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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  May 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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survivors there was a direct link between those killed and the mission in pakistan . >> it was exactly how to gauge what is going on. crowds lined the streets of lower manhattan to watch the president run by. he also met privately with 60 family members of 9/11. >> and a warm reception for the president in new york and in pakistan, protest after new details of the raid were released. bin laden's resistance on sunday night came from his wife that was unarmed . reports of women using human shields didn't happen and the fire fight inside of the compound. turns out nearly all of the gunfire came from the seal team. four of the five people killed including bin laden were not armed. >> earlier reports were not accurate and that doesn't
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trouble me. that's the way things work. >> unannounced american raid seriously damaged relations with pakistan. american officials say pakistan should have known bin laden was in their midst. that riles the pakistan leadership. >> they want a united nations investigation and accusing the united states of violating international law . >> pakistan's army went further warning that future violations would cause pakistan to review the cooperation here with the united states. here at home the president is congratulated for following through to getting the terrorist with or without pakistan's help. and abc will have a special 20-20. the story behind bin laden's
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death at 10:00 here on abc sen. >> and a san francisco intersection is shut down because of a gas leak. it was severed near the union square. this isa i live picture just above the stockton tunnel. pg&e expects to cap the leak in 15 minutes time. the streets will remain closed longer than that fory are pairs. and something good happened from a fire in san francisco that left 60 people homeless. they found a terrified little chihuahua alive but hiding. it has a happy ending. >> the dog is part of the story and the people inside of the building are the other part. they are trying to find the cause. it may have been a barbecue
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but it caused a great deal of grief for the people who live in the building . >> ask anyone in a trauma and they will tell you that aftermath is exhausting. >> we are still in a state of shock. they survived the flames when the park hotel ignited in san francisco south market neighborhood. they watched their belongings to return. they filled up a red cross shelter waiting for health and guidance. >> got done paying rent. >> among the other victims, a small chihuahua . he was pulled from the burning building and sent him to animal control. if only rolando walker knew sooner . he told the story how flames came through the floor before being separated. >> the fire men kicked down the door . he jumped out of the myarps and went underneath the bed.
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but the fire men wouldn't let me get him. >> he was cowering in a closest and this morning rolando found him safe but smoky. he still has his best friend and the ordeal for aftermath. >> the most important thing to me in the world is this little boy right here. i am so happy he made it and survived. i don't know how but by the grace of gompted >> tonight, the red cross found 60 hotel rooms and those who pay rent will have the rent honored by the veteran. where was he disabled. a barracks bombing in beruit he is one of the men who survived. and it turns out that
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dozens of home in santa rosa were locked down because one of their neighbors wanted to recycle a tank filled with poisonous gas. the tank started leak they had to suit up and plug it it happened in santa rosa. the man found the tank and brought it home, not realizing it was filled with hydrogen chloride used in farming. neighbors had to shelter in place for a couple of hours during the leak. >> five of the 7 men arrested for the murder of a german tourist was in court today. the woman was killed near unisquare. members of different gangs were shooting when schroer was hit. they were in town celebrating her birthday and wedding anniversary. the attorney -- district
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attorney. >> the police had worked hard and found new evidence and were following on concrete leads. >> they're held on bail ranging from one to seven million dollars. one of the two juveniles will be tried as an adult. >> here is good news about the state budget crisis. the tax revenue came in two and half billion above expectations and that gives lawmakers more wiggle room balancing the budget short fall. it comes from an increase in personal income taxes. experts say it could be a sign of an improving economy and make it harder for governor jerry brown to get the taxes. >> two million we gret means it is a manageable situation to get through this without
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reaching in the pocket of hard working families that can't afford it >> it doesn't lessen the necessity for us to close the remaining budget gap. there is no guarantee that the bump in revenues is going to be ongoing. >> governor brown is expected townveil the plan in two weeks. >> a survey of chief executives said that california is the worstitate in the country to do the business. this is the last in the annual poll of 500 ceo's. executives base their opinion on tax policies and work force equitty and quality of living and new york, and illinois and michigan and new jersey ranked 40th. texas is the best state to do business. >> oakland police honored all of the officers who have been killed in the line of duty.
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100 family members walked in a procession to the police headquarters and each family placed a rose inside of a police badge made of flowers. great grandchildren of officer george white took part. he was killed in 1907. his rel learned about their ties to white and oakland police. >> i never thought i would have a chance to be in the room with families of fallen officers. >> a parolee, shot and killed officers. and disaster can strike anywhere any time of course. in a shopping center and gym and busy intersection . when it does, good people rush n and today, the american red cross recognize the ordinary people in silicon valley whose actions makes them heroes.
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and mike tyler and sergio and juan gomez have one thing in common. mike was on duty in costco when a customer had a massive heart attack and needed cpr. >> it is time to come back. you start breathing right now. >> the american red cross silicon valley chapter honored 7 individuals as good samaritan heroes. sergio was one of three men to risk his life to pull a man from the burning car. >> the driver's side is on fire . i pull out and start to kick in the winnow and get the kid out. >> many of the people saved were able to be in the celebration today. you can imagine the gratitude in their hearts and family. >> james jobes got to sit next to a man who came to the aid of her husband. hardy jones suffered a heart attack while working in the
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ymca. >> there are people who step forward and save lives. >> the red cross gave each a placand certificate. but for mike, the biggest reward was an unexpected visit. >> one of the children was small and looked up and said thank you for saving my grandfather. >> anyone can look to their heart to have an impact. but the red cross reminds us that skills and training is important as insinct. >> bunk beds at risk of collapsing. and the nba's yao ming cums to san francisco to provide a big assist in the fight against shark fin soup. and understanding the impact that state budgets has on a child's education.
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>> and i will be back with the details on that. the news
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> there was a five-day strike over the dispute of health care benefits. the strike came after the nurse's union rejected the offer. it would cost nurses 4000 more a year to cover their families. >> our contract expired last july and we have had sessions with the employer . the employer hasn't changed its health care proposal in the entire time. >> this dispute is really about a union that is out of touch with current economic reality. >> hospital administrators is asking the nurses to pay a portion of the health care
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plan. they were prepared for the walk out and it is not affecting operations. >> giant's fan nearly beaten to death after a game last month need more surgery . they need to drain fluid from brian's brain. he will be operated on today or tomorrow. doctors are trying to bring stone out of his medically enduced coma but he is not responding to stimulation. and parents who want to get the information on how budget cuts will affect their child's school. the education reporter shows us how it works and what they find. >> there are numerous rallies and marches in thitate and - state and bringing information. and then there are the numbers. >> we are reduced and reduce class sizes . >> how much of that information is understood or
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digested by parents? a new website lays it out in simple terms and focusing on what the cuts mean for your child. >> it is a new on line tool that maps funding of california schools. just click on your school district and the information pops up and shows how much districts will lose if the tax extension don't pass. the data came from the california budget project. >> for every school district had potential cuts to that district and it is based on the alleged analyst projection. if there are no additional revenues in thitate budget. >> oakland unified facing cuts and per child that represents 764 fewer dollars and 30 kids in a classroom, that is 22,920 .
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it shows the number of teachers who receive lay off notices . one of the creators of the website from los angeles. >> we got our hands dirty and realized that we needed to kind of simplify the information. >> she is a mother of an student and they volunteered their time and worked on it for a month. one of them works for google. the maps are powered by the internet search giantment for the school district, it is one more tool to deliver the facts. >> it is a complex school funding system . so any help we get in that regard is appreciated and any way to make it clear to parents, we will do that. >> it has ways for partners to contact the local lawmakers. to check out your school we have a link to the interactive website and look on it on see
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on tv. >> pg&e said investors lost money with the smart meters. >> the california utility commission voted to let pg&e pass the cost on to us. the customers. >> pg&e said it is only fair and consumer advokites say are you kidding me? that's what we are looking at. the california utilitiy commission voted to let pg&e to raise rates to recover losses on old meters. they are replaced by the smart merts. it is expected to give them 17 million to recover losses on the old meters. >> it is small. i mean, it is never small, but for the average consumer it is a tiny price. >> these meters are in a trash heap and no longer have useful life . in turns, rate payers should
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not pay one more dime for a meter that is not useful. >> the rate increase will raise the average household utility bill by nine cents. >> kids love bunk beds and we have another major recall. half million durle asia bunk beds are being recalled because of danger of collapse. wooden side rates can split and cause the bed to fall. there are 23 reports and seven aren'ts of bruises and abrasions but no reports of serious injury. they were sold in walmart and target stores. if you have one get the free repair kit: the information is at abc click on 7 on your side.
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>> how big is the poll. on average gas is gobbling up 9 percent of the family's income . americans spent on average 368 per household for gasoline in the month of april . on average pump 4300 worth of gasoline per household this year. that is a record high . >> michael, thank you. and speaking of highs. >> we should enjoy it now. >> it is. >> tomorrow, it will all be gone. 90s will be history. >> raining on our parade. >> we are going down hill. two days of warmth . then going down like i said. from santa cruz. a live view. the breeze is blowing and temperature in santa cruz. highs in the mid-70s and cooler than yesterday. here is a live picture from
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the mount towercam . skies are clear and we'll see the return of a fog and that will cool numbers down. look at the readings right now. highs and low 90s in concorde and liver more . low 90s in concorde hill . upper 80 in santa rosa and napa . 75 in san francisco . 68 degrees in half moon bay. temperatures right now, still on the warm side . low 90s in the inland locations and right near the coast that is affecting the numbers compared to 24 hours ago . same thing for half moon bay . oakland dropped 8 degrees . communities are running warmer. >> fog returns to the cost and cooling trend continues and we are looking at cool yer windier conditionos sunday. cold front has been approaching and not impacting us yet other than the sea
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breeze has been picking up as the front is approaching. we'll continue to see the strengthening of the sea breeze and the return of the fog. overnight hours. fog will come back near the coastline and by morning fills in by the beaches and helps to drive the temperatures down tomorrow. you will notice the difference. numbers in the mid-40s in half moon bay and san francisco and oakland and out to antioc in the upper 50s. you will hang on to some of the warmth. low to mid70s 74 in san jose. you are dropping from the upper 80s there . 75 in campbell and on the peninsula enjoy the sun and cooler day. degrees and palo alto and on the coastline fog is back and temperatures are cooler . half moon 60 degrees . daily city 58 and in the north bay . mid-50s and midcents for santa
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rosa and santa luma and not as warm as it has been . scen in oakland . inland areas, you will be out of the nines and concorde going from the low 90s to the upper 70s and 77 in liver more and 60 degrees in monterey and 68 in salinas . cooling trend that started today continuous throughout weekend. mother's unseasonably cool and upper 60s and mid-50s on the beaches and windier and cloudier and slight chance of showers heading in sunday night and monday . temperatures next week will be in the mild side and moderate range. >> thank you very much. >> and just ahead. nba bringing the hit in the fight for animal rights. checking in on a east bay family. sen on your side michael finny and an amazing story of how
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>> good news for the batteries and the preese of oil plummeted today . sparked by lower demand for gasoline and concerns that the world economy is coming down again. the push to ban shark fins in california hasly received a celebrity endorsement. houston rockets yao ming. he is in san francisco shooting the second in the series of public service announcements . that is when the shark fins are cut off and used as a delicacy . san francisco mayor ed lee is opposed to a ban and open to
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learning more. >> we want to make sure if it is the signs telling us this. and proposed law proposed is making its way through the state legislature to ban the sale and possession of shark fins in california.
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create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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>> new at six entrepreneur seeking capitol. giving business owners a head start . mel gibs yon jodi foster back on the big screen. don sanchez chews through the beaver for you. >> try it say that 10 times. thanks a lot.


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