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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  March 9, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the judge approved a mass dismissal of 42 cases. most involving drug arrests. 15 cases had been dropped before the afternoon court hearing. public defender expects more to be dismissed. >> there is other cases involving master key that's were used and faces -- cases where there is illegal enter rye this followed a morning news briefing by district attorney who said his office reviewed pending cases involving eight officers now under investigation for possible misconduct. >> he believes we need evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt given circumstances and what is going on with offices point. and the growing scandal began last week. the public defender said videos revealed illegal searches and arrests.
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eight officers involved in those cases were from southern station and vn v.been reassigned desk duty. and the police chief refresher courses will be given to all under cover police units starting next week. >> we're going make sure everybody is retrained and we're going to make sure we retrain everybody in plain clothes operation autos abc 7's dean johnson says these cases point out the need for major reforms. >> in san francisco, we've had such a continuing scandal that permeated the d.a.'s office, and task force and this is time to say yeah. there is a pattern and culture there, needs to be a major reform. >> gascone says that the cases that were dropped can be refiled in circumstances change but for now, 57 defendants will be given their
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freedom. >> and we're learning about a so-called dui scheme launched by an investigator facing dozens of charges in a huge drug scandal. this private investigator, former scannedder of the narcotics enforcement team faced 28 felony counts, involving the theft and sale of large quantities of drugs seized by c net. now, dums curtailed a scheme to trap three men into du ai. rests. carried out with help of steven sanabe, a police officer now facing several charges. in one case, a reserve deputy on patrol told investigators tanabe was receiving eight to 10 cell phone calls each with update on a targeted man drinking inside of the wine bar in dan value a cording to the affidavit he told the
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deputies they're about to conduct a dirty dui stop and targets needed to be dirteed up for a court date. and when he left the court tanabe and the deputy arrested him for dui. >> according to documents one deputy who was with tanabe during one after the rests told investigators he didn't question the incidents because of his own inexperience. >> the code of silence, the blue. >> the attorney michael card yoza represents norman welsh. >> when they see their partner do they report it right way? or not? so these are precaris situations for partners of policemen that do sort of cross that line and then, wander back across it. >> later, the deputy did tell investigators what he knew, including the fact tanabe gave
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him a large garbage bag. inside was a assault rifle, illegal in california. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> sheriff deputies got a surprise when they went to a tent ten yabt today discovering what appeared to be chemicals used for making drugs with one suspected explosives device. this forced evacuation of several neighboring units. police called in a team to deal with chemicals. >> so there is investigation ongoing to see when chemicals are and if it was makings of a drug lab. >> and this evacuated tenants allowed to return but sheriff never found the man they're trying to evict. >> six months ago tonight almost to the minute, that pipeline in san bruno exploded. the fire destroyed 38 homes, devastating a neighborhood. neighbors are gathering to mark this milestone.
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>> and these people share a terrible memory. some of them lost losted ones here all of them lost friends. just down the hill from near, 6:11 p.m. on september 9th a 30 inch steel pipe blasted open with force to launch a 27-foot section up through the soil, road bed, coming to land 100 feet away. the natural gas streaming through it was ignited like a giant torch, burning an hour and a half. people say they'll remember the victims still in the hospital recovering, and those who never stood a chance. nail by nail, damaged homes are being rebuilt there is no work on rebuilding homes wim wiped on that night six months ago.
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bill's house won't be ready for his family until about a year from now. and for him, it's about one thing. >> this is about people who were affected by this. and remembering people who gave their lives in this event. >> still, for sergio and his children were home when the pipe exploded and there is chunks of asphalt rained on their house. >> my kids ask why did the fire come on our house. very to say it was just an accident. >> among those trying to answer the question why, the independent blue ribbon panel appointed by michael peeve yeechl they visited the site for the first time today and cpuc says they were joined by a firm with expertise. the panel's report is due to may. the national transportation
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safety board intends to have its final report on the probable cause sometime before the one-year anniversary this september. if something the district attorney will be watching for since the day after the rupture, his office has been working with the state attorney general, and san bruno police on a review of the possible civil, or criminal violations and says he's care tofl call it a review because he doesn't want to implicate pg&e without good cause. >> there are thing that's caught our eye. and ntsb, and scientists, we need them. and that comes from experts. >> next week, tuesday, march ath is the deadline for pg&e to demonstrate to the regulators cpuc it has documents verifying it knows what it has underground in the
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gas pipeline system and its operating lines after safe pressures. abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and governor brown is now asking lawmakers to delay a vote on his plans, the governor had said tomorrow is the deadline for the legislature to decide whether to put a series of tax extensions on the ballot in june. as we've been reporting he doesn't have enough support among republicans. and a spokesman did not say how long a delay might be required. >> alameda residents about to pay some of the highest parcel taxes in the state. yesterday, voters passed measure a calling on rez don'ts dig deeper to fund school programs, had it not passed the school district says the education system would have been devastated. >> we would have had to be talking about closing a middle school and my personal opinion is that we would have started seeing a downward spiral.
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>> my us and -- husband and i were born and raised here. it's a great place to raise kids and go to school. >> this average homeowner means it means paying $288 more per year. >> results now from two other local school districts n brisbane, voters approved measure w, an increase on an existing parcel tax. and in contra costa county the school district will send out 180 layoff notices. officials warned if a tax extension not approved by voters state wide they may have to cut the school year by five to six weeks. fall classes won't start until october. >> illegal immigrants its neighbor against naib in the south bay. the county filed a lawsuit
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against san jose accusing the city of a money shuffle. san jose trying to protect money from the state legislature but that has now resulted in this lawsuit. santa clara county is suing san jose for its share of redevelopment tax revenue. >> when you see that happening you can see money being moved have you to resnond a hurry. >> this points to a tax-sharing agreement between county and city in twun and that is the count geez it's owd $55.9 million and another $7 million in interest payments for a total bill of $62.9 million. the mayor doesn't dispute numbers but puts blame on the state. >> the state actions are prompting us to act to protect our interests and.
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>> many are shaking their heads at the idea and the ceo of the silicon valley chamber of commerce. >> i preferred them to sit down like neighbors, using the same bank account, in this case taxpayers and try to come to a resolution. >> attorneys representing santa clara county say they've been talking nice with the city since late 2009 and the issue forced their legal hand. >> in this situation we have a contract. and there is a morally binding agreement on the city. >> and santa clara county is asking a judge to stop the city from transfering anymore assets out of the redevelopment agency. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> and is there such a thing as an easy a at stanford? coming up a list of class that's may have helped athletes keep their grade
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point averages up at one of the toughest schools. >> and a look at changing racial makeup p of the bay area and cities where minorities are now in the majority. >> i'm spencer christian. a storm track means chances of rain. i'll show you wet and dry days in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and rock of the agents music from 80s now back innnnnnn
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a follow up to an i team report.
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the department of corporations is taking action against the bay area real estate investor who calls herself the prosperity queen. she and her former business partner have been served with an order barring them from selling investment contracts or interest in realest yaift joint ventures. and that the company was not registered to do business in california. >> and counselors at one of the elite universities may be encouraging students to take classes to maintain their gpas. that is according to our media partner california watch. >> ask around stanford university, most students heard about the list of classes available to athletes. >> students have been using the list to fit classes into their schedules they thought would be easy days.
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>> california watch student reporters ryan mack and amy harris uncovered the list produced by stanford university's athletic research center. since at least twun. >> from classes on the list don't fulfill general education requirements. there is social dance which is a dance class. there is. >> beginning improvizing. drama for nonmajors. >> stanford long mandated equal scholastic footing among all under graduates, however, some question whether this list is designed to keep athlete gpas up the buzz word is that they're easier. >> it is the buzz word, yes. >> this freshman has seent list and said other classmen were passing it around when choosing classes. >> it's a list i would say lesser known classes. i hear the rum nor
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that -- rumor is that they're easier. >> before able to interview other athletes head of public relations demanded we leave the area. then, the student we'd interviewed asked ugs to not mention his name or his sport. the university declined our request to appear on camera. austin lee is the director of the athletic academic resource center and told california watch, quote an objective evaluation of the courses included on the list reveals several course that's most students would consider to be academically rigorous. lee said it was designed to help get classes in before classes. they say stanford's online registration system let's students filter classes. >> so there is no need for the list in general which calls it into question if this is a document that is only
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available to athletes. >> this list was pulled when they began their investigation. students are taking it in stride saying this is still stanford and easier class here is not a slam dunk. you stril to do the work. >> i don't think there are that many classes here that are that easy z so, you know they have work loads. >> at stanford abc 7 news. >> and we have posted complete california watch report under see it on tv on our web site and california watch -- california >> pleasant day and a good day to be indoors and reading. >> good point. >> and i was fortunate to have been invited to town school for boy autos terrific. >> and there is is a live view
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from our camera in emeryville looking at after glow, beautiful sky around the bay area and right now it's generally into 60s, a few places dropped into upper 50s, on we go to high li.s we'll see a quick shot of rain and there is a break friday. there is high clouds passing over today. we did have a dry day. high clouds filtered up with sunshine. we did not warm up to levels expected to warm up to and there is rain that will arrive tomorrow and this is an active storm track moving into our direction giving us chances of rain over next several days. at 5:00 in the morning clouds will be thickening. and there is a frontal system
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slicing through the bay area and will be wet across the bay area by mid day. the front sweeps through and there are trailing showers behind it. rainfall totals will be rather light but up into north bay two tenths to half an inch generally. and there is about a third of an inch to three quarters inch. low temperatures tonight under cloudy skies, lows into upper 40s to about 50 here in san francisco. and there is tomorrow, will be mild in spots and there is highs into mid-60s and peninsula, 62 in palo alto. mid to upper 50s on the coast. and there is daily city, 57. north bay highs mainly mid to upper 50s so cool in the north bay tomorrow.
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and upper 50s to low 60s and milder still, mid-60s, 65 in brentwood. and near the bay, low to mid-60s, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is is a dry day, but cool. highs into low 60s inlnld. mid-50s around the bay. chance of showers saturday. and there is tuesday, cloudy and chance of rain wednesday. active week of weather. >> thank you. >> and coming up a final home coming for space shuttle discovery. >> and a good night's sleep.
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kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night. flying career of the space shuttle is over. the most-traveled space craft landed at cape canaveral today. here is how mission control described the final touchdown. >> and in the end of a miss hiss storic journey. to the ship that led the way time and time again. we say farewell, discovery. >> during a 30 year history
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discovery spent 365 days in space, traveling 148 million miles. and is likely to be given to the smithsonian institution. >> money scope headlines now. gas prices back into $4 range. we're better prepare forward high prices this time around because we're using less gasoline and businesses are passing increase as long quickly instead of waiting for them to cut into profits. and the energy department says gas lien stockpiles dropped. and here is how wall street marked a two-year anniversary of the start of the biggest bull run in history. the dow fell a point and change. the nasdaq lost 14. s and p 500 down almost two. and there is a recovering economy made the rich, richer.
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forbes saying the world has 214 more billionaires lan last year. >> police have recovered a box of ashes stolen from a church in alameda this weekend. the remains in a backpack taken from christ episcopal church before memorial service saturday. police found this box believing it was thrown out of the vehicle. the person is not a interest of interest. a second box, however, is still missing. >> still ahead tonight changing makeup of the bay area population. new numbers putting minorities in the majority in several local city autos also coming up hidden camera video forcing a national public radio executive to resign. now, his boss, as well. >> and doctors pushing to buy the electric cars but how soon will the general y y y y y y y y
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the rich diversity of the bay area is why many people love living here. findings show the bay area is becoming more diverse in many stay cities minorities are now the majority. >> in this area we moved here z they kept up real nice. >> they remember the day they've moved to richmond, 1964. >> i was going to san francisco to work on docks and i saw these flags and blooms. >> this is you know, we got to kind of a kinship, you know? usually, years ago there is no place to go because there was red lining and. >> there is a result of the
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census prove what many know. one of the diverse places is wking more diverse. >> so we're here at 3:20 malcolm drive. >> 60% of the clients are ma la tino who's want to buy homes in richmond. >> most people want to be with their homes, they hear bob relocated they want to move there, too. they hear about payments and about freem front -- fremont. asian communities are growing almost the same pace. >> a fast pace. state wide the population grew at 31.5%. latinos were behind and whites and blacks trailed. >> many opportunities in the bay area and california and the job opportunities. >> it's opportunity and the
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rich colorful fabric keeps people coming and staying. >> we need to work together as a community to have a vibrant community. >> and republican senators in wisconsin voted to strip most public workers of the collective bargaining rights after g.o.p. leaders took out any fiscal measures a proceedal move allowing republicans to take up the matter without democrats present. republicans hold a majority of seats. democrats are still in illinois after they left the state to avoid a vote. thousands have protested in madison opposing measures. governor walker is taking to cut the budget deficit. >> this is never about the budget or what i make or the benefits i have. it's all about just union busting and it's shameful, i think. >> and wisconsin top senate
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democrat pledged members will return tomorrow. >> a major shake up tonight at national public radio. npr public raid kbroz over controversial aremarks. an activist posted a video showing ron shiler calling the tea party racist and saying npr would be better would have out taxpayer money. npr has long been a targeting of conserve activities. >> consumer news. electric cars are hot sellers with waiting lists and how long will it be before they make a dent in the marketplace? michael finney set out to find the answer. >> gas prices hovering around $4 more here in the city. and there is timing could not
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be better but you've got ask does this hype match reality? he's about to drive off with the first nissan leaf ever sold in san jose. >> there is a when i've been waiting for six month autos folks can't get enough volts to meet demand. >> i believe we can sell them as fast as they came in. >> and analysts don't expect sales to continue. >> they think electric vehicles are overhipd. >> they predict sales will makeup only 5% to 7% of the new vehicles sold by 2020. and that could increase. >> that is far away that some people have in the automotive industry. it comes down to the cost of
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the vehicle. >> krorts estimates it would take 10 years to recoup the costs of an electric vehicle. and when you considered gas savings and combining subsidies up to $12,000. for consumers this recommends the honda fit. >> this is returning between 30-33 miles per gallon, costing about $17,000. >> for many, electric cars aren't about just saving money but the environment. the city of san francisco will be installing 60 changing stations throughout the city. these stations are a a.cross from city hall. >> there is a real public education value. these are very visible and there is lots of people saying wow. what is that snoo the biggest criticism of the vehicles is focused on the limited range,
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however, officials say it shouldn't be an issue. about 75% of the are less than 40 mim autos it's optimistic to think you'll see as many charging changes as you do main stream stations in california. >> mitsubishi scheduled to come out with an electric vehicle soon wex got a sneak peek of the electric prius. electric cars can plug into a regular 110 volt outlet but if you want to reduce charging time you may have to install a 220 for 240 volt outlet. there and that is a bit of a complication. >> coming up next, technology now in space plais to track down bullies online. >> and a new musical featuring
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sounds of the 80s and hair band is making it sing. [ male announcer ] eakfast for breakfast. breakfast for lunch. breakfast for dinner. with three new breakfast lovers dishes, who needs a break from breakfast? denny's. america's diner is always open.
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president obama nominated his secretary of commerce to be the first chinese american to hold that position. the president credited lock with expanding exports to china and said he's earned trust of business leaders. >> i'm going back to the birth
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place of my grandfather, my father, my mom, and her side of the family as a advocate for america, the country where i was born and raised. >> if confirmed by the senate lock would succeed former utah governor john huntsman who may decide to run for republican nomination for president. >> president and mrs. obama went on facebook to launch a campaign against cyber bullies. >> for a long time bullying treated as growing up. but we're seeing how harmful it can be for our kids when this follows them to the computer screen. >> they will host a conference thursday, bringing students, teachers and parents together to discuss ways to stop bullying. technology to identify bullies has been developed by crisp thinking a british firm that can lead to reformed behavior.
6:41 pm
>> this is just -- they're going to be bad and that is not good for an online community. and there is rules and they've become great each perts say about half of the teenagers encounter a form of bullying online. >> and one of america's prominent journalists has died. david broder covered politics for washington post. he won a pulitzer prize for reporting of the water gate scandal that led to president nixon's resignation, famous for relying on leg work and detecting political trends earl lism he was 81 years old and died of complications caused by diabetes. we'll be back.
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a 15-year-old girl from alaska is unable to return home from the bay area, she's here, waiting for a heart transplant. cheryl jennings visited with her at stanford.
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>> this 15-year-old is learning new things every day. she waits for a heart transplant at stanford. she's going school inside of the hospital. it's provided by the palo alto school district, helping her keep her mind off the situation. >> hannah had a complex surgical procedure done for people who are only born with one pumping chamber in the heart. >> it isn't working well anymore. her weak heart makes her feel tired all the time. >> some of the need to be replaced she comes in every few weeks for replacement therapy. >> while we're visit weg saw hannah starting to have a reaction to the infusion she had the day before. she tried to be brave, and just got worse, and it turned into a terrible migraine requiring medical intervention. but she's okay now.
6:46 pm
hannah is÷ú going to turn sweet 16 this year and the best present she can ever get is a new heart. she'slp a precious and living reminder for the need of organ donor autos this involves matters of death.÷ú very few of us want to approach those issues unless we have to. >> we want to encourage people to check the box on their driver's license so that all of us can be in a position to help others, even in our own deem ease. >> she says the house is a place where hannah and her mom can call home for as long as they need it. >> our last family from anchorage was at the house more than two years. but we're hoping that hannah has a quicker but good outcome. >> and her mom is waiting for the call that,0iuill change her daughter's life. they're far from the rest oh.ñ the family. so the family came to visit
6:47 pm
during spring break from school. >> yeah. and... it's, like... fun to hang out with. and to -- she's funny. >> i want her to get well and come home soos possible. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> you can join cheryl and mike nico at the fund-raiser for the ronald mcdonald house this saturday night in mountain view. >> and let's talk about weather and rain. >> and we do expect rain tomorrow this, afternoon we didn't have rain but as you can see from our camera, clouds were moving overhead there. is a dry day for clouds, held temperatures down a bit. and there is highs of 68 degrees and mid-60s over most
6:48 pm
of the remainder of the bay area. tomorrow, we'll see partly cloudy skies. by noon, rain likely to fall. 4:00 p.m. showers diminishing. here is the accu-weather forecast. rain likely tomorrow. a dry but cool day friday. saturday, there is a slight chance of rain. more chances of showers wednesday. >> that is exciting. >> and rock of ages features music from 80s bands. and abc 7's don sanchez with one of the bands, night ranger, do you remember them? and american idol who stars in this show. this is all rock and roll. a story set to 80s rock music.
6:49 pm
>> there is a originating the role on broadway in this show. >> this is poking fun but celebrating it and there is great characters and telling us nice grounded love stories. >> there are songs by journey and night ranger. the band doing a new concert on the bone. their hit oyster christian" is in the show. >> we're still out there and playing a long like oyster chis kris chin" the crowd goes wild. it brings back a memory the person has from their heart. >> there is a new album out soon and have been together since the beginning of the 80s, it's now 30 years. >> yes. almost as long as
6:50 pm
you've been at abc. >> not that long. >> and there jack says seeing music was unexpected. >> what? is that that is like well, okay. >> and he respects what night ranger continues to do. >> business sense which is why he's on rock of ages national tour. they're here five weeks. >> fun stuff. >> cool. >> statatatatatatatatatatatatata
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coming up then, just like us. chickens may be bird brains, sure, but researchers say they can feel each other's pain. >> then at 11:00 electronic gadget just became the fastest selling consumer device in history. it's not what you might think. >> and there is now warriors in action. >> and with insin yuation we might be bird brains? >> and there is warriors
6:54 pm
wrapping up a seven game road trip and caught a break, so, it seemed. and there is kim kardashian and david lee dunking with a team high 17. former warriors you know you wanted this game. and there is warriors led with just under five minutes left and couldn't score just one more point. and there is a ng new jersey up one. and they can't get on the you will ball. and there is free throws making final 94 are-90. and there is the four-five match up. both teams finished strong.
6:55 pm
cal ending on a four-game winning streak. and alan crab says they know they've got to run the table, beating trojans would be step one. >> we know how everybody played since we've played on par. we're just looking forward to it. we can't look into the future. and have to get this to win it first. >> stanford facing oregon state and trailing 22-16. and there is a a crazy finish in the big east. rutgers down, pass interseptembered and travels and steps out of bounds, and chucks the ball in the air. out of bounds with 1.7 on the clock. never refuted and nothing. just dashing off the court.
6:56 pm
dinner reservations? i don't know. st. john's gets the win. that is terrible, cameron jordan could go in the first 10 picks, whenever they hold it. big guy, excellent mobilibility. kevin rielly out there, showing scouts his knee is okay z a bad injury at the end of the year. and jordan was good at nfl combine hoping to show they'll be good pro-players as well. >> everybody i do, i can get better today we've tried new drills i've never tried before. and i do co-have done drills in there, too. waits fun. >> giant fans filled with angst after barry zito's
6:57 pm
struggle but today he was terrific against white sox going five innings allowing just one hit. ground ball out was his best friend against white sox. there were scoreless in the fourth. there it goes. downtown on jake peavy. his first homer of the spring. we've talked about a trimmer and slimmer pablo sandoval. he looks slimmer and there is land onpowell with solo homer autos that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. mary! hey!
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wow, you look great! thanks!
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