served for a decade and says does it not come close to the impact they're making through energy efficiencies. >> that is a saving every
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year. >> he says solar supporters are betting technology improves and he says that it's a good bet. >> and uc berkeley fizz cyst has done a cost comparison. there is coal just one penny per kilowatt hour. if you can convert power of the battery into electric, it would cost a thousand dollars. >> and there is everybody looking for the sun. >> you can find it. and there is lots of clouds and fog and of course, cooler than average conditions. and there is -- i don't have a hot line. there is sunny skies inland and milder as well. taking a look at readings, it's 82 degrees now.
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so there warmth inlnld. low 70s and mid-50s here near the coast there. is 55 degrees in half moon bay. there is a chance of local drizzle again, tonight. chilly on the coast. cooler than average weekend coming our way. there is winds flowing to a center of high pressure inland that. cooling breeze and clouds is providing a deeper marine layer and cooler conditions. there is a marine layer at 1500 feet deep yesterday, today, 2000 feet. and there is deeper it gets, more of a cooling influence coming inlnld. today work to record events. a low report for this date this morning there is 52 degrees. and old record set back in
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2008. over night tooblt, more clouds and fog drifting inland and hovering overnight. a chance of drizzle and there is low clouds and fog burning back to the coastline. warmer weather, and low or low to mid-80s into warmest spots. and there is is is 75 in san jose. mid-50s on the coast. there is lots of 70s and 80s moving farther north. and there is inland east bay, upper 70s to mid-80s, getting milder. low 60s in monterey and carmel. there is is mid-80s throughout
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the forecast period and mid-50s continuing on the coast. perhaps change and some temper. >> thank you. >> still to come tonight our weekly on the aisle review. this will have you chanting in
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notter one is on board to
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plans to build high speed rail here in california. at a meet something urged the high-speed rail authority to put on the brakes. >> i asked interested state holders to dial down the rhetoric. it's time to come together to figure this out. >> she's referring to the verbal bombs exchanged between jim wonderman, coe -- ceo of the bay area council and the representative of several communities. >> there is some have characterized such efforts as objection yuft. that is not so. they're exercising their responsibility to be participants in the planning process. >> jim wonderman rep tints cents 275 corporate members, and sees the call to slow down in a planning process as a death nail for the $43 kbrinl high speed connection between
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san francisco and l.a. and says some are paying too much attention from minority nay say years have heard from houd, local individuals who don't benefit from this project and don't want a train coming through the minute peninsula. that is the way things whr they bought the house. >> there is a vast majority approved the measure, polls show they still do. and assembly man says he wants to build it, but build it right. wobderedman says it could take it elsewhere, saying it's not a vision. and this is shortsening the drive to 30 minute autos this makes chick activity possible. it's chinese have been able to look at what has been done in
6:25 pm
japan. >> the president of the san francisco board of supervisors looked over at san jose officials told them if they're thinking of trying to end the high speed rail train, they can forget bit. and that is why this is halled high speed trail, not the love train. get on board. >> there is oakland began offering free shuttle bus service between jack london scare and brand avenue from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and if this is efforts to revitalize downtown by making it free and easy to get around town. this ensures that buses can run quickly because no one has to stop to pay a fare. >> it's being funded to a grant from the bay area management district and sponsor autos still to come tonight at 6:30 we'll show
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what you is difference about these living, beating heart cells. >> this is one of the things our labs have been trying to figure out two decades. >> two co-a broken heart be fixed with man made cells? >> and a government crack down on mortgage lenders. >> why a judge is refusing to hold a controversial round up of wild horororororororororororr what this droid does will change how you do movies.
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>> bay area researchers announcing a break through taking stem cell therapy to another level. scientists figured out how to create cells without using embryonic stem cells to do it. >> the images are living, beating heart cells created not by the body but researchers at san francisco
6:30 pm
glad stone institutes. >> this is one of the things our lab and other labs have been trying to figure out two decades. so we're very excited bit. >> this doctor and his team he ice yol yaited key genetic factors responsible for creating heart muscle, reprogramming issue cells. the techniques they believe could be used to prepair damaged hearts. >> maybe loaded on a stent that goes into the vusel that feeds the heart. and then, is able to reprogram and this is and could help the heartbeat better. >> and there is a is so called cell that's can grow into any type of cell in the body. but this new technique skip that had maij.
6:31 pm
>> we've jumped over this stem cell state and gone from a skin cell into a beating heart cell without turning it into a stem cell. >> that appears to avoid one of the risks the cells can lead to cancerous tumor autos that hurdle of therapy would not have to be a worry. >> and there is a california institute of degenerative medicine, and still, the doctor believes labs around the world will be using the same strategy on a variety of cell types. >> we think this can occur for train cells, maybe possible for pancreatic cells to make
6:32 pm
insulin. i think we'll see this type of paradigm shift. >> the teams original work was done in mice, they're working to duplicate in humans expecting to reach the goal next year. >> thank you. >> and the state supreme court ruled in favor of a former google executive accusing the company of age discrimination. he claims he was fired six years ago at 54 because he was not a cultural fit. the court said reed is entitled to a trial. supporters of california ban on marriages -- same-sex marriage file aid formal appeal today. the federal judge through out the law today, yesterday that, is, ruling it unconstitutional and violated federal equal
6:33 pm
protections. he has to decide whether to lift a temporary stay, prohibiting same-sex couples from getting married. there is one law specialist thinks the judge wail lou marriages to proceed because he does not want discrimination to continue. >> he's inclined to take a look and say say stay isn't protecting anyone. there is no narm there is a start in getting married so... he might not be disposed to grand the request. >> and others including abc 7's dean johnson do not think judge walker wail lou marriages to resume. >> the supreme court of mexico allowing smaechl merges in mexico city. hundreds of couples have gotten married under that law. and in this ruling the court said it does not violate the
6:34 pm
family. >> and a judge charged 15 people with helping a militant group with links to al qaeda, filing charges and indictments against 12 men, two women from san francisco. -- san diego and minnesota and bam wam. they're accused of giving money, personnel and services to a terrorist group that claimed responsibility for bombings in uganda last month, killing 74 people. >> these arrests and charges should serve as a warning to others considering joining or supporting terrorist groups. >> seven lefts have been charged with terror-related violations and some suspects believed to be back in somalia. >> in san francisco today there is a public policy group warned of what could be a large new wave of foreclosures. executive director is urging to release data on just how
6:35 pm
many homts are underwater, david louie says there is a problem with that. >> new fau slau requiring banks to be more transparent. now, is trying to do the same about their lending practices. there is a listening to consumer groups. and they point out there is no effected. >> the outcomes for people to stay in their homes are often poor outcomes. there is no information that we have about that. it's all again, happening behind the public view. >> this homeowner is in foreclosure, she says she did not understand the documents. >> i talked to my broker in my language which is tagolog. and the language i was confirmed to move in. but loan contracts were in english. >> major lendors including chase and wells fargo testified as well.
6:36 pm
and embracing more transparency one attorney raised concerns. >> this is going to be easy to identify you. your credit score, equity have you in the home. where you live. all that have information will be simple to figure out as it is transmitted to the data base. >> there is an agency in oakland counseling homeowners facing phone shall foreclosure. >> they have a right to know why they're denied. in cases they were denied and won't tell us a trait answer. >> there seems to be kons census and the fed may take a year, possibly two, to implement them. at the san francisco federal reserve bank, abc 7 money scope. >> and attorneys are promising to ask for an emergency stay to stop a wild horse round up near the nevada border. a spokesman says his agency
6:37 pm
plans to conduct a helicopter round up of 2000 wild horses starting on monday. today' sacramento judge ruled against a group of animal rights act to ti vifts claiming that can injure or kill the horses. but the bureau of land management says range is dangerously overpopulated and it's a round up that does take place, they'd be put up for adoption. >> the senate confirmed elana kagan's on the supreme court today. she replaces retiring justice john paul steve withens. president obama hailed her confirmation as a sign prof gres for the country. the first time three women will serve at the same time. others are sonia sotomayor and ruth baitor ginzberg. kagan will be sworn in on saturday. >> bp says it has finished plugging that leak in the gulf of mexico.
6:38 pm
and the company says it used kement. and officials say they cannot account for about a quarter of the 2000 gallon that's leaked. much is below the surface and remains a threat according to some. owe fishes say they will not leave until the gulf is back to normal. >> and there is a woman whose financial situatioioioioioioioio [ male announcer ] whoa, the new ultimate turkey & bacon avocado. get ready for the ride of your life. wipeout in waves of tender turkey and crispy bacon. gaze upon the rad rainbow of voluminous veggies and cool, sea-green avocado
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imagine retiring from your skbrob not being able to get your pension. >> michael is here with the story. >> it s imagine, like she said going without the pension in this economy. it could be devastating. this was an emergency. we got on top of things fast. >> on this country lane sits a tiny cottage. lilly wagner retired here. >> how long have you been retired?. >> since december 20th of twut. >> how sit go something. >> well... >> there is money has been tight for lilly but her financial picture went from wad to worse. >> mud med yi care cut back. they cut checks down. and so it's like i'm desperate. >> she knew there was a small pension coming from where she
6:42 pm
worked years ago. she couldn't get her hands on the cash. >> i tried to get ahold of the people that dealt with the retirement z i couldn't. interest there is no comment back. my letter came back to me. >> she worked in a factory in this building nine years. this sign tells the story. she worked for sola optic cal. her retirement money seemed to fade with the sign. >> so then, i called michael finney. >> i'm glad you did. >> she showed me the papers turned out it was administered by another company. we made contact, and they came through. the company telling us that periodically the company tries to locate former employees that are are eligible. we dmot know if this is how she became ware of the status but glad she's receiving benefits she'd earned.
6:43 pm
lilly? she's glad, too. >> they got results. and now, my retirement, they said it may not come in the first of this month, if it doesn't, i'll get two checks september 1. >> and on tuesday the money wasn't in the account. no big deal, it will be there in september. if not, i will be airing an update. >> thank you. >> and jerry rice goes into the hall of fame this weekend. one of his well known teammates in just a moment z another you report contribution. players and celebrity hofts players and celebrity hofts tagging along.
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caitlin: i was diagnosed with scoliosis. when you're 16, nobody wants to go through back surgery. my doctor has letters and pictures of other kids who've gone through the same thing on his walls and that really helped me not be as scared. i'm not worried about my back anymore.
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i wanna do that again! announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit this is spanish soccer team leaving their san francisco hotel playing last night and the video popped up today in our you report power by you tube. you can hear cheers going up. the star of the team scored the winning goal last night. you can see cmn's larry king there.
6:47 pm
and there is one wm woman, his wife. e mail your video or up load it. that is just a huge turnout for soccer last night. >> i think 47,000 out there. very, very big stuff. and there is giants in second place in the west and climbing. braves trying to stay there. opening a four-game series with atlanta. there is a giants getting a couple runs to work with here. there is a double, 2-0, san francisco. there is a curve in the bottom of the second. there is two runs shot, staying that way into the 6th. there it comes. there is 3-2, braves now there
6:48 pm
in the top of the 9th. there is usc maij making a stop in the bay area. they expect to have 4,000 fans with a weigh in tomorrow. just for the weigh in so watch guys in under wear, all right. and there is a photo op today. there is a chuckle in the background. and this ought to be interesting. >> i'm not in here to get this silver medal to say i won in this main event. i'm theer win. it doesn't have a lot to do with anlderson getting to beat up anderson is just a bonus. i'm after the championship belt. he's got it. we can't all gaet long. there can eenl be one champion.
6:49 pm
>> knocking him out would just be a perk and there is jerry rice will be enshrined into the pro football hall of fame. one man who knows him well is dwight clark. and think sat down to talk about the. >> took haze built to the highest possible level he wasn't catching what arizona was throwing his way you know how it is. and you're thinking about do i sit down? keep going? is that man to man? and you know how larry fitzgerald these days goes and just takes the ball n a crowd going up. he did it. and later, it... in meetings, would say if you get stuck,
6:50 pm
just throw it in the direction. >> he was a guy that caught the ball almost like he accelerated. >> you and i may be just five to six yards after a catch. and there is a and what you're talking about. >> i couldn't break tackles like that. and this is just a special guy. >> tiger woods has yet to regain his scandal saying his kids are more important than practice, woods opened with a 74 today with the bridgestone invitational. and there is six bogeys, four over 74. phil mickelson, much better, lefty drains the birdie putt four under 66. and there is six under 64 for
6:51 pm
buba. he leads by two strokes. kind of weird isn't it, seeing tiger woods looking like a mere mortal? not finding it and just struggling out there. >> yeah. yeah. well, thank you very much. >> sure. >> and there is another look at the fog. there is a roll in here. the deeper that marine layer, stronger cooling influence. and if you look over the weekend there is weather cloudy, inland, nice, sunny and warm in redding and sacramento z over into the sierra there is sunny skies, and nice, mild conditions throughout the weekend. there is our accu-weather forecast. and not much change here for
6:52 pm
next several days. highs into warmest places into mid-80s around the bay. there is low 70s next week. on the coast, 56, 56, 56. >> there is a is a familiar pattern. >> up next a movie review that will have you dancing in the streets. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming up, a high-speed chase takes a surprising turn. looks like something out of a monster truck show. >> there is senator al franken and what did he that prompted a senator to say this isn't saturday night live. >> and right now, latest street dancing and step up series opens in theaters tomorrow in 3 d. this is from touchstone pictures. and here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> everything you need to know is in my dancing. >> this freshman engineering major loves to dance.
6:56 pm
then, luke, our photo dancer hero invites him home. there is a warehouse for dancer autos live together, battle together. this is crazy right? >> this is not as weirds as it looks. there are more complications. foreclosure looms. the rival wants the building. only thing to save them is winning the first prize at the world jam finals. there becomes a medium in a confrontation between rival groups. this is some great affects. can you imagine ankles in the face? this is an eye opener for kids. and yes, it's a cliched but that hardly matters. it's dancing taking us to aspiring levels. i was surprise bid this little film. there is about dancing, what
6:57 pm
dancing. energy and there is a tribute to fred astair skpe. gene kelly. and this is in 3 d. good 3 d. and you might want to give this a shot. meet i give it three quarters of a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> looks like fun it does. >> makes you want to dance. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 >> from all of us here, have a good night. see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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