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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 19, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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on the ground if nobody else stopped. >> williams says it started when two cars got involved in an accident. making it impossible for the truck to stop in time. >> if that was me boy want someone to stop to save my life. >> from the san francisco fire department down the line is looking for good men and women. and your instincts were excellent. >> for seven hours that stretch remained closed causing delays. by moon, all plains were reopened after an inspection. williams says she knows she's a hero. >> yeah. my daughter told me i was. >> and of course her daughter told everyone at school about her mother, she works in a senior center here in san francisco. the driver of the truck was released from the hospital now, the other two people involved in that accident were not injured. i'm live in san francisco, abc
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7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and one in five bridges and overpasses in the bay area has a problem structural. the nonprofit group transportation for america ranks bay area second in the nation for number of bad bridges. and there is a report finding they have the worst bridges in california with almost 35% of the spans having problems. there is a group urging congress to provide money. >> occupy wall street movement has issued a sets of demands, striking a chord with bay area protestors. occupy san jose held a rally this afternoon before walking down market street to the internal revenue service, members say they're in favor of concrete action rather than vague slogans and promised to stay as long as it takes. san jess yeah has a law against camping in the city but there are were still tents
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outside city hall today. and many had fines. >> oakland's movement is on the move taking over both plaza outside city hall, now, snow park near lake merit. laura anthony joins us live with the splintered message and growing problems. laura? >> that is right. the mayor told us her approach is to this encampment here downtown and that smaller one. there are concerns here about everything from rats to fire hazards. the mayor said she'll be patient. oakland city officials took a stroll and to assess conditions. >> there are issues raised in terms of public health safety and vandalism.
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those things z making requests to what they need to do to address those issue autos still, the campers are violating a host stiff codes. and involving the tents themselves. dogs inside of the camp. and pot smoking and as it appears in this case, having a large amount of marijuana stashed inside one tent. one organizer told abc 7 this press conference moved inside due to concerns about marijuana smoke wafting through the air. >> this, the mayor denies there are serious threats with the camp. >> i haven't seen that. and you know, i think you have bad people in any particular group. i didn't get threatened and i walked through the encampment. >> the mayor and others are concerned about a small, separate camp that sprung up
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near lake merite probably not going stay here with we have to deal with consequences of action autos some came here to voice their concern worry their message is getting lost amid problems and negativity created by a few. >> why i'm here is because i'm a single mother. i'm impoferished and have been unemployed two years and my family is suffering as a result of the economy. i want to see change in the world. >> now, the city has been issuing a list of directors here at the plaza so far, city administrator's office says they've been complying with most of people. we're told the request will go out this afternoon, stating harassment and threats against reporters and passers by will not be tolerated and could jeopardize camper's ability to stay here. >> in san francisco officials are taking a day by day
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approach. and said personally they support demands issued by wall street from new york and those demands include tighter banking controls. restrictions on lobbyists and a reformed tax system. those in san francisco camp believe corporations have taken over the country. >> legislatures concede changes may have to be with a made in the way the state gives tax breaks. and there is a program designed to help green companies buy equipment and hire employees. and solyndra received $25 million in tax breaks from the state program. and in addition from loan guarantee autos we have 10 other companies that are performing well. and cleaning jobs and creating the products and technologies that are leading the way to
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not just growth but a better environment. >> and california is one of just three states requiring companies to pay a sales tax on manufacturing equipment and officials say that puts the state in a disadvantage in attracting business. >> state and federal officials trying to figure out how to spend millions of dollars from owners of the cosco busson after 53,000 gallons of fuel. and today they held meetings on projects. it's a $44 million settlement including money for bird and fish habitat restoration and $19 billion by opportunities affected by the spill. >> we're looking for proposals that can benefit fishing opportunities and enjoyment. and just shore line use in general oo. officials estimate
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the public lost more than one million days of fishing and boating due to that spill in 2007. >> and authorities in ohio believe they've captured or killed all but two wild animals released overnight in exotic animal park. sheriff deputies hunted down and shot nearly 50 wild animals including 18 rare tigers and 17 lions across the country tonight 140 miles south of cleveland. authorities say the owner released animals before take his life. residents just dmot believe what they're seeing and flooded emergency lines. >> this is like a jaguar or something. >> i am pretty sure i just saw a wolf in the parking lot. >> thompson was ordered to remove animals from his farm within owe days. two animals still on the loose are a wolf and a monkey. >> and a different story for
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four texas tigers, all sisters have a new home tear in -- here in the bay area. the oakland zoo introduced the public to the 6-year-old sisters raised from birth who used kittens as money makers and the tigers were too expensive to support. the couple got a divorce. after a temporary home, the zoo stepped in to provide shelter for the tiger autos they sort of adjusted well. playing around and finding a pool and the platforms. and are enjoying themselves. >> aside from becoming familiar they have a favorite past time. they like to rub on objects dipped in calvin klein's obsession perfume. pretty fancy. >> smells nice it does. >> coming up tonight person at the top of most people's holiday list. the answer may surprise you
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considering the economy. >> also, investigators traced cantaloupe listeria to a dirty storage problem. >> and the state wants back money it paid to dental clinics. >> i'm sandhya patel. it's going to get warmer by the day. i'll let you know how much temperatures rise and who will feel it first.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. investigators know where a listeria started but don't know how. it's sickened 123 others. investigators placed to it a packing shed. it showed up in older hard to clean equipment and pools of water inside and on fruit stored there. this is the deadliest outbreak
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in 25 years. >> and the state wants money back from dental qlings that performed services on medical patients. dental clinics sued the state for trying to eliminate coverage but in may was able to legally end benefits, now, the state says if it paid out claims during that time, they're not covered by medical. one clinic means returning 850 thois oodz we provided care, gave them service they need. and build for services and got reimburse forward care we've provided so it seems unfair to come back almost a year after the fact and ask for money back. >> and a spokesperson says providers warned they may have to return that money. the clinic trying to get lawmakers to reverse that request. >> and bad news if you're planning a trip. guess what? air fares took off again,
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today. >> and here we go. michael finney is here with a look at how much goitsing to cost now. >> there are gas prices up, today, it's airline ko.s i hope you've bought tickets, get on to that. and plane tickets from four major airlines raised their fares today effective at noon. and says united delta, american and u.s. airways increasing by 4ss today $10 on a round trip. airlines tried to raise fares 19 times this year, only half increases stuck. it says it can cost 20% more this year over last. every time it teams -- seems auto makers add some new gadgets to their cars. this year they're taking something away. spare tires and says 14% of
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the new cars this year are coming with out the old standard spare tire, you'll get a tire repair kit that can plug up small holes. roadside assistance is supposed to help you with bigger problem. some are surprised to find no tire in the trunk. >> no one takes time to look and see what they're buying when at the dealership. they're in awe of the vehicle. >> car makers say few are changing their own tires anyways and without spare, their car is up to 100 pounds lighter that can save gas. it doesn't ring with spirits but shoppers putting themselves at the top of their own gift list. there is a survey showing consumers plan to spend less for other than a little more for themselves, spending $704 for gifts and trimmings down from $718 last year but 60%
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said they'll take advantage of the sales so stock up on what they want. shomers spending $130 on gifts this year, and compared with $112 last year. and find a way to make sure they're getting a perfect present. and if you can't trust anyone else, tight times? i'll take care of this. >> i know what i like. >> there gou. >> and two bay area technology companies teamed up today to encourage more women to get involved in the technology field. the communication systems in san jose held a conference inspiring women to get into the field. and this is considered one of the best women entrepreneurs in the world. we heard jobs are available. one ceo says tech companies can not find enough women trained in maij math, science and engineering. they're working to change that overtime. >> researchers for california
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academy of sciences in san francisco are just back from a grand adventure, spending several weeks in the philippines looking for and finding00s of creature nose one has discovered before z abc 7 news went along z on this leg of the trip, foot patrol. >> there is a expert on the behavior and webz. one of the critical tools of the trade is corn starch. >> we use this to find a slide skbrer suddeny architecture and behavior they use to make the web. >> this made by a female, but many are harder to find. ask so there is a team of bug detectives. and on this trek, the team is in a rain forest. and there is no.
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no. it went away. >> a lot of the best hunting happened this night. >> and if you're going around when you have a good life, you can learn stuff. >> noise makes it harder to hear anything else. >> this is what is making that racket. this cicada has a organ that vibrates fast to create the sound. and many bugs fly to a sheet with a light. this spider is known for a size difference between female, big yellow one and male, he's the little red guy. for creatures you nude need one expert. >> that is this yoly that may
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be handsome. he led to team to a giant spider. >> this is a one that caused a lot of excitement. >> probably a new species. >> how cool. it could take months or years to know academy of sciences made a remarkable trip and there is more to share with you. i hope you'll join me for the great expedition sta night here on abc 7 g viewing for the family. >> that is fascinating stuff. >> good stuff. >> yes. >> and let's take to weather now. >> sandhya looking good. >> and it's looking great. >> and there are those bikinis out. >> i'm glad you did. >> water too cold.
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>> we have great beach weather coming here and there this is 66 degrees and there is a cooler day in san jose. there is a live picture and this is in the distance, we show you patches of clouds throughout the west. and this afternoon, the satellite picture shows you most areas have cleared out and there is in the east bay, we had drizzle z there are few lingering clouds and there is winds ramped up. we did see a system move through here, 10-15 degrees cooler and numbers now mainly 60s and 70s. here are the highlights. there are low clouds returning and warmer in all areas this weekend is when we're going to see 70s at the beaches.
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and overnight tonight look for cloud cover. low to mid-50s and so this is a uniformed range there. low pressure system moved out of here and cooled us off and there is high pressure rebuilding but this will take a day or two to start to push in over the western u.s.. so there is a slow warming trend. first inland then spreads to coastal areas. low clouds will pull back to the coastline then remain there into afternoon. inland areas getting up into the 70s so you're inching up. san jose tomorrow afternoon 76 degrees. 74 in sunnyvale. there is a pleasant day in saratoga. if you like this weather it's going to be a mild afternoon tomorrow. and there is 73 by afternoon. and los altos, mid-70s,
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coastal areas remaining at cool readings. there is 62 degrees in pacifica. there are gray skies lingering. into the north bay, 60 in stintson beach. and into low 80s there. there is vallejo, 74 degrees, east bay communities coming up to average for this time of the year. 67 in oakland. 7 owe degrees hayward and today's highs were cooler than average, tomorrow, back up to normal in livermore. 78 digs and there is 63 degrees in monterey. here is the accu-weather forecast. you're looking at mild weather really throughout the weekend z notice a trend. mid-70s inland by weekend and there are no fog for weekend. the fog returns and it's just going to be subtle changes.
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>> and how about this? a brass plaque, an important piece of san francisco history. taken. >> we'll have that story and a well known computer company. the new innovation center and hundreds of jobs that go with
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in san francisco a brass plaque honoring harvey mic has been stolen. he left a lasting lessasy on the gay rights movement. it was taken on market and castro streets. police say thieves went to
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great lengths to take i the plaque was bolted into cement. and it's made of brass and worth estimated $0,000. >> and the tiburon institute is offering a reward to catch vandals who released a stock of baby chinook salmon. officials established that fund and are hoping the public will contribute. and fbi is investigating whether animal rights groups are response yibl if we don't find the culprits or who is involved in this, money will be used for educational programs. and we need it. >> the 60,000 were set to be released into the bay at the end of the month. that will go forward now the department of fish and game is donating a thousand trout as a
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coming up, lawmakers call for an tond a crack down on marijuana clubs and what they're willing to give up in return. >> getting your insurance company to agree to pay for damage to the home is tough. getting money? can be tougher. >> 20th anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm. the fateful reunion it parks for one man coming up at 6:00. >> second harvest food bank of santa clara kicked off the annual holiday food and fund drive today. >> and local figures help get efforts started and hope to raise $11 million. >> and they need it. officials say one if four people is expected by hunger and with second harvest feeding 250,000 people every month. >> for more information visit


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