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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  September 17, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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lawmakers what want them to do so. now, the comp regulator is demanding pg&e turn over that information. the letter from california public utilities commission goes beyond asking for a list and maps of the pipelines. it wants to know plans to replace or upgrade them. the pressure keeps building for pg&e to make it's top secret information public. >> they're just hoping pg&e will look and say it's the right thing to do and just give information that is necessary. >> maps exist such as this one part of a hearing for a rate increase but they lack details responders are anxious to get, such as which pipelines have manual shut off valves. pg&e argued it doesn't want information to get into the wrong hands yet the traigs says tsa does not encourage utilities to keep the locations of gas pipelines from the public.
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public safety agencies need to know the locations of the pipelines. pg&e says it's struggling with what to do. >> customers are interested in the information. on the other hand making sure these -- this information doesn't get into the wrong hands is something that is important to the safety for the customers. >> reporter: residents who have seen what happened in san bruno say there is no question. >> there is a tough thing to balance. you don't want to let the wrong people know. in this case, i think they need to let homeowners know. >> reporter: assemblyman jerry hill says things should get moving. >> we have to look and work with the california public utilities commission to determine what the status of the pipes in those areas. height is determined if it's closer to a residential area. >> reporter: we've seen this e mail from an official indicating monday is when the company plans to release the data that everyone has been
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clamoring for. we're in the process of trying to verify whether this information has been released to congressional democrats accessed to a private data base until now has been behind closed walls. in san bruno abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. and you can see behind david all of the debris from the fire last thursday. san bruno city officials are offering to help homeowners in the burn zone to clear out debris and ashes free after signing a waiver. it's been a difficult time. and the survivors return and try to figure out how to start over. wayne freedman talked to residents and joins us now. >> some residents are still considering that offer. the city says it could start soon but does need that permit and waiver to get going. for the rest of the people in this neighborhood it's a bit and a piece at a time. in this blistered remnants,
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shock has worn off there. is a sense of purpose moving forward from trauma of last week. >> flames i thought goitsing to come up the street from one house to the next and next. >> clarence laps into a stream of consciousness with a small prompt, then snaps back. >> this just happens. and this is gone. >> a man who fled barefoot, only his two dogs. when he left, clarence never expected to find a wall of family history still hear. >> you can see the difference of the styles. >> and there is -- would those have been replaceable? >> no. they won't. they'd be gone. all gone. >> for one neighborhood gone through so much, you might expect more anger. >> robert sherlock, another guy with a sense of playing out his hand. >> it's been disruptive. but everybody in the community is pulling together. >> and what happened to him
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was not fatal. >> when that thing let go, it's like someone dropped a nuclear bomb. >> ed owned a last house to burn. the one next to bob's who has problems. >> blistered car. wrecked house. >> i'm trying to focus on positive. >> that from a man who had seen more than his share of disasters. >> this is interested to look as a victim. i've never been one before. >> today that is his son, rob, a fire fighter who grew up in this house. he chose not to talk today. says it's still too emotiona. not only has the neighborhood changed in a week, so have the people. >> how are you different this week from last week? live is special. >> and importantly, live goes on. bob mcnicoles told an
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interesting story today. said the night after the fire, some friends of his invited his family over for dinner. what they had for dinner is note worthy. thanksgiving turkey, he said. >> and wayne, thank you. a mother and daughter died together in the fire were remembered together during a funeral mass in san francisco today. the 44-year-old jack lynn and 13-year-old jansa lived next to the blast site. this service held in san francisco where jansa attended school. and students were given the day off to remember their friend, a natural leader who loved to play basketball, and volleyball. >> everyone enjoys having her around. just a happy person. >> jackie and i worked together at the public utilities commission. so, our kids have grown up together, having attended kindergarten through 8th grade.
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it's important to be here to support the family. >> and jackie greg worked for california public utilities commission more than 20 years, one of the agencies investigating the explosion. this funeral mass from another victim, a 20-year-old jessica morales is this evening. a public memorial will be held tomorrow night. so far there has been no public announcement about services for 8-year-old elizabeth torres. we'll let you know when that happens. she's the fourth confirmed san bruno victim. >> tonight the california patrol says drunk driving played a role in the deadly crash in novato involving a car full of teen boys. the car spun out of control in front of an oncoming big rig hauling cattle. and we're told the driver has been charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence. abc 7 news joins us now with the story.
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laura? >> hi. cheryl. yes. chp within 15 minutes announced young driver of the car had been arrested for felony drunk driving causing injury. they say that drunk driving charges were filed after a chemical test confirmed that this young man under the age of 18 had a blood alcohol level above..08. a beer can sat on the ground next to the mangled bmw. and there is one killed instantly after a car fishtailed into a big rig. the chp confirmed they found a shattered liquor bottle. the driver, and passengers were all 17 and 18-year-old boys. injured were air lifted or taken by ambulance to hospitals. >> this preliminary investigation we believe the bmw lost control, spun in
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front of a big rig. it left the roadway coming to rest. a green school notebook was amid mangled metal. a ball cap lay on the grass. a truck driver says he was going just 20-25 miles per hour when the bmw smashed into his rig. >> this fatality passenger did have seat belts on. so that is important for folks to know. you can suffer internal injuries as well. >> one fire fighter was hurt trying to pull a passenger from the car. >> we did have a fire fighter injured during the rescue to help try to get a patient out. >> two of the injured ended up in marin general hospital. >> they're conscious and awake and alert. >> this student told us boys in the car are his friends. >> it's depressing. you know?
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and nothing i can do. but feel bad for what happened. >> and chp just claire byed information saying all of the boys were under age 18, the one killed was in a left rear passenger seat which was the first part of the car to hit the big rig. of the four, two are in critical condition and two are in good condition which is just minor injuries. the driver suffered only minor injuries. laura anthony abc 7 news. >> laura. thank you very much. >> and there is a u.s. airways flight made an emergency landing this afternoon at san francisco international airport. it happened after the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. the manager says smoke cleared by the time the plane landed and emergency declared only a precaution. u.s. airways says it's rolling out another plane to take
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passengers on to hawaii. >> more californians find themselves out of work tonight. state jobless rate increased to 12.4% last month, up from 12.3% in july. california employers shed another 33,000 jobs in august. and those are numbers. we have the real people. >> reporter: bob's full time job is trying to find a job. he worked for six years as a shipping associate for a medical company. the layoff notices went out in july of 2008. >> you go out, bang the door every day. knocking on doors and you still don't get a job. >> bob is now living off retirement savings, caring for his brother, one of nearly a million californians have been out of work for longer than six months. >> we're not going mcdonalds and out to eat dinner and stuff. we're staying home having a meal at home.
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maybe instead of three meals, you're having owe two. >> anyone looking for work will tell you the months wear on, stress is not just financial there. is a huge meegsal toll. -- emotional toll. lourdes reyes worked for a school district 21 years this, is the first time as an adult she's been unemployed. >> it hurts. i've been angry. >> the fight to find work brings 720 new clients to the connect job center. kristin jacobsen found out her unemployment benefits won't be extended. >> emotionally, it kind of does remove floor from under you. >> this is a place where tears and determination share the same room. bob fowler is a one computer veteran high tech nudge michael shea at another. >> i never imagined there
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would be a day for me to be sitting here in a benefit roll. >> the recession creating an unsettling reality. no one is in this alone. >> important thing is just keep at it. keep something good can happen. >> in sunnyvale abc 7 news. >> and just head there is a report showing a surprising number of california school districts stopped efforts to reduce class sizes. a look at possible impacts in the classroom. >> a man pays cash in a toll plaza then accused of toll evasion. can that happen to you? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is straight ahead. >> rain is falling to the north and will arrive for at least part of the weekend. i'll show you when, where, and how much to expect in the accu-weather forecast. >> and a bit later new bill sitting on the governor's desk banning a toxic chemical from
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a study reveals 30 largest school districts in california done way with program owes to reduce class sizes for kids in kindergarten through third grade. this is done by a group called california watch. abc 7's education reporter takes a look at the possible impact in the classroom. >> reporter: it's the end of the week. this first grade teacher is exhausted with more students in the classroom. oakland schools are not the only ones increasing class sizes. once set at 20 students per
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teacher. a survey by california watch shows the largest 30 districts have classes above 20 students in lower grades. martha helped with early reading and says larger class sizes now some with up to 30 kids, will have an impact on students. >> they're not getting as much attention from teacher and kindergarten is a critical age to begin early reading skills. so with more children they're not going to get as much small group attention. >> reporter: according to california watch the state spent $23 billion of the past 14 years in the small class programs. and in a matter two of years, the program has crumbled in most school districts. california watch reporter louis freeberg pored over data. >> we're making policy based on how much money there is, not whether it's good public policy, in this case whether
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it's good for bad for the schirn -- children. >> reporter: foremost, it worsens when the stimulus money ran out and the crisis deepened. teachers were laid off. freeberg says these are challenging times for educators. >> so now there is a situation with teachers are under pressure to have their kids do better on a battery of tests that kids get every year. and sometimes more frequently with more kids to handle in classes and with fewer resources and fewer intervention specialists, reading specialists. school counselors. all are being cut. >> reporter: the principal of lafayette elementary agree autos they feel unsupported because there is not clear evidence that they are being prioritized. that they, you know, their wanting to be here they're giving their all to the students here. it doesn't seem to be
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appreciated. >> reporter: many school districts don't think they'll go back to magic 20 number any time soon. and you can read more about california watch report on our web site abc 7 and click on see it on tv. >> and a federal judge has thrown out controversial regulations for development on lake tahoe's shore, it took the planning agency more than 0 years to agree on rules for the shore line. the plan adopted two years ago. now, the judge ruled the agency did not do enough to protect the lake. it would have allowed more piers and buoys. an attorney says they're reviewing this decision to figure out what to do next. >> and spencer is here with tonight's accu-weather forecast. >> he is. and we've been talking rain? >> and looks like a little bit of wet weather. enough that may prompt us to carry an umbrella.. >> humid. >> and atlantic coast kind of
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day. here is a live view in emeryville looking westward and looking at that rather dreary looking layer of low clouds and fog. not that there is anything wrong with that. dreary is good, too. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. into the northern part of the state there is rain and it's still raining here. crescent city had half an inch. eureka, over a tenth of an inch. and traveling south down to the bay area, you can see no rainfall is hitting the ground at the moment there. is spotty drizzle around. and it will be here. temperatures readings into mild range. low to mid-70s inland and near the bay. 64 degrees in san francisco. and these are the highlights. more drizzle arriving overnight. will be muggy, mild again tomorrow. showers swinging through bay area on sunday. swinging through quickly enough that we won't get very, very wet there. is a satellite radar composite. we're looking at this one, it's the main rain maker
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bringing us some wet weather. let's animate maps. 5:00 in the morning we'll see low clouds, fog and some drizzle near the coast burning back to give us mainly snidz and mild afternoon with sunshine near the coast. there is low clouds and fog returning saturday night into sunday morning and sunday morning, a weak front starts to push through. that will weaken and fall as it moves through producing spotty showers but probably ending. rainfall projections are these. from just a trace or no rainfall into the south bay to maybe 1/100ths of an inch. and north bay, into wettest areas could be a tenth to a quarter inch. overnight tonight mild, low temperatures into upper 50s to low 60s, drizzle near the coast. tomorrow, sunny skies into south bay. high temperatures upper 70s in campbell and san jose.
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mid-70s on the peninsula. low to mid-60s on the coast. in and around san francisco, mild with 67 downtown. 64 sunset district. mid to upper 70s into the north bay. highs into low to mid-70s over the hills and inland valley we'll see upper 70s to low 80s, near monterey bay, highs into 60s near the bay. here is our accu-weather forecast. after sunny mild day, we'll see clouds thickening. temperatures dropping and some showers likely sunday. and then, we'll dry out monday. for next week, temperatures remaining into the same range, 78-80 inlnld. 70s around the bay. fall arrives at 8:09 p.m. wednesday of next week. >> this is a preview. >> it is. >> thank you. >> and a nice preview. i like it thank you very much. >> just ahead from 7 on your side bay area driver billed as side bay area driver billed as a toll evadeor he paid cash to
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you know, two thirds of drivers crossing bay area bridges use fast track but thousands pay cash. >> it works well but laws took a toll on one customer. michael finney is here with that. >> your money is no good here.
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they didn't say nachl you pay toll with cash, you should be able to sail free and clear right? well, not so fast. one motorist was shocked when paying a toll then received a bill from fast track. now, how does that happen? how can he prove he paid? it turns out, not easy. scott hardly krogss bay area bridges so he doesn't use fast track. he naturally paid cash when he crossed the bridge before the 4th of july he said have a nice day and continued on. >> it was very routine. except weeks later scott received this notice in the mail. fast track claimed he went through the toll plaza without paying. >> you're a toll evadeor. i'm like what? what is going on? >> bridge cameras snapped this picture of the plate supposed to happen fonl you don't pay. the notice said he owes a $5
6:26 pm
toll plus a $25 penalty. >> i called and i'm like what is this? this isn't correct. >> scott called fast track and it said file an appeal. he d scott explained he paid, his wife was a witness in the passenger seat, and his sister-in-law was a witness in the car behind. however, fast track didn't believe him. >> nope. we reviewed our documents and our data. you're still in violation. >> as a courtesy, fast track said it would for go the penalty if he'd pay the toll. he says that would have been easy but he didn't like being called a toll evadeor. when he wasn't. >> i called 7 on your side. i'm like i need help please. >> we contacted fast track. the agency says scott crossed, the system detected an invalid tag. scott doesn't have a toll tag. and he never did. so fast track dug deeper apparently this system is
6:27 pm
reading an invalid tag from the lane adjacent to scott's called a cross read. it's a rare glitch but did occur 35 times on that bridge on that day. so fast track dropped the charge entirely. >> we have dismissed the violation. it was a little bit of a relief. thank you. you guys are wonderful. >> so... how can you prove you paid if you're labeled a violateor? fast track says get an account. there is a simple solution. he now asks for a receipt. >> that is smart. >> it is. >> and you are wonderful. >> we have much more ahead in our next half hour. >> the federal stimulus, could it have an impact on california senate race? >> and lead is ill rel in toys
6:28 pm
but in toxic chemical is being used in children jewelry. in sacramento i'll tell you about cadmium and move to ban it and a company where coffee is a family affair. is a family affair. where it could be
6:29 pm
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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red velvet cake and key lime pie. 30ndulgent delicious flavors that satisfy my love for tasty treats. ound 100 calories. zero fat. now i love my curves in all the right places. yoplait. it is so good. good evening again. despite government efforts to stimulate the economy, california's jobless rate increased in august. >> and those latest numbers are fueling battle over a u.s. senate seat. abc 7's mark matthews is here with reaction. >> yes. the numbers are problematic for democrat incumbents. the administration trying to show the economy is recovering and that the $800 billion in spending is working. today the white house released
6:32 pm
a list of the top 100 stimulus-funded projects. making the list? $2.8 billion to retro fit the bay bridge. $198 million to expand the caldecott tunnel. in spite of the projects in california unemployment rose to 12.4% last month, in los angeles, senator boxer said without the spending, it would be worse. >> we would have seen another eight million jobs lost. >> at the press conference boxer was asked about a report on $111 million given to l.a. transportation department and the los angeles department of public works. the city controller reports out that have money just 55 jobs had been created so far because 87% of the funds are still tied up in red tape. also campaigning in los angeles today,
6:33 pm
boxer -- boxer's opt, karly fee rena. >> how can you say you've created jobs when the rate continues to go up? >> the l.a. controller's report is red meat for fiorina leaving boxer to insist it's the exception. >> are there issues of every dollar spent was perfect? of course not. >> boxer says she's seen people hired with stimulus dollars. >> i have met them. and construction projects. at the caldecott tunnel. all over the state. >> not a strong political position says abc 7's political analyst. >> that is a hell of a campaign motto f we hadn't done it, things would be worse. that doesn't persuade people. >> he believes voters will judge in personal terms. >> people on the ground are going to judge these programs in terms of what it does for
6:34 pm
the family. >> and and those that thought the obama administration was helping is fallen 9% since the reelection may have time to recover from the economy. and congress facing reelection in less than a couple weeks. >> and well there is a lot of pressure being put on governor schwartzeneggar to sign a bill on his desk to ban a toxic metal from childrens jewelry. a lot of the tainted jewelry come from china. >> that is pretty. >> reporter: kids will be kids. jewelry supposed to accessorize outfits, young ones think they're toys. we found olivia making a meal out of her necklace. >> she's two and a half and puts everything in her mouth.
6:35 pm
and how do i know this is safe? >> reporter: state senator padly led a charge to ban hazardous levels of lead in children jewelry but the democrat discovered a dirty secret. that the replacement metal isn't safe year it's substituted use of lead for cadmimu which is toxic and a problem to children it ranked seventh on the list of the most-hazardous substances in the environment. it's linked to cancers and developmental problems in young children. >> all we have to do is just hit start. >> reporter: the senator padly allowed parents to test their childrens jewelry with a machine. and the levels were shocking the proposal banned it from samples have a variety of retailers and each component is tested whether latch or the
6:36 pm
charms. >> this one is purchased at walmart. miley cyruses' line of jewelry wex found quite a bit in her line. >> and it didn't have cadmimum, it did have lead. >> i thought that i was being a good dad, paying attention to foods she ate. now very to pay attention to minerals in the toys she plays with, too. >> senator padly urged the governor to sign her bill banning cadmum. the association backed off opposition and now neutral. in sacramento abc 7 news. >> and a scathing new report released today compares restaurants in san francisco chinatown to sweat shops. researchers at uc berkeley public health and chinese progressive association surveyed 200 employees and found 50% of the workers received less than minimum
6:37 pm
wage. 20% worked more than 60 hours per week. 95% did not receive a living wage. >> the work she did didn't afford her benefits or break time. she worked six days per week and she, only reason she had to keep doing it because she had to support her family. >> the report wants worker bill of rights for these employees and calling for laws to be enforced. we tried to talk to several restaurants owners. and representatives of the golden gate restaurant association were unavailable today for comment. >> now, positive earnings news from oracle and maker of black berry helped stocks end slightly higher today. and dow jones rose 13 points. nasdaq rose 12. and the s and p 500 edged up less than a point. shareholders in continental and united approved a deal to form the world's biggest airline. the airline will be called united and will be based in
6:38 pm
chicago run by continental's ceo. citi group is selling most of the student loan business. this move will make the government the primary lender to students in america. >> and coming up, the bay area company where making coffee spans generations. >> and the land it's on may be
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6:40 pm
6:41 pm
for those who work and shop along the water front in jack london square, a change could be coming and it is involving coffee. it also involves something else people are passionate about. baseball. it seems to be in motion. produce row along third street in oakland. a place of imports, exports,
6:42 pm
traditions and history. if you read headlines it may be a neighborhood in transition. >> i could not see a ballpark here. it's a personal opinion. >> smoken like a man with 85 employees and legions of customers. >> i'm willing to stand in line this, is not bad fchl they're ordering five coffee drinks i'm willing to stand in line. >> peerless coffee is a three generation business. george senior works in the same office next to his wife sonia, and their kids work here, too. from george junior, the president, to his sister, christinea, and the sight of them would please john, the immigrant who founded this company in 1924. >> fearless. he wanted to be the best coffee. >> how do you say peerless in yugoslavian? >> i don't know. >> and after those years, the place is full of surprises. in the back, sonia has assembled one of the more
6:43 pm
obscure but complete museums about coffee, and the company stocked with items small, large. >> it's in mint 1922 condition. >> but it's interesting as the coffee museum is on its own, there is another one, an active working museum, a few feet away. just like the rest of the neighborhood it's a busy place. and making coffee begins with big bags from around the world this, is no folgers. no star buck autos in terms of the coffee world we're small. >> but not the flavor. >> superb. >> it's specialty stuff, chock full of family secrets. dunne coffee beans need to cool within two minutes of roasting then sealed in bags as they're still vent
6:44 pm
something that is why coffee bags have little pressure valves. >> you to have a way for gases to leave packaging. otherwise we'd have blown up bags and beans everywhere. >> and against this busy back drop, looming dilemma. a possible trade of beans for baseball. >> can a tradition move? >> i think it can move. sure. it's not easy. >> when building this company they did it a taste taste at a time. and the family cuts and works together stays together. from oakland wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> and a celebration today. >> marking 100 years of a san
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
a san francisco dance company celebrating the
6:48 pm
centennial of a womens building using an unusual performance in space. they performed throughout the weekend. and don sanchez watches the aerial ballet. two dancers suspended from the roof. defying gravity. a tribute to the womens building. gracefulness accompanied by awe. it's the work of dancer joe citer. >> my work goes to a site because there is a conflict this, has been a warm experience for us. it's very, very celebratory in its expression and also in, the making. >> the building is 100 years old. she wanted dancers on ledges but it won't hold the weight. the artists asked we don't touch the mural soit became a challenge. it does require physical ti
6:49 pm
and core strength of the dance with athlete six. >> then, you need to be expression and art and musical. >> this exposes kids to new art. for young people watching this is a metaphor about overcoming obstacles and climbing to great heights. >> just thought it's a great story. and interesting way of telling that story. >> now when i see this woman doing the performance they inspired me to do something to overcome fierce. >> would you like to do something like that? >> yeah. i think... i'll be a little bit scary. >> joe calls this piece "singing praises" celebrating a century of history. >> that is spectacular to watch. >> and a little dangerous but gorgeous. >> we have someone here who works without doing it. >> i have injuries to prove it. take a look at live doppler 7. there was a larger area of rainfall to the north about a
6:50 pm
half hour ago diminished now but there is more on the way. and there is time lanced view from our south beach camera looking over the fwhai afternoon. you can see lots of sea-going vessels skipping around. there is a busy day on the water. here is our accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got showers coming our way on sunday. there is a warm, pleasant day tomorrow but damp sunday, then drying out for the remainder of the seven-day forecast period. fall arrives on wednesday. >> thank you. >> and just ahead he flies through the air with the greatest of ease. well, okay. maybe not so easily. >> larry beil joins johnny >> larry beil joins johnny moseley in san francisco's
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man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on!
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woman: ooh... that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it! how about a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hide that drive-in theater? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
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join me tonight at 9:00 coming up then... >> the desk set was on fire. an inferno. >> a fire spirals out of control. did a candle cause $2 million in damage? then, at 11:00 a baby crawls on a busy highway just sitting there. and so where did he come from?
6:54 pm
the baby is fine. i'll tell you that now. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. >> your heart just goes oh! >> good news... let's talk about the giants. >> larry is here. >> yes wh. giants woke up they were in first place. they led the nl west or lead by a slim half a game. the question is can they stay there? there is 15 games left in the regular season. giants host milwaukee tonight putting them down to final three games against now second-place padres. >> i mean we're five games out or seven games out about a month and a half ago. i looked and what is the point? there is no point unless you win. and you have to take care of your business. >> college football there is a big performance in biggest little city in the world tonight. and cal is off to a start routing uc davis and
6:55 pm
california -- colorado but nevada known for their offense but its d has impressed kevin rielly. >> they're a solid defense. they haven't allowed people to get too many first downs during the games. and you know, i think our offense i think we should be able to clip some pints if you like getting big air there is a new attraction, house of air just opened. and there is johnny moseley. and with that, ribbon was somewhat dangerously cut. five trampolin ee. it's a fun, fun activity. >> the house of air sits in an old airplane hangar. kids are fearless but anyone can bounce in at any age. >> we had a guy here last night who was 69.
6:56 pm
>> get out. >> swear to god. he's doing a great job. >> for those of us with zero experience... lessons from olympic skier johnny moseley are help oofl when you land point your toes and knock your knee autos after minutes i mastered tricks of a 7-year-old. >> this is a mobile skiing technique. >> show off. >> but you get to show off when you're a gold medalist skier. he flies around with ease. my dream, to dunk on the high hopping moseley would be easy. >> i'm not sure we're ready yet, larry. >> you can't get low enough. >> larry saw the hoop, he's like i'm going to dunk. and it's harder than it looks. >> i ended up being the dunkee instead of the dunker. a humbling experience. >> and we might have started you too high this, is more your speed this, is a bouncy
6:57 pm
house. junior bouncy house. there is a nice job. do you want to dry it? >> i think dave is going to be dunking before i am. >> and good for you thank you. >> that is our report. i'm dan ashley. >> thanks for watching. i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - that smokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a plan. - help me through the rough spots. - so you're ready to... quit? everyone wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog. - not good for the dog. - anyone else? hmm? what? anyone else want you to quit? me! i want me to quit. tdd# 800-933-4833 - ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me.
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