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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  April 1, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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>> carolyn: good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. let's get things started with quick look at the weather. here a lisa argen. >> lisa: good morning. its beautiful start out there with great visibility. do you notice the trees, the wind is blowing still across the bay area. so we're talking about a breezy day with gusty winds certainly along our coast. right now they are gusting up to 20 miles an hour. mountain view up to 17 miles an hour. look at concord, 1331 miles an hour. high -- 31 miles. >> strong rip currents and large
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breaking waves. we have a few lingering snow showers but a dry start to a new month. i'll let you know if surprises are coming up. >> carolyn: breaking news in pacifica. two people have died in a house fire. investigators say one adult and a child were found inside the home after firefighters knocked down the flames about two hours ago. when they first arrived around 5:00 this morning they found heavy smoke and heavy flames coming from that home. eight people managed to escape. two are hospitalized because of smoke inhalation. >> another story breaking right now, alameda coastguard is making the rescue of three seriously injured sailors aboard a racing yacht bound for san francisco. this is youtube video posted by the crew during an earlier leg of the race. large waves swept away the steering mounting and some
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communications equipment. u.s. coastguard says the alameda cut are should be in range to launch a rescue helicopter. last night a c-130 crew was able to drop supplies to the crew but stormy weather prevented rescuers from reaching them. a coastguard spokesman says the weather is better this morning and rescuers hope to reach that yacht in about an hour, by 10:00 this morning. the boat is one of ten yachts headed to the bay area, part of clipper round the world yacht race. they say four boats have already arrived. the rain may be clearing out this morning but the bay area faces high winds and dangerously high surf along the coast. pg&e crews are working to clear away downed trees, mudslides and burned out transformers, all of which triggered power outages yesterday. electricity is expected to be restored to the last few
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customers in about half an hour. by 9:30 this morning. tomas ramon begins in hayward. >> high winds knocked down a power line that caused an outage in downtown hayward around 7:30. 4300 people were left without power. many stores and businesses were forced to close on a normally busy saturday night. they said they had to close early and lose business. >> lights off. lights will come back on about ten minutes later. we're going to try to stay open. >> other stores and restaurants were able to reopen after power came back on. >> it went black. restaurant was full. we put out candles and wait for had it to come back on. >> pg&e was on store but first they had to put out a flaming transformer.
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this wasn't the biggest storm of the season but left its mark. mudslide in marin county closed a highway around stinson beach. >> there is a high surf advisory for the entire northern california coast until 5:00 a.m. monday. forecasters said some waves would be 25 feet in height. one wave watcher came from the east bay just to watch the surf. >> i'm here to check out the high surf waves. they are supposed to be really big. >> carolyn: there were problems all over the bay. take a look at this might have tree snapped at its base and tumbled on to highway 128. it tore down power lines and knocked out electricity to more than 300 customers in cloverdale. pg&e crews worked quickly to restore service. >> this is the oakland hills
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where a tree fell, partially blocking the street on sheppard canyon road. the oakland fire department sent crews to chop it up. >> in san francisco, gusty winds department of public works tells us they have never seen winds do that to a light pole. >> first lady michelle obama and her daughters have left the bay. the alameda based coastguard cutter she christened yesterday will ship out on a 90-day tour of duty. they did not stop the first lady from dedicating the brand-new cutter in name of dorothy stuton. >> today we commission this ship as a tribute not just to dorothy
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but to all the women who served with her. bring our cutter to life! >> carolyn: quite a vessel there. after the ceremony, they got to aboard the vessel for a tour. others said farewell to mrs. obama. she headed to los angeles to attend the nickelodeon awards. >> they will be hoping for new clues in the disappearance for sierra lamar. the search for the girl is now in the third week. the 15-year-old vanished on her way to school. her cellphone, clothes and a purse have been recovered but nothing else. yesterday's search focused on a remote area northwest of morgan hill.
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volunteers showed up included alex smith. >> even on a rainy morning we were able to get all these new people out. it puts us in a great position moving forward. >> carolyn: dozens of teenagers did their part. they held a youth community march and passed out flyers to local businesses. >> coming up next, march madness celebrations get ugly as kentucky students go wild final the wildcats final four victory. >> the end of lin sanity. how it's unbelievable season is apparently coming to an end.
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>> carolyn: in santa rosa, a march will mark the 50th annual celebration honoring civil rights activist caesar chavez. that march begins at noon in the parking lot of old albertson's supermarket. farm workers are still fighting for equal pay. a new bill by mike allen would give farm workers the overtime pay they were denied when they
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were excluded from national labor act. >> kentucky is set to play kansas for the national basketball title. last night after kentucky beauty louisville, things got ugly in the streets of lexington. you see thousands of u.k. fans celebrating but it quickly turned into something else, cars being overturned and bonfires set in the street. police were ready. 150 officers restored order by using pepper spray and making ten or so arrests. city leaders say there were a few minor injuries reported, as well. >> it apeirs lin sanity is done for the year. point guard and palo alto native jeremy lin will have surgery to repair his left knee. an mri revealed a small tear that will keep i am sidelined
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for six weeks. lin is the first american born player of tie with a knees and chinese dissent descent to play in the n.b.a. that is the way it goes. show you how bright it is. >> we have breezy conditions and take a look from the roof camera winds are keeping numbers cool below average. we have a brand-new month. i'll let you know if there is any rain coming up. >> and also win game for the sharks as san jose tries to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports. at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save.
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zblooblg. >> carolyn: lisa argen is going to tell you about sudden surge of snow, sleet and hail. [ laughter ] >> not going to buy it. look outside. despite the chilly air, we are
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looking at a lot of sunshine. here is a heavenly. look at the frec snow, still a few flakes out there. blue canyon, tahoe 29. few left over snowflakes at truck we. vollmer peak, gusty winds, up to 23 miles an hour. in concord about 15 mile-an-hour winds. everyone will enjoy a lots of sunshine and the warmest days of the week will be the early part of the week, 46 in fremont, 49 in san francisco. good morning, half moon way, 51. 50 in los gatos. mountain view and san jose. wind gusts all around the bay this morning will continue to provide a chill to the afternoon. sfo no delays, west wind at 16. winds are kind of light up around napa and santa rosa. behind that frontal system, we got high pressure building on in.
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that will keep us clear and breezy. we have the departing low that is churning up the surf. surf is quite impressive. we could see the high surf warnings downgraded but it is posted to stay up until tomorrow morning. it will be dry and the warmest day of the week look like tomorrow and tuesday. so until 5:00 tomorrow morning, we are looking at swells already over 20 feet. large breaking waves and strong rip currents all down the coast. yesterday's rainfall, did it help us? a little bit. still dry with only 20 inches of rain in santa rosa. san francisco, over 12 inches that is 60%. oakland is at 11 inches and san jose is way behind. this week offering a few areas of light showers in the north bay. but we're watching this system wind down. really nothing left. our doppler will be quiet for the next couple of days.
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the low heads east. high pressure builds in proximity between the high and low keeping it gusty at times today. statewide pretty quiet compared to yesterday. mid-50s in yosemite with upper 60s in los angeles and once again the entire coast looking at high surf and kind of windy out there. in terms of high temperatures about 3-10 degrees below average. 59 san francisco. you should be about 62 for the first day of the month. 63 in concord. average highs mid to upper 60s. down by monterey bay, 62 in watsonville. numbers will be coming up tomorrow and tuesday. so we should be around normal. then this weak weather system may bring drops late tuesday into wednesday. that will cool us off. to around 60 thursday and friday. looking more and more like spring. >> carolyn: that is more like it. thank you lisa. >> check out sports.
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stanford is going to battle the baylor bears. final four of the women's ncaa tournament. last night the sharks needed a win against dallas as the team makes a final push for the playoff. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. sharks on must win situation for their final four-game. they hosted dallas and they move back in the playoff run. sharks waste no time, 58 seconds in, thorton to pavelski, 1-0 sharks. martin with an incredible pass. power play goal, sharks are up 2-0 and blast from pavelski, makes it 3-0. sharks win a big one, 3-0 and move back to the final playoff spot in the west. then there were two, men's final four from new orleans, we
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tip off in the battle of second seeds. buckeyes came out red hot. aaron to sean thomas, buckeyes up at the first. coast to coast for the lay-in. 13 points, ten boards, we're tied at 38. johnson puts the hawks up by 1. kansas up by 3. where are you bufort? buckeyes ball. crab intentionally misses the freethrow. jayhawks ball and ohio state unprepared for the inbound pass. kansas wins it and having the first spot in the finals. >> meanwhile, in louisville, facing kentucky. anthony davis huge for the wildcats. alley-oop for marcus teague. here is feyton, steva from
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downtown. pitina is fired up. kentucky controlled the game from there. gilchrist and davis again, 18 points, 14 boards. kentucky wins it 69-61 and face kansas monday night for the ncaa title. >> women's final four set from denver facing the baylor bears. all american center, britney griner player of the year yesterday. 36 the 40 votes will be for nnemkadi ogwumike sister. they would like to get one national title. she and her sister wants to make it tough on britney. >> she has skills. it makes it a triple dagger. >> i was excited since monday baylor. i am so happy to we get to play
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them. >> we'll have all the stanford highlights. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> the beginning of holy week. palm services being celebrated in jerusalem and at the vatican.
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>> carolyn: we have your winning numbers from last night es $17 million super lotto plus. mega number was 13 and there was a winning ticket sold at a gas station in bakesersfield. >> questions mark the beginning of holy week with palm sunday services, today pilgrims in jerusalem are attending services at the church. the church is believed to be the site of crucifixion observed as good friday. at vatican pope benedict held mass for the faithful gathered in st. peter's square. lisa argen is looking down, long range forecast and looking good for next sunday. >> we are looking dry but despite the sunshine. it's cooler than average. you can see the winds blowing out there. they will be gusty again today
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and few clouds here and there. the temperatures are going to make it into the 60s, low 60s with mostly sunny, partly cloudy afternoon. by tonight it will be chilly. those winds will dial back and warmest days of the week will be tomorrow and tuesday. then we'll see increasing clouds maybe a few raindrops in the north bay, wednesday and thursday and friday, much cooler everywhere. yes, into next weekend but it looks dry. kind of enjoy the wild weather yesterday. now moving on to a different pattern. >> carolyn: thank you lisa. that is going to do it for us. we're off early this morning because of n.b.a. basketball. the bulls meet the oklahoma city thunder. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. keep track of us on twitter and talk all about it at
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