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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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this morning -- the blizzard of 2011. the potentially catastrophic storm brings record snow, dangerous ice and fierce winds to half the country. four-foot drifts in chicago. drivers stranded in the heart of the city, on historic lake shore drive. >> no one knows anything. everything's frozen. nothing is moving. i mean, it's just, like, insane. >> snow so heavy, rooftops collapse. ice so thick, power lines snap. roads so slick, entire highways shut down. and breaking this morning, an ice storm warning from philadelphia to new york, bringing these big cities to a slippery halt. we're live with the latest on the storm and where it's headed, right now, on "gma."
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live across the storm zone this is a special edition of "good morning america." and good morning, everyone. and for much of the country, what a morning it is. by some estimates, this could be the worst snowstorm in almost half a century. and in the blizzard's bull's eye right now, chicago. no flights in or out of o'hare today. and across the country, more than 11,000 flights canceled since the storm started. >> and driving is treacherous all across the midwest. i-70 in missouri, completely shut down. here in the northeast, amtrak has stopped service between new york and philadelphia. freezing rain and ice is the problem here. want to go out to the streets in new york city and philly, you see ice just coating the streets, trying to kick it off the sidewalk. the morning commute will be a mess today. we have our team of correspondents all across the country, tracking the impact of this huge storm. and sam champion leads us off from the epicenter, chicago. >> good morning, george.
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chicago, the epicenter this storm. more than 17 inches of snow, blizzard conditions for at least 12 hours through the city. the roads helped to clear by the plows and winds, but they've got high drifts to get through during the day. the snow situation is taking care of itself in this part of the country, but now the icing situation is moving into the northeast. overnight, thunder snow and lightning shocked chicago residents. in glenwood, minnesota, heavy snow caused this roof to collapse at a local hardware store. 12 foot waves slammed the icy banks of lake michigan. and in kansas city, this 18-wheeler flipped on its side, off the road, into a pitch. 13.6 inches of snow had fallen in chicago, a record at o'hare airport.
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by 6:00 a.m., a foot and a half covered the streets, with 40 to 50 miles per hour winds. the winds here at chicago are 42 miles per hour. in order to be a blizzard, they have to be 35 miles per hour for three consecutive hours reducing the visibility to a quarter mile. it looks like this storm has the power. chicago city firefighters traveled on 50 snowmobiles to help stranded drivers push their cars to safety. even wrigley field was damaged in this storm. other commuters were trapped in standstill traffic on lake shore drive for five hours. >> everything is frozen. nothing is moving. it's just insane. >> it's a parking lot. there's no lanes. everyone is facing every direction you can imagine. all the cars are rocking because the winds are so high. >> reporter: also a parking lot, chicago's o'hare airport. one air traffic controller broke the bad news to a pilot, hoping to take off. >> good luck getting back out tonight. i doubt it, though. >> we'll call it now. everyone, we're done. >> reporter: further west in oklahoma city, the second snowiest day ever. a foot of snow crippled the town. our abc news' ryan owens braved the storm. >> it's not just all of the snow. but the howling winds that are creating near whiteout
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conditions. and a miserable windchill of 30 degrees below zero. >> reporter: in tulsa, a daily snowfall record for february, 14 inches. today, for the first time ever, the local newspaper "the tulsa world," will not print. throughout the midwest, snow fell at a rate of one to three inches per hour, in places like kansas city, with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. drivers struggled through whiteout conditions. when you see snow like this, dprifts like this in downtown chicago, you know the lake-effect made it much worse. and our chris bury is on lake shore drive. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, sam. this is like a winter hurricane. i'm standing in the northbound lane of chicago's lake shore drive and behind me, as far as the eye can see, abandoned car,
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dozens of abandoned cars caused by blizzard continue conditions and multiple accidents. we've been looking to see if anybody is inside. so far we haven't been able to find anybody. overnight the chicago fire department was out here with fire engines, ambulances and snowball snowmobiles. they've been going from car to car 0 to get is the people to safety. so far they've done a good job. we haven't seen anybody h. the winds are ferocious. blowing 60 miles an hour. wind gusts along lake michigan at 67 miles an hour. these are withohiteout conditio that make driving impossible and the wind blowing drifts of snow three to four feet. it will be many hours before this is dug out and this weather system is not expected to move
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out h here until later today. >> but it's not just the snow. it's the ice causing all of the chaos. there's a rush hour travel advisory right here in new york city. urging people to use public transportation. and here's what we're hearing about the thickness of the ice. in indiana, about an inch thick. and north of new york city, more than half an inch of ice there. and this is where the current ice threat that we've been talking about. this is what we're seeing right here. philadelphia, the deep purple area, philadelphia, delaware, into new york, of course, and connecticut and beyond. and let's get an update from barbara pinto, hard-hit indianapolis. barbara? >> reporter: hard-hit is right, robin. this is what we're waking up to here. it may look like snow. clearly it isn't. everything is crusted, about an inch of ice. it is thick.
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enough to skate on. from texas to ohio, all the way into the northeast, the icy fist of this storm continues to rain down on 12 states. >> ice is covering everything. you can see the american flag is frozen stiff. >> crews have been on the road all day. >> the biggest concern for the power company is that tree limbs are covered in ice on power lines. >> reporter: indiana saw more than an inch of ice accumulate overnight. how are you supposed to plow in this weather? >> there isn't anything we can do about it. >> reporter: that ice, combined with snow, to form a slippery, dangerous mixture. >> this is like having ice skates on your car. >> reporter: this 15-car pileup shut down i-70 both ways between st. louis and kansas city, for the first time in missouri's history. in almost 300 miles of i-44 was shut down from springfield, missouri to oklahoma city. >> very nerve-racking. >> reporter: an estimated 1 million americans could be without power by this afternoon. sore far, at least $79,000 people have lost power in illinois. 64,000 in indiana. the midwest and the east coast are waking up this morning to scenes like this, downed power lines, caused by tree branches falling and too much ice freezing on the line.
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>> weather forecasts saying anywhere from another half, to an inch of ice buildup on the lines. and that accompanied with the winds that they're predicting, with wind gusts up in the 35 -mile-an-hour to 40-mile-an-hour range will cause problems. >> reporter: these lines are built to hold a half-inch of ice, which could weigh up to 1,000 pounds. more than that, they're likely to snap. there is more bad news in the forecast today. the wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, that's enough to bring down tree limbs and power lines, especially those that are crusted with all of this ice. robin. >> all right, barbara. thank you. and to get a better sense of what's going on, we spoke to fema director, craig fugate about the storm and the turmoil it's causing all across the country. >> this is key today. are these the kind of power outages where they're able to get power back on quickly? or is it caused by icing where there's more damage? with these very cold temperatures and high wind conditions, it's going to be
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important to find out how long it's going to take to get power back up. that's what fema is doing. getting ready to support governors if they need additional generators. we're in stand-by mode to help. we are prepared. >> you're standing by to help in what regard? you have to see what the needs are. but what are you prepared to do? >> the biggest focus will be on things such as generators for critical facilities and supplies. they have to start opening up more shelters. you have food, water, infant formula, supplies for children. these are things we were moving in anticipation that we may have some requests. our role is support. but we're there with supplies if needed. >> if somebody is in need, if somebody is getting hit hard, what should they do? >> contact 911. this response again, it's important to understand. fema is a support agency. the real heroes right now are the local responders that are still going out in the storms, rescuing people. still running emergency calls. local department of
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transportation, as well as national guard units in support. this is really -- these types of disasters, local responders and state governors supporting them. so far, we've not had to do anything beyond be in prepared mode. we're ready to go. we're glad you're at the ready. >> director fugate, thank you very much. hope you have a good day. >> thank you. back to the northeast, where we're dealing with a huge storm and ice right as the morning commute begins. linsey davis is outside boston with the latest on conditions there. lindsey? >> reporter: good morning, george. here we go. round two is in full effect. areas northwest of boston, that's gotten the hardest hit yesterday with eight inches. we're expecting another three to six inches later today. the all-time record snowfall in boston, 107 inches. so far this season, boston has had 60 inches. by the end of this storm, we're likely looking at about 70 inches. one of the big problems here, you can see it all around me here. there's so much snow, they're running out of space to put it all.
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at this snow farm, they're stacking it five stories high and counting. another concern, road conditions. the governor has said, nonemergency workers should stay home today. robin, somehow i got that memo a little too late. >> once again, taking one for the team. lindsey, thanks. we'll get back to you. getting around, a huge challenge for commuters today. let's check in with kent pierce. he's with our new haven station. how are the roads out there right now? >> robin, driving around connecticut today, we have seen it all, snow, slush, freezing rain, everything. this is what the roads looked like here in millford, connecticut, this morning. we had the snow and slush. then came the sleet and freezing rain. it's all turned into a skating rink right now. this is bare ice we're driving on. the problem with this storm is you're not going to get stuck in big piles of snow.
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the problem is coming to a stop. you never know when you're going to run out of traction. ice is threatening to bring down tree limbs and power lines. and it's hampering efforts to get rid of the big piles of snow you see at the side of every road. left over from all of the previous storms. i'm kent pierce. robin, back to you. >> you can barely drive through the ice and talk at the same time is impressive. the roads are treacherous all across the country, from texas to pennsylvania. in the path of this monster storm today. if you're planning to fly today, think again. as we said, more than 11,000 flights have been canceled. bianna golodryga's at the smart screen, mapping the travel mess. >> good morning. what a difference 24 hours can make. >> let's look at the storm right now. you can look outside that window. it's right above us, right here. it is affecting air travel, paralyzing it. look at the contrast. this was yesterday. this is a normal, typical day. 31,000 flights are out. this is today. take a look at that again. yesterday. today. 60% of all flights were canceled. yesterday, we said about 3,000
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were estimated to be canceled. we could only be so lucky. nearly 12,000 flights canceled. look at some of the hardest-hit airports. o'hare, 2,500 flights. laguardia, over 1,000. dallas, nearly 2,000. it is wreaking havoc. you want to drive? not a good idea, either. look at dallas, severe road conditions where sam is. also severe, ohio. they're dealing with snow and ice on the roads. you go back to the northeast. of course, we're feeling it here. it does look like "i am legend" on the roads. people should stay home and be very, very safe at home, as well. >> bianna, thanks. let's get back to sam in chicago. sam? good morning from michigan avenue in chicago where the snow is much lighter but the wind is still brutally cold. this low pressure which is the main driving part of this storm moves into new england and bring wind, icing conditions and snow to places like the boston area today. on the west coast those numbers
7:14 am
were milder than they were yesterday. even more pleasant if it's possible, if you look at some place like denver which got the arctic air, it goes to single digits to 50 by friday as the milder air on the west coast actually swings toward the east. comfortable, comfortable. on the west coast. m m m m m m m
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as we stand in chicago, i just want to say it's 66 in l.a., and 06 degrees in san francisco. robin, george. we're going to turn to the power struggle in egypt. protesters are clashing with supporters of the president. some of the mubarak supporters riding horses and camels, brandishing whips.
7:16 am
christiane amanpour right in the middle of it again in cairo today. christiane, i take it there are even gunshots now? >> that's exactly right. in the last few minutes we've heard gunshots coming from the square. we can't exact she what it is, but it sounds heavy. sounds like the military, as we've seen in the past. sometimes they fire in the air. we don't know but we can hear the shots. what's happening, today, over the last couple of hours, the pro mubarak crowds have grown longer, and stronger and angrier. they're walking down this niechl road, below us and toward liberation square where they've come head to head with the protesters we were with earlier this morning the anti-mubarak protesters. we've seen people on horseback, people on camels, galloping towards the square and we understand, perhaps even getting into the crowd inside the square
7:17 am
n. at any event, it's a new dynamic as what president mubarak said on television, seems to be sinking in. >> one other thing, you mentioned the role of the military, they put a lot of pressure on president mubarak as they said early in the week, when they would not take on protesters. they said he's not going to run for election. now they've come out basically telling the protesters to go home for the love of egypt what are they doing as the clashes go on? >> we have seen, and we're in the square today. the military, tank, armored carriers not interfering with the protesters, either pro-mubarak or anti-mubarak. we saw them march into liberation square and fill liberation square. we know, for the second time the military has come out and mention, go home, young people, for the love of ejint.
7:18 am
we don't know if there's an order or a threat attached to that. there wasn't any made public in that state television statement today. but they're telling people now to go home. because what the fear now is here, that law and order might break down if there is a vacuum created. so, what we're being told is that the president and his people are trying to maintain law and order. again, we do not know wetter this is going to work, and what direction this is going to fall down. >> you also see one of the leaders of the reform effort. mow the former ea official saying mubarak's time is limited and protesters will not stand for him staying in power. is there any way to see which side has the momentum right now? >> it's hard to tell. i think the momentum is with the protesters, certainly up until this moment. these crowds of pro-mubarak supporters, right now not as big, but having said that i think the real emotion that's palpable now is fear.
7:19 am
fear from a lot of people, because this is a country of about 85 million, and they are worry thad if there is a precipitous change, as the protesters against mubarak are demanding, then this place could fall into chaos. that seems to be the overriding fear right now and certainly, it is amongst leaders in the region as well. we understand they don't want to see mubarak leave immediately. they want law and order established and then for him to transition if that's possible. >> okay, christiane, thanks very much. robin. had been calm, doesn't seem that way now. back to the huge blizzard rolling across the country. seventh major steam. left so many people fatigued, blustered but not john berman who is outside can this. good morning. >> great morning. actually, we ran out of superlatives to describe this form but now we're running out of patience.
7:20 am
the snow and ice and wind have broken all kinds of records. but more importantly, it all night have finally broken our will. >> i want to move to florida soon. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: what do we hate about it? well, what don't we? there is transportation treachery. >> you have crazy drivers, trying to park in this parking lot. >> i hate clearing my car off. >> i don't know how i'm going to get back home. >> reporter: creature discomfort. >> the confinement. >> the wind is the worst. >> not being able to see. >> it's really biting. >> reporter: and just plain trouble. >> trying to keep everything clean. >> kicking off the boots. got to lace up. >> the snow is ridiculous. >> it just stays here. >> i hate it. >> people that don't clean off the top of their cars. >> buses can't get by. >> walking to school district every day can be frustrating. >> there's no sidewalk to walk on. >> very bad. >> huge snowbanks to step over. i wish they would move all the snow before more snow falls. >> reporter: on facebook, we asked, what bugs you most about this winter? we got hundreds and hundreds of responses. lack of vitamin d. too cold to fish. too cold to walk the dog. snow and ice.
7:21 am
wind and ice. icy roads. icy sidewalks. frozen toilet seats. power bills. heating bills. dry skin. lost mittens. static. weight gain. wet feet. gray skies. trashed mailboxes. piles of trash. bulky clothing. and finally, lots of people complaining about all of the complaining. >> i think everybody is crazy. i love it. four seasons. that's how we live in new england. >> reporter: what's happened here the last few minute, cars have been whizzing by, splashing us from this puddle right here. i'm pretty sure they're doing it on purpose. reporters are joining millions of others around america, saying, bring on the spring. >> we'll see what punxsutawney phil says later. come on back inside there, john. >> he's going to keep them smiling with the no-complaint zone. coming up, the husband accused of a murder for hire plot against his wife. why she's still standing by him. after three attempts on her life. and road rules for the blizzard of 2011. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel this morning. that's coming up. anding by him.
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and road rules for the blizzard of 2011. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel this morning. that's coming up. usiness like o, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. >> ( beeping ) ( beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software. try this. ♪ ♪ it's that chocolate ♪ it's that whipped cream ♪ it's that caramel, and espresso you mix in ♪ ♪ i must be, i must be, i must be, i must be ♪
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clear ♪ authorities say they are certain a body found in a tral valley canal is four-year-old boy kidnapped from his home two weeks ago. the family and neighbors of giuliani cardenas held a canned
7:25 am
the light vigil for him last night. they are waiting for results of dna tests to positively identify. the man who kidnapped him drove the vehicle into the canal. an old steam freighter will be taken to a shipyard on mayor island. the ss solelan will be dismantled there. officials plan to expand the shipyard's work force by more than 100 employees when it's fully operational. let's get an update of the morning commute. frances. >> eric, no major hot spots. that's the good news. but you will face a typical wednesday morning delay on interstate 80 in berkeley. the drive time is about 23 minutes to the maze and at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up to the foot of the maze. so about a 15 to 20-minute
7:26 am
delay. let's head to the north bay and check out 101 in san rafael. slowing southbound here as you make your way past the lucas valley exit to san rafael. oprah: all new. mega-star jennifer aniston. the 40's are working for you. and super-duper funny man adam sandler. plus all the scoop from the
7:27 am
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sutro camera but from mount tam we have some wind. that is translating to a pretty mild start. 62 san francisco, 46 santa rosa. temperatures today all in the 60s. warming up slightly this afternoon. 50s until noon and upper 60s santa rosa, the look ahead even warmer with 70s over the weekend. eric? >> thank you, lisa. thank k k k k k k k k k k k k k.
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or all the people just heard complaining in john berman's piece, good news. moments ago, punxsutawney phil came out of his hole this morning. and he did not see his shadow. and that means spring is right around the corner. the 16th time in 125 years. >> i have never rooted so hard. >> come on. >> how is that for a split screen? we've never had anything quite like that. chicago buried this morning. and the strength of the storm is creating treacherous situations all across the country. one of the things we're looking at this morning, is how you can drive through this. and how you can keep this from happening to you. and watch this right now. did not stop. we're going to get advice from
7:31 am
the pros on how to stay safe behind the wheel. >> this snowy season has meant a lot of season to stay home from school. >> new york is on a one-hour delay. elliott did not think was good news. >> i don't have to go. >> atlanta, at one point, they didn't have school for an entire week. what are parents doing? we're going to see how they're coping with not being home alone. first, a houston lawyer has posted a $1 million bond after being charged with trying to have his wife murdered. jeffrey stearns says he's innocent, that his former mistress orchestrated the plot on her own. and his wife is taking his side in court. first, ashleigh banfield has the latest on the case. >> reporter: it's a mystery with a marital twist. a houston woman who has survived three attempts on her life, is standing by the husband who has been indicted in the crime. in fact, she accompanied him to the police station where he
7:32 am
turned himself in. >> let me be perfectly clear. jeff stern is clear of the charges. >> reporter: it began after jeffrey stern's mistress was charged with plotting to kill his wife. and yvonne stern filed for divorce. months later, she changed her mind and reconciled with her cheating husband. >> the only thing jeff is guilty of is having had a marital transgression. >> reporter: not so says the district attorney, who indicted stern on two counts of solicitation of capital murder. after surviving two gunshot attempts on her life here at the family home, they moved to a nearby apartment for safety. but a gunman tracked her down there, as she sat in her car. she begged through the window, for her life, and inexplicably, the gunman lowered the gun from her head to her abdomen and shot her. that begs the question, why would mrs. stern stand by him? >> this looks terrible.
7:33 am
whatever evidence comes out or unfolds, yvonne's going to keep her eyes wide open. >> reporter: those that know yvonne stern says her 20-year marriage seemed happy. and if her husband wanted her dead, he had every opportunity to succeed. >> if he wanted to have her killed, it would have happened. >> reporter: if called upon, yvonne stern says she will testify. meanwhile, her husband is free on $1 million bond. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news, houston. joining us now, is jeffrey stern's attorney, paul nugen. can you prove your client had nothing to do with this plot? >> we don't have the burden of proof. but jeffrey stern is innocent. when all of the facts are known, when the truth is revealed, we're confident that jeffrey will be exonerated.
7:34 am
he had nothing do to with the crazy and bizarre plot to murder his wife. >> was he having a relationship with the michelle at the time she was alleged to have been involved in the plot? >> i cannot -- until we are in trial, i cannot comment on specific facts of the case. but i can say this. jeffrey stern was shocked when he learned that the woman he had had an affair with was trying to murder his wife. >> how did he learn that? >> he learned it when she was arrested. she was caught on tape, talking to a hitman. jeffrey stern had no idea how disturbed she was. she had hired a hitman to kill another hitman who didn't get the job done. so, she's a disturbed woman. she obviously has some deep, psychiatric issues. and it doesn't surprise us that she's now saying whatever she needs to say to try to avoid a life -- a sentence of life in
7:35 am
prison. >> do i have this right? was your client with her when she was arrested? >> my client was at the law office where she worked. mr. stern's a successful lawyer. he dealt with many law firms and did a lot of business with the law firm where michelle works. he was at the law firm doing business as he often does, when the police came in and arrested her. he was shocked. there was no one more shocked than jeffrey stern, that the woman he had had an affair was trying to kill his wife. >> there were three attempts to shoot, to kill his wife, last february, april and may. when this all happened, what did mr. stern think was going on here? and did he take any precautions to try to protect his family? >> as you can imagine, mr. stern was terrified. more for his children and his wife than for himself. of course, he was worried. he took a gun training class. he bought a handgun.
7:36 am
and in texas, that's popular means of self-defense. he hired a security expert. had many improvements done to his home. security fence, light, cameras. got a guard dog. he was terrified. his wife was terrified. his children were terrified. i was with jeffrey at that time. and personally know how afraid he was for his wife's safety, his children's safety and his safety. horrifying. >> what a change of heart for his wife. last summer, she filed for divorce. they seem to have reconciled, at least for now. and she's standing by him in court. what changed her mind? >> well, it's one of the most compelling aspects of this case is the power of forgiveness and the redemptive quality of forgiveness. mrs. stern who has been married to jeffrey for over 20 years, knows him better than anyone in the world.
7:37 am
she has forgiven him for the affa affair. she doesn't need to forgive him for the attempts on her life because she knows he didn't do that. >> how does she know that? >> she has looked at the facts. and talking with the district attorney. she knows, from the facts and in her heart, what she knows about her husband. jeffrey stern is a brilliant lawyer. he's a gentle man. he's a loving father. he had an affair, like half of the adults in this country, has had an affair. but he had nothing to do with this crazy, and vicious plot to harm his wife. and it's very moving that his wife is remaining by his side. >> okay, mr. nugent. thanks for coming in this morning. >> you're welcome. have a good day. and for some of the other stories developing right now, let's go to juju at the newsd k newsdesk. >> a monster storm being called australia's katrina is slamming ashore today, packing winds of nearly 200 miles per hour. the category 5 cyclone could be the worst there in a century. and it's the same region of
7:38 am
australia swamped by historic floods last month. and we have new revelations about a major terror plot uncovered last year. its target, a passenger plane bound for the u.s. prosecutors in london say a british airways employee plotted fors with anwar al awlaki, the bomber in yemen. he took an i.t. job at the airline, so he could pass along security information to terrorists. he was arrested last year and is now on trial. finally, can coffee make us smarter? well, it depends on who is drinking it. new research finds caffeinated coffee gives women in stressful situations, like the workplace, a big boost in brainpower. but it has the opposite efft on men. it scrambles their thinking and impairs memory. that's the news at 7:38. robin, double espresso for you and me. >> i do not want to give up my morning coffee. >> thanks, juju.
7:39 am
let's get out to the coffee drinker we love, sam champion. i'm sure you could use some hot coffee by now, sam. >> i'll take anything warm you can give me. we're in chicago this morning. this is normally very busy michigan avenue. we have some plows on the road. and some hearty folks are getting out in the snow. let's talk about what's going on around the country this morning. we have to talk about the cold air behind the storm. we've been talking about the storm so much. but the brutal cold air behind it is incredible. look at the windchill. dallas, you feel like you're 1 below. dallas. kansas city, 13 below. and the real temperatures will be brutal. chicago, places like chicago, minneapolis, green bay, oklahoma city, will all be feeling near zero today, tonight into tomorrow. and here's the drop in the real temperature. new york city, 28. looks like boston goes down to 24. philadelphia, goes down to 29. this is the cold air that comes in and makes sure everything you see as ice or snow, stays as i a
7:40 am
and here's what's coming up on "the morning menu" this morning -- if you have to drive in stuff like this, can you do it safely? we have tips from the pros this morning. plus, can this couple rekindle the passion in their marriage? inside the emotional counseling session with dr. laura berman. and ryan o'neill unveils some of the personal possessions that belonged to farrah facet. they're now on display at the smith sewn yum, all coming up. ♪ ♪ express yourself
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we're back at 7:43. with all of the snow and the ice, major highways are shut down all across the country, in many states. driving is not just difficult. it can be, well, deadly. but if you have to drive, for various reasons, we asked mark hawkes of the bridgestone winter driving school in colorado, for tips that can keep you safe in all conditions. tires spinning. cars slipping and sliding. barreling out of control. with winter in full force, snow and icy conditions have caused hundreds of accidents just this season alone. driving coach, mark hawkes, says to avoid crashing, there's three controls you need to remember, braking, steering and acceleration. >> to factor in everything. how much traffic there is. whether it's day or night. what kind of car you're driving.
7:45 am
what kind of tires you have. and your abilities as a driver. >> reporter: what do you do if you find yourself losing control? >> there's two kinds of skids. a front wheel skid and a rear wheel skid. the front wheel skid is when you turn the car and the car doesn't turn. just take your foot off the brake and allow your consider to coast as you decrease the steering a little bit. in a rear wheel skid, the car tends to spin. that's when we apply the thing we've heard about steering into the skid. and at the same time, accelerate gently. not to add speed to the situation, but to create a weight transfer to the rear wheels to get them to grip. >> and mark cox, he joins us live from steamboat springs, colorado, with more winter tips for drivers. you're having a wintry day there, too, in colorado. let's reiterate the two different types of skids and what you should do. >> the front wheel skid happens
7:46 am
when you take too much speed into a corner. you turn the steering wheel and nothing happens. in that case, take your foot off of the brake and the gas. you should just be steering. not steering and accelerating. at the same time, decrease the steering back towards straight. that allows the wheels to roll more freely. regain their grip. and then, you can steer through the corner. >> that is so important for people, especially in conditions that we're having. and you have talked about a phantom shoulder, should you have to pull off the road. what is that? >> right. phantom shoulder is when a snowplow with a wing on the side, plows the snowbank away from the road. so, it all looks like the road surface. it's flat all the way across. at some point, it you run out of pavement and you run into snow. you want to ease off the shoulder and make sure you don't get sucked into the snow that looks like the roadway. >> that's something to be aware of. you have suggestions. you have told us to have our
7:47 am
hollywo headlights on, right? >> absolutely. headlights are not just important for you to see as a driver, but to be seen by drivers on the road. a general rule of thumb, anytime visibility is less than perfect, turn on your lights. and particularly, when you turn your wipers on, turn your lights on. >> that's a good suggestion. you don't think about this, mark. but sunglasses. you think about them in the summertime, but not now. >> right. sunglasses can be a big help in low light situations. to help you see the differences in depth perception and all of the subtleties of the road coming up. >> and something i wasn't aware of. use your floor mats for traction? how do you do that? >> if you get stuck, in a minor way and you can rock the car back and forth, sometimes you can pull your floor mats out, flip them upside down, and put them under the drive wheel.
7:48 am
and that will be just enough traction. >> a lot of people have never heard that. have you done that, george? well, excuse me. thank you, mark, so very, very much. i hope you get some skiing in or something with all of that great snow out there. >> me, too. >> you can go to our website and get much more of this information. >> i shouldn't have gotten stuck in the first place. >> you knew. how did you know how to take the mats out? >> i just figured it out. coming up, when it gets illy in the bedroom, the relationship expert who helped this couple heat things right back up.
7:49 am
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7:56 am
is the fisherman's wharf shop owner accused of killing rival store owners it scheduled to be arraigned in court this morning. the shooting happened sunday night inside a souvenir and shop. they had argued over similar merchandise at their shops prior to the shootings. lisa with a look at our forecast. >> we're warming up. temperatures 40s and 50s now. today a little warmer. we've got the wind bringing in the upper 60s in our north bay
7:57 am
valleys. enjoy that, even warmer over the weekend. frances? >> lisa, we have a new cash in walnut creek, southbound 680 and it's right near treat. that's why there are no cars here near north main. it is blocking the least
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ look around leaves are brown ♪ things starting to move in new york right now. the freezing rain has turned to rain. it's still very cold out there. but so much of the country hit hard by the nasty storm racing across the midwest, into the northeast. and boy, you have planes, trains and automobiles that are stuck across the country. >> not going anywhere. we'll get to our correspondents across the country in a moment. the only thing colder than the weather, for this couple, has been their love life. after 14 years of marriage, can they rekindle the spark? relationship expert, dr. laura berman, takes us behind the closed doors to find out. >> part of her new show on own. and a piece of history. farrah fawcett's swimsuit
8:01 am
poster. it sold over 12 million copies. now, it's headed to the smithsonian museum in washington, d.c. and claire shipman will talk to ryan o'neal. >> we're looking forward to that. >> plus everyone's favorite friend is back, making us laugh again. matthew perry is going to be here live. has a sneak peek of his brand-new sitcom called "mr. sunshine." we miss that, the sunshine. and we miss matthew perry. he's going to be back. let's get the latest on the blizzard of 2011. sam is in the thick of it in chicago, kicking it off. good morning again, sam. hey, good morning, robin and george. just an update on the storm. you can easily see from space, the storm that nasa says is one of the biggest to his since the u.s. since the 1950s. let's show you the track of snow and ice that was laid down by this storm. we're looking at 17 inches in chicago. 14 in tulsa. 12 in oklahoma city. nine inches in kansas city. five to six inches in the detroit area.
8:02 am
half-inch of ice in the indy area. union city, ohio, that western ohio area. an inch of ice. three-quarters of an inch in some cases in central to northern illinois. and there are plenty of problems with all of this. as a matter of fact, we have cars, empty cars, stranded just back behind us on lake shore drive. chris bury is there. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm here on northbound lake shore drive. normally, at this time, it would be rush hour. very hectic. instead, it's a parking lot. you can see dozens of cars abandoned behind me. we've been walking to see if we can find people inside. so far, we haven't found any. overnight, the chicago fire department was out here with snowmobiles, trying to get motorists to safety. they seem to have gotten all the people out. conditions here are really deteriorating. winds 60 miles per hour or more. it will be hours before all this is cleaned up. now, to my colleague, linsey davis. >> reporter: good morning, chris. and welcome to kilimanjaro.
8:03 am
actually, we are just north of boston where the snow is changing over to ice. we're expecting three to six inches of snow by the end of the day today. at 4:00 this morning, massachusetts emergency management headquarters opened up its headquarters. the governor of massachusetts has also said that all nonemergency workers should stay home today. and where we are, this is where they bring the excess snow, so that they run out of space, it's five stories highs and growing. robin? >> and growing, as you said, lindsey. thank you. >> below with all of the snow, that mean ace snow day for families in so many parts of the country. for a lot of the families, the thrill is just gone. andrea canning has been hanging out with families in suburban new york. and she's on the front lines. how are the kids doing? >> reporter: they're doing great, george. thank you for letting me stay inside this morning. this is amazing. these guys, they haven't found out if they have a snow day or not. and they've had so many this year. so, they are getting a little bit of fatigue.
8:04 am
but we're going to reveal to them in a minute if they have yet another snow day. first, let's look at some of the frustration from all of the snow days around the country. meet the youngest prisoners of this brutal winter. hey, guys. >> it's a snow day. >> they haven't had a full week of school since thanksgiving. >> reporter: in other words, total chaos. ♪ for the kids, that means building snowmen, playing wii, and watching tv. in fact, during the last big storm, tv viewership made its biggest jump ever. for teens, viewing was up 15%. for the little ones, 18%. are you all enjoying your snow days? >> yes. >> yes. >> a lot. >> reporter: but not so fun for parents, scrambling to find ideas to keep them occupied and child care. >> my mom wants to move to florida because of all the snow days. >> very frustrating.
8:05 am
you don't know from one day to the next, if your kids are getting up to go to school. the bedtimes are all messed up. there's no consistency. >> reporter: with school cancellation alerts a staple on tvs across america this wint winter -- >> will there be school tomorrow? >> we're getting closings and delays. >> reporter: -- it was only a matter of time before the snow days finally snowballed. a maryland dad awakened by a robocall at 4:30 in the morning, alerting him that school was delayed, finally cracked. he made his own revenge robocall, waking up all of the school board members. >> i hope this call demonstrates why a 4:30 a.m. call does more to annoy than to inform. >> reporter: and if the wild weather keeps up, those lost days can come out of spring and summer vacation. and even worse. >> i know people now have to go to school on the weekends. >> they shouldn't punish us for not having school. >> reporter: still, for a kid, there's nothing like waking up to yet another snow day.
8:06 am
who is ready to go back to school? >> not me. >> not me. >> it's so boring. >> reporter: all right. so, we've just gotten word, mom. what is the word? snow day or no snow day? >> it's another snow day. [ cheers ] >> reporter: i guess the fatigue hasn't set in with the kids yet. what are you going to do today? >> i think we're going to put on our ice skates and try to skate down the street. >> reporter: i think you can. there's enough ice out there. >> i think so. >> reporter: what are tips for other parents really quickly? >> stay consistent with bedtime and schedule. and find a network in your community, people that are local that can help watch your kids. >> reporter: thank you, guys. enjoy your day. george, back to you. >> you made some kids happy. here's your chance to show us how you're coping with the snow. upload your snow day photos and videos at let's go to juju and the rest of the top stories of the morning. >> good morning, george.
8:07 am
and the parents were groaning under all that. we're going to turn back to our breaking news coverage in egypt. violence is breaking out in cairo, as anti-government protesters clash with a large crowd of government supporters christia christiane amanpour is there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we've been in the square, we've heard gunshots. there are tens of nows of anti-mubarak protesters and tens of thoifs supporters coming along the nile to try to make their voice heard. the overriding emotion we're told and feeling here is fear. that now that president mubarak said that he's going to leave, what will the situation be. people are afraid. juju. those protests continue to
8:08 am
reverberate across pt arab rould. the president of yemen said he, too, will not seek a known team. yelln is a known haven for al qaeda. in economic news, another big pay raise for wall street. the big banks and financial firms paid out a record $135 billion in compensation last year. the news comes a day after the dow topped the 12,000 mark for the first time in 2 1/2 years, thanks to strong, corporate profits. well, it turns out the universe is a lot more crowded than we thought. nasa says there may be 1,000 new planets outside of our solar system. they were spotted by a special telescope launched two years ago. now, diane sawyer with a glimpse of what's on tap for "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, juju. the monster storm, across the country, tonight, as well. and our series, what do you do when it time for your parents to hand over the car keys? how do you have that conversation? our series, "families on the brink," some answers on "world news." >> that's the news at 8:08. time, for the weather with sam champion, who is in chicago,
8:09 am
anchoring our coverage of the monster storm. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. juju, i just want to show you part of the problem we're going to have throughout the day today. even as the snow shuts down, it's a very light snow. blowing around. all this you're seeing right now, this light, fine snow, will look like it continues to accumulate. you guys are all right in new york, right? little slippery, right? >> it's a little slippery, but not as bad as what it looks like. you're standing on a mound of it. >> all over town, there will be mounds like this. like we've seen in the northeast. let's get to it, though. in the northeast, here's what's happening. as juju said, a little slippery. so, our plan is to continue to collect in the new york city area, a little sleet, mixed with some rain. hopefully, the numbers will get warm enough to go to rain after 9:00. if you're not in the city, if you're just inland, the icing condition will continue for a while. this can be accumulating ice, with all the problems. the tree limbs, the power, the driving, all of that problem
8:10 am
with accumulating ice in that area. on the west coast, the numbers are mild today. they're a little better than they were yesterday, as a matter of fact. if you look at denver, right on the edge of the map there. denver will be and could be about 50 degrees by friday, even though they're in the single digits today. and their windchills are 25 to 35 below zero. so, the cold air didn't make it all the way to the west coast. it does make it down to the deep south. remember that windchill early this morning in the dallas area at 1 below.
8:11 am
and we are live with the blowing snow in windy chicago. and we are live with the blowing snow in windy chicago. george? >> sam, thanks. in a new show on oprah winfrey's own network called "in the bedroom," sex therapist, dr. laura berman, helps real couples solve their intimacy issues. meet a couple who says their relationship was hot and heavy in college. but it steadily declined after getting married. take a look. they called in dr. berman. >> morning. >> my name is shannon. i am married to jeff. we have two kids. and we live in indiana. >> i've been married to shannon for 14 years. >> i first met jeff at a house party. he was this great-looking guy. big man on campus. bad reputation. somebody that everyone dated. and it kind of became a quest. a quest to date him. >> when shannon was in college, shannon was spontaneous, fun. loud, obnoxious girl. i think that was the initial draw.
8:12 am
>> i'll be back in just a minute. >> shannon and my sexual relationship in college, was very, very active. see you after a while. >> because of jeff's reputation, i felt like i needed to have sex with him to keep his interest in me. >> once we got married, there was a pretty drastic decline. when i asked her point-blank, she said, well, i have you now. it was pretty hurtful. >> i think that now that i was married, it should have been okay to have sex. but then, i think, too, in my mind, it was probably the guilt eating at me, that i had done it prior to marriage. i'm not getting in the water today. growing up, my grandfather was a pastor. so, we spent a lot of time at church. and it was a very strong belief of, you know, no smoking. no drinking. no dancing. and obviously, no intercourse before marriage.
8:13 am
sex was portrayed to me as dirty. and intercourse prior to marriage, continues to be the one that i shame myself on. >> hi. >> hi. good morning. >> good morning. you must be shannon. >> shannon. >> nice to meet you guys. >> hi, great to meet you guys. >> the closeness isn't there. >> do you miss the closeness? >> uh-huh. sorry. >> it's okay. it is sad. it's hard not to take this personally. >> it's not fun being unhappy. >> yeah. and you've been dealing with it for a long time. >> and put our children in the mix of it. i just -- i don't want them to suffer from us. >> i just want to learn how to have a healthy relationship.
8:14 am
and dr. laura berman joins us now from chicago. she's the host of "in the bedroom." thanks for joining us this morning. this is a deep issue this couple is dealing with. >> yes. and god bless them. they're so brave. and they did such a great job. and their issues are universal. this is so common, especially among women. the shame and inhibition that we grow up with and carry into adulthood can be destructive to our relationship. >> what was the main course of action you recommended to them? >> there were some recommendations. but also on the show, each episode, i work with each couple for three very intensive days. and put them through the paces. so, i wasn't just guiding her. we were doing a lot of introspection and a lot of therapy, as well. and part of her journey, and i think many women's journey, is she has to figure out the concrete messages she got growing up were. and look at them as the adult woman she is now. getting a sense of her permission to be sexual with her husband.
8:15 am
and start to figure out how to let go some of the negative messages she's grew up with. she's done an amazing job. they're really doing well now. i'm excited for them. >> this is great. but as you say, this is a fairly common problem. about one in five couples in nonsexual relationships. what should they do? >> well, there are so many reasons why this happens. not just shannon and jeff's story. but it is really in epidemic proportions. the most important thing is not to sweep it under the rug. not to be ashamed to get help. people think if you're going to go into couples therapy, you'll be there for ten years. if you go early enough, it doesn't take too long, with a trained sex therapist, a couples therapist, to get you back on track. and every relationship goes through ebbs and flows. it's what you do to get back on course. >> what if you're in a big slump? not any kind of a deep problem? >> one minute, five, good tips, george? you can use it in your own relationship. you ready?
8:16 am
>> thank you, laura. >> you're welcome. the first one, five genuine expressions of appreciation a day. even for the small things that you're both supposed to be doing. appreciation begets appreciation. the second one is to commit to kissing ten seconds a day. a ten-second kiss all at once. it feels like a long time when you first do it. it's a way to stay physically and sensually connected a week. and is next is to talk 15 minutes a day. most couples don't talk 15 minutes a week. not about the logistics of your life. schedule a date night and a sex date. every week, and go on a vacation at least once a year alone. that does more for your intimacy and connection, than a weekly date night. at least according to the research. >> laura berman, thanks very much. "in the bedroom," is monday nights on own, at 10:00, 9:00 central. when we come back, farrah fawcett's famous red bathing suit heads into history.
8:17 am
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your favorites, in pieces.
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tuna, it's part of a healthy diet. it's low in calories and mixed with apples, walnuts and raisins... tataaaa! deliciousness that can help keep your weight down. these 31 astronauts in training agree... [ garbled radio frequency and beeping ] [ radio vo ] tuna 1 how do you respond? over. we agree! we agree! we agree! well there ya have it. tuna great for weight management. [ radio vo ] tuna the wonderfish! actor ryan o'neal has donated some of his late partner's memorabilia to the smithsonian, including farrah fawcett's famous red swimsuit.
8:20 am
claire shipman has more on all this. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we all remember that swimsuit. but in the end, farrah fawcett became so much more than a pin-up. and ryan o'neal is determined to keep all of her spirit alive for the american public. she was the golden girl who defined an era. >> good morning, angels. >> good morning, charlie. >> reporter: from her role on "charlie's angels" to that iconic swimsuit poster. 12 million copies sold. the best-selling poster in history. and a year and a half after her death, her long-time love, ryan o'neal, is on a personal and public journey. >> it is definitely an honor. >> reporter: he brought that red swimsuit, and some other quintessential farrah fawcett memorabilia, for an exhibit at the smithsonian museum of american history. i don't know a gentleman of my era that did not have a picture on his wall. >> she wouldn't wear a bikini because of a scar on her stomach, from a childhood
8:21 am
surgery. so, she never wore a two-piece. >> reporter: do you remember when you first saw the poster? >> no. did i have it in my room? no. i didn't. i do now. >> reporter: do you really? >> sure. she's everywhere in my life still. >> reporter: his almost every word, even his attempts at banter, still laced with grief, at the loss of his romantic companion of 30 years to cancer. she had such an impact on people, with what she did at the end of her life. >> yeah. the end of her life. that was hard. >> reporter: still hard for you to talk about. how are you doing? >> how am i? >> reporter: how are you? >> i'm okay. i'm lonely. what year is that? >> reporter: it doesn't say what year. it must have been -- >> '76. >> reporter: i think so. and a farrah doll. you have one of those?
8:22 am
>> i do. the wig is always coming off. >> reporter: all of it will be part of the american pop culture collection, which includes dorothy's ruby red slippers and the original muppet team. what resonates? what really belongs in the museum of american history? and what doesn't make the cut? >> sometimes, it's very hard. with an image like the farrah poster, it's not hard at all. that poster is emblazoned on so many people's memories. >> reporter: in fact, what may really connect the public to farrah fawcett, the public displays of vulnerability. especially her brutally honest examination of her own struggle with cancer, in her documentary, "farrah's story." >> she had no problem doing that at all. it was no question. >> reporter: what do you think she would want her legacy to be? >> she was a mother. that was the thing that appealed
8:23 am
to her most. to raise her son. and she adored him. and i think that's the tragedy, is that she lost him and he lost her. >> reporter: and redman o'neal, as you know, robin, has been in and out of rehab and jail for drug use. but he's here with his father today. and he's working so hard to make his mother proud. >> that's great. today would have been her 64th birthday. claire, thank you so much. coming up in our last half hour, matthew perry. he's going to be here live. a sneak peek of his show, "mr. sunshine." come on back. ome on back.
8:24 am
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♪ authorities are all but certain a body found in the central valley canal is the four-year-old boy kidnapped from his home. the family and neighbors of juliani held a candlelight vigil last night. a body was found in the canal about 30 miles from the youngster's home in patterson. his grandmother says josé rodriguez snatched the boy from her arms january 18th. investigators believe rodriguez's body will also be found in the canal eventually. san francisco muni workers will have to pay for parking at muni facilities. they had been parking for free. many employees say the decision is unfair because the hours they work make it hard to ride public transit or carpool. muni is now charging $80 a month
8:28 am
for a parking spot. let's see if it's a parking lot out there for folks. here's frances. >> it's turning into a parking lot for folks heading for the san rafael bridge. there's an accident blocking lanes, slow traffic at the scene. as we go outside you'll see slow traffic as well, southbound 6080 walnut creek. only backed up towards the end of the lot. . . . . . . . . . . ooo whatcha got there? uh oh, sesame stir fry from lucky dynasty. oh, me too! but mine's lean cuisine, so no preservatives. [ female announcer ] lean cuisine has 90 dishes with no preservatives and quality ingredients like farm-picked broccoli and tender white meat chicken. lean cuisine. ocean spray cranberrjujuice cocktail.
8:29 am
it tastes real good, and it's good for ya. the perfect size for football parties. go long. [ splash! ] go longer? >> good morning. clear skies, great visibility. another sunny afternoon but a sunny start because we have the winds in the hills allowing temperatures to stay quite mild
8:30 am
this morning. that means a warmer afternoon. enjoy the sunshine. temperatures warmer in our north and east bay valleys and then ♪ ice, ice baby how many times have we had to play this recently because of all of the ice? it is so appropriate for today. especially in other parts of the country. all of the ice that's associated with the blizzard of 2011. and we say good morning, america. on this humpday, halfway home. i'm robin. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this is the biggest storm in about 50 years. look at the size of that. and how many people are stranded at home. here in new york, we're doing a little better than we were a couple of hours ago. but the ice is very thick. we'll have full coverage of this morning. and we won't leave you out in the cold when it comes to tax season. what you need to know about the new tax laws. there's a lot of changes out there. and why you may not want the big refund this year.
8:31 am
and matthew perry will be here. he is one of the biggest stars of "friends." now he has a new sitcom called "mr. sunshine." he created it. he writes it. he stars in it. and he's going to give us a sneak peek this morning. >> it does look funny. plus, the gorgeous skin that we all see the movie stars have, it may be at your next meal. we'll tell you what you should be eating to have better skin. and crisco. that got me. that's surprising. want to go back to our snow day correspondent, andrea canning. she's in scarsdale, new york, this morning with some moms and kids who got another day off this morning. hey, andrea. >> reporter: hey, george and robin. we just revealed they got the snow day. they're so excited. but they have a lot of time to fill. we started off with board games. doughnuts. are doughnuts a good idea? lots of sugar? so, mom tells me you guys have going to have to do math homework today. is that okay? no? you have to do something. you're missing a day of school.
8:32 am
they have a lot of time to fill today. and they're starting to go stir crazy here. the roads are awful. we almost didn't make it here. it was like sheets of ice. i'm not surprised that this school district has canceled. very good idea. >> are you going to stay there and enforce that math homework? >> reporter: hmm. maybe i will. what do you think? should i be the enforcer for your math homework? >> sure. why not? >> reporter: i can help them out. we want to have fun. we want to go sledding. >> it was so cute earlier. and they found out they were going to have another snow day. hang in there, andrea. let's get back to sam in chicago. seems like it's getting a little better. little more movement. people out and about. >> look at this. something chicagoland will be pretty proud of. the buses are actually running down town. we've seen a lot of plows clearing out the snow. as a matter of fact, we can give you a good shot at the road surface here. looking pretty good. i know it's not that way all
8:33 am
around in the outlying areas. and we have plenty of big drifts and piles. but some downtown areas are looking good. let's get to the boards. our picture out of new york city. the icicles that are hanging off the camera this morning. as sleet, ice and freezing rain. you're at 30 in some places in the city. 32 in some places. we're hoping it will warm up within the next hour and take you to some rain. in boston, it's likely, you'll continue to collect snow and maybe water right along the coastline. in comes the cold blast after this storm. and look at where the temperatures go. chicagoland will be near zero. we're looking at boston getting into the 20s, as well. philly stays in the 20s. it's cold behind the storm.
8:34 am
we're just walking around. all that weather was brought to you by office depot. robin? >> be careful, sam. i worry when you go offroading like that. okay. thank you. in today's "america's money," good news for procrastinators. a late passage of the tax bill means the irs will not begin processing returns until february 14th. and even better, the filing deadline has been pushed back three days, april 18th. along with the new dates and important changes in the tax law, to give us the bottom line, gerri willis host of "the willis report" on fox business network. so, we get a little more time this year. >> i wish they would push it back a few more days. but they didn't. the tax law came out late. the irs has to play catch-up. but if you're making the itemized deductions, you can't file yet. you have to wait until february 14th. >> that's what's really impacting the most. >> that's right. >> if you have more detail.
8:35 am
some tax preparers that are being kind and saying, i know you can't file until later. but give it to me. i'll hold on to it. and then, send it out for you. >> i don't know about you. but i don't feel comfortable with that. i'm going to wait until the deadline and make my feeling, instead of relying on them to keep all my personal information in their offices until they actually file. >> especially if you have to write a check. there's some changes here. one that we want to talk about that people aren't aware of. new health insurance credit. what is this? >> that's right. if you are self-employed parents and have a child up to the age of 27, you can deduct those premiums. you need to know that if you're trying to save money this year and you have adult kids you're paying for. also, the adoption credit goes up $1,000 to $13,170. this is big bucks for people out there who adopted a child this year. you can use it to pay for legal fees, adoption fees. even travel. >> these are fees that i think people -- changes that people are not aware of.
8:36 am
it's good you're bringing it to their attention. >> and a tax credit, reduces your taxes dollar for dollar. it's not a deduction. >> there's people out of work. and the benefits they've received. and they're going to have to take care of it in the end. >> this time last year, if you got unemployment benefits, you didn't have to pay taxes on that first $2,400 bucks. this year, you do. that's not good news for people who are actually trying to make it, you know, save money week-to-week. also, if you got that home buyer credit, this was an $8,000 credit, really popular. it first came out april to december 2008. you have to repay that. this is the first year that you will have to make those repayments. and even if you got the credit later, when it wasn't a credit that you had to repay, if you sold the house within three years, you have to repay it. >> if you took, unfortunately, a loss on the home, doesn't that affect a little bit about how
8:37 am
you would go about it? >> i don't think that makes a big difference. the credit limit with an $8,000 credit to your taxes. >> i see. >> you have to pay that back if you took the first credit. they changed the rules. >> there were a couple different credits there for a while. >> that's right. >> there's an app for that. the government is keeping up with the rest of us. >> you can go to they have an app called irs to go. it helps you track your refund. telling you how much you're getting. when you're getting it. gives you tax tips. do i have to tell you -- don't give a refund. you're giving the government a free loan. you want that money for yourself. change your withholding at work. and make sure you're getting all the money you can up front. >> i want to challenge you a little on that one. some people, if you get the extra money, you're just going to spend it. >> there's a better way to save money. >> there is a better way to save. that's true. when you get the big tax refund, you know you're not getting the most out of your money. >> but people love to get the check in the mail. they really do.
8:38 am
if you take the money, over the time you can save money, and make money on that. >> see? there you're always thinking, gerri. >> thank you very much. we get three, extra days. >> every day counts. >> it does. tax time just around the corner. do you have questions about your taxes? send them to us at our experts can answer them on a future show. matthew perry is here, next, live in our studio. memememememee
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
there you are. i'm having a little -- >> i can't pretend to listen to you problems right now. i have to talk about me. >> what's wrong? >> i'll tell you what's wrong? something is happening to me. roman is sad about his mother. that makes me sad. crystal is upset about a little blue person. that makes me upset. it just occurs to me how your night went with alonzo. what's happening to me? >> you're becoming an actual human being. >> well, i don't like it. >> that is matthew perry, back on comedy right here on abc, with his show "mr. sunshine." he created it. he stars in it. he drew the logo. you drew the logo? >> i did. i'm an artist now. very proud of myself. when you see the logo, you'll know anybody could have drawn it. >> i love the way you describe the show on twitter. it's like "black swan" but with
8:42 am
a catalyst ballet. >> it is. twitter is a strange thing. i thought it might be funny. and here it is. it's coming back. it's very strange. yeah. it's very "black swan"-esque. >> where did the idea come from? >> it's about a selfish, narcissistic guy, who runs a place called the sunshine center, which is akin to madison square garden or the staples center. and i thought that would be a good place to set a show because a lot of different things come through every day, that are funny. >> the selfish, narcissistic, and you cast yourself? >> i did. i wrote a show about myself. >> that's probably the most selfish thing you can do. yeah. >> it's going to give you the opportunity to have fun acts come through. you played a lot of tennis when you were younger. >> i was a big tennis fan when i was a kid. and my guy, the guy i used to
8:43 am
follow was jimmy connors. we offered a part to jimmy connors. he's on the show. and james taylor is on the show. so, when you set a show at an entertainment arena, there's a lot of excuses to get a lot of school people. smurfs. papa smurf is on the show. i know you're a big fan of papa smurf. >> i need to be. you are a big fan of "lost." you brought in jorge garcia. >> yeah. i'm a huge fan of "lost." and jorge plays one of the maintenance men. and he's hilarious. >> you face a bit of a challenge, a hurdle. how do you come up with a brand-new show that doesn't make everyone think of "friends"? >> the way to have nobody think of "friends," is it just fails right away. >> that would do it. >> no. that is a tough thing. i look like the character. and the tough thing is, if
8:44 am
you're doing a comedy, you want to be funny. you know, chandler was funny. this guy, hopefully, is funny. you do what you need to. >> and you brought in matt leblanc's girlfriend to play your girlfriend on the show? >> purely coincidental. she's a very pretty person that knows her way around a joke. there's not many of those around. >> we went on twitter to get questions for you. the first one came from john henley. he said, if you could change one thing in your life that would change your life forever, what would it be? >> i would have stayed in bed about two more hours this morning. >> that would change it forever? >> yes. i think -- yeah. yeah. >> and samantha, kcolorado springs, colorado. can you say hello to my best friend, barbara boehme? her husband and my boyfriend are
8:45 am
both deployed right now. >> hello. and come back soon. come back here. it's safer here. >> not so much on the streets today. >> not so much today. but most of the time. >> finally, big question from wisconsin. molly, what is your super bowl p prediction. >> my team is out. the patriots are out. >> how did you become a patriots fan? >> really? >> you're in jets territory. >> that's true. i'm surprised i didn't get thrown out right there. i like the packers maybe. i like the packers this year. >> thanks for coming in. i like the packers this year. >> thanks for coming in. "mr. su
8:46 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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you spend so much time concerned about that bowl of ice cream going straight to your hips that you probably haven't realized it's also going straight to your face. dr. jessica wu is a dermatologist to the stars. and she's here to explain how to get better skin at your next meal. it's part of her brand-new book called "feed your face," younger, smoother skin and a beautiful body in 28 days." >> thank you. >> let's start with acne first. i remember as a kid, your mom would say, don't eat that
8:49 am
chocolate. the chocolate is going to lead to that. is there truth in that? >> you know mom's always right, right? the fact is that the sugar in chocolate can be bad for your skin. number one feed your face rule, is to have a good breakfast to keep your blood sugar stable all day. >> you can't just eat anything. >> not just anything. you want to make sure, if you have acne breakouts to avoid sugar. watch the sugar you eat. running around in the morning, the easiest thing is to pour some milk over corn flakes. milk is very inflammatory. it can make your pimps red, swollen, inflames. and also, you want to watch your sugar. eat whole grains like toast with peanut butter. >> and green tea. >> green tea is great for breakfast. if you have a big pimple, keep some green tea bags in your fridge. if you wake up with a pimple, put the tea bags on your skin.
8:50 am
>> right there on the pimple. >> right on the pimple. it has to be a damp green tea bag. heat's really bad for your skin. >> and there are things we can eat that are going to hurt us when it comes to, like, wrinkles and such. >> yes. in fact, we get wrinkles when we grow up because our skin gets thinner. and that's because we lose collagen in our skin. sometimes, we think we're doing our skin a favor by eating fruit. fruit is high in fructose. and fructose spikes your blood sugar. increases insulin. and that breaks down the collagen in your skin. and always have almonds or peanut butter with your fruit. >> apples and pears? >> pears and grapes, all of those are high in fructose. have a small handful. and make sure to have protein along with your fruits. >> you're a fan of almonds. >> i'm a huge fan of almonds.
8:51 am
they're a wonderful source of fiber. and even though studies haven't proven it yet, perhaps it helps with gray hair. they may break down the process that makes us go gray. >> we're concerned about this time of year, itchy skin. it's kind of bothersome. >> dry, indoor heat. number one thing you have to do, number one, feet your face with omega 3 fatty acids. continue fatty acids include fish, salmon, sardines. keeping your skin soft and sexy for valentine's day. feed your face high in zinc. you have to have lentils and kidney beans. if you're not a meat eater. go home and make a bowl of
8:52 am
lentil soup. >> that's good motivation to do that. i haven't seen this since my grandma's kitchen. crisco. what possibly is this used for when it comes to the skin? >> i'm a big fan of not only eating good foods but using food on your face and on your skin. so, how many of you at home, have crisco at home. you're stuck at home. you smear it on your elbows and your knees. it's cheap, and all-natural body butter. >> it is better than a lotion because it has water and goes against what we're trying to do. >> crisco doesn't have water. it's soothing. it helps to seal in the moisture of your skin. it's made from soybean oil. it's really great for your skin. >> food for thought. everything that you can talk to us about. thank you, dr. wu. >> you're welcome. >> very good to meet you. go to to check out a copy of dr. wu's book.
8:53 am
and take a quiz to find out what ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] coffee's like life. it's better when you add your flavor. visit us on facebook to find out how you can get a free bottle of coffee-mate on february 4th.
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you guys are slathering. i'm snacking. >> i miss my grandma's fried chicken. >> does it work? >> it does, actually. it feels really good. >> and it doesn't have an odor. >> tomorrow, dr. oz will be here. also, kate moss from "private practice." we'll see you then. stay warm.
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♪ an sold steam freighter will
8:59 am
be towed from the reserve fleet to a recycling shipyard on the island. the ss will be cleaned and dismantle there, the first to be taken to the recycles facility. they plan to increase the force by 100 employees. sunshine, let's talk about what that does to our temperatures. >> that's right, kristen. good visibility, temperatures in the low 50s oakland and san francisco. the atmosphere really has dried out since yesterday with no fog and looking at those dry offshore winds. today numbers climbing from the throw mid-60s, the east bay and south bay where the upper 60s will be realized in the north bay and then over the weekend even warmer with 70s around the bay. frances. >> hi, lisa. the hot spot the san rafael bridge because of an earlier accident. heavy westbound to the toll plaza and across the span but the bay bridge not a big backup th


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