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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 4, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ good morning, america. this morning, we take you into the flood zone. tropical storm lee is baring down on the gulf coast, with wave after wave of hard rain. streets are flooding. tens of thousands of people have lost power. and still, those fears. can the city of new orleans handle this? palin's punch. the former governor comes out swinging in at a gangbuster speech in iowa. delivering body blows to the president, while also taking
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veiled jabs at her fellow republicans. she sure does sound like she's running for president. >> i want to tell you what my plan is. my plan is -- my plan is -- >> so, what is her ultimate game plan? catch me if you can. do you know who your doctor is? it could have been t ts 17-year-old impersonatinina physician's assistant. he examined patients, saw confidential information, even performed life-saving cpr. how did he fool so many people for so long? and very happy feet. the emperor penguin that captured hearts around the globe has finally been released back into antarctic waters. but it took a bit of a push. we've got the story. good morning, everybody. can we pull that video up again? i love this shot.
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this is the little emperor penguin who was 2,000 miles away from home. you see they gave him a little bit of a push. the veterinarian says she prefers the term gentle encouragement. worth noting that as soon as the penguin got into the water, swam away happily. >> he has so many fans around the world. so, we're happy to see this come to a good end. also, there's new clues in ththcase of robyn gardner, the american woman who vanished in aruba. police, they are now huntingor this white car. so, why is this so important? we'll tell you coming up. >> we have a former fbi agent in with us this mororng to o lk about that. and this question, do you think you eat in a healthy manner? bianna, ron and i thought we did. until we invited daphne oz over. she is an author and daughter of dr. oz. she scoured our kitchens and kind of blew our mind. turns out the stuff we thought was healthy, like light mayo, ron claiborne, may not be. >> i thought you were a vegan. i'm surprised at some of the
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stuff coming out of your cup boards. we are troupers. and also this story. we expect heroism from our colleagues, right? how about our toy poodles. we'll introduce you to tiny teddy. he's a little dog with a whole lot of courage that saved his 19-year-old owner from a burning building. way to go, teddy. >> great story. we'll get to that in a few minutes. but we're going to start in new orleans, where in this post-katrina era, heavy rain is never just heavy rain. the city is being hit by tropical storm lee right now. and everybody is wondering, will the levees hold? abc's yunji de nies is right out in the middle of it. yunji, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. we're getting a little bit of a break in the rain. but not in the wind. we have had gusts here at 60 miles an hour. at least ten tornadoes have been reported across the gulf coast. we have seen quite a bit of flash flooding, but so far no one has been injured and most homes have been spared. strong winds and heavy rain pounded the louisiana coast. knocking out powerero thousands
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and dropping trees on houses. in past christian, mississippi, this boat took a beating. firefighters tried to tie it down. but the surf was too strong. low-lying coastal areas were victims to flooding. making some roads so difficult, the only way to navigate them is by paddling. >> we're, like, stuck with our cars. and we can't really move around a lot. >> reporter: the storm threatens to dump more than a foot of rain across the region. forcing residents to spend t tir holiday weekend working overtime to protect their homes. many cleared the shelves at local grocery stores, stocking up in preparation for the worst. >> filling up. >> reporter: laffit mayor tim kerner is hoping these sandbag barriers will save his town in southeast, louisiana. >> if they told everybody to leave, i would buy a houseboat and live here. i love this area. it's worth fighting for. >> reporter: the wind and rain have been relentless, turning michael levelle's home into an island. >> i knew this was going to happen sooner or later. i was hoping it didn't happen. but it has happened. and you know.
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it just reminds me of many other times i've gone through this scenario. >> reporter: for levelle and so many here who weathered katrina just six years ago, all of this, all-too familiar. even though these winds on the ground are so strong, what's so amazing about this storm system is how slowly it's moving. just two miles an hour. that means the city will get a lot more of what it doesn't need, rain throughout the day. bianna? >> that is sure, yunji. you can see the lightning flashes behind you. thank you. let's turn to meteorologist scott padgett, from our local 10 in miami, who is tracking tropical storm lee. good morning, scott. >> good morning, bianna. take a look at some of these rainfall totals. already in new orleans, 10.31 inches. in pascagoula, mississippi, 10.17. mobile, just seven inches of rain. and looking at the radar, more rain on the way. and another band will be pushing its way into southeast portions of louisiana. through the morning hours into the early afternoon. the storm m moving slow, with winds at 45 miles per hour. weakening some. but still, a large amount of
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rain is expected. taking a look at the forecast path, not a whole lot has changed. possibly a tropical depression by later on this afternoon into the evening hours. a look at the rainfall totals, possibly six more inches of rain on the way. dan? >> lee, thank you. sorry, i called you lee. that's the name of the tropical storm. your name is scott. scott, my apologizes. we'll come back to you for the national forecast in just a bit. i'll call you by the proper name. now, to politics. your voice, your vote. sarah palin delivering yet another classic line. referring to the surveys that show most republicans do not want her to run for president. she said the follolong -- polls, they're for strippers. so, is she running? john hendren is covering a big speech that palin just gave out in iowa. john, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. is was a match made in campaign heaven. the potential candidate and the people of iowa. she paid tribute to hawkeyes football. they shouted run, sarah, run. and then, everybyby waited for
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sarah palin to seal the deal. sarah palin's fiery address had everything you would expect from a campaign announcemenen >> thank you, iowa. it is so wonderful to be here. >> reporter:r:t has lacerating attacks on the other guy. >> the only future that barack obama is trying to save is his own re-election. all aboard obama's bullet train to bankruptcy. >> reporter: it has a jobs plan, one typically short on details. >> my plan is a bona fide pro-workingman's plan. free from the regulations that are a boot on our neck. >> reporter: it had everything. everything except the announcement so many tea party faithful were waiting to hear. that nevererame. but she teased them with a folksy, new catchphrase to appeal to regular folks. >> corporate, crony capitalism. barack obama has showed us cronyism on steroids. >> reporter: and a new joke. >> polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers. >> reporter: palin even turned
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fire on the man who would be her rival. the presumed front-runner, texas governor rick perry, a long-time politician. >> we are governed by a permanent political class. they spend, they print, they borrow, they spend more. and then, they stick us with the bill. >> reporter: perry will face off for the first time tomorrow at a candidates' forum in south carolina, against mitt romney. now, that's likely to get contentious. romney has also been making not-so-subtle digs about career politicians. digs clearly aimed, dan and bianna, at perry. >> that's true. all right. john, thank you. we want to bring in "this week" host christiane amanpour for her insight into the 2012 race for the white house. good morning to you, christiane. great to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with sarah palin. it sounds like she's running for president, even though she hasn't thrown her hat into the ring. she was even hinting at a jobs plan. how long can this game of will she or won't she go on? >> she said by the end of
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september, this month, she will make that decision clear. but it sure does sound like it. so many people are saying, well, it doesn't really sound like it. so, we're really in this big tease that we've been reporting for so many months and years, really. will she get in? some are saying it's getting too late for that. but others are saying she's leaving the door open at little bit until this month, at least. >> and she's keeping us waiting, as well. i want to focus on something she is doing, alonong with other republican candidates. they're taking swipes at each other. it seems premature in a campaign season to be doing that instead of focusing on theheresident in power right now. what's going on here? >> you're absolutely right. and the then-front-runner, mitt romney, was very clear to stay away from attacking fellow republicans and just was running against obama, even now. taken a different shape.race has with governor rick perry of texas entering and leaping to the front of the pack.
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so, what the candidates, certainly romney, is trying to subtly and not so subtly show differences between himself and perry. so, we're probably going to see more during the debates that are getting kicked off this week and throughout this month. >> what can we see with michele bachmann coming up, specifically with the debate this week? >> she will probably have to do something to energize and reenergize her campaign. you remember, after the first republican debate in new hampshire, she leapt to the front of the pack. and when she formally announced, she leapt even further to the front of the pack or solidly at the top of the pack. now, you see, after quite a lot of publicity, after a lot of attention from the press, she sort of slunk back a few points because of rick perry's emergence. so, we're probably going to see her try to do something and say something that will reenergize her campaign. >> one thing is for sure, it shall make for an interesting debate to watch this week. christiane, good to see you. we'll have to leave it there
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i'm glad we got the orange memo this morning. . have a great show. christiane will have much more on the presidential race later on "this week," when she talks to south carolina republican senator jim demint about what it will take to win his key endorsement in that crucial primary state. now, the big question, did ron claiborne get the e ange memo? >> i did not. >> apparently not. >> i got the gray memo. suit, hair, the whole thing. >> looking good. looking good, as usual. >> good morning to you, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin with a possible terror threat, just one week before september 11th. the fbi and homeland security have issued a warning about al qaeda possibly using small planes to launch attacks. the alert says that terrorists had considered loading private planes with explosives. authorities, though, say there's no specific threat. but they've been ramping up security as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches. passengers on a plane from las vegas to los angeles had quite a scare yesterday. the plane was turned around after a man onboard allegedly made a bomb threat. the man was arrested and the plane was searched but nothing was found.
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the passengers were put on another plane to l.a. and international banker dominique strauss-kahn is back home in france, three months later than he initially planned. he left the u.s. for a first time since a hotel maid accused him of sexual assault back in may of this year. new york city prosecutors dropped their case last month because of questions about the maid's credibility. strauss-kahn is under investigation also in france, over another alleged rape. and the food pyramid was toppled earlier this year. now, the government is taking aim at food labels. the fda wants to revise the nutrition labels that break down calories, fats, sugars and more. making them easier to understand. a proposal is under consideration, which would make serving sizes momo realistic and put a greater emphasize on calories. and a wild first weekend in college football. and not just because of the action on the field, because of severe weather. notre dame's home game in indiana was delayed nearly three hours. and fans were evacuated from the stadium twice because of heavy rain and lightning. and university of michigan's
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game against western michigan was stopped late in the third quarter because of lightning. and it never resumed. michigan, by the way, keeping score, won that game. finally, it seems that movie stars are never out of the spotlight. but just ask crystal the monkey. the primate star of "night at the museum" and "the h hgover part 2" was spotted on a flight from l.a. to newark yesterday. the 17-year-old female monkey smiled for her fans and posed for pictures. how about that? i did a little research. and i could not find an faa regulation that says you cannot let a monkey buy a ticket and fly on a plane. >> true story, ron asked his producer, why is this monkey sitting in first class? >> as far as we know, she was in coach. chilling, having a beer. >> low-key. incognito. let's check the weather. we're going back to scott padgett, from our miami station, local 10, wplg, also known as tropical storm lee. scott, good morning, again. >> thanks so much there -- is it david?
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>> boy, i knew that was s ming. >> let's take a look at what's going on. a cold front is pushing through the western portions of new england area through the ozarks. possibility of severe weather. winds gusting up to 80 miles an hour. a large hail also possible with that. in texas, temperatures are cooling down. a high fire danger as the front pushes in. 90 in dallas. 92 in san angelo. and we can't forget about the west coast, nice and beautiful as we go into this sunday afternoon. your labor day forecast in a few minutes. dan? >> scott, thank you.
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there is a new clue this morning in the case of robyn gardner, the american woman who disappeared in aruba while traveling with this man, gary giordano, who is now the prime suspect. investigators are trying to find the owner of this small, white hatch back which was parked outside the restaurant where she and giordano were last seen before she vanished. let's go to abc news consultant and former fbi profiler and special agent brad garrett, who is in washington. bad, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. >> we're a month away from her disappearance. how much help can finding the owner of this car actually be? >> well, it's going to potentially be a big help. because the problem the police have is the time line. where was mr. giordano? where was robyn gardner at because he's obviously provided a statement. if you find somebody at a vehicle that happened to see them in a parking lot, saw them arguing, and more importantly,
7:16 am
what time was that? and what direction did he or they leave that particular location? it will either match up or not with statements he's given. >> so, they can only hold him for 60 days, the police. you don't get a sense that they're grasping at straws at this p poi? >> no. this is actually being thorough. i've done this hundreds of times when you pull video surveillance tapes. go through, locate people and see what they have seen. this could be a bum lead. in other words, the person didn't see anything. but you've got to hit these little balls because, unlike what we've seen on television, on "csi," it's little clues that many times lead to solving a case. >> that's fascinating. very quickly. you have used video leads like this in the e st? >> absolutely a number of times. i've identified individuals. i've had success in murder cases, pinning people down to particular locations. it's really a type of information that c be really, really important. >> brad garrett. so interesting to have your perspective. we really apprpriate it.
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thank you. bianna, over to you. >> all right, dan. rock stars and outrageous antics have always gone hand in hand.. whether it's trashing hotel rooms or throwing wild, over-the-top parties. so, wearing saggy pants on a plane seems pretty tame, right? well, , led to a pretty bad day for the front man of the band green day. abc's t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: billie joe armstrong is known as much for his punk rock appearance, as he is for his grammy-winning lyrics and tony-winning broadway show. ♪ i hope you had the time of your life ♪ >> reporter: it was apparently that look that got the lead singer of the beloved group green day booted off a alane from oakland to burbank thursday night. the offending garment? armstrong's pants, which a flight attendant ordered him to pull up. producer cindy qiu of our san francisco affiliate was on the plane with armstrong. >> he said, don't you have better things to d dthan worry about that? and then, the flight attendant said again, pull your pants up or you're coming off the plane.
7:18 am
>> reporter: just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low. he tweeted, what the "f"? no joke. this wasn't the first time a getup resulted in getting off the plane. college football player deshon marmon was arrested after being hauled off a usair flighgh also for low-hanging trousers. immediately after armstrong's tweet, southwest went into damage control. very sorry for your experience tonight. someone from our customeme relations team will reach out to yoyoto get more details. southwest later released a statement saying, the situation was resolved to armstrong's satisfaction. ♪ on holiday >> reporter: still, the next time the rocker heads on holiday, he might want to opt for usair, which allowed this gentleman to catch a flight earlier this summer, and not even by the seat of his pants. for "good mornininamerica," i'm t.j. winick, in new york. >> anything better than u.s. air. wow. >> i'd rather not sit next to
7:19 am
that guy, either. you made an interesting point. you said he normally doesn't wear baggy pants. >> that's not his normal fashion, as far as i know. >> if you want to weigh in, should airlines have a dress code? go to our shoutout board and let us know what you think. now, to a completely different subject. we love stories about hero dogs and "good morning america." but when we think about rescue dogs, we normally think about st. bernards or maybe a border collie. how about this guy? a poodle, who pulled a lassie, fearlessly helping rescue who owner who was trapped in a fire. here's abc's dan kloeffler. >> lassie, what's wrong? >> reporter: it's the lassie plotline that has almost become a joke. >> over here. >> reporter: the dog that, through barks and deeds, leads rescuers to those in danger. but no collie here. instead, meet teddy, a toy poodle, that used his noodle. this utah home was ablaze when firefighghrs arrived. a mother and her son made it out safely.
7:20 am
but weren't sure if the house was totally empty. that's when teddy warned firefighters someone was in danger. >> we went over to the stairs to grab him. and he went down on that first landing. >> reporter: teddy, fearless in the blaze, was determined to coax the firefighters to the basement. >> it was one of those, okay. you don't want to get saved, dog, we're going to keep doing what we want to do. and he ran right over to the teenage male on the couch. >> reporter: lying in a danger zone was teddy's 19-year-old owner, unconscious. thanks to teddy's urging, the firefighters saw him and carried him to safety. teddy, triumphantly followed. >> the paramedic told us the story. it was because of teddy they wentntownstairs first. usually, they start at the top of the house and work their way down. but teddy led them. i guess he's good in emergencies. >> reporter: and maybe even good enough for his own show. for "good morning america," dan kloeffler, abc news. >> that is a show i'd watch. >> sure. did he just say a poodle who
7:21 am
uses his own noodle? >> he did. you chuckled when he said that. >> i did. i don't know why. >> way to go, teddy. coming up on "good morning america," playing doctor. a teenager's dangerous game. impersonating a physician's assistant, treating e.r. patients, even a cardiac case. how did this go on for two weeks? >> it's an incredible story. we'll get into that in a minute. plus the fridge fight. daphne oz, author on health and wellness issues, raids our kitchens and rates us. who is going to win? why is that stuff labeled light not always right? and happy feet's long, strange trip comes to an end. but it took a bit of a push. we'll take you aboard the popular penguin's journey home, coming up. d the popular penguin's journey home, coming up. ♪
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i'm really sensitive to this. >> no. what is that doing there? light. why do you buy light? what is diet soda doing in your fridge? what is it with you tv people? >> this morning, the great pantry smackdown. bianna, ron and i opened our kitchens to daphne oz, the daughter of dr. oz. the face of healthy living for the new abc show, "the chew."
7:31 am
she rated us on who had the healthiest food. and also she exposed the food we didn't know were bad for us. foods that you may have in your kitchen as well. bianna has a secret stash of something. ron has a mayo issue. and i apparently have an ice cream issue. that's all coming up. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm an embarrassed bianna golodryga. it's sunday, september 4th. also ahead, you might want to check the diplomas on your doctor's wall a bit more closely next time you visit. managed to fool doctors and patients, masquerading as a physician's assistant. he was examining patients. dan, he performed cpr, and got away with it for two weeks. >> and he had zero training. itit sort of a scary story. we'll talk about that in a minute. and cats and dogs living together. check out t this cheetah and a yellow lab, playing. the cheetah, by the way, purring his face off. this is from a trip i took to see jungle jack hanna in ohio. it's my "fixation," this week. so, we'll get into that later. we're going to start with mr. mayo, ron claiborne. >> thank you very much.
7:32 am
dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. tropical storm lee is drenching the gulf coast and areas around new orleans. the slow-moving storm has dumped more than ten inches of rain in some areas, raisininconcerns about flooding. thousands have lost power in louisiana and mississippi. and some evacuations have been ordered. and the president, president obama, visits northern new jersey today to inspect the damage from hurricane irene, in that state. governor chris christie, a republican, will lead the president on a tour of patterson, new jersey. the passaic river flooded that town, flooding the downtown and forces hundreds of residents to flee. and in southern california, evacuation orders have been lifted for the 1,500 homeowners who were forced out of their homes on friday. the fire is now under control and is expected to be fully contained later today. and finally, a story we've been talking about all morning. happy feet has finally been set free. the world-famous emperor penguin was released from a research boat into the southern pacific ocean this morning. the bird has come a long way since it was first discovered dn the beach in new zealand, eating
7:33 am
sand. that was back in june. at first faced with the open ocean, happy feet didn't seem to know what too. then, a gentle nudge. and off he went. >> i think he's been sensing he's almost home. yes. he was very, very curious. and cautious, i guess. >> reporter: choppy seas made it too difficult to release him by hand. so, a special penguin slide was constructed. >> it's just like a water slide, i guess. it's pretty cool. looked like fun. >> reporter: the release went almost according to plan. >> he wouldn't have in for reentry. everybody held their breath for a split-second. >> reporter: but then, he popped up. >> pretty much telling us good riddance. he was happy to be free. >> reporter: h hwas dropped off
7:34 am
in the middle of antarctic waters south of new zealand. he now has to swim hundreds of miles on his own to link up with his fellow penguins. i called that a nudge. what was it? he said it was -- >> gentle encouragement. >> not exactly a nudge. it's time for the weather. and back to scott padgett from our affiliate in miami, local 10, wplg. scott? >> good morning, ron. still looking at the path of tropical storm lee. still pushing its way inland during the next couple of days. with it, the possibility of more than six inches of rain, near new orleans, off to portions in the panhandle. as we look, maybe some flooding rains. and across the nation, fall-like in the upper plains. southern plains about 90 degrees. it will be nice and comfortable, west coast. beautiful, san fran, about 67. phoenix, 108. and down through portions of the southeast, maybe a little rain around. and for tomorrow, beautiful conditions on the way.
7:35 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by dannon activia. dan? bianna? >> thank you. and coming up here on "good morning america," we're going to boldly go with no "gma" cameras have ever gone before. and for good reason. we're going to go inside our kitchen. who has the healthiest stuff? and what mistakes are we making that you might be making, too? >> hide your children, folks. imagine you're strolling through a boston park when who do you see strumming a guitar? it's one of the biggest rock stars in the world, just casually sitting there. i think you know who he is. we'll tell you, coming up. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me!
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this is something most of us take for granted, that the people treating us in the hospital are actually trained. >> or so we think. how dia 17-year-old boy filtrate a hospital in florida, pretending to be a physician's assistant? dan, he examined patients and performed cpr. it's unbelievable. and abc'c'barbara pinto has the story. >> reporter: it's a story right out of hollywood. doogie howser's kid doctor. >> i get a 16-year-old kid. >> reporter: meets "catch me as you can" scheming imposter. >> i'm a doctor. >> reporter: 17-year-old matthew scheidt's summer job ended in handcuffs.
7:39 am
scheidt worked as a part-time file clerk at a florida surgical company. but authorities say these were the badges h hwas able to fraudulentlylybtain at a nearby hospital, claiming he was a physician's assistant, who needed a new hospital i.d. >> he was doing hands-on things with patients. not only just hands-on things, but having access to their cases. >> reporter: for two weeks, scheidt had access to the hospital, seeing patients, viewing confidential charts, changing an i.v., even performing chest compressions on a patient in cardiac arrest. it was only whene started asking for access to more restricted areas that hospital administrators grew suspicious. a background check revealed that scheidt had zero medical training. he's now charged with a felony. his father has no explanation. >> i don't know if i need to get him psychiatric help. i don't know. >> reporter: matthew scheidt isn't the first to play the part of a doctor and get away with it.
7:40 am
dr. william hamman, a seemingly well-respected pilot and cardiologist who lectured extensively, shocked colleagues when it was revealed he had no medical degree. the osceola medical center where matthew scheidt spent two weeks issued a statement, saying, patients treated in the e.r. during this time received the medical care they needed. we will continue our review of hospital p pctices to ensure this does not occur again. cold comfort to patients who thought theyeyere seeing a qualified medical professional. but police say, saw a teenaged imposter, instead. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news. >> we should say, we reached out to the attorney for matthew scheidt. we didn't get a comment or any kind of response. >> he was charged with a third-degree felony. so, this is serious stuff, folks. all right. coming up on "good morning america," pantry raid. full-on assault on our cupboards and fridges reveals our not-so-healthy eating habits. dan? in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world...
7:41 am
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are right for you. transitions lenses are available at a site for sore eyes location near you. i think it's fair to say, if we were to show up at your door right now and ask to look inside your pantry, cupboards and fridge, you'd probably slam the door on our face. >> we didn't have that option, did we, dan? >> no, we did not. one of the hosts of the new abc show "the chew" showed up. here's what she found. >> hello? >> daphne oz is on a mission. >> to raid our cupboards, search our pantries and frisk our fridges. >> that's been in there about four years. and expose all of our unhealthy secrets. >> she starts with me. i think i'm in pretty good shape, even though i don't cook that much. i buy a lot of prepared meals i think are healthy. >> you don't have time. i don't have time. sometimes you have to resort what's been made. this is beautiful. tex-mex.
7:45 am
beans, freesh greens, hummus is great protein. >> my strategy, blame all of the bad stuff on my husband. it's mean, i know. but i'll stop at nothing for an a-plus. the diet coke is an addiction. daphne says diet coke is bad because of the fake sweetener. and he's got more in the freezer. >> no. what is that doing there? >> that's peter's. but it's skinny cow. >> i want you to read the ingredient list. >> skim milk -- wafer, bleached -- >> when you eat that, your organs are like -- >> there are some things i will take the blame for. like the secret stash i was hoping she wouldn't find. pita chips, pretzels and an array of cookies. >> artificial. artificial. >> the dead cookies. >> i'm going to give your kitchen a grade. a-minus. >> oh, yes. an a-minus. top that, dan. >> bianna, your challenge is
7:46 am
accepted. i suspect that my weekend co-pilot, bianna golodryga, is a secret junk food junkie. >> hello. >> my y tchen may beben the small side. but it's what's in it that counts. >> 1% milk. that's great. you have low-fat string cheese. getting lower in the fridge now. what? diet soda doing in your fridge? >> that is all bianca. she lives on this stuff. this is where the trouble starts. we go from the fridge up to the freezer. >> what is it with you tv people and the skinny ice cream? >> what's so bad about it? >> made entirely from chemicals. almost entirely corn. you might as well eat corn on the cob. that would be better for you. >> daphne says eat the full-fat kind. just don't do it every night. but which snacks in my pantry are healthy? licorice. >> these are digestive agents.
7:47 am
>> despite my fake ice cream sandwich, my processed bread and gummi bears, i'm not doing too bad. but did i win? >> b-plus. >> that's better than i thought i was going to do. i may have lost to bianna. but there's still one guy i think i can beat. and his name is ron. >> bianna and dan, i know you two very well. i know you assume i'm some kind of slob. some kind of animal. but i have a surprise for the both of you. [ doororll ] wonder who that could be. here comes daphne headed straight for my fridge. she's not going to find much there. >> the pickles don't go bad. >> i have lots of condiments. some r rish, and mustard. from my hot dog phase. >> light. why are you buying light? >> i thought it was better for you. >> no, no. >> light mayonnaise is bad for you. real mayo has three ingredients. e light stuff, a bunch of artificial fillers. and i actually got credit for having regegar ice cream in my freezer. >> i have to give you credit.
7:48 am
you bought the full-fat version. you're on the run. this is a great way to get your meal quickly and easily. it has lots of complex carbs and veggies and cheese. it's fine. >> but the bulk of my meals come after i pick up the phone and order in. thai market. hey, it's me. i'm going to have the usual. pork over thai rice with a fried egg. daphne orders from the same menu but definitely healthier. >> i will have the som tam, please. >> what is som tam? >> it's a shredded papaya salad. >> she also ordered a spicy curry. chicken curry. she said i could eat within reason. or pair it with the pork dish. another bonus, i like my food spicy. good for the metabolism. >> you have the most beautiful kitchen i have seen thus far. and for sheer laziness, i'm giving you an a-minus. >> i'll take a-minus. all right. a-minus. >> first of all, despite the fact that i lost, you can call
7:49 am
your local thai place and say, hey, it's me and they deliver it to you? >> they know me. >> and caller i.d. >> give me credit, too. >> ron, we make fun of him for eating ice cream, right? and we're the ones eating the bad stuff. >> i know. >> the light mayo got me. >> exactly. remember, by the way, "the chew" premieres on abc's daytime on september 26th. you can see more of daphne then. coming up here on "good morning america," check out this picture. what's happening on this surfboard? we'll explain. ♪ you are my obsession
7:50 am
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♪ you are my obsession ♪ you are my obsession all right. time, now, for "fixation," where we talk about things we're obsessed with this week. we're going tototart with tropical storm scott padgett. >> with my experience in new york this week. normally yououee performers. some good. some not so good. but you never would expect this in boston. >> wait a minute. >> the guy playing the guitar? >> that's the one, the only, the boss, bruce springsteen. he was in boston, dropping off his son, evan,n,ho is going to boston college. saw thw street performers and thought, why don't i take a shot at it.
7:54 am
you have to pay hundredsdsf dollars to normally see him. >> must have been freaking out when they saw him. >> who is that guy? >> credit to finding that, goes to local anchor, from wabc, phil lifof. a boston boy originally who o found that on the internet. thank you. >> have you ever heard of flare surfing? flare surfing is surfing with a flare on the back of your board. isn't that cool? it looks like it's on fire. there's a lot of water there. you put the flare on the back. >> i love how practical your mind is. >> it's harder to surf this way, apparently, bebeuse you have to keep the flare from getting in the water. it looks fantastic. that's a guy named bruce irons. he is flare surfing. >> where is it? >> surfing off of indonesia. eye fland indonesia. >> that's fantastic. >> you light the flare before you catch the wave. >> very complicated. ron will explainint to you. he knows all about this. i was in indonesia actually, covering an animal story. i've been all over the planet covering animal stories. but one of the coolest animal things i've seen was in ohio. look at this.
7:55 am
they're playing. >> they love each other. >> that's incredible. that's a 10-month-old cheetah playing with a yellow lab. they're best friends. this is at jungle jack hanna's place, the wild outside of the columbus zoo. look at these two. they love each other. if you can hear it, the cheetah is purring. they use the yellow lab to train the cheetah to go out and meet people and be cool around people. and these two love each other. >> and train the dogs to love cheetahs. >> yeah. >> that is awesome, the dog and the cheetah. i'll bet there's one thing they can't do. >> what's that? >> play patty-cake. i find two cats that can, though. look at this video. two brothers. >> patty-cake. patty-cake. baker's man. >> and they talk, too. >> they have voices, right. >> fast as you can. >> ow. ow. >> the owner took this video. obviously, those are voiceovers. it's unbelievable. they keep going and going. i mean, dan, you say you've seen
7:56 am
this before? >> my mom sent this to me. she's a cat lover. this is a cute video. >> they keep going and going. >> can we get the camera back on us before we go on the air? sorry to interrupt the cats. this is news you can use, for everybody out there. >> this just in. >> tomorrow's labor day. i've been told by my co-anchor, bianna golodryga, this is the last day you're allowed to wear white pants. >> you will no longer see me wearing white pants. >> put away your white suit. until memorial day. thank you very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. we're always online at and our friend, david muir, is back with "world news" later today. we'll see you.
7:57 am
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