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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 18, 2010 7:00am-8:00am PST

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[ bell chimes ] [ male announcer ] when you orbitz, you know. in the news this saturday morning, september 18th. a memorial service for a young woman who left behind a lot of friends. 20-year-old jessica morales is one of the four people known to have died in the san bruno explosion. and a car carrying high school students slams into a rig big truck what. investigators are saying about this collision. >> and there is low clouds creating dense fog along the coast. mist, drizzle ahead of the cold front that brings rain this morning. good morning, everyone. a memorial service will take place this evening for one of the four people who died after a gas main exploded and then
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engulfed a neighborhood in flames in san bruno. the public memorial for 20-year-old jessica morales starts at 7:00 in san bruno. many family and friends reflected on her live in a private vigil last night. amy hollyfield shares their story. >> reporter: she wasn't even supposed to be there. >> she splits her day of work to come watch the game with a friend. and yeah. it's -- didn't live there. so, wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: the 20-year-old was at her boyfriend's home when the explosion happened. 19-year-old joseph rudy gomez was severely burned as he tried to save her and is still in the hospital with burns over 40% of his body. but jessica's friends and family tried to focus on her life. not how she died. >> we're trying to just remember how great of a person she was and to the think of tragedy and just hold her in
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our hearts. know she's in a better place. >> her loved ones came together for a vigil. her parents decided to keep the service private. >> so she was a beautiful girl. she would have loved because she was very into fashion. just a beautiful service. >> reporter: the family says she was very good at making friends, apparent at the vigil. >> she had a great personality. she brought you up when you're down. just a great person. you know? going to be missed. >> reporter: she hoped to become a fashion journalist taking classes in san francisco. >> she went young. we're going to always remember her. >> i feel like i just lost my own daughter. i really, i'm going to miss her. i just... there is no words that can express how much i'm go owing to miss her. >> she will be buried on monday.
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>> so far a thousand people attended the funeral mass yesterday for a mother and daughter both killed in the san bruno fire. the 44-year-old jack lynn and 13-year-old jansa greg lived next door to the blast site. the service was held in san francisco where jansa attended school. students given the day off to remember their friend and school mate who played basketball, volleyball and was student body president. >> she's so bright. i mean, like she radiates the classroom. everyone enjoys having her around. >> it's important to be here to support the family just to have closure to this terrible event. >> jackie greg worked for the california public utilities commission over 20 years, which is one of the agencies investigating this explosion. so far there has been no public announcement for 81-year-old elizabeth torres, the fourth confirmed victim. pg&e agreed to release
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information just about everyone has been demanding since the pipeline blast. the utility mapped it's 100 most-hazardous natural gas pipelines but keeping that information secret. two federal agencies and state public utilities commission have been laying on the pressure z as david louie reports, it's working. >> reporter: the state public utilities commission asking for its list of 100 most-hazardous gas pipelines and locations. that agency along with pg&e have been under pressure for a week by state and federal lawmakers and by the governor that the public and first responders need that information. >> it has to have the level of detail necessary to identify where the pipe goes so people have -- who have a right to know what is under their houses. >> reporter: abc 7 news learned the utility could release lapse and a list on monday. >> what is not provided and understanding what is cpc is
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requesting is something that is what we're working with, with respect to the pg&e. we'll be in contact to make sure we understand the request and then, we'll be able to provide a response. but right now, we've just received it and are evaluating what we have received. >> reporter: the location of the pipelines has been mapped by a number of sources. this one released during a rate increase hearing last year. state regulators want pg&e to develop a plan for replacing pipelines with shut off valves with automatic valves. the ruptured pipeline in san bruno was one of them. residents say they're anxious to get the map autos this is a tough thing to balance. you don't want to let the wrong people know that information. in this case, i really think that they need to let the homeowners know. >> what is more important? peoples lives or their security? are they concerned someone is going to do something bad?
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>> reporter: a lot can happen until monday's expected release of the list because there seems to be an apparent disconnect between what state officials are asking pg&e to do and apparent confusion by pge as to what it plans to do. in the meantime, jerry hill says pg&e is less than forth right, he will introduce a bill to force pg&e to comply. >> if you want to find out whether you live near a high pressure line, pg&e says all you have to do is call. the number is on the screen. 1-800-743-5000. now, this isn't to find out if you live near one of the 100 hazardous lines just to get the general location of the pipelines in your area. we've posted this phone number at abc 7 as reported earlier, one of the pg&e highest risk gas lines runs through fremont
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four miles long costing estimated $13 million to replace. fremont city leaders were not able to get much information about the line from the utility but now, pg&e has agreed to go before the city council a week from tuesday. >> so we expect to get more information on that particular line in fremont. really just to discuss the line itself in general. the risk terminology. that will be important for all of us to have a clear understanding on. >> san bruno city officials have just started to offer to clear debreeb from the property of 37 fire victim who's lost homes. the service will be free as long as the homeowners sign a waiver. residents whose homes were damaged are either doing clean up work themselves or the contractors to do it. >> the patrol believes alcohol may have played a role in a crash that killed one teen-aged boy and has left two of his novato high classmates fighting for their lives.
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the driver and another passenger escaped with minor injuries. their bmw kol collide -- collided with a tractor trailer half mile west of san marin drive. beer cans littered the scene. officers discovered a smashed liquor bottle inside of the car. they arrested the drunk driver, for drunk driving and driving without a valid license. >> it's a horrible learning opportunity. of what... combination of alcohol, cars, and poor judgment can do. tragedy like this just shows us how valuable life is. absolutely. >> the crash occurred just before noon. lunch starts at 12:15 for students. administrators and parents want want to know the boys were off campus when this tragedy struck. >> up next an up to date information on the legal battle over california's ban on same-sex marriage. also, afghanistan's election day starts off with missile
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attacks and bombings. insurgents try to keep people from voting in elections. >> they treated her like a child. >> next, the aunt of an american hiker just released from iranianxç
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a development in the legal battle over california's ban on same-sex marriage. last night supporters of the ban filed briefs urging a appeals court to overturn judge vaughn walker's decision which found prop 8 unconstitutional. yesterday was the deadline for gay marriage opponents to challenge this decision. supporters have until next month to respond. secretary of state clinton is calling for the release of the two remaining americans held
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in an iranian prison. sarah shourd will arrive in new york this weekend and will hold a news conference tomorrow. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says she was released because of health issues and heads to new york to attend a un trade summit. shourd's aunt lives in berkeley and talked to sarah on the phone after her release. >> she said one thing that was constant when she was in prison is that she felt infan infantilized. she felt they treated her like a child. she had to say i am a strong woman, i am not a child. >> she says karen told her she won't feel she's free until the release of her fiancee and their friend. >> afghans are risking their lives just by going out and voting in their country's elections. three civilians have been killed in bombings and attacks that occurred as soon as
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voting began. also, the governor of kandahar survived a bombing attack n eastern provence city a bomb was planted beneath a pile of wood twochl election observers were injured. this election is more than a test of courage. it's also a major test of the government's ability to conduct a fair election after wide spread fraud in last year's presidential vote. abc followed one candidate taking an extraordinary risk just by running. >> reporter: as a woman to run for election is to risk your life. she has a stump speech like any candidate anywhere. but is driven by a policeman always armed and her rallies are all inside, it's too dangerous to campaign outside. sometimes, she can only hold private events down back alley autos have you received any threats? have you received any intimidation? >> yes. yeah. i received a lot.
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and i think we have enough courage to just go ahead, go forward for the future of afghanistan. >> reporter: this year a record number of women are running but nearly everyone has been threatened. her faith was ripped off two posters in radical islam women aren't allowed to be photographed. >> thank you for having us. i'll see you again. >> she has been terrorized, five campaign workers were killed. after she won her last election her husband beat her. >> i don't feel safe, she says. i have two or three security guards with me and i would never dare to leave the city. >> there are a lot of security risks for you. >> yes. >> is it worth the risk? >> you have to be brave and we have to -- manage the steps we're going to have. >> organizations are going to be facing difficulties. >> reporter: the question is he whether the problem of violence and fraud will be
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limited offer overwhelm an election where they have had to risk their lives to run. abc news, afghanistan. >> and as we enter our weekend it's feeling cool and perhaps wet. >> yes. thick fog behind us. mist, drizzle and that is kind of typical with the marine layer. you can see drops on the lens here. there is sunshine around livermore and won't you know we've got rain on the way for second half of the weekend. your forecast is next. >> also, ahead weather experts now agree on severity of the storm that tore through new york city on thursday. we're going to let you know what touched down there right after the break. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef,
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that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and these arthe ones you'll love on a tuesday. pillsbury crescent dogs, with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents r the other 364. try them tonight. good morning everyone. 8:18 on this saturday, perhaps you've been awake for a while. take a look this morning from our live picture camera in emeryville. the sun rises inhibited by fog there. we're going to have cooler weather and later throughout the weekend perhaps drizzle, light rain from north bay to the south. leaving that up to lisa argen to tell you where, and how the
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weekend and week ahead will fare weather wise. >> it turns out two tornadoes tore through parts of new york city thursday night. the national weather service says the worst damage was done by a fierce micro burst eight miles long and five miles wide packing winds up to 125 miles per hour. the storm toppled hundreds of trees in brooklyn and queens including one killed a woman sitting in her parked car. and that is a rare situation here. a tornado in new york city? >> yes. they've had a hot summer. and the drill for us has been unusually cool. and just unusual. so that is what we have going into this weekend. the mist and drizzle with us this morning along the coast. there is a live look outside from our roof camera. cloud cover and east bay communities are experiencing sunshine. and mild temperatures around the bay. this is due to moist flow from the southwest since overnight last night we're looking at 66 in oakland. numbers have not changed much
8:20 am
throughout the morning hours. so there is plenty of cloud cover. the cold front remains off shore slated to come through tomorrow. with all of the cloud cover out there, visibility has been moving around and it's been poor throughout the north bay. we had airport delays and still do at sfo. this doesn't tell the whole story. hayward has been reporting light rain and precipitation here and there. it's due to that heavy mist and drizzle along the coast. it will spin out throughout the day today z we'll begin to see hazy sunshine today but remaining muggy. the cold front pushes through tomorrow mornings and early afternoon we're going to look at hours in the north, east bay and pin anyone sla. best day of the weekend is the driest day, today, the north, south bay, livermore getting sunshine around the delta here, we're looking at clearing. and there is a cooler day today. the front sits off shore. we've got mild winds ahead of it. it's impressive for this time
8:21 am
of the year. main rain maker north of us. the tail end going to swing through tomorrow. here it s wet weather off the coast this, is the way it's going to play out throughout the next 24 hours. we're looking at clouds now. and sitting out into east bay valleys and throughout the afternoon not a bad afternoon. partly cloudy skies, a slight chance of showers into the north bay through overnight hours things start to get a little bit more wet especially mendocino county. and then, by 8:00, through the noon hour, we're looking at rain into the north bay and east bay z it pushes through by later afternoon could see a few drops in san jose tomorrow. so best activity, the greatest amount of rain will be in the north bay. a quarter inch around santa rosa and along wetter locations of the coast here. along the peninsula and so, we'll be looking at dry
8:22 am
afternoon, with the cloud cover thinning out. 78 san jose. 77 cupertino. 76 on the peninsula with late afternoon sun there. san francisco staying cloudy and 67 throughout the afternoon. highs ranging from low 70s in vallejo to 75 in napa. 72 hercules. 71 and feels muggy throughout hayward today. and in our inland valleys, temperatures will climb into upper 70s, walnut creek and pleasant toon. monterey holding on to cloud cover there. is a muggy afternoon. 69 in santa cruz. mist, dridz yi -- drizzle and fog this morning. mid and upper 70s today, early afternoon, late morning light showers, then, we're dry including first day of fall next wednesday. >> get out and get a walk. right? >> yes. shouldn't be bad this afternoon. >> thank you. >> and so giants got shut down last night against milwaukee brewers but somehow they
8:23 am
managed to keep their first place standing. here is larry beil with morning sports. >> good morning, everybody. nothing lost, nothing gained after exploding against dodgers giant offense went back into a drought but second place padres lost in st. louis for giants still in first place this, st taking friday to a new level. the commitment there. top of the first brewers getting right to work against madison bumgarner. milwaukee up 1-0. giant defense kind of sketchy here. carlos gomez throws off line. casey mcgee scores. and there afelt to the back stop, 3-0 at this point. randy wolf magnificent three-hit shutout. giants lose 3-0 but remain in first place by half a game with 14 to go. to minnesota, a's facing one
8:24 am
of the hottest teams in baseball. twins seem like they've put on a big kick at the end of the season. top five oakland with a 1-0 lead. mark el list driving in coco krift. in the sixth long ball. there is a poppo. opposite field blast. a's back at 500 after a 3-1 win. cal football team played a rare friday night game walking into the buzz saw against a good nevada team on the road. kevin rielly and company expecting a shootout that. is what this game was. first nothing shane will make you forget job at best. he was magnificent. gone. 59 yards for the house. we're tied at 7. wolf pack run the pistol. collin cappernick. bears were just ranked 24th in the nation watching that ranking evaporate. not so fast.
8:25 am
if you thought the first was impressive, look at thchl he runs from number 20 breaking tackles all the way to the enld zone. three tds in this game. and if you've seen this one before, kevin rielly picked off by marlin johns. three picks in this contest and cal has no answer for cappernick who ran for three, threw for two year in the blocking, exceptional. cal gets rolled in reno. and 52-31. and if you like getting big air there is a new attraction in san francisco. the house of air. just opened at chrissy field. johnny moseley. and with that, ribbon was somewhat dangerously cut on the house of air. five trample yeen -- trampoline
8:26 am
structures. >> it's a fun activity. >> the house of air sits appropriately in an old airplane hangar. kids are fearless. but anyone can bounce in at any age. >> we had a guy here who was 69. >> get out. >> swear to god. it's on our facebook doing a great job. >> for those of us with zero experience lessons from olympic skier johnny moseley are helpful. >> when you land point your toes and lock your knees. >> after minutes i mastered the tricks of a 7-year-old. >> this is the mobile skiing technique. >> show off. but you get to when you're a gold-medal winning skier. >> he flies around with ease. my dream, to dunk on the high-hopping moseley would be elusive. >> i'm not sure we're ready for dunking yets. >> they're trying to lower the rim. they can't get it low enough for me. >> larry saw the hoop. he's like i'm going to dunk, man.
8:27 am
i can't wait. it's harder than it looks. >> i ended up being the dunkee instead of the dunker. a humbling experience. >> larry might have started you too high this, is more your speed. >> what do you got? >> this is a junior bouncy house. there is a nice job in there. do you want to try it?. >> daisy could probably dunk on me. and college football this afternoon. texas tech at 5:00 followed by another edition of "after the game" around 8:30 hope to see you then and have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next at 8:30 what the patrol thought about a mid day crash that killed a novato high school student yesterday and injured four other autos and more jobs but coming up at a high price. how our state's sluggish job
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police say drinking and fast driving are likely factors leading to a terrible crash yesterday in novato. one teenager is dead and four others hurt after the car they were riding in smashed head on into a big rig. the chp isn't releasing their names but are all students at novato high school that. is where officials planned to make a statement monday. >> reporter: officers found beer cans in and outside of the wrecked bmw, and a smashed bottle of liquor, it's unclear how much the passengers were drinking but the chp says the driver was adult -- above the adult legal limit. the chp says he lost control a half mile west of san march rin -- marin drive hitting a big rig. >> the vehicle traveling westbound. we believe at a fairly high rate of speed due to the he
8:31 am
longation, the length of the skid mark autos all of the boys from novato high. one pronounced dead at the scene. the driver and another passenger are being treated for minor injuries. the driver was arrested in the hospital for driving without a license and under the influence. >> there was an emergency announcement saying teachers have to meet up in the library. >> at novato high school word spread towards the end of the day. many students and parents are surprised to learn the accident happened just before noon, lunch doesn't begin until 12:15. >> that is what is disturbing if it happened at noon what are kids doing drinking at 12:00 in the afternoon? >> these students say they know some of the boys involved and are hoping for a speedy recovery. >> one of the guys in my class, i like having football with him a lot. he's a cool -- i like him a lot. yeah. and i just hope the best for him, really. >> administrators declined to comment but plan to make a
8:32 am
statement on monday. >> california unemployment rate went up last month from 12.3% in july to 12.4% in august but the bay area is faring better. the jobless rate in san francisco metro area stands at 9.3% including marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. oakland metro area fell to 11.5% combining alameda and contra costa counties. san jose metro area covers santa clara dropping to 11.2, more than two million people are unemployed in california f you're looking for work you might kind it at the next jobs fair sponsor bid abc 7 and job journal. it will be held tuesday, september 28th at hotel whitcom in san francisco. we have details at abc 7 despite government's efforts to stimulate the
8:33 am
economy, lagging unemployment numbers are a political liability for democrats. issues of jobs and spending are prevailing the california senate race. here is mark matthews. >> reporter: the white house released a list of the top 100 stimulus-funded projects. making the list? $2.8 billion to retro fit the bay bridge. 1 the $98 million to expanld the caldecott tunnel n spite of the projects in, california, unemployment rose to 12.4% last month, in los angeles, senator boxer said without the spending it would be worse. >> we would have seen another eight million jobs lost. >> boxer was asked about her report just released on $111 million in money given to l.a. transportation department, and the los angeles department of public works. the city controller reports that out that have money, just
8:34 am
55 jobs have been created so far. because 87% of the funds are still tied up in bureaucratic red tape. also campaigning in los angeles boxer's opponent karly fiorina. >> how can you see you've created jobs when the unemployment rate continues to go up? when a city official right here in l.a. says we can only find 50 of them? >> l.a. report is red meat for fiorina leaving boxer to insist it's exception. >> are there issues that every single dollar that was sent was perfect? of course not. >> boxer says she's seen herself people hired with stimulus dollars. >> i've met them. at construction projects at the caldecott tunnel. all over the state. >> not a strong political position says abc 7's political analyst. >> that is a hell of a campaign motto you noi? if we hadn't done it? things would be worse?
8:35 am
that doesn't persuade a lot of people. >> pro growers cabe cane believes voters will judge the success of the stimulus in personal terms. >> people on the ground are going to judge programs in terms of what it does for them and what it does for their neighbors and families. >> the latest abc poll shows more americans believe the obama administration is hurting the economy rather than helping. and the peridge of those that thought the administration was helping has fallen by 9% since spring. the president's reelection may have time to recover from this economy, but not those incumbents facing reelection in less than seven weeks. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> former vice presidential candidate jair palin called on her fellow republicans to unite now that the primary season leading up to november mid term election is over. palin spoke to about 1400 people at the iowa republican party reagan dinner in des moines. iowa often attracts presidential hopefuls leading
8:36 am
up to caucuses every four years, one of the early bell weathers in the race for the white house. >> todd says i don't know. i think you should go down stairs and run on the tread mismt i said why do i want to stay indoors? todd says, because i guarantee you if anyone spots new tennis shoes headline is going to be vanity fair, they're going to say palin in iowa decides to run. >> and alaska's former governor delivered a speech after endorsing several tea party candidates who scored victories over moderate republicans in races for senate and house seats. >> afghans are risking their lives just by going out and voting in elections. three civilians have been killed in bombings and rocket attacks occurring as soon as voting began. the governor of kandahar survived a bomb attack and an eastern city of coast a bomb planted beneath a pile of wood injured two observers and nato
8:37 am
forces say an air strike killed an insurgent leader. this election is more thain test of courage but a major test of the afghan government's ability to conduct a fair and open election. >> all right. take a look at this video we're going to show from you a camera in turkey. the camera focused on a 1-year-old toddler crawling on to a highway startling drivers. they waved to other motorists to get out of the way. the infant got away from his mother who had fallen asleep while begging on the sidewalk. drivers called the police, who returned the baby to his mother but only after she was held for questioning. >> that baby is thankfully okay. we're going to take a look at weather because there is a little change. >> we do. we're moist and damp this morning, tons of clouds going to turn out to be a drier day this afternoon. right now, poor visibility along the coast. mild temperatures. when is the rain headed our
8:38 am
way? i'll let you know, next. >> also, ahead why talk of baseball coming to oakland's water front poses a threat to coffee lovers at jack london square. you want some fiber one honey clusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? no, no. you gave him fiber. no she didn't. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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time now is 8:40. some tourists have cut vacations to berm you'da short
8:41 am
after hurricane igor churns towards the atlantic. that is because what is left of hurricane carl killed at least two people. >> central mexico wakes up to a massive clean up job after carl slam add shore. hitting vera cruz with 90 miles per hour winds. and eight inches of rain causing massive flooding like that killed two people. but this is a picture borys ber mud yachl the tourists are going. home. this couple's anniversary vacation lasted just 24 hours. >> they're closing the hotel, boarding everything up. >> on the water front some had to run to catch this cruise ship headed back to new york after seeing the first signs of igor. >> we got lucky. waves were rough yesterday. it was awesome.
8:42 am
>> and more than 60,000 residents left behind are taking no chances. >> everybody is concerned. and getting ready and and remember hurricane fabian seven years ago? it killed four and left millions in damage. it has been more than a decade since we've seen three active hurricanes in the atlantic at the same time. >> these are at their highest levels on record this summer. we've seen five major hurricanes so far this year, unusually high number. >> this is a massive storm, hurricanes out 100 miles per hour, tropical storm winds 350 miles out. the front of the storm may hit bermuda stunned night. >> and certainly the season there for hurricanes is picking up. but we've got different weather here. >> yes. you've heard the word unusual
8:43 am
many times. >> everywhere. >> describing the east coast, tropics and yeah, for us. back home, tomorrow, cold front pushes through. today we've got a lot of moisture pushing across the bay area ahead of the us. it will clear and we're going to see pretty decent afternoon there. is a live look outside. from emeryville camera you'll notice haze out there. temperatures are very mild due to that wind we're looking at plenty of 60s coming up another 10 degrees or so with afternoon sun. it's 61 in men low park. and there is very little wind. and travis, also livermore looking at sun. look how light winds are. that is why we're looking at temperatures very mild, and the cloud cover will come up this afternoon. drizzle, mist by the coast. muggy inland today with partly
8:44 am
cloudy skies. showers swinging through tomorrow. overnight tonight, north bay could get wet well up into sonoma county. take a look at this picture. it's our typical low clouds and fog across the bay. but notice here, the more texturized nature of the clouds associated with mid, and higher level clouds and cold front pushing through north coast, or beginning to, dropping a little bit of rain. here it is off shore. we're tapping into moisture and we're going to get wet. live doppler 7 hd shows how far it is away right now. we'll look at the tail end of this to swing through late morning, early afternoon, tomorrow. best chances of rain in the north bay for sure and the peninsula. this afternoon, we'll look for partly cloudy skies as our mist and drizzle thins out and we'll see a little bit of nine and -- sunshine and not a bad afternoon z 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow, rain into early
8:45 am
afternoon east bay peninsula, and there is and east bay a couple hundreds at most. and north bay couldn't get up to five quarters of an inch. but after that, looks like nice fall-like weather. 78 in campbell. 77 in santa clairea. sunshine coming in before noon hour into this the south bay. you'll be pretty spotty throughout the morning in redwood city. then 76 this afternoon. san francisco mostly cloudy skies. 67 today and into the north bay, a mixture of high clouds and mid level clouds at 75 in santa rosa. near east bay a mild 70 in oakland today. 74 in castro value yeechl a nice afternoon here getting sunny and our east bay valley was mid to upper 70s there. 67 in monterey. watch out for that dense fog along the coast. mist, drizzle partly cloudy
8:46 am
skies today. a weak front pushes through tomorrow. damp throughout the early morning and afternoon hours. then, partly cloudy, dry throughout the rest of the week. last couple days of summer into next week. who woe wo know? we're mixed in here. >> we'll enjoy sunshine entering fall. >> thank you. >> and actor lindsay lohan confirms she failed a court ordered drug test. lohan told fans on twitter she did fail a drug test after it was widely reported in several publications yesterday. but l.a. county d.a.says it hasn't received any word on that and no hearing is scheduled. lohan could be sent back to jail 30 days under the terms of probation. she's spent three weeks in drug rehab after spending 13 days in jail for violating terms of probation in two dui cases. list, paris hilton will she avoid a felony drug conviction under a plea deal? following her recent arrest for cocaine position?
8:47 am
-- possession. hilton agreed to one year of probation. a newspaper says under the agreement hilton will plead guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer paying a $2,000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service and must complete a drug abuse program. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. a man pays a toll in the toll plaza then is accused ofxç
8:48 am
8:49 am
drivers crossing bay area bridges use fast track.
8:50 am
sometimes, drivers shelling out dollars get caught in the fast track system. michael finney explains one driver's predicament. >> scott hardly ever crosses bay area bridges so he doesn't use fast track. then, he paid cash when crossing the bridge on the 4th of july. >> he said have a nice day, have a good 4th. and just continued on to sacramento. >> it was all routine. except a couple weeks later scott received this notice in the mail. fast track claimed he went through the toll plaza without paying. >> you're a toll evadeor. must pay all of money, now. >> bridge cameras snapped this picture of the plate supposed to happen only if you don't pay. the notice said he owed a $5 toll, plus a $25 penalty. >> i called and i'm like what is this? this isn't correct. >> fast track said file an appeal. which he did.
8:51 am
scott explained he paid the toll taker, his wife was a witness, and his sister-in-law was a witness in the car behind. however, fast track didn't believe him. >> know. we reviewed our documents and our data and you're still in violation. >> as a courtesy, fast track said it would for go the penalty if he'd just pay the $5 toll. scott says that would have been easy but he didn't like being called a toll evadeor. when he wasn't. >> i called 7 on your side. i'm like i need help, please. >> we contacted fast track. the agency said when scott crossed the bridge, the system detected an invalid tag. the scott doesn't have a toll tag. and he never did. so fast track dug deeper, here is what happened. apparently the system is reading an invalid tag from the lane adjacent to scott's called a cross read. it's a rare glitch but did occur 35 times on that bridge
8:52 am
on that day so fast track dropped the charge entirely. >> we have dismissed the violation. with a little bit of a relief. thank you. i -- so much. you guys are wonderful. >> so, how can you prove your paid cash if you're labeled as a violateor? fast track says get an account. scott says he has a simpler solution. he asks for a receipt. >> and from fast track to face pace of ben afleck's new movie. "on the town" is a drama about big-city bank robbers. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef,
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yoplait will donate 10 cents to susan g. komen for the cure. with your help, we've donated $25 million ov 12 years. so let's continue to make a difference one lid at a time. all right. nobody in california won last night's $54 million jackpot. let's check your ticket to see if you won a smaller jackpot. here are the winning numbers. and okay. ben afleck wears three hats in his new film "the town". he's the star, director, also a screen writer so how successful was he with the trifecta? here is don sanchez on the aisle. >> ben afleck and three friends carry out well-planned
8:56 am
bank robberies. it's a way of life. >> there are over 300 bank robberies in boston every year. most of these professionals live in a one square mile neighborhood. >> and this sure won't play well with tourists. he keeps peeling away layers of his town. they take a hostage. afleck wants to know more about it. romance ensue autos they blind folded me and stopped to let me out. >> sorry. >> not your fault. >> she doesn't recognize his fault? john hamm is the relentless fbi agent. this is like a 40s black and white crime drama in color. jeremy rener of "the hurt locker" is a loose cannon. they keep pushing limits. affleck's character knows the road is a dead end. he's looking for a way to break free. if he doesn't it will lead to
8:57 am
mayhem. >> i want you to know you're going to die in federal prison. >> i have to give ben afleck credit for this film. it is moody, gritty, complex and filled with action sequences. he reminds me a bit of a young clint eastwood. it's rated "r" but i like it and give "the town" three quarters of a bucket. and we'll see you on the aisle. >> i think don says we can go to the movie theaters this weekend. >> today we'll see clouds thin out. now, fog is pretty much around the bay except in livermore looking at sun. the cold front is well off shore. we'll see temperatures today respond to afternoon sunshine with 70 in oakland feeling muggy out there. 78 san jose. down by the bay, lots of dense fog and drizzle.
8:58 am
and there is 1/100ths overnight with mist and drizzle. tomorrow the front moves through and then, we're dry next week. >> i'm looking forward to sunshine. >> thanks for joining us this morning. our next newscast starts at 4:00. there is [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else. add a layer of excitement to your next meal. ♪ layers of brownie and caramel, dipped in chocolate ready to eat sweet moments new from pillsbury. in the refrigerated section
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