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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  December 31, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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security is going to be tight here f crosse causing trouble you'll ab rested. these balloons, 20,000 of them will be an airborne display here tonight. and these men are hammering nails into crates and will set off over the bay at midnight. the company has been shooting off displays like last years for 15 new year's eve celebrations here. and. >> there is about,000 affects that will happen. it's a significant amount of product. >> the crown room at the fairmont has been decked out. >> we are sold out in the crown room this evening. this is exciting. i think holidays at the fairmont are a that decision
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its expecting a large turn out. it wasn't so long ago owners were frayed of opening on new year's eve fearing unruly crowd. >> the first five years of operation we're too afraid to open for new year's eve. i talked them into it. >> and l is traffic signs expect a lot of delays. especially 250,000 people come into the city. uni rb free and mees are asking people to take bart, muni or other public transportation. drivers may get frustrated. and there is a demonstration. police say security will be tight and tlb zero toller yens. >> we have officers on patrol. and we're going to have high
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visibility, and present. >> port o potty are ready for crowds, barriers and no parking signs are posted everywhere. everything is ready for partsies. triple a is offering members a tow for free. muni is free from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and use public transportation if you can. happy new year. abc 7 news. >> and and bart has a plan freeft bay tonight so you don't use the same station. and there is the fremont line. and your train will not stop at the montgomery street station. for tips from bay point or richmond line, your train will skip the embarcadero station. and coming up on the minute anyone sla will make stops and there is a lot of information
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on abc 7 and will the weather told until midnight? >> spencer is watching radar security. >> it's looking around midnight. you can see live doppler 7. and pushing through earlier, well east at 7:00 at which point some light showers to push into the central part of the bay area. by okay p.m. we'll see rainfall expanding to the wider area. is then, my midnight looks like wet weather will be covering much of the bay area including snow. so there is a good night for celebrations. and there is more on our forecast coming up later. >> thank you. >> thank you for the warning. >> it's finally official. san francisco will host next
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america's cup regatta. months of waiting ended up in confusion today, officials sent out an announcement. mark matthews joins us with reaction. >> there is an e mail saying it's official and minutes later had to retrikt that and so newport got the word and san francisco got the race. there is owner saying the races will be a boon. >> to bring people into the city. will be publicity for the city. >> and there is next door there are about 20% to 30%
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more. >> that much? >> yes. >> operators say months of racing in 2013 could interfere with the regular routes but who cares? >> i i think there will be people that want to get closer to yachts. i think the thi would it be good. >> horn blower party yachts figures it will be better than anything they've seen it will be huge. i won't be surprise fd it doubles our business. >> the westin st. francis figures business can increase 20%. a spokesman said 10%. >> it would bring a world spotlight on san francisco as a destination. this is priceless. >> and this there is is what san diego promised when the cup was held there and the figure was half that. san francisco native paul is a six-time america's cup veteran. he is the ceo of the team from
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sweden. >> each team has about 120 people on a team z a lot of them have families have to come here and watch themselves and you know for six months period, maybe a year. 2012, 2013. >> and there are sponsors and the impact was two billion euros. members are just happy there will be a front row view. and the mayor just issued a statement saying the city is ready to work in 2011 to deliver on this remarkable opportunity for stit and for the america's cup. nancy pelosi weighed in congratulating the city falling -- calling it a perfect place for next regatta. here perhaps because of of the afternoon's snafu, we have yet to see the commodore.
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>> the judge will not appeal the decision of officer bart officer johannes mehserle. he testified that he thought he was firing a taser but shot grant in the back with a gun. the judge in november threw out a gun enhancement charge that jurors added. we spoke with grant family attorney john burress who says he did agree was the decision. >> i think he was wrong on that. but in terms of it going on appeal it's difficult an appellate court would say there no basis in fact for that decision. >> and an enhancement would have added between three and 10 years to mehserle's sentence. he has five months left to serve. >> in oakland faith community
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police and families of murder victims join together m a church today to offer those killed this year and to play for a stop in the wake of violence. >> every year for four years, st. columbia catholic church placed a cross on the lawn for each person killed in oakland. greg's brother ramone had a cross here. >> new year's eve, today. four years today. looking at crosses just reminds me just how violent it is out here. something has got to change. >> all of us working together as a community can certainly reduce the number. >> there are 12 crosses than the year before. still, there are 92 this year,
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too many. >> victor, age 29. >> john, age 56. >> this ceremony on last day of the year was to honor victims as the crosses were removed. among names, deadrian chapman, only 16. his aunt was here with his family. >> it's time that everybody comes together as one. it's not -- it's got to start somewhere. >> those gathered today hoped it would start here. they want guns off the streets and make killings easier. >> too many guns and too many people turning to gubs this is to resolve their differences. >> deadrienne chapman was shot 12 times. >> deadrienne age 16. >> the cross was given to the family, among many relatives who attended this ceremony. >> when it was over the lawn
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was bare. again. this is how they pray it would look every year. vic lee abc 7 news. >> and a south bay homeowner could face charges for shooting someone on his property. the legal issue is how far can we go to protect our homes and our families? this shooting took place in the backyard of a home on patio drive. and abc 7 as the story. >> is noise outside woke richard. >> about 3:00 i heard someone trying to get into the front door. >> a man outside was rattling the door knob. lazio rab to the locked door and called 911. >> i saw a young man seemed to me in distress because he was probably intoxicated. >> the man left, wandered to a curve then took off. but about an hour later and a few doors down more problems and gunfire. >> he fired a firearm from
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inside of the residence outside to the individual. >> the homeowner living here told police he fired through a window into the backyard at whoever was pounding and banging, telling police someone was trying to break in. >> and he was able to look outside through french glass doors and see two of what he said two individuals one of them appearing to be armed with a silver handgun. >> the suspect person disappeared. now police must decide if the homeowner was justified in using deadly force. >> unless there is an actual forceable, unlawful enti the homeowner can be in legal jeopardy. >> dean johnson says it's a tough call but in california you just can't shoot anyone that comes into your backyard. >> deadly force can be used only in self-defense when someone is in imminent fear of either death or great bodily
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injury. >> the investigation isn't over. in the coming days, san jose district attorney's office will review the case to determine if that homeowner was justified in shooting the intruder. and if he may face charges. in san jose abc 7 news. >> and still to come tonight it's a tough time for two owners of popular and very expectant puppies. how pups were stolen from owners in two thefts. one by thieves responding to an online ad. >> tonight fixing doyle drive y a turf war is now causing uncertainty about how that project is go tok paid for. >> maiblging a difference around the world. later residents finding solutions to someone of the biggest@o@opk$6$6$6$6$6$6$6$6$66
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a woman is upset and offering a $5,000 reward for save return of her treasured terrier stolen from her car about two hours ago. this 4-year-old yorky was in the car rmt someone broke in and took the dog. kim has had her dog since she's just a pup eye. she's very shaken up. >> i just want her back. i don't care who took her. i just -- i am willing to give my savings. i have $5,000 i'll give to it anyone who will just have her safely returned to me. please. just give her back. >> and she's hoping kramz will
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provide clues. she wants the dog back. >> and listen to this, there is another case of stolen yorky in sacramento area. three puppies stolen from their breeders home that have been advertised for sale on ebay. the breeder lives in sacramento says a woman called and asked for address then, 10 minutes later two men showed up and took three of the four pups. one of men knocked a breeder down causing bruce wrirs and scrapes. >> they're saying we just want the puppy asks telling me don't scream. i hit the garage door button that pissed him off. and he closed it and that is when he three me on the ground. >> and police puppies are valued at $700 each. >> the project is well underway. now finding money to finish the job is uncertain.
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and why. this southbound presidio parkway viaduct is taking shape and this animation shows how billion dollars replacement project will look when completed. an usual funding arrangement called public power partnership. the union challenging the legality of that deal and is now in the area next week. >> this is the private sector supposed to bring in the money there. is no toll there. no separate stream. there is your gas tax dollars and mine. >> there is a transportation authority says the law does allow the deal. >> there is a project to
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proceed. >> the union says koit mean fewer jobs. >> there is a concern is that it could be used for other projects and those would benefit taxpayers and members will probably work on it. they're on state highway autos the authority maintains it's good for taxpayers and won't hurt engineer jobs. >> we're getting a project built with a minimum risk of cost overrun with a certain time line and with a 30 years warranty. how could we go wrong? >> the judge decides monday whether to extend tro. the authority says the project will be finished no matter what. >> and spencer is keeping an eye outside. >> can you see fire works? >> and we'll see them and probably see them through the rain drops. there is a.
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>> there is a live view now. and there is emeryville looking west across the bay bridge. and there is there is a patch of moisture into the central valley so no rainfall to report right now. and this is what we expect conditions to be like here in san francisco at pier 14 and there is is temperatures 45 degrees and cloudy skies. readings into low to mid-40s, low to mid 40s and upper 40s near the bay. 50 now in san jose. there is highlights, rain begins this evening. and rain continuing into sunday so it will be a rainy weekend tr. there is a winter weather advisory in effect.
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there is snow from 8:00 tonight until noon tomorrow. there is one to two inches of snow in clear lake. six to 10 above 3,000 feet and there could be patches of snow and ice on roadways. highway 29 could be featuring some slippery spots through chico. look out on the roadways tonight. and satellite radar shows advancing cold front bringing us expected rain pushing up against cold air mass left behind by last weather system moving through. forecast at 7:00 this evening there is rain beginning to push inland. by 10:00 we expect rain temperatures to have spread to much of the bay area. light to moderate rainfall. by midnight looks like the front will be just went past midnight to 6:00 in the morning. showers continuing to overnight hours into tomorrow, then a bit of a break during the day tomorrow. and there is some dry spells
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as well. into sunday morning about 4:00 sunday morning lkz like heavier wide spread rainfall pushing through bay area. sunday starts off with wet days as well continuing into the mid to late morning hours. so there is a wet weekend coming our way. speaking of weekends take a look at tahoe. there is just light snow this weekend. and it will be a cold with high temperatures up around 30 degrees in tahoe over the weekend. back to bay area, low temperatures tonight chilly inland especially we'll see lows dropping into 30s. and low 40s around the bay. and bundle if you please you're going to be outside tomorrow. and there is again periods of showers and some breaks into shower activity. high temperatures into north bay only into 40s for the most part. low 50s over the remainder of the bay area. chance of showers as well, highs into low to mid-50s, here is the accu-weather forecast. after this rather rainy, soggy
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weekend, there is only a chance of showers monday. and a mainly dry week for the remainder of the week except for a slight chance of showers next to thursday and friday. dry weather next week. tonight happy new year. and could be rain drops in the new year. >> thank you. >> and just head here tonight problem with a rented dinett set that didn't s
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millions of people rent
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their furniture instead of buying it what happens when something goes wrong witness. >> one family turned to michael fib finney. >> this family missing a vital part of the dinett set for eight months. and that is why they called me. nicole johnson couldn't afford to buy a set she. rented one. and there is a table and four chairs. it was minus one seat. like musical chairs left one person out at dinner time. >> there is four people we wanted to have a seat there. >> she contacted a store where she'd leased the set for $98 per month. the store promised it would be
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delivered soon but that was in may. now still no chair. and the family had to make due by splitting up the meals. >> someone had to eat in here. and we couldn't eat at the kitchen table. you know? all of us couldn't eat together. someone had to sit here. >> rent a center told her the fourth chair had to be specially built. but with thanksgiving already gone, and christmas coming. she was really hoping to have the complete set. so... she contacted 7 on your side. >> there is this an hour later with the chair. >> and there is a rent a center said it tried to deliver but no one was home. it was missing a piece, rent a center agreed to reimburse the family for 20% of the rental costs. and now, all four chairs are at the table. so are all four johnsons.
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>> i feel complete. and now we're sitting pretty. there is four chair autos if you rent furniture always get everything that is in the contract. don't let them tell you differently. if you don't let me know bit. go to abc 7 z click on 7 on your side. >> great job, thank you. >> and counting down to new year just ahead here extra security at times square what. each must owe do three times in order to watch the ball drop. >> and also, some fanfare to fiasco. looking back at arnold
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>> you may be checking watches
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we're five and a half hours away from new year here but in new york party is well underway. this is jam pack skptd ball going to drop there and new york is expecting a million people. so for security is tight to make sure everybody remains safe. tj winnik has more. >> new year's revelers will be watching the ball drop. thousands will be watching for activities. >> there is no specific threats. we put in large numbers of people and put in overlay. >> that means so called ring of steel. dozens of cameras and snipers stationed on roof tops and newspaper boxes like the snow removed. >> every year we have a great celebration and i think this will be another one. >> there is a million people expected to pack in over the next several hours.
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everyone will have to go through perhaps as many as three times. >> there is several thousand radiation detectors that are deployed with our ofsz. we have equipment on vehicle autos new york police department insists there is no ses civic threat and that lessons have been learned in the heart of the square. since september 11th attacks, there have been six foiled plots against new york city. >> they're looking for suspicious activities with people. and behaviors people that are not cooperative with them. and especially on new year's eve. you would be cooperative. they're looking for that and thing that's just don't seem right. >> there is the secretary of homeland security arrived this morning. abc news, new york. >> and there is some amazing
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celebration. >> look at that. and there is this spectacular fire works display. and this display used seven tons of fire works most since millennium celebration. >> and there is hundreds of thousands people gathered along victoria harbor to watch fire works explode. and in london, there is thousands enjoying fire works on the london eye celebrating its 10th birthday and sits almost opposite big ben. and there is to have
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schwartzeneggar's time in office is about to end. there is one of the few journalists to cover him. and she looks back. >> arnold schwartzeneggar in 2003. there is voters hoping too win in san francisco. >> i don't want to move boxes around. i want to blow them up first, the politician brought hollywood with him, using stunts to get the point across like a flood of red ink to illustrate sacramento's penchant to overspend. his popularity paved the way to early vikt yir ris including getting aproveal for his recovery bonds. and things turned south law.s
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miss aid deadline for the first state budget. and he restarted to name calling. >> go bafk to the table. >> most budgets also missed a mark, breaking the record twice. it led to more name calling. >> there is in this spirit of compromise, it is clear it wasn't going away to end one of the largest budget stale mates i broke a campaign promise to never raise taxes agreeing to a largest tax hike in california history. >> if you think you can do this in revenue there's is a big math problem. >> biggest cuts were also part of the package. making him unpopular. this is short-lived. and the state had to pay iou,
6:36 pm
the third time in. >> they've known the deadline is june 30th it was just as hot and cold. early days offending nurse who's proposed changes to job regulation. >> that led to a huge rejection of to reform government to the ballot box. >> and boy have terminated travel back in time to tell arnold not to have a special election. >> voters forgive him to not only reelect him but kement his legacy approving a $50 billion bond package to jump start high speed rail. schwartzeneggar was the only governor in decades to be able
6:37 pm
to have around an agreement. >> this is setting fourth a bold vision for the future. >> and californians says there are reforms he says will have open primaries and district lines drawn by ordinary citizens. >> no idea it would be difficult and take that many years to do and that you have to go through mind fields. >> and this is signing a landmark local warming law in california. >> one of the thing that's i'm most proud of is ab 32. and that is controversial. people didn't like it and californians bond debt tripled since three 2003. the state work force jumped and californians paid almost a thousand dollars more in taxes last year. schwartzeneggar has the reigns over to jerry brown he's
6:38 pm
indicated he may write a book and continue efforts to fight global warming. and could end up with a position in the obama administration. >> and you may not have seen the governor push must he's been making more than 200 appointments and the office says he has more to take over the weekend. >> that is if getting in shape is a new year's resolution,
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>> get being in shape a common new year's resolution this, year a vair yais isn't at the gym but on the phone. >> there is the story. >> there is clients inspired to be stressed out and i thought how could i make this more fun. >> this trainer is the creator of body fate. a phone app game. users pick the game and time and equipment available, and this app produces a workout. >> sometimes you don't want to do something you can make a deal with the devil. >> requiring you to spin the wheel. >> you may be forced to do a two to three minute set. >> another app called yolga in bed is hitting the market looking for a mellow workout. >> since a releasing lingering
6:42 pm
thoughts. >> this offers demo video was illustrations to help users breathe and meditate. and for uping the tempo there is an app for that, too. >> it's a muse yix app. it's perfect and you can match the stride perfectly. >> this is while cell phones may not release tread mills, the new apps are turning phones into a hand held exercise center. >> and those apps range from 29 -- $2.99 and the steps bay area experts are taking to tackle some serious problems
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around the world. >> this is to do the best we can. >> simple solutions we take
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this year abc news begins an odyssey called be the change safe a live. >> and some can be found here in the bay area. in the sudan, two million people struggled in the desert to find wood to cook with. women have been raped and killed. and levels of arsenic led to birth defects z in gaut malla, hot water is unattainable. but thanks to a national lab tearo many now have simple solutions and there is a name in science and this is projects made a huge difference in some of the poorest parts of the world.
6:47 pm
he has led a team of researchers to find simple engineering solution. the stoves limit the tracks to look for that wood. and the stoves are shipped lat and importantly, inexpensive, one is just 20s oodz this saves almost $330 a year. in costs. so what used to be 33% of the daily budget is now only about 15%. >> in guatemala, they're using solar energy. >> it's a coast lockal people can afford. >> and there is 70 million
6:48 pm
people drink water with levels higher than what is considered safe. >> this is effective to bring the level down to 10 low level autos next year they'll begin using simple technology. two pieces of steel with a charge. >> that is producing a rock part cell sized that grabs this arsenic it costs just a fraction of a penny per day saying these solutions can have huge impacts. and this satisfaction comes from we're all human and innocence i could be in their skin, they can be in my skin. all of us owe it to all of to
6:49 pm
us do the best we can. >> and if lewd like to help it's remarkable. >> going to be a great series. >> just before everybody heads out to new year's eve. >> let's check out the weather. >> there is high temperatures up to 45 in antioch and 45 in napa and there is low 50s so there is rain coming our way. rain overnight and will be raining and temperatures 30s to mid-40s by noon giving way to showers and there is rain
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developing again tomorrow night. there is the accu-weather forecast. there is a flight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday then just a slight chance of rain thursday and friday. so will be wet for the weekend. >> we keep hoping it will change. >> we'll see. >> okay. we're going to try. >> very best. >> coming up, warriors try to end the year on a high note. >> coming up next see if he can make home coming a happy one.
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>> right now, stay connected 477 at abc 7 >> okay f you're a pencil, that is not the start of a joke. i hope you'll join me we're going take a look at oweddest interview questions asked over the past year and there is merng's cup coming to san
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francisco but who is paying for it? >> and there is steven silas jumped ship last week. and in charlotte, he knows every play and every player's tendencies in the queen city. seth curry is back home. and played really well. second quarter his tendency is to knock down deep freeze. there is third quarter warriors former warrior is bob cats get within two. ellis up and over dj augustine. four seconds left. and there is jackson with a win and there is back in the
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80s there is the catholics versus convicts dubbed. two schools facing one another. and there is irish up 7-0 and there is 34 yard touchdown for 28th career and there is a 33-17, the final there is the final day of 20 so. there is a year in review. >> this is bennington.
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he's got it. he's done it. he's did it. dallas throwing a perfect game. >> there is another arm's way here. >> wow. >> there is a score. >> and there is the final four. >> and don't go saying stuff and don't tell him i say it. that is a rap. >> a personal failure there is there is a run over, knock him over. look at him. and... there is is the list
6:57 pm
break is over. it's over. there is a very lowly plan. we want another one. >> is for the first time since 1954, giants will do it again, baby. san francisco online, i love you, thank you very much. >> and there is probably going to call and saying that is good stuff. >> yes. >> and that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> happy new year, everybody. húhúhúhúhúhúgtos
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