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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  June 20, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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bay. and there is some hot weather, going to get into triple digits so warmer inland heading into first day of summer. i'll be back with the full look at the forecast. >> and as our temperatures rise, the risk of wildfires increases and residents are getting prepared. today these goats are clearing brush and they pose a threat. this is nearly 20 years ago, 3700 homes burned here during a massive wildfire. >> this is heavy rain when there is feeding grassland, giving denser growth. we expect a busy fire season. >> officials suggest homeowners keep roofs clear,
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trim low-lying branches and maintain a 30 feet defensible space around home autos this is the weather making swimming a great way to cool off. kids are enjoying a brand new community pool, a reminder to other kids about what they no longer have. we're live with the story tonight. >> this sf the newest oasis, you can see this is a gigantic swimming pool and its intoors, this provides with you water and shade and a big mural. this is a multi million dollar project for the city and the folk who's live here say they just can't wait for it to be finished and now there are lines out of the doors. for this 6-year-old this was a
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long time coming. >> we waited i guess 25 minutes to get in. there was about maybe that many people in front of us. and this richmond plunge this, sparkling pool took four years, $8 million to build. neighbors say it was time, money well spent. >> the kids need somewhere to go and something to do. >> sasha's 11-year-old daughter is giving it rave reviews. >> i love it why? >> it's fun and so big. there is so much space. >> there is something to do. >> these kids may be too busy enjoying the pool to notice neighbors are not so lucky. jane says he found out on facebook the pool won't be open this summer. this is three including the
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live oak pool could be due to budget cuts. >> the decision to close these facilities is a tragic one. >> oakland high assistant principal says oakland kids need something to do to keep them out of trouble. >> they need to be open to the youth and family autos but while these kids enjoy the pool, the kids may have to go next summer as well. the budget will not include a tax to keep pools open next year, either and will be closed next year if something isn't done. >> thank you very much z beach goers being warned to stay in shallow waters after a shark sighting in stintson beach.
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and people being told not to go into the water past their knees, officials say it could be a problem if more sharks are spotted. >> three caltrans workers have died over three months prompting the state to focus on safety training. never before have many employees been killed in a short period of time. all three workers were struck by vehicles in all three accidents happened in imperial county areas, calling it a safety stand zpoun says it includes all maintenance worker autos routine activities we're going to take a pause and reflect on safety as well as our practices. >> caltrans is urging all of ugs to drive cautiously and
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posting save driving reminders on message sign autos the bay area woman who sued walmart will move forward with the claim. she was part of a class action suit the supreme court voted against saying koit not go forward in the present form. >> this decision being interpreted as a huge victory for businesses around the country. both sides agreed the supreme court has set new standards for discrimination anything cases against large companies, more than one and a half million women could have been included in this suit against walmart. and leading that charge was this greeter in a store in pittsburgh, california. >> i was disappointed. >> betty dukes saying her employer of 17 years promoted
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a culture where men received pay raises and promotion buzz the court ruled the lawsuit cannot longer move forward, if women like dukes want to sue walmart now they'll have to pursue on their own. >> we just stayed focused and still determined to go forth with our complaint. >> wut a class action case there is less pressure for the retail giant to settle and the company said walmart has a long history of providing advancement opportunities for female associates and will continue efforts to build a robust pipeline of future female leader buzz says did it not resolve the charge. >> this opinion doesn't go to the merits of the suit. some defendant maze have good lawsuits. what this goes to is whether the employees can come together as a single class. >> business groups applaud
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this ruling. >> from the business community we're pleased to have receive aid common sense ruling from the united states supreme court on this issue. >> dukes lawyer says it will have a damaging affect on other case autos there is no question individual cases are tougher. it's going to be difficult for women against other company autos for dukes this has been worth it. >> this case has pushed the lives of women world wide. >> within hours of the ruling washington was weighing in. nancy pelosi called it a set back for all women and all americans in the work place. >> some five dozen people are homeless tonight after a fire swept through the apartment building this morning while they were sleeping. investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started inside of the unit of the building.
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it took firefighters from four agencies nearly three hours to put out the fire. >> my boyfriend ran outside and said there is a fire, grab the baby. soy just grabbed my purse, the baby and ran outside. i started banging on peoples' doors to get out. >> it's devastating. i'm thinking we lost everything. we're underneath the fires. >> paramedics took one person to the burn unit. the man suffered second-degree burns after he ran throughout the complex. >> the man police believe attacked brian stow is not going to be getting out of jail soon and ruled he can be held for 10 months because of a parole violation in an unrelated case. police say he had access to a gun. ramirez is the prime suspect in the beating outside dodger stadium march 31. his attorneys insist police
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have the wrong man. >> we're marching full steam ahead coming up with new leads and new witnesses and attaining different forms of evidence. >> stow is at san francisco general hospital in critical, but stable condition. >> a new report is highlighting financial cost the death penalty has in california. the report says the state could save $184 million by by keeping prisoners locked up for life instead of pursuing their execution. 714 people are on california's death row but only 13 have been executed since 1978. berkeley state senator announced she plans to introduce a bill to ban the death penalty in california. >> oakland getting a monument some think will one day become a tourist -- tourist atax.
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the sculpture is already half built and will showcase a variety of figures like mother teresa, helen keller and 20 other humanitarian who's overcame personal challenges to make a difference in the world. >> they represent all cultures. from around the world, people that have in cases had difficult times in their lives but recovered and came out to do something very special. >> once finished it will be 52 feet wide, standing 21 feet tall and will be unveiled in a park next december. september, rather. >> some people donate extra food to food bank buzz not often they donate a building. this ceo donated, get this, a 75,000 square foot building that the company no longer needs donated to the second
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harvest food bank. the food bank accept that had building today. the food bank estimates this will allow to it serve 18 million extra meals every day. >> the day i got the phone call from tj saying i might have a building i can share with you, or maybe donate to the food bank was an astounding day. >> it's sad need is there for this but someone donated and its wonderful. the food bank plans to store produce and could be in operation this fall. >> that is fantastic. >> coming up next, fast food places polluters seem to frequent the most. >> and summer time challenge promoting child's play for health sake. >> then coming up, how mobile apps are changing the way we're surfing the web.
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. a thee-vehicle crash snarled traffic this morning. hazardous crews were called to the off ramp to clean up ta gallons that spilled when the truck overturned. the patrol reopened the lanes and nobody suffered serious injury autos firefighters ordered evacuations of about 30 residents of a apartment complex this morning. an suv crashed, receivering a gas line at about 8:15. the fire department says the fire -- driver accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. everyone was allowed back inside after two hours. the driver was not injured. >> janitors and other union members took a stand against what they call a broken
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immigration system. 100 people rallied as part of the justice for janitors campaign and claim the department of homeland security has stepped up workside enforcement aimed at hard working employees instead of the worst of the worst employers. >> this is hurting our communities. this is driving families into an underground economy. and it doesn't help our communities. >> this group saying its the only way to restore fairness. >> the way people get unemployment benefits is about to change. >> this is huge change for convenience going to safe millions of dollars. the state of california will no longer issue unemployment checks. those they will be issued electronic benefit transfer cards.
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prepaid debit cards. those getting checks will be able to use -- money will be able to use the cards at any place a visa debit card is accepted. >> once that money is there, you can have it deposited from that account into your checking akt or saving account and do all of your benefits, some, every two weeks or change it up a little bit, its up to the customer. >> and that includes used in casinos and out of state. you may remember there was an uproar when welfare stamps were being used in casino ootz internet continues to grow. a new study shows we're changing the way we think and use the internet. we're now spending time checked throughout our smart phones and tab blets then through our computers.
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now, computer internet use has gone up 10 minutes, mobile use has almost doubles and votes this occurred within three years. and let's talk about the real world. dhek out. yosemite falls running with more water than it has in decades. this is making it a spectacular sight. go see it, free. the first day of summer tomorrow by allowing everyone into everyone of the parks for free. the usual fee is $20 per card this, year it's so spectacular, you should take them up on it. i suggest calling in sick for work.
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>> okay. >> thank you. >> and they'll be here. >> southbound lanes are off limits until 3:00. the department of public works is relocating up to 12 thoi cubic feet of sand from ocean beach that piles up during the year and drivers advised to use sunset boulevard until friday when the road reopen autos and michael is planning his get away,. >> not feeling well. >> yeah. >> and it's tough not to play hooky tomorrow when you're talking about the hottest day of the year, tomorrow. there is a live look from our
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camera showing you just a beautiful sky there. sunshine, high clouds coming in. really nothing bothering the heat. if you want to escape the heat have you to head to the coast this, is santa cruz. a lot of people are enjoying the beach there. sunshine and warm weather and looking at satellite picture we've had a surge develop around the monterey bay. it's right near the monterey bay and has not advanced north so we have had a northerly wind flow and that has brought the heat. as a matter of fact take a look at temperatures now into upper 90s around antioch and livermore z into upper 90s around los gatos. we we only have 81 there in oakland. mainly clear and mild tonight z we're expecting triple digit
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temperatures inland just in time for summer. and 62 in january san jose. and mild in the north bay as well. right near the coast we'll see mid to upper 50s. oakland, 60 degrees, here is high pressure and inland viding us with a northwest wind flow and things continue to go up. sun up early, it's warm but fog is flirting with the coastline, holding temperatures down into 70s, a couple locations may come down because of the fog and away from the coast there is mainly 90s and 100s. here are the highs for tuesday into the south bay.
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93 in milpitas. and on the peninsula, if you like heat you're going to like this weather. 92 palo alto. along the coastline like i said there is a place to go if you don't like the heat. just head to beaches. there is a nice day in downtown san francisco. upper 80s to mid-80s, and mid-90s in petta humanna and novato. a hot day there. east bay communities 88 in oakland. inland areas this is where you're going to feel the sizzling conditions. 102 in brentwood. 76 in monterey. inland 97 degrees in morgan hill. tomorrow is the first day of summer, low 70s to low 100s is
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looking like a summer range. and temperatures bottom out saturday, low 60s on the coast. low 80s inland. >> real spike tomorrow it is. >> we're warned. >> still ahead fast food restaurant whose customers are contributing to the bulk of the trash in the bay and reason to smile. the school kids and special treatment they received for mastering a very difficult task. back in a moment. grime from
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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wrappers from fast food
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restaurants and convenience stores are one of the largest sources that trash that end up in the bay. a national organization says wind and rain push most litter into storm drains and creeks and that is where the occurrant carries it into the bay. 315 pieces were from mcdonalds, 202 from burger king. and 194 from 7-11. >> and an effort began to get kids to go out and play this summer. the network for healthy california launched play week today. official start of the third annual power up your summer challenge to get kids to put down sewedda, walk away from television, to get out to run around. >> but research shows is that they tend to gain weight twice as fast over the customer, we're here to encourage to stay active and healthy over the summer, cut down on screen time.
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rethink your drink. have water. and continue to play. >> the group of redwood city kids are hoping and hopping to log more than 50,000 hours of active play this week g for them. get out, have fun. >> good advice for grown ups, too. >> back in a moment.
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coming up at 6:00, nalt tiff energy at the airport. how your throw aways could be the fuel that you'll need for a night out of town. >> and we're going to take you to the black carpet premier for "cars 2". >> and see you tonight 59 6:00. those stories and more. >> that is going to do it for us. world news is next.


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