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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 4, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. sheriffs deputies say a tense 8-hour standoff has finally ended after deputies moved into a man's barricaded apartment and found him dead inside. it began at 7:00 last night on san pablo dam road at app kwrapb -- appian way. at 3:30 this morning after
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hearing gunshots, officers went inside and found the man's body. they are investigating how he died. his name has not been released. tropical storm lee made landfall across louisiana's gulf coast this morning, drenching them with six to eight inches of rain. the city is pumping the water into lake pontchartrain. >> strong winds and heavy winds knocking out power and dropping trees on houses. this boat took a beating. firefighters tried to tie it down but the surf was too strong. low-lying coastal areas were victims of flooding, making some roads so difficult the only way to navigate them were was by paddling. >> we're like stuck with our cars and can't move around a
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lot. >> the storm threatens to move a foot of rain across the region, forcing residents to spend their holiday weekend working overtime to protect their home. many cleared the shelves at local grocery stores stocking up in preparation for the west. the mayor is hoping these sandbag barriers will save his small town in southeast louisiana. >> if they made everybody leave, i would buy a house boat to stay. i love this area. it is worth fighting for. >> the wind and rain was relentless, turning this man's home into an island. >> was hoping it wouldn't happy but it would happy sooner or later. it reminds me so many other times going through this scenario. >> and for those who weathered katrina six years ago, all this is familiar. what is so amazing about this storm is how slowly it is moving, just 2 miles per hour.
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that will mean this city will get exactly what it doesn't need -- more rain throughout the day. abc news, new orleans. >> so what is happening right now? our meteorologist lisa argent is tracking the storm. >> we have a couple of systems to talk about carolyn. this one first, katya back to a hurricane could impact parts of the united states by friday. this is lee and you can see the bands of clouds that continue to push up into the central gulf coast. so the center will move on the louisiana coast, moving slowly and not only will they see the heavy rain but alabama, mississippi and florida with strong rip current possibility. we have also seen isolated tornadoes. so with 2-6" of rain falling in alabama and louisiana, it is certainly not out of question for more rain to top 15". notice the red right here as we look at the rain.
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the possibility exists for severe storms dumping a lot of rain in a short time. a look at our changing weather coming up in a bit. and although the surf is diminishing a bit here at home, beach goers should remain cautious over the weekend. they have been getting hit by waves coming all the way from the southern hemisphere. look at this picture from newport beach known as the wedge. body surfers have been taking a pounding this weekend as we look at conditions here in the bay area. >> reporter: the waves are breaking big here at marin county bridge, signs the surfers weren't ready for waves this big or strong. >> wasn't expected to see it as big as it is but it is pretty nice. some guys just got two a couple of minutes ago so pretty nice
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out here. >> this long-time visitor is still amazed. >> as big as i have seen and i have been coming out here 10, 15 years. >> amanda says they are getting even higher than the past few days. >> six, seven, ten feet. >> while this is great for surfers, it can be lethal for swimmers who brave the 58-degree water here at stimson. the waves are arriving from the quake from new zealand and australia last week. the danger is there is a gap of 10, 20 minutes before another big set of waves come in. >> if someone sees it looks calm, they will try to make their way out to the break and if a big set comes in when they are out there, they could be in danger because they are not sure
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it is coming. >> and that can surprise even the best swimmer. paula nash says her surfer husband doesn't want to miss this. >> we hear the big waves are coming so he will be out here. >> people are being cautioned if they are going out to the ocean this labor day kind, there might be some dangerous riptides. in pacifica, abc7 news. in oakland, that city is investigating the homicide numbers, way ahead of last year's. the last murder happened yesterday afternoon in east oakland, a man found shot to death off 74th and bancroft avenue. police have not released any information about the victim. last year this time, oakland had 60 homicides. the widow of a man killed in a menlo park explosion says he died because the stupid gas system would not work.
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56-year-old adrian martin of san jose went into cardiac arrest after being pulled out of the building. fire officials claim he was transferring a mix of gasses from one building to the other when the blast occurred. cal-osha will continue their investigation on tuesday. thousands are expected to turn out for the third annual cannabis and hemp expo which, for the first time, is being held directly in front of oakland city hall. oakland has a long history of supporting medical mayor but some residents object to what they see as the city endorsement to the drug. >> reporter: since 1991, annette has been a marijuana user, instrumental, she says to her therapy. >> i got run over by a car in
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1988 and in constant pain. >> now she is one of those here at the medical tent. as a nurse, she is all for getting the word out for legal marijuana use. >> especially veterans, the elderly, they are very afraid because their monies are challenged when they figure out this is a mode of self-medication. >> jackson is also a marijuana user. she is one of the dozens of exhibitors here at the expo. this is the first year it has been held on the steps of oakland city hall and organizers say they hope it is the place to go for pot tourism. >> oakland was the first to pass proposition 13 and we have a school and museum and different businesses that cater to the cannabis industry. but the most important thing to take away is we address how to safely consume the medicine. >> but not everyone is approving
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of it. charles is for a drug-free california and concerned about the city lighting up and the message it sends to kids. >> when i was growing up in the 50s and 60s, we don't want it in our neighborhoods. we know the man bringing it in, dumping it in the community. why aren't we saying that today? >> but for those like linda jackson, her hope is to get as much of it as possible. >> everybody is relaxing and peaceful. we're not thinking about pulling a trigger. >> the rule is they cannot shoot pictures in front of city hall of anyone lighting up. i have been trying to get the details from the mayor's office on that but likely won't get it till after the weekend is over.
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pg -- pg &e crews are continuing tests on their open pipeline system. some residents might smell natural gas odors during the procedure so the utility is notification affected homes and businesses by televison. pg & e say the gas will dissipate in the atmosphere. in sunnydale, gas lines will be filled with water and tested for leaks under pressure. will she or won't she? sarah palin isn't saying
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will she or won't she run for president? sarah palin isn't saying but after delivering a big speech in iowa, she came up with another classic line, referring to those surveys that show most republicans don't want her to run for president. she said polls, they are for strippers. abc's john hendren tells us what else she had to say to tea party supporters in iowa. [fans cheering] >> reporter: sarah palin's addressed everything you would expect from a presidential campaign announcement with attacks on the other guy. >> the only future president obama is trying to save is his
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own reelection. all aboard to obama's plan to bankruptcy. >> but her plan was short of details. >> my plan is a bonafide pro working-man's plan, reigning in the things that are a boot on our neck. >> tea partyers hoped to hear her announcement but she teased them. >> barack obama has shown us cronyism on steroids. >> and a new joke. >> polls are for strippers and cross country skiers. >> and she turned her fire on the man who would be her rival, the presumed front runner, rick perry, long-time politician. >> we are governed by a political class. they spend, they print, they borrow, they spend more and then they stick us with the bill.
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>> palin will face off for the first time against romney in south carolina tomorrow which is expected to get pretendious. he also has been making digs aimed at perry. fares in san francisco are expected to go up tomorrow. the minute the meter starts, they will go up 3:50. in addition, they are going up 50cents a mile and 10 cents more as soon as you enter traffic. but it may be easier to hail a taxi, they are adding 50 more to the fleet. the changes are the first in eight years. >> and thousands of people are expected today in saucelito for the 59th annual art festival. ♪
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>> the music was good and the music was loud yesterday. a big crowd on hand not only to dance but also to take in the 20,000 original works of art from sculpture to ceramics. 30,000 people visit the art festival every year so you might want to get there early. it starts pretty shortly, around 10:00 this morning and again tomorrow. and the weather looked like it was holding, at least barely. >> nice and sunny but not now. lots of clouds almost everywhere except concord. right now outside our window, we're talking 50s, 52-minute delays at sffo and it will take time for that fog to clear. i will explain next. 7th-ranked stanford makes a statement against san jose state led by their qu os
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. so it's a little gloomy around much of the bay area today for the labor day weekend. >> that's right. we saw the sun sooner yesterday. today, waiting be a -- waiting an hour or so longer and then tomorrow, we will bottom out on the holiday. you will see some clouds, will
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take till the afternoon to clear out and then we'll see numbers in the 70s. mist and drizzle on the golden gate. zero sun the past several days. don't expect any today and from 900 feet in costra county, the deck of fog and clouds has grown taller. we are seeing it in the valleys this morning but where the sun is shining, we -- we have temperatures in the 60s. a southwest wind is transporting the cooler, marine air into our valley and so you shouldn't count on too many 90s. upper 80s in most places on the south bay. fog with us the next couple of hours. will take some time for that fog to clear. maybe 11:00, even a little later. as a result, we will see the fog come back quickly tonight, even cooler tomorrow on the order of two, three degrees.
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but then we're looking at a warmup. another five degrees of warming -- we deserve it -- and then clearing tuesday, wednesday and thursday. this map goes to 7:00 put still showing fog in some parts of the county. so it will be early afternoon and definitely a cooler one. you will notice the difference in most neighborhoods. so the southern hemisphere swell still with us providing the hazard for the rip current risk all along the shoreline at santa cruz and marin county. this will be with us right through the holiday so depending where you are, you will enjoy sun inland, clouds along the coast and very hazardous seas here. so definitely watch out for that. a little bit of a mixed bag in terms of our forecast with the sunshine. i mean, it is all due to this. another upper-level trough to the north and west of us. it is right on cue, bringing
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slightly cooler temperatures today and then will move on through tomorrow. that is where the cooling has been all summer long so why switch it now, right? we'll continue to see that throughout the next 48 hours and then once it leaves us, we will warm up. 79 in santa clara. really a pleasant afternoon for us here on the south bay but gray in palo alto, all day long. late-day giants game, it will be cool and breezy with the cloud cover. and remember, the rip current and high winds, 80s at sonoma. east bay, will take some time, 74 at leandra, 77 in castro valley. 72 in watsonville. hope you have the day off. it is a holiday even if it is a little cool and breezy to start.
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afternoon sun, warmup tuesday and wednesday, holding on until thursday and yep, we're going down again by next weekend. >> the giants game a little breezy for the black and orange? >> yes, so bring a jacket. >> thanks, lisa. talking about that, it is star wars day at att with a costume contest for the fans in this crucial game against the diamondbacks. giants lost last night, now six games behind arizona. yesterday, stanford showed why the cardinals are ranked number 7 in the nation, blowing out san jose state. here are the highlights in sports. good morning. seventh-ranked cardinals looking for a national title. they have their heisman trophy quarterback in place and took game one yesterday against san jose state. head coach david shaw. certainly helps when you have
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andrew locke, diving for the touchdown. second quarter, cardinals got sloppy. wildcat formation, tossed it up but recovered. 13 yards, stanford would take the 27-3 lead into the half and it never got better for the spartans. gaffney up the middle. nice little spin move. stanford crushes the spartans, 57-3, the final. meanwhile up the road, always dangerous fresno state bulldogs. 9-yard touchdown run, bulldogs go up early, 7-0 but it was all bears from there. goes up, gets the catch, finds the end zone. third quarter, maynard showing he can do more than throw. little dip inside on the option.
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48 yards later, he is pushed out of bounds. could probably use a little oxygen but doesn't have time. maynard to jones again. run out to catch. little move through. maynard with 266 yards and two touchdowns in his debut. the giants are snakebit by the diamondbacks. they cut the lead for the division friday and then last night, lost it on the hill. see ya. deep to center and gone. solo shot makes it 2-1, diamondbacks. in the 4th, hammering one in the hole. justin with plenty of time to score. that made it 3-1. two more in the 6th. parra laces a double in the right. timmy gave up five earned runs,
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fails to get out of the 6th. they are back up six games in the national league west. meanwhile, hosting the mariners, looking at a 3-0 pitch from michael pinyetta. he likes it. sizemore, 8th jack of the season. they win their third straight, 3-zip the final. >> and that's the way the ball bounces. see you tonight at five. have a great day. up next at 9:30, the first bay area business to take advantage of the twitter tax break that san francisco is offering and it isn't twitter. live in sacramento, the containers that hold your restaurant food could be banned in the state of california. one lawmaker says he doesn't like the lititititititititititil
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welcome back, everyone, california could become the first state in the nation to ban styrofoam food containers. there is a proposed bill to put the ban in effect in 2016. capital correspondent annette miranda has the story from sacramento. >> reporter: those styrofoam containers for leftovers can be sturdy and keep feed warm but environmental leaders say they are a headache cluttering beachfronts and other areas. >> it never breaks down, it is not compostible, it lasts forever. >> this senator is on the verge
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of introducing legislation that would ban styrofoam food containers in the state, the first state to do so. companies who recycle 60% of those containers are exempt. the ban must be implemented statewide for the sake of tourism. >> people come to the state because they love the beauty. if we are now engaged in a program to pollute the state, we are going to lose that. >> joe owns the gold rush grill and says 70% of his business is to go and worries about pushing over to more environmentally-friendly containers. he says green products cost double at $52 a case. >> so what happens to me, i have to lay off a part-time employee or take a full-time employee to part-time. >> many are split over the issues. >> people don't dispose of them properly. i don't know if you can recycle these. what do you do with styrofoam? >> but if it is going to cost
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jobs, that is another story. >> i think that is asking too much. >> public health groups and the chemical industry are also at odds over the bill. some containers can release a car sin genuine called styrene under certain circumstances but critics say the risk is low. >> stpraeufbg -- san francisco's controversial twitter tax break went into effect in april and now the first company to take advantage of that has moved in. >> one, two, three, all right, there you go. >> most people call it the twitter tax break because they were behind the deal. but now the first company to take advantage of the city tax break by setting up shape in the downtown corridor. they moved their 100 employees from another location a few blocks away. in exchange, the company gets a
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six-year exemption of the 1.5% payroll tax on new employees. >> the payroll exemption tax is a great example of why san francisco is a great place to grow a business. >> they plan to hire 75 more employees and expand their space to 25,000 square feet. that is what supporters of the tax breaks are counting on, to help the blighted neighborhood blossom. >> it is a huge contribution to what we're trying to do in central market. >> but it still rankles those who voted against it. >> it is not fair to the other businesses in san francisco who don't get that. >> he is running for our mayor. one thing they all agree on is the city's tax system needs some kind of overhaul. >> our business tax system has been a huge drag and the reason we have lost tens of thousands of employees and hundreds of companies in recent years.
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>> so next month, some city lawmakers and business leaders will get together to begin talks about making changes to the city tax structure. in the meantime, this company has found the answer by moving to mid-market. >> and today is expected to be the last day of business for a family who has run a concession stand at golden gate park lake for some 60 years. the lease has expired and the city has approved a new vendor. family enterprise of new mexico promise to upgreat the -- upgre the boats and the center when the lease changes. >> lisa is up now with an update to the weather this weekend. >> yes, look at the fog. delays up 52 minutes. it will take time for the gray
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to lift but when it does, a pretty good afternoon. i will explain about the cooldown and warmup ahead. the crime-fighting policy to
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at welcome back, everyone, time right now, 9:37. hope you are enjoying your labor day weekend. i am sure a lot of folks are up at lake tahoe. you see the live picture there from the resort. it is sunny and going to be 81 degrees there today unlike a lot of the gloomy gray skies right here in the bay area. lisa will be along in a bit with the full accuweather forecasted. right now we have a you-fix-it
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report that takes on the challenge of eliminating a hazard on san francisco twin peaks. a viewer told us about it and the abc7i-team got things going. >> it is a thrill ride, cars and people racing up and down the curving roadside by side, taking in the views and taking chances. there are a lot of blind spots along the way. >> film coming -- if i am comig down here in my car and there is a biker or jogger coming the other way, i am not going to see them till the last minute. >> he says the sharp bends are out of control. >> i don't want anyone to get hurt. >> we drove it ourselves and could see how the shrubs are blocking the lanes and some are pushed dangerously into the
9:39 am
median. >> at one time, i was almost sideswiped by a tour bus that i think wasn't paying attention. >> it was only minutes till we saw another tight squeeze. >> here is another one of those tour buses i was talking about and the pedestrian. see how close he will come? if the pedestrian were on the other side, he wouldn't come close to hitting him. >> we did some digging to find out who owns this land. we found out it is the water commission. >> i went and took a look at what was up there. you could see it was definitely a hazard to joggers and bicyclists. >> and don lampe says it went to the top of his list, immediately dispatching a crew. >> they went up there with hedge trimmers and a backhoe to get the vegetation off the road.
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even though some of them got poison oak, they didn't head tate to do what -- hesitate to do what needed to be done >> and we went up there too. here is the before. this is after. >> now you can see what was completely blocked is all clear. >> it is a win-win for everybody. it opened up that location for the recreational use, tourists and everyone else who uses that on a daily basis. >> good job, san francisco. glad you got it done. >> for the i-team, abc7 news. for anyone on twin peaks this morning, they are socked in this morning with the fog. >> yes, and the drizzle and will be with us tomorrow as well. hanging on with the cool summer weather pattern this summer, fog
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anywhere from 150 to 200 feet, bringing temperatures down below normal. the roof camera has lost the gray, although you are probably used to it, and we'll hang on to that in the city. reaching highs in the mid-60s, somewhere in there. upper 60s at sfo where we still have delays that will go later in the day. you will feel it with the southwesterly wind and temperatures halting in the mid-80s. san jose, also clouds and low 60s. a little mist this morning. good reason for it. we have another area of low pressure on the way today. that brings the gradual cooling trend today and tomorrow, keeping temperatures not where they should be for early september and then a little bit of warming. a burst of heat coming our way tuesday and wednesday. so the fog slowly pulls back to the beaches, they are getting hung up on the san mateo coast and it will take till 11:00,
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12:00 to clear on out and the winds will keep it breezy there as well. so if you are a brave one headed to the beaches with all the cloud cover, you have to know what is going on. we have the rip current risk all the way down the coast from san mateo to big sur. dangerous conditions there with the sneaker waves and long period sets so do be careful. clouds at the coast, sun inland and we'll have to wait on the sun through much of the bay. temperatures coming down as much as 5 degrees today due to the little circulation that you can about a irly see just west of the bay area. with that, it will pull on in tomorrow and bringing the cooler marine air, transporting it inland and as a result, the numbers take a hit. look for temperatures in the low to mid-80s from saratoga to los gatos.
9:43 am
temperatures in the mid-70s at menlo park. afternoon sun will keep it nice in mountain view. 60 in pacifica, 62 with the sunset and upper 60s in the airport region. we'll look for numbers in the mid-70s for petaluma. so cool conditions on the coast but 76, kind of nice in vallejo. fog pulling back and allowing for a pleasant afternoon but still cool with the light west wind and over the hills, looking at mid-80s in concord. near 90 in brentwood. monterey bay, seabreeze kicking in, keeping it in the 60s. so today and tomorrow, not much of a change with the trough moving through the area, keeping it unseasonably cool. still plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and then this. a little bit of heat coming back our way. tuesday, wednesday, not lasting and you will notice next weekend, cool. >> and the answer is friday
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afternoon? >> friday afternoon? >> to your question of when was the last time i saw a little sun in san francisco. >> yeah, it's been a while. [laughter] >> a brief window there. >> yes. well how do you know you are getting what you paid for when you buy seafood? often you don't so the food and drug administration has done some research on food that enters the u.s. abc7 news was the only station to go along to the philippines on the assignment 7 report. >> kent carpenter and jeff williams are shopping for fish. they are not looking for a good price or even the best-tasting fish. what they want is variety. >> the philippinos eat every species of fish, even small ones. >> this market is in the central philippines. this is where the locals shop. >> a lot of fish, a lot of odor.
9:45 am
[laughter] >> and a lot of slime as well. >> kent is with the academy of science in philadelphia, jeff is in washington d.c. but these guys know their fish. >> this is tilapia. >> sometimes it is difficult to tell one fish from another especially if it is cut up. 70% of the fish sold in the united states is imported. most of it is labeled correctly but the food and drug administration saw many cases where it was not. so they are hoping to create a database for fish to identify what is what. >> this will identify fish for the united states and the philippines. >> unscrupulous importers substitute cheap fish for expensive ones and poisonous ones like this puffer fish
9:46 am
sometimes get mislabeled. people eat it and get sick. >> this was labeled as a monk fish and shipped to the u.s. >> they have some of the highest diversity in the world. >> this was a good day. >> we collected 80 to 100 species. >> they take the fish to a makeshift lab to process while it is still fresh. >> very long day, 16, 18-hour days. >> each fish is put in a tank and photographed before its color fades. they take tissue samples sent to a lab like this one at the academy of science in golden gate park. it takes a few days to analyze them and get a dna sequence. then researchers look at one specific gene believed to be unique to every species. this lettered code separates the perch from the snapper. the fda hopes to use it in the future to spot check fish coming
9:47 am
into the country. this team collected nearly 400 species to add to the database and will be back next year for more. >> some 8000 samples are already entered in a global database called the fish bar code of life but that data pace base -- data pace is a long way from being completed as there are 30,000 species in fish. coming up on 7 on your side, what you
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you wouldn't think of leaving your computer open to viruses and hackers but your smart phones are susceptible as well. >> we input credit card information, some of us add our bank account numbers. all that personal data is, of course, vulnerable to died identity theft. >> people need to realize they face the same risks as pcs and should adopt the security methods they have on their computers. >> you can get links from people that will take you to sites that purport to be one thing and in fact are something else, will steal your information if you
9:51 am
enter it. >> they recommend securing i-phones with trend microsmart surfing. and detroit -- android users my want to consider one as well. >> it blocks sites saying this is malicious, don't go here. >> 75% of apps tested failed to adequately secure user account names and nearly 70% of personal financial information was left on the device itself. >> meaning it is not encrypted. it is left in plain text or in a manner could you read it normally. >> john fox suggests things you can do to protect yourself. password protect your phone, don't use the same password for different accounts, use only authorized apps from your bank or publishers.
9:52 am
download only popular apps that have been down loaded by many consumers, keep close tabs on your bills to verify charges. >> when you log on to a wifi that doesn't have a password on it, that means it is an insecure wifi and we recommend you avoid those and only use password-protected hot spots. >> i think people need to take actions to protect themselves, like using seat bets in a car. there are things we can use to mitigate the risks to brows safely on our mobile devices. >> for a breakdown on how the apps tested, go to our website. next up, "the debt" delivers a surprise ending and a cast that will have you seeing
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if you've got pain? you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch. here are the winning numbers from last night's $7 million super lotto plus. the meganumber, 5. no one got 'em all so wednesday night's jackpot climbs to an estimated $8 million. in theatres this weekend, a new film that is getting quite a bit of hype, a suspense thriller called "the debt" starring helen mirren. don sanchez follows the intrigue. >> 30 years ago, these three dared to confront an unmanageable evil.
9:56 am
>> they are agents from the israeli intelligence agency on the mission to capture a former nazi doctor who was responsible for atrocities to -- jews that left thousands dead or disfigured. but there is something not quite right with what they found. >> there is something not right with what happened here. >> what you see stays in this room. >> then jumping to 1966 to 1997 but mirren doesn't feel glory in her fame and you feel a taut with her confronting her ghosts. >> i knew we would have to pay. >> and jessica chastain looking like a younger helen mirren and tension mounts as they try to escape from east berlin. [ gunfire ]
9:57 am
>> it is a return to the cold war in this espionage thriller, filled with a deep secret and a shocking surprise ending. i like the idea of the double cast. it is amazing how much they resemble each other. here is a warning. there is a nazi rant from the doctor. this is a film where the heroes are not super, don't wear masks or capes but they are vulnerable. it is a film that really requires your attention to enjoy it and i will give "the debt" three-quarters of a bucket. see you on the aisle. the penguin that showed up from a new zealand beach is finally back in the waters where he belongs in antarctica. happy feet, his care takers named him, was released to his home. he needed a product when they opened his crate after his six-day journey but there he
9:58 am
goes, immediately swimming off. the penguin was released in an area known for being where they feed and the currents should take him back to antarctica. >> well, the weather is chilly here. >> yes, but we're looking for the sun to return almost everywhere but the coast and the bay. east bay coming in in the upper 80s, south bay around 80. so cooler, a little cooler tomorrow but lots of sun on the way for midweek and then we'll see warmer numbers. >> that will do it for us. thank you for joining us. the next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa, have a great sunday and
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