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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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san jose may have finally hashed out its medical marijuana policy. until now, the city was taxing all medical pot sold in the city, even though all pot clubs were considered illegal. >> now that is changing, and the number of clubs being allowed in san jose is being drastically cut. abc7's lisa amin gulezian is live in downtown san jose for us. lisa? >> the issue of how to treat pot clubs has been going on for two years. they decided to finally regulate them, but the guidelines are now coming under fire. >> the short sidedness and the fear mongers were all right. >> the supporters, users and
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the dispensers are outraged. they met for an emergency meeting tonight and immediately after the san jose city council voted 6-5 to regulate and limit pot clubs in the city. >> we are not going to give up, and we shouldn't just lay down for this. >> councilmembers decided to allow no more than 10 collectives in the city. there are currently more than 120. all the marijuana has to be grown on site and the licenses will be given out after a screening process on a first come, first serve basis. >> it is not going to be easy. we don't know how many will qualify. but we will not be making subjective decisions about which one is best or not. that will be a time stamp. >> that does president lend -- doesn't lend to me the best collective for safe access. it is for the person who sleeps in front of the door and waits in line to turn in an application. >> they -- there was an out right ban on the dispense res.
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even the police chief support it. >> there is a lot of people that are operating well outside the law. i would prefer a ban if that is what you are asking. >> instead the city will dedicate forces like police, code enforcement and zoning personnel to this issue. even though they consider this a compromise, collective and patience, he sees things differently. >> i am fine with a calf or a number up to 30 possibly. >> the bad news is what they passed makes it nearly impossible if not completely impossible for anybody to operate. >> club owners say it is impossible to grow everything on site. they say they do have the capacity and it is simply not the norm. some say they are considering taking legal action. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian. they are considering an offer that could save their homes from sliding down a hill. there is just one catch. the city wants the homeowners
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to promise not to sue if the repairs don't work, and that is scaring most of them. the earth started giving away during the march storms forcing three families to move out. if the repairs work they may be able to move back in. they have just a week to accept the proposal. president obama is coming to the bay area for part campaign fundraiser and part town hall meeting. his first stop is at facebook where he will answer questions sent via the social networking giant. we go live to palo alto. >> reporter: facebook is getting ready for the president's visit at 1:45 in the afternoon. this is his second visit to silicon valley in three months and his 9th visit to california since becoming president. but this time he is running for re-election, and he is capitalizing on social media and california's deep pockets. today president obama was talking jobs and immigration. by this time tomorrow night he will be on his way to collecting millions of dollars for his re-election campaign.
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>> i just wanted to take a minute to invite you to a town hall meeting i am holding at facebook's headquarters this wednesday, april 20th. >> it will be a web cast q and a and political pitch for lowering the deficit at facebook headquarters. the president had dinner with mark zuckerberg in february. tomorrow when he is done at facebook, mr. obama will be on jackson street in pacific heights where no parking signs have gone up. 60 people will take part in a $38,000 a plate fundraiser at the home of sales force .com ceo. a few doors down, the president has a big fan in teacher amy hayes. >> i couldn't afford to go, but i guess some people would enjoy it. it would be nice. it is an opportunity of a lifetime to have dinner with the president. >> this next door neighbor won't be going. wouldn't you know it, he is a republican. >> everybody should have a right to give however much they wish, yes. >> but you are not a supporter of president obama? >> i would support another
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candidate. >> san francisco republican party chairperson says this fundraising trip shows the president is december desperate -- desperate and he should be dealing with the economy and wars. >> i think it could be fundraising, but i think this is pretty obscene the way he is doing it with the lavish functions that are open only to the extremely wealthy. basically the average american can't get him to see him during this visit. >> democratic strategists defends the timing of the fundraising trip and the president's handling of world and national crisis. >> this president is focused on those issues. the public knows that. that's a rather absurd statement coming from a party that has historically opened the spic ket of -- spicket money. >> thousands will spend twep gash dash between $25,000 and $10,000. live in palo alto, johnal
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stone -- john alston, abc news. >> there are places you may want to avoid during his visit. air force 1 arrives at sfo at 1:00. and then the motorcade will head south to facebook in palo alto for a couple hours. then he will come to san francisco for fundraisers on nob hill and pacific heights. he will spend the night in a hotel in the financial district, and then there is a fundraising breakfast in the morning and then back to sfo for a flight to the next campaign stop in reno. the f.a.a. is investigating a situation in the air involving a plane carrying the first lady. mrs. obama's plane was just three miles behind a c-17 cargo jet as the two were on final approach to andrews air force base. the f.a.a. requires a five mile minimum. >> an airplane is too close behind another airplane. the small tornados that come off the airplane in front can actually upset the airplane flying behind and cause the airplane flying behind to lose control.
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>> ultimately they were so worried they would not clear the runway in time. they ordered them to loop back around. the f.a.a. says neither aircraft was in any danger. the san francisco fire department says a man in his 50s died this afternoon after falling down an escalator at the bart station. his sleeve got caught and paramedics had to cut him free. investigators believe he may have suffered some sort of medical emergency, but they are looking into whether his death was an accident or perhaps a crime. a house boat is stuck in the san juaquin river tonight. it was being towed from sacramento when it first ran a ground. and then the house boat refloated and started again to drift down the river. the coast guard warns the house boat may pose a hazard to other boaters. bike riders will have to slow down on the golden gate bridge or face stiff fines. the district is considering a 10 mile an hour speed limit on sidewalks and access pads and five miles per hour around
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bridge towers and construction zones. that's to improve sidewalk safety. the highway patrol would help develop an enforcement plan and speeders fined $100. a committee will take up the plan on thursday. cal trans says it has found the $3.5 million to avoid the drastic service cuts it has been warning its riders about. the money will come from defering maintenance and borrowing from a capital fund. officials say the agency will likely have to raise one way fares by $.25 cents and parking fees by $1 a day. the cal trans board of directors will vote on the plan thursday. the mass transit drivers are voting this week on whether to authorize a strike if negotiations with the san francisco municipal transportation agency break down. the union and the sfmta have been negotiating for several weeks now. the union says that is a matter of legal interpretation. mcdonalds' one-day hiring spree appears to have been a major success. hundreds of would be employees
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lined up at bay area mcdonalds hoping to score one of 50,000 jobs. the fast-food chain is offering them nationwide. most pay minimum wage, but that did not discourage the job seekers we spoke with. >> if i have to wash dishes or do anything, i will be satisfied with whatever they give me. i am in my senior year of high school and i need to be more independent. >> the response we have had for hiring day in san francisco is nothing short of overwhelming. >> there are about 14,000 mcdone elds in the -- mcdonalds in the united states. the chain expects to hire between three and four employees per restaurant. now if you are looking for work you can attend the next abc7 job journal hire event. it is absolutely free and it will be held at the hilton garden inn in emeryville one week from today from 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 in the afternoon. the price of gold climbed to a new record high hitting $1500 an ounce. that is creating a virtual gold rush for buyers and sellers. stores are popping up and
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people are trading anything that is gold. they are selling prospecting equipment and they are having trouble keeping up with orders. >> we are developing a new developer for feingold. there is a lot more feingold out there. >> gold is up mostly out of concern about the u.s. debt and the european financial problems. still ahead, hidden cameras and whistleblowers. the crackdown on people who use this neighborhood as a garbage dump. >> also ahead, the northern california mom who had a life altering hand transplant. >> and how a cable reality show landed10 dogs in a bay area animal shelter. those stories are coming up, and then later on "nightline." >> dan and carolyn, coming up next on "nightline" an aborted landing carrying the first lady after weeks of alarming incidents is american air travel at a breaking point. and a diet that has taken
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europe including one of the royals by ststststststststststst
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tonight authorities in contra costa county have a plan to stop people from dumbing their stuff. they are relying on new funding and new technology. >> there we go. this stuff happens every week. >> the road to the contra costa county dump has long been littered by those who don't want to pay the waste fee. mostly in the north richmond neighborhood. >> they keep going. >> we try to help each other. >> now this unincorporated part of richmond is using the north richmond waste and recovery fund. it is helping catch those who dump everything from old tires to mattresses and hazardous material. >> this leather couch wasn't so bad in the middle of the field. a lot of this stuff looks like it was dumped on the wall from the apartment complex over there. >> catching them in the act is the tough part. but now the waste recovery
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fund is paying for hidden cameras to be installed in the next few months. >> they are stationary, but they can be moved. what they can do is they actually can yell at someone and let them know they are being photographed, or they can be silenced and they can take photographs while they do what they do. >> but authorities say they still rely on residents who care like mark wasberg. >> i caught this one guy emptying out his truck. and so i videoed his license plate and i turned it into the county police and i got him. >> authorities say he was pouring out hazardous material along brooke side drive and another was caught dumping two sofas on the road. they are the first in what is expected to be a crackdown. al alan wang, abc7 news. a sacramento man turned in his 10 husky mix dogs in an unusual hoarding case. these are some of the dogs being cared for at the police nton valley humane society.
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while some result in abuse, the owners of these dogs called the reality tv show on animal planet for help. veterinarians are checking out the dogs' health and checking on the behavior problems. they will all be put up for adoption if all is okay. a single mother who received the west coast's firsthand transplant made her first public appearance. she lost her right happened in a car crash five years ago. it was replaced in a 14 and a half hour operation last month at the ronald regan ucla medical center. >> i can't actually feel it yet. i won't have sensation foreclose to a year. -- for close to a year. now it seems surreal i didn't have a hand for five years. >> fennel hopes to return to be with her six-year-old daughter and continue her rehab at home. what a remark only -- remarkable procedure. the hand is quite a match. let's get a check on the weather. >> sandhya patel is here with that.
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>> today we saw milder conditions, a few clouds rolling in. tomorrow you will need those umbrellas by evening. this evening, here is what it looked like. you can see the low clouds just coming in. i have high clouds moving in as well. this is all in advance of a weather system that is going to bring us rain tomorrow and cool us off. it is in the 50 usa cross the entire -- 50s across the entire area. scattered showers for thursday morning, and it is looking a little more unsettled for the weekend. let me show you the satellite and the radar. here is a system that is approaching. it is fairly anemic to be honest with you. we will get some light rain late wednesday, but we are not expecting high amounts of rainfall. let's look at the computer animation. really just a few clouds gathering by wednesday afternoon. by wednesday evening light rain develops for the evening commute. it is going to be wet in spots. as the night goes on the
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rainfall is more widespread. still very light for your wednesday night. and then the cold front comes through, and we will still see showers for the thursday morning commute. clearing is expected by around the lunch hour on thursday. so when all is said and done, rainfall totals anywhere from .05 to .15. it is enough to get the ground wet and enough to where you will need the umbrellas or the windshield wipers for your thursday afternoon. and i know it is late in april, but we are still talking about snow in the sierra nevada. the snow level is running at around the 7500 foot elevation. so it is above most of the past levels and we will likely see snow down to 6,000 feet late tomorrow night and heading into early thursday. if you have travel plans as we approach easter, just keep this in mind. look for the mid40s to low 50s. it is a comfortable night as the clouds hold the temperatures up. and tomorrow afternoon they
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are all going down. 67 in the south bay in san jose, campbell. 66 in santa clara. peninsula is looking at low to mid60s. 65 for palo alto. mountain view, mostly cloudy on the coast tomorrow. upper 50s. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees. 57 in daily city. you get into the north bay and the temperatures are going to be down from today. low 60s for santa rosa, novato. the clouds start to thicken up, and the rain starts to arrive there. 63 in oakland. union city. head inland and the temperatures are out of the normal category for this time of year. it is back below average. 65 in livermore and danville for the monterey bay. 60 degrees in monterey. up to 68 inland in gilroy. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. light rain tomorrow evening and continuing into thursday morning. we get that short break on friday and then periods of light rain expected from saturday through monday so it is not going to be a complete washout, but some of those
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easter egg hunts might be impacted. just stay tuned. we will have a better idea. >> the color may be washed off the eggs. >> that's right. you will have to get clever. >> thanks. well, what this little boy learned in a movie saved his sister's life. >> it is a remarkable story, just ahead.
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go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. a mesa, arizona boy is being called a hero for saving his berry sister's life. >> you won't believe how he learned to do. it he sprang into action after his two-year-old sister, brooke, was found floating in the family pool. he performed cpr keeping brooke alive until the paramedic usa life. >> he likes dressing as soldier and learned the technique from a graphic war movie. >> you learned this from the movie "black hawk down." >> they were like pushing on their chest and giving them rescue breath. >> you like your sister? >> sometimes she gets on my
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nerves. >> doctors say brooke is doing just fine thanks to his quick thinking. >> that is remarkable. way to go. >> top that, larry. >> you know, i thought i had a really good story, but what the sharks did was okay, but come on. one of the best ever as the sharks dance out of their grave in the playoffs with the ciption. highlights you have to see to believe next.
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it was close to panic time for the san jose sharks. they fell behind 4-0 only to beat l.a. you want to talk about a bad night at the office? he somehow squeezes the puck through and 13 seconds later brad richardson whips and centers. it is 2-0. he is not happy. 3-0 kings after one period and they score 44 seconds into the
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second. ian white gives it away and in comes nitamaki. the sharks don't fall though. they rally with three straight goals in two minutes. it is a 4-3 game. all of that work to get back into it. and then the kings answer moments later. ryan smith gets behind the defense. 5-3 l.a. game over, right? not so fast. dan boyle patiently, patiently. it is his second of the period and now it is 5-4. less than a minute to go and ian white is trying to put it on net. he gets in the way and then scores to tie it at five. five goals in one period. it is a franchise record. and then a score less third period. they go to over time and good night, game over, drive home safely. 6-5 sharks. they take a 2-1 series lead and take the heart right out of the kings. >> a couple times during the game i think it could have been easy for a team to pack
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it in and hang your head a little bit, but we didn't. sometimes as a player and as a team you can feel it on the bench and feel it on the ice. >> amazing. game four thursday night in l.a. cody ross is back from the calf injury and figures to be activated tomorrow. that could mean that brandon belt goes to the minors for the giants. lincecum had a no hitter and talking to sanchez and message received. the second straight night the giant offense provided some cushion in the top of the first. sandoval, high, deep and aloha. a 3-run blast. 4-0 giants. in a flash, sanchez dealing for six and a third and allowed two hits. you will both get nothing and like it. bots tom of seven and -- bottom of 7 and aubrey huff and goodbye. his second of the year. and the giants win it 6-3. a's and red sox game one of a
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two-game mini series in oaknd la. they go between anderson and lockey. he goes eight score less. matsui breaks it open in the eighth. it is a two-run double to right. the a's blank boston who have yet to win away from fenway park. just finishing up with the sharks. it is the third time in nhl playoff history a team has come back from a 4-0 deficit. hockey is great because you never know what will happen. this was a mazing tonight. >> thanks, larry. "night -- nightline" is next. >> our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thank you for watching and we appreciate your time as always. >> good night, everyone.
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