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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 31, 2012 2:05am-2:40am PDT

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dozens of workers. also the story that everybody is talking about, record shattering $640 million jackpot. we found long lines of ticket buyers all over the bay area. this is what it looked like when a tornado picked up a school bus and tossed it into a diner. you'll hear what happened as the quick thinking driver reacts to this crisis. all of that is coming up at 4:00. brian, back to you, you don't have the winner lottery ticket because i do. >> brian: no, you don't because you are here. [ laughter ] >> it is friday. that means, dependable is now social app discuss fashion and accessories. it's trendable like comments and discover with a real focus on the fashion itself. pictures are tied with designer, retail location and more.
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what puts them apart, is partnership with big name retailers and celebrities. accounts can be linked to camera and it's free and fun. we'll see you on monday. thanks for watching.
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>> tonight's mega millions jackpot is a world record $640 >> the hopes and dreams of millions were riding on the numbers, mega millions sweeping the nation. good evening. i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> we did not win. >> no. this is the biggest lottery jackpot in history. $640 million. let's get to it. here are the winning numbers in tonight's historic jackpot, 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, the mega number 23. at least one ticket has all six numberss in maryland. no one in california has all six numbers. several california locations sold tickets with five of the six winning numbers. the bay area locations are liquor tobacco and more in
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sunnyvale, al's food and liquor in san san rafael and 7-eleven in blossom hill in san jose, fast and easy mart in fremont and fox liquors in san francisco. that's where nick smith is live tonight withping sorry. developing sorry. dark dash develop -- developing story. >> that's right. they are calling it is luckiest spot in san francisco. >> who ever won it, come and cash it out. you buy it from the right place. come over here and get your money, man! >> lottery officials say there are 29 people across california that correctly picked five of the six winning numbers, and they will split about $4 million. each of the winners will clicket between $125 and $130,000. the national lottery officials are expected to post all of the numbers on-line first thing in the morning. you will be able to go to for the winning numbers. dan, we will send it back to you. >> oh man. it is so exciting even if you
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lost. it has been a lot of frenzy for the last few days that you could hardly escaamericans camet americans came out in record numbers all hoping to become filthy rich. >> across america those hoping for a record payout waited in line for hours and gobbled up ticket after ticket like it was the last lotto drawing on earth. >> i hope i win, please god. >> but with odds like one in 176 million, you needed more than a hope and a prayer. >> we brought a wishbone. >> some people come in and they don't even want you to touch the tickets. they want to grab them. >> some people even got back in line using another method to pick their numbers like selling lotto with their quick -- like spellingwith their with their quick pick. >> here in california five million tickets were sold in the lunch hour alone. at 19th avenue liquors in san francisco, the lotto machine was constantly printing outnumbers and the owner was loving it. >> the average number i get 10
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people an hour and right now it is between 350 and 400. the store is one of the five ses in san francisco. >> i am from los angeles. i was just driving along and i saw the sign hire that this store has had a couple of big winners. i thought, i should stop by. i am on my way to napa valley. maybe i will buy a vin yert while i am up -- vineyard while i am up there. >> quit our jobs. it will be a good time. >> and once again the winning numbers in the $640 million mega millions jackpot are, 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 and the mega number is 23. now, again officials in maryland say a ticket with all six winning numbers was sold in baltimore county, but there could be more winning tickets out there. the results are still coming in. if we hear of anymore winning tickets, we will let you know. for the latest lottery news and everything else check out our website at and follow us on twitter.
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>> it has been fun, but let's move on. a powerful storm is heading our way, and it could be rough. sand yaw patel is -- sandhya patel is here. >> the roughest part will be tomorrow morning. let me show you why live doppler 7hd is clear. we have a few sprinkles around the you could i wraw area. a very light return. the storm is still out over the pacific about 150 miles away. and as you look at the storm, it is winding up here. this will produce some stormy weather beginning tomorrow morning. first in the form of winds which is why wind a wind advisoy is up for the delta, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. saturday. southly wind gusts and could see power outages and a possibility of downed trees as well. sock sock valley and northern san juaquin valley is under the wind advisory. high surf advisory is going up tomorrow evening, and it is going to run until 5:00 a.m. on monday. steep breakers to 22 feet. watch out for dangerous rip currents.
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i will be back to let you know if this storm is going to head out by sunday or hang around. >> sandhya, thank you. stay tuned. we will have hourly updates on the storm tomorrow, and you can use our interactive live doppler 7hd to get street level radar airbeds where you live. around where you live. go to early a hundred people had to be taken to the hospital after a problem at a food processing planted. it happened in vallejo at the pho vilt on -- facility on vaw knee shaw road. sergio is there to explain what happened. >> the co-owner says they have been cleared to continue operations. earlier today the emergency crews said that this was a mass casualty response. but the co-owner says he thinks it is probably something more of a mass anxiety situation with his employees. as the employees were being carted away by ambulance, the
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plant co-owner quickly raised questions about the scale of the emergency. >> personally i think it is a false alarm. the air was fine. >> were there people overcome? >> okay, that's why we are investigating. >> the site manager said off camera the problem came from cot system was quickly shutdown. but tonight they would not volunteer any new information. >> there is a sort of malfunction, was there not? >> i don't believe there was. but we will look that up. >> employees on stretchers being hoisted to ambulances and others looking unconscious and being attended to by emergency workers. this is the scene after someone called 9-1-1 from the specialty foods. >> they were advised that there was some type of co2 leak from in the building and they turned the c on two off.
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-- co2 off. they were taken to hospitals, many by ambulance. they had the worse symptoms, nausea, vomiting, headaches and trouble breathing. symptoms the crews say lineup with the co2 leak. but investigators are still trying to determine exactly what happened. outside solano hospital, a tent was set up for a field triage operation. >> i didn't feel any symptoms. but i seen a bunch of other people who said they were feeling fine. and then one minute they said they couldn't breathe and they were falling and fainting. >> justin is one of the employees taken to hospital by bus. he like most of the others was checked out by medical teams and released. one employee remained in the hospital in serious condition. most returned to work, butalk to reporters. >> now, i i did manage to talk to one woman who says she was having lunch and then started noticing she was having difficulty breathing and then saw another woman starting to throw up. now, again the local authorities and cal osha are still investigating.
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they are trying to figure out exactly why so many people here got sick today. reporting live in vallejo, sergio quintana, abc news. >> thank you. oakland police are investigating a shooting and car crash involving a taxicab. they were over the scene moments after it happened. after 6:30 it was at cole street and foothill boulevard in east oakland. at least one person was injured by gunfire. officers closed off the street, and they are still trying to piece together what lead to the shooting. there was no word on the condition of the victim. today marks two weeks since the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar. she left for school in morgan hill and hasn't been seen since. today hundreds of volunteer searchers turned out again, and now the search strategy will change this weekend. abc7's thomas roman is live in morgan hill at the command post. >> we are here at the search headquarters at burnett elementary school. today saw the largest group of volunteers since sierra lamar disappeared two weeks ago, and
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so far no real leads have surfaced. some are concerned that time is running sout. running out. the searchers returned to their home base. andrea called well says -- caldwell says as a mother of a young woman she decided to join the search. >> it is one of those sad things where you want to find her for the family. at the same time you are dreading what you will find >> sthere. >> she is one of more than 700 searchers, pros and volunteers wearing pink ribbons who combed 12 miles of area. sierra's mom is touched by the turnout. >> to see that the number actually grew to that large number, i just want to thank the community. >> authorities believe sierra was kidnapped. her mother begged for her safe return. >> please, please don't worry about getting in trouble. please released my sierra to me. i just want her safe recovery. i want her back with us. >> yesterday a lone searcher discovered condoms and an empty handcuff box one mile
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from the home on palm avenue. he spent years trying to find missing children is skeptical of the find. one because the area ha been searched before. >> number two, it was a unilateral effort. the individual who found it wasn't part of a team. and number three, the crime lab hasn't returned with their findingsett why. >> sierra disappeared two weeks ago on her way to school. her cell phone, purse and clothes have been recovered, but nothing else. they say two weeks is a longtime to hope for the best. >> it is foreboding. there is absolutely no question about that at all. >> now, tomorrow searchers will get on all terrain vehicles and search around south coyote creek. there is also a bring home sierra march at a community center. and organizers will continue their search through sunday. in morgan creek, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. coming up next, first lady
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michelle obama is in the bay area. what she is doing for the president. >> and keith olberman fired again. >> and a school bus driver who did the right thing before a funnel cloud hit her bus full the kids. and then on "nightline." >> hello and thanks. on "nightline" $640 million up for grabs as the mega millions buying frenzy is leading to a winner. and teens getting high on whip its. huh balloons and
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first lady michelle obama is spending the night in the bay area after attending a fundraiser benefiting her husband's election campaign. dozens of donors turned out in golden gate park for this event. the firs lady was expected to raise $175,000 tonight. donors say it was an opportunity to hear a popular figure speak. >> i was hoping to hear from her and how she was going to support the young people who might not have the best opportunities right now. >> tomorrow morning the first lady will be in alameda to commission a new coast guard cuter. mastercard and visa are talking about a massive theft of credit card data that could
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include 10 million accounts. it occurred from late january to late february. security experts say the crime involved a credit card payment processor. in other words, it was a middle man. it is a company that sheep perked transactions between retailers and banks and holds enormous amount of data. card holders with concerns should contact the financial institution that issued them the card. a san mateo marine was awarded one of the military's highest honors at camp pendleton. he received the silver star for heroism under fire in afghanistan. it happened on thanksgiving day in 201g a fierce fire fight with the taliban. when his squad leader was killed, he and another marine recovered the officer's body and fought their way through the come powbd and -- compound and called in an air strike. thm after just a year. his show "countdown" was replaced by a news talk program anchored by the former new york governor. they issued a statement saying he violated the network's
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values of respect, opeyalty to and loyalty to viewers. olberman denied the charges charges and says he will sue. he was in the first year of a five-year $50 million contract. an indiana school bus driver is credited with saving the lives of 11 student passengers from a fast-moving tornado. this is the miraculous surveillance video from the bus. the heroic bus driver off loaded the kids and hurried them into a classroom. that's when a tornado closed in and picked up the bus and diner a diner nearby. the driver and 11 kids because of her quick thinking escaped unharmed. >> under all of that pressure too. in the bay area we are in for some weather. >> sandhya patel is here with a look at the storm. >> the storm will start unwinding in the bay area beginning tomorrow morning. you will feel the affects in the form of wind and rain. right now on live doppler 7hd, not a lot happening. this is just moisture in the clouds. most is not reaching the
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groined. we have -- reaching the ground. the temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. look how mild it is. 61 in mountain view and 60 in oakland. these are the current readings. san francisco 59 and same thing for san jose. south wind contributing to the mild air. we are certainly seeing winds out of the southeast at 12 miles an hour in san jose. novato is gusting to 16 out of the south. these winds will be ramping up. storm econ decisions tomorrow morning and windy with showers in the afternoon and the evening. it will be sunny and breezy for your sunday. the second half of the weekend is just fine for outdoor plans, but not the first half. here is the computer animation. the wind will kick up out of the south at 7:00 a.m. you can see some heavy rain developing ahead of the cold front in the north bay. as we head into the 8:00, 9:00 hour that's when we will see heavy rains. and then once the cold front passes we will notice a bit of a break here. but the wind will continue
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with scattered showers well into your afternoon and into the evening hours. and then we could see a possibility of snow mixing in with the rain-around mount hamilton. here is a look at the wind gusts. the winds will be kicking up around 8:00 in the morning. we could see winds as high as 51 miles an hour. these are wind gusts. 46 miles an hour in san francisco. the strongest winds expected along the coastline and over the hilltops. into the afternoon we will see the winds dropping off and then picking back up around 3:00 in the afternoon. could see wind gusts as high as 45 to 47 miles an hour. just be aware of that into the next 24 hours. in the sierra nevada, it is a winter-like storm. it begins tomorrow morning at 7:00. 1 to two feet of snow above 6500. expecting 5 to 10 inches above 5,000. watch out for the gusty winds. 70 to 100 mile an winds over the ridges will make for
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hazardous driving conditions. in the morning, look at these temperatures. low to mid50s with the rain ng in the morning and the wind kicking up. tomorrow morning you will see the showers and wind econ decisions. windy conditions. san jose was 71 and tomorrow you are falling, 59 degrees. 60 in concord and 58 in san francisco, santa rosa. make sure you have your umbrellas tomorrow. around the money money do ray -y bay. potential for thunder tomorrow. sunday, breezy and a little brighter. certainly we will see milder conditions running through tuesday. tuesday evening and into wednesday morning we will see our next chance of some rain. that system i have to tell you does not look impressive. and then we will keep it dry thursday and friday. tomorrow, hang on tight. >> thank you, sandhya. sometimes even if you don't have the winning lotto numbers you feel like getting foot loose. >> up next, dancing breaks out
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all at once all-around the world.
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dancers airbeds the world -- dancers around the world reunited. they went to three separate locations in san francisco to show off their moves at 12:00 noon including here at the palace street bart station. they wanted to celebrate movement off the dance floor. >> that looks like fun. a speedy bike made in the south bay is set to go on sale. this is the specialized turbo, a two-wheeled cycle with an electric motor attached to the
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rear wheel. the morgan hill company posted this video on youtube. the bike can reach speeds of 28 miles per hour. that's eight miles too fast to be legal in the united states and some european nations. the bike hillary tale for $70 -- will retail for $7300. >> yikes. that's moving. >> i don't want my kids to see it. they can't afford it anyway. >> at least you get a workout. but what do i know? to win or not to win, that is the question. with the lottery pick dangling , does blowing a 19-point lead equal tanking? you decide. sports is next.
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if you want the warriors to tank and have a better shot at a lottery pick you liked the outcome of tonight's game. if you are one of the three people who like kim kardash eight n's former husband, you liked tonight's game. chris humphreys or khumph as i like to call him.
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defense is optional. 22 points in the first half. i joke about humphreys, but he can play. 20 points and 9 rebounds. jeremy tyler with the career high 10. they would be proud of that up and under. gerald green on the head of brandon rush. tied at 100 and green the runner in the lane and now the final seconds and gerald wallace and beat it, kid. the war implores a 19-poimt lead and suffer their fourth straight loss. they gave it a go. his shoulder is still ailing. it is a pitch for the first time and both placed on the list. they will not be ready in arizona. who will start at second base? all indications is it it will
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be that guy. he hit 214 this spring. the giants did play. barry zito battered for five runs this three innings. raiders filling holes. he joins the silver and black. an outside line backer he started 11 games and he will attempt to replace whim blay. wimbley. and goodson joins the back field. it is an exchange for bruce campbell. he will battle jones for playing time behind the starter. the guy on the right is thinking that is a criesy green outfit you have on, buddy. arena football and the sabercats in spokane. seven touchdown passes and three to ben nelson. my producer scott moore and he called him grandpa. how many grandpas can do that, scott? 37 years old. i think he is in good shape. the sabercats roll it 69-35. to golf and the second round of the kraft gnaw business
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scow championship. the third shot and par 59th and tracking and of course that is going in for the eagle. left to right birdie putt. three wins in five tour knees so far. sky seven providing these shots earlier. leg six. clipper around the world yacht race and gold coast australia is entering as the lead boat. they are 10 boats and 40,000 miles and an 11-month journey that began last august. this is quite a rates. quite a race. >> all sorts of people. you have real sailors and you have random people. >> all right. well we want to show you those numbers again. maybe you won the mega millions lottery. 2, 4, 23, 46 and the mega number is 23. >> at least one ticket has all six numbers in maryland. several california locations had five of the six winning
2:34 am
numbers including five in the bay area. those are worth $130,000 apiece which is not too shabby. >> most people would take that. >> pretty exciting, actually. i'm dan ash lee. >> and i'm ama dates. tomorrow morning starts at 5:00. >> hope you can tune in then. keep track of the latest breaking news at abc7 news . bay area. thank you for watching. oñoñ4x4x$
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in this picture? yes. so at 265 pounds how do you feel what's the difference between the two? the big difference is i feel bad for that poor woman. i just want to tell her that i'm really proud of her because she knew that it was going to be good once everything was over. and that it was going to take a lot, it was going to take so much strength. no way in this world, ever turning back into that dark place that she was at. so you've done such an amazing job on your own losing weight huh? i did it myself. so tell me about it, when did you decide you wanted to get healthier. well because i have three herniated disks and i've been in a lot of pain for quite a while
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and i wasn't happy with me, and a lot of stuff was coming down in my life. i'm getting out of a marriage and its like, okay what do you want to do, live this way. be sitting here on the sofa, so i talked to my doctor because i had seen that there was water therapy for people with bad backs. you've lost how much? 85 pounds. and i've done it slow. i did it in a year. 80 pounds in a year is not slow missy. no? i don't know. no that's not slow. that amazing. what's next, what is it, what do you want to create? i'm very content with where i am. how tall are you? i'm only 5'2" and a half. and how much do you i'm 200 pounds. 200 at 5'2", isn't that too much. what if we took you to a doctor and they said 180 pounds is not okay for 5'2"


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