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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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about what happened because the little girl who had just been hit by a car managed to find a cell phone and called relatives. >> solomon was there every saturday morning for his daughter. they were just a few yards from their home when they were hit by this suv. solomon died instantly, his eight-year-old died a short time later and his 11-year-old daughter is in stable condition. now half of the family is gone. >> saturdays is like daddy princess day. just takes them bike riding, hiking, wherever they want to go. he dedicates his whole day to them. >> he said he had to see the path himself. the place this brother-in-law drove. we chose not to identify the
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driver because of his age but he called a friend moments after the crash. >> he said he got in a car accident, lost control, might have hit a few people -- no, he said he did did hit people but he might have killed two. >> those two loved playing soccer and being girl scouts. what happened here is both angering and saddening residents. >> just minding their own business, riding their bikes, on the sidewalk, and you don't think something like that can just like in a split second. >> it does bother me. i have to drive these streets, and i see this people flying like they're on the freeway. >> the driver goes to olympic high school, which is a continuation school in concord. it's not clear where he was going this morning but his friend says the driver has gotten several speeding tickets in the past. >> the family is of course very upset by this but tell me they are angry at the driver, at the
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fact he was speeding, and at the fact that two loved ones are now dead. live in concord tonight. lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 newses. >> alan: in oakland, the shooting victims of the deadly okay cost university massacre are being honored all month long with a musical tribute. >> bay area choirs and musicians are donating their time to sing or play classical music in front of the school. anyone who would like to give condolences is welcome to participate. seven people lost their lives. >> i was just driving boy and the holly spirit let me know you have to share your gift of song there because that's what i do for a living, is to gospel singing. >> alan: the memorial concerts will continue until april 30th that's the same day one goh is scheduled to be back in court. police say the former student confessed to killing his former
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classmates. stay with abc-7 for the latest developments. you can follow us on twitter and facebook. the family of missing teenager sierra lamar announced today a 1240u7b reward is being offered for her safe return. the 15-year-old girl vanished after leaving for school on march 16th. most of the search has been focused near her home and school in morgan hill home. >> as each day goes on, it's agonizing. it's difficult. definitely i'm suffering sleep def privilege vacation as -- def privilege depreviousation. i believe to believe she is coming forward. >> they got help from 49ers
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alex smith. >> a teen from modesto says she broke off a row maps with her high school teacher after he was arrested on charges of sexually abusing another student. 18-year-old jordan powers moved in with hooker. hooker even left his teaching job and left his wife and children to live with pawers. powers says she is moving back with her family. >> he called me from jail and i told him that we're done. i lost everything for this guy. my senior year, gave up my friends in high school, and for him not even to have enough respect to tell me the truth. >> powers told "good morning america" that when they spoke hooker did not the charges against him. a navy pilot is recovering after his jet crashed into an
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apartment complex and tonight residents are calling it a miracle that no one died after the plane crash. here's the latest. >> bright orange flames rip through an apartment building moments after an f-18 navy jet crashes. you can see parts of the welcomage -- wreckage here. >> the whole thing was in flames. the whole backyard, and then thing started to explode, and i don't know -- i mean, things just except exploding, and the black smoke kept going. >> anybody in here? get out! >> these videos show firefighters and police breaking doors to rescue anyone who might have been trapped in the building. i. >> we're so blessed and believe a miracle occurred here with us not having any victims. >> the two pilots were able to eject safely. >> i think the pilots deserve a
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lot of credit for saying with the airplane as long as the could the ejection was just within a couple of seconds of the airplane impact. so it's safe to say the pilots were doing everything they could to minimize damage. >> the navy says the jet spilled fuel over the community, indicating there was mechanical malfunction. residents united to help emergency crews after the crash. >> citizen is dragged our air crew to safety out of the fire zone. citizen is helped move the hoses. an amazing display of what citizenship means. >> melissa rain yes, abc-7 news. >> alan: the man known as the painter of light has died. thomas kinkade died friday at his los gatos home. he was 54 years old. fans are flocking to buy his work, one gallery owner says people are buying up all of his kinkade inventer to, and lots of fans are reacting:
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>> if you want to join the conversation, log on to our page at news. >> the new pictures from onboard the damaged ship were injured sailors were rescued. another reason to eed your -- eat your veggies. they could south carolina your life. >> a military dog finally back with his handler. >> frances: i'm in for leigh glaser. here's a live shot looking south. it was gorgeous day. i think you're going to like my easter sunday forecast but die have details with rain on the way and your seven-day forecast.
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>> alan: a sailor is telling her story of survival after breaking several bones after a massive wave rocked hersale boat in the pacific. she broke vertebrae and ruptured her spleen and a young. this video shows the dangerous conditions she faced last weekend, a powerful wave threw her against a metal bar on the boat. >> i looked behind the master helmsman and saw this enormous wave. like a big tongue of water. very tall. it wasn't cresting when it saw it but it was white and frothy.
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>> the video shows how rescuers began the process of rushing hitchens to a hospital in the bay area. >> new information about the $68 billion bullet train project. the route from the bay area to southern california will stop short of anaheim. trains final stop will now be in los angeles. state official says terminating the 40-mile extension from l.a. to orange county will save the state $6 billion. >> coming up, another reason to eat your veggies. plus, a touching reunion between two war heroes. and it was a beautiful day out there. whose -- what's ahead for easter sunday? frances dinglasan has the forecast. >> i'm rick quan. pablo sandoval homers for the first time this season, but is it enough for the giants? and phil mickelson shoots a 30 on the backed
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>> alan: eating your veggies could happen save your life. certain village tables like broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts, can help improve
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survival rates for breast cancer patients. researchers who say women who increase their consumption of the vegetables have a reduced risk of cancer coming back. researchers have not determined how much needs to be eaton be beneficial. >> another study fines heavy backpack are putting kids at risk for back pain and other disorders. they found that nearly 62% of children carried backpacks that exceeded 10% of their body weight. girls were more likely than boys to have bab -- back problems. sex education is declining in american middle schools according to a centers for disease control study. conducted every two years, found that sex education has dropped off in 11 states. researchers say education on avoiding stds is critical especially for those who haven't started having sex yet. after two tours together in
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iraq, military dog has been reunited with his former handler. here's the report from camp pendleton. >> military working dog rex performed his duty on an ex-player and highly professional manner. >> served almost 1 years as a -- 11 years, trained to sniff out nine different explosive materials. today he retired. by his side, his new owner, who was his old handler, megan levy. >> i haven't seen him for a long time. it's nice to see him again. >> they were separated in 2007 after encountering an ied in iraq. both were injured. >> a very long day for us bought we got through it together and recovered together. >> megan went home to new york but rex remained in service. she fought to get him back with no luck. then this, an online petition smarted by u.s. senator charles shermer. over 21,000 people sign and it now rex is going home to be with
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megan. >> he is my strong partner. this what he deserves. >> rex was assessed for his temperment and physical able to get back to 'civilian right. when dogs return to their handlers 65% of the time. >> they're tied together in experience and bond and service to the country. >> his first handler wrote a book about his experience with rex and their first tower in -- first tour in iraq. >> a combat marine and someone is going to understand him best is a combat marine. >> i get to spoil him a little bit, big backyard. >> at camp pendleton. >> he's a marine, not a dog. easter sunday, let's talk about that. sounds like it's going to be good for all of us. >> frances: it's going to be good. mainly dry. i know people are interested and what the weather is going to be like tomorrow for easter egg
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hunt. here's a beautiful shot. we have a lot of sunny conditions around the bay area. temperatures warmed up nicely. we had a chilly start this morning with clear skies. in fact we tied a record at the oakland airport. 38 degrees this morning, tying a record set in 1948. check out the temperatures right now. really mild and springlike. still in the 60s for most of us. 68 in redwood city and in livermore. san francisco, 57. and cooler along the coast. 54 in half moon bay. 67 in napa right now. so, mostly sunny and dry for tomorrow. there is a slight chance of a light shower in the north bay but that doesn't come into play until late sunday evening. increasing chances monday and then rain for everybody by tuesday and we're talking up to an inch in some locations. here's the satellite radar image, this area of low pressure with the air circulating counterclockwise is going to hang around all week and that's
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going to bring us a period of rain swoavment'll take a look at the forecast model showing the rain moving into northern california but kind of just sticking just along the coast. just lingering there. for tomorrow means most of news the bay area are going to be dry and mild, temperatures springlike once again. maybe just a few degrees cooler in some locations. and then that chance of rain moved in monday, and then into tuesday. we'll definitely see the front push through. overnight lows, a little milder so not quite as chilly. partly cloudy conditions overnight. with temperatures in the 40s. 48 in san francisco. pretty cool, though, still in map -- napa, and going to get down in 45. look for another pleasant day tomorrow. highs in the 60s. a couple low 70s. 70 in livermore, and 71 in san jose. 63 in san francisco. 64 in very lay -- vallejo, and
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farther south, more low 70s. 68 in watsonville, santa cruz, and low 70s for morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. the forecast is pretty good for easter. a slight chance of a shower. late evening in the north bay. and then sunday we'll see a slight chance for everyone around the bay area -- when i say slight, 20-30% chance of a shower, and then tuesday the rain moves through the bay area. we're talking a third to two-thirds of an inch for most of us, an inch to an inch and a half in higher elevations and along the coast. a break wednesday, and then rain thursday night and friday. temperatures will cool down quite a bit on tuesday. >> thank you, frances. your husband's favorite golfer is? >> frances: phil. >> rick has some good news for you've. >> might have a really happy easter if he can pull off the win. phil mickelson was 4 over par
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and headed for an early exit but now has a great chance of winning his fourth green jacket. conditions were just about perfect for the third round at augusta. tiger misses the birdie on 18, and is 12 off the pace. mickelson made his move on the back nine. nails this eagle on 13. to grab a share of the lead. playing in just his second masters, peter hanson now tops the leaderboard. shot a tournament best 65, which included eight birdies. here's the second shot on the par-4 18th. sets up another birdie. in the lead at 9-under. lefty ended his round with a bang by making this birdie. shot a 30 on the back nine. mickelson and hanson started the tournament playing together, and they'll end it together tomorrow. >> so going to the final round, it's hanson leading mickelson by one. oosthuizen is two back. fred couples struggled to 575, -- to a 75 and now is off
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the pace. >> when i look back at the tournament and thursday and where i was standing after ten holes and things with very difficult holes coming up. and i fought hard to get a couple back, knowing i wasn't going to get them all back in the first round. that there was plenty of golf left. i would get a hot hand. i just needed to not be so far back that it didn't move me up the leaderboard. >> now to baseball. after dropping their season opener, the giants were hoping to even their record today in arizona. bumgarner got the start for san francisco, but the diamondbacks jumped out to a quick lead. hill with the two-run homer, made it 4-0. the giants try took place with panda power. in the fourth, sandoval connects off hudson for a two-run blast. cuts the lead in half. reason enough for that panda fan to take the plunge in the
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seventh, pill comes through with the pitch-hit two-run homer but san francisco loses. just a few days ago the sharks were not even sure of making the playoffs, but a wind tonight in the regular season finale could give san jose its fifth straight pacific division title. not for that to happen the sharks have to beat the kings and have phoenix lose to minnesota in regulation, san jose is coming off a hard-fought victory in l.a. literally. a number of fights. the men in teal won the contest 6-5 in a shootout. >> us and l.a., the way way play, we play with pride and they play hard and they only play one way, and they play a hard game, and physical, and they battle hard. so that's how we like to play so have been playing lately. so don't see a lot of difference.
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>> the earthquakes hosted vancouver. san jose broke through with three second-half goals including this nine head heard by gordonen the quakes are off to a 4-1-0 start. the a's game is just underway. trailing 1-0 to seattle in the first inning. >> tomorrow's big day at the masters. >> i think mickelson is going to do it again. he is raley -- really playing very well, and the guy he is chasing, hanson, only his second masters. >> i was rooting for fred couple. >> it would have been nice. seven back now, too far back. great story yesterday, the 52-year-old, couples, doing it for the old guys. >> alan: thank you, rick. just ahead, celebrating easter with a bit of a hunt and a lot of candy. we'll be right back. ab@a@a@a
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>> a bit of early easter fun in san francisco, the third annual
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egg extravaganza at golden gate park. >> get ready to spend -- americans will spend $2.1 billion this year on easter cab di. that will buy 120 million pounds of the sweet stuff. candymakers produced 16 billion jelly beans and 90 million chocolate easter bunnies this year. so good out and enjoy. >> that's it for us at 6:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. you can see
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