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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 9, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- >> in court today, two white suspects under arrest for the murders of three african-americans in tulsa. revenge is among the possible motives. zplmpblt obesity and autism for the first time, a study links the expectant mother's weight with the possibility of an autistic child. new research out this morning. and remembering a legend, newsman mike wallace, his hard-hitting style kept people tuned in for decades. we'll look back to his most memorable interviews. and out of the woods. all the way to a masters green jacket. how bubba watson beat the odds to win golf's first major of the year. good monday morning,
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everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm tanya rivero in for paula faris. well, the two men under arrest in in the deadly shooting spree in tulsa are set to be arraigned this morning. >> they may be facing hate crimes charges. the spree was likely triggered by racism and revenge. here's scott goldberg. >> reporter: this city in thntoh heartland turned into a shooting gallery. five people hit, three of themm killed, all of them african-american. >> i think they were very upset with black people. >> reporter: relief didn't come until early sunday morning when tulsa police announced they had arrested 19-year-old jacob england and his roommate. they said an anonymous tip helped them stop them. they stopped short of saying the shootings had something to do with skin color. >> it sickens me. it angers me. this is not what tulsa,
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oklahoma's, about. >> reporter: but investigators may find clues on what appears to be jacob england's faceback page. he allegedly wrote, two years since my dad is gone, shot by an [ expletive ] n word. that was hours before the first shots were fired on friday. >> i consider it a war zone. >> reporter: >> reporter: the five shootings happened within an hour of each other when witnesses said a white man was shooting randomly from a pickup truck. by the time it was over, the fbi had joined the investigation. saying that even though something might look obvious on the surface, it's still too early to call this a hate crime. >> it's premature to talk about hate crimes. we have yet to analyze all the information. >> reporter: police say england and watts will be charged with three counts of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. the two victims who survived are now out of the hospital. scott goldberg, abc news, new york. >> all right, thank you, scott. oscar-winning singer/actress
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jennifer hudson will be in a chicago courtroom later this morning to attend the trial of the man accused of killing not just her mother but her brother and nephew as well. hudson says she'll attend every day of the trial. prosecutors say balfour shot the family because his estranged wife, hudson's sister, was dating another man. to politics now. an important political boost for mitt romney from an unlikely source. newt gingrich told fox news that romney is far and away the most likely republican presidential nominee. gingrich says he'll be on the campaign trail for romney if he wins the nomination. rick santorum is off the campaign trail to be with his daughter, bella who is back in the hospital. 3-year-old bella suffers from a rare genetic condition and was hospitalized earlier this year with pneumonia. in overseas news this morning, the cease-fire deal is off in syria. the violence continues. at least 45 people, including 6 children, were killed yesterday in heavy fighting across that
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country. the government made some last minute demands before tuesday's truce was to go into effect. the rebels have rejected them. more than 9,000 people have been killed since the uprising began 13 months ago. plans are gearing up in new high-stakes talks with iran. nur over its nuclear capabilities. the white house is revealing what the iranians may be up to. abc's david kerley reports. >> reporter: satellite pictures, stealth drone flights have provided a picture of iran's nuclear program. it's the talk of war and sanctions bringing the iranians back to the table. with a warning from the president. >> the time is short. iran must act with the seriousness, the sense of urgency that this moment demands. >> reporter: they must shut down and dismantle the underground facility accessed through tunnels shown in these photos. and stop making highly enriched uranium.
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>> unless there's a diplomatic deal, nothing will stop the pro opponents of this program from pushing for confrontation with iran, particularly the israelis flights have provided detailed intelligence. the latest suggests that iran has not taken the steps to assemble a bomb. information that the united states hopes will stop israel from launching a preemptive strike. president obama signaled the u.s. might accept an iranian civilian nuclear program, if the supreme leaders stands behind his saying that they will never pursue a nuclear program. david kerley, abc news, washington. it's a race against time right now in the south american nation of peru. workers there are digging through 26 feet of dirt and rock trying to free nine miners stuck in a shaft since thursday. the government is seeking experts and heavy equipment to
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speed up that rescue. the united states has sent a team of experts to pakistan to help search teams there locate 135 people who were buried by massive avalanche over the week end. a mixture of snow, boulders, and mud engulfs a military complex. there's little hope of finding any survivors. it wasn't the usual end to a sea gondola ride for dozens of passengers near the swiss resort of st. moritz. the cable car stalled halfway up the mountain. it took three hours and help from helicopters to get everyone to safety. no one was injured in the rescue. time for a look at the weather. dallas and oklahoma city could see severe storms. with hail and winds up to 70 miles an hour. houston and little rock will see similar conditions, but not as severe. mild and windy along the east coast. new england will get a dose of winter. with some snow showers. seattle and portland, 60s with showers.
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honolulu, dallas, new orleans, and miami will be in the 80s. phoenix will hit 92. and coming up next on "america this morning," how tim tebow spent his easter. and u.s. markets get their first chance to react to last friday's jobs report. it may not be good. and this raging inferno. from a california freeway. word this morning about who caused it and why. we'll be right back. c
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there is still fallout this morning because of last week's u.s. jobs report.
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economists had expected that just over 200,000 jobs would be added. instead, only 120,000. that sent most overseas markets down today and u.s. markets are expected to follow suit today. tokyo's nikkei average fell 142 points today. markets in hong kong and london are closed. on wall street, the dow lost 152. the nasdaq index was off 11. the jobs report and doubts about the u.s. economy are a major reason that crude oil prices are down and gas prices seem to be leveling off though, up less than half a cent in the past week. and moviegoers are still eating up "hunger games." it's now being called a blockbuster. they added another $34 million this weekend. "ame22 union" had $22 million. and "titanic 3d" sank with just $17 million.
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and when we come back this morning, tim tebow, deout christian. how did he spend his easter sunday? and the young guy in the green jacket. how bubba watson won the masters. [ woman ] i was ready for my trip. but my smile wasn't. [ female announcer ] new crest 3d white intensive professional effects whitestrips. it goes below he enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment. wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips.
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but also a caring touch. you learn to get a feel for the trouble spots. to know its wants... its needs...its dreams. ♪call 1-800-steemer. there are worrying new numbers this morning about the record-breaking temperatures this winter. temperatures in the lower 48 states were 8.6 degrees above normal for march. and six degrees higher than average for the first three months of the year. that far exceeds the record. >> no complaints from over here. a mild winter is not too bad. now for a look at morning road conditions. northern parts of i-87 could be wet. i-40 could see flooding. i-5. from seattle to portland will have spotty, wet patches as well. airport delays possible in dallas and houston.
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a major health story this morning that for the first time links a mother's weight to the possibility of autism. >> pregnant women who are obese are 67% more likely to deliver autistic c compared to normal weight women. the study in the journal "pediatrics" say tmothers are m mothers are more than double the risk of having a child with developmental delays. and in tennessee, they're facing off over a controversial education bill that would allow teachers to challenge evolution and other theories without facing sanctions. people are urging the governor to veto the measure. the governor says he will sign it into law. >> debated in many states, for sure. producers at qu9 60 minutes" say they'll do a full tribute to
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mike wallace next sunday. >> the veteran newsman died over the weekend. david muir has a look back at his legendary career. >> i'm mike wallace. >> i'm harry reasoner. >> reporter: mike wallace defined sunday nights in america for more than a generation. here with ronald reagan, running for president. >> how many blacks are there on your campaign staff? >> i couldn't honestly answer you now. >> that speaks for itself. >> reporter: he said, i was asking tough questions and i found my bliss. one of the pioneers behind the launch of "60 minutes." in 1968. >> those are the facts. >> reporter: and so began 40 years of raw kus debates behind the scenes with the show's producers. >> you're gutting the piece. >> then forget "60 minutes." you don't get on this week. >> reporter: asking a secret service agent this. >> was there anything that the secret service or that clint hill could have done to keep that from happening? >> reporter: the interview subjects new that tough questions would come. and yet, they would answer.
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>> and he calls you, imam, forgive me, his words, not mine, a lunatic. you're going to be in japan. and i'm told it's a $2 million two weeks. >> they're getting two of us. >> it will be a well recompensed two weeks. >> it is for eb that goes there. which you probably know. and you really didn't need that question. >> reporter: wallace could convince the famous to come to him. >> do i have to put the shoes on? >> no, can we start the interview, please? >> they say i'm difficult? >> reporter: myron wallace was born in brookline, massachusetts. he worked in radio. enlisted in the navy. >> do you love this country enough to respond with a request? >> reporter: this was with vladimir horowitz. who wallace would often say was one of his favorites. >> i tell you, i don't know it. i have to remember. it's too difficult.
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>> i'm sure that it's difficult. ♪ >> one of the best. sleep well, mr. wallace. investigators say a huge fire on a southern california freeway was caused by a drunk driver. the man allegedly drove his speeding car into the back of a gasoline tanker. it then, of course, burst into flames. 6,000 gallons of gas fueled the inferno. no injuries reported. that freeway was closed for much of yesterday. sections of the highway still remain closed. >> what a scene there. it was quite an easter outing for new york jets quarterback tim tebow. about 15,000 worshippers got together at an outdoor church service in texas to hear what he had to say. >> tebow, a devout christian, said it's important for athletes to be role models and he addressed his most famous move. >> i don't think i was the first athlete to get on a knee and pray. i have had the same routine the last seven years and just this year, they started calling it
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tebowing. i have no idea why. i've been doing the same thing for the last seven years. this year, it seemed to get popular. >> that's for sure. he called it cool because prayer is being talked about. >> certainly see it everywhere these days. that tebow move. now to the sunday sports highlights. we get those from our friends at espn news. good morning, i'm chris cotter. with your "sports center" update. let's go to augusta national for the fourth and final round. of the masters. that's 2010 open champion, louis oosthuizen. on the par 5 second hole. look at this shot. he stares this down. it hits on the front of the green and rolls toward the cup. on this par 5, there has never been an albatross. a double eagle. could there possibly be one on this day? the crowd seems to think so. he got one. oosthuizen high-fives the caddie.
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he moves to 10 under. to the lead. on the final day of the masters. para3 16th. that's bubba watson, one shot back at the time. the tee shot would come to rest about eight feet from the cup. watson is eyeing a birdie. to put himself in a tie with the south african, who stays - it. drains it. 10 under par. eventually, the two would go to a sudden death playoff. the tenth hole is the second hole of the sudden death. look at watson here, on the right in the trees. most of us hook it into the trees. bubba watson hooks it out of the trees and gets it on the green within 15 feet of the cup. oosthuizen would eventually bogey the hole. this for par, and the green jacket. bubba watson, his first major tournament and his first masters.
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we could find out today if an appeal made by the new orleans saints were successful in reducing penalties stemming from the bounty program. "the new york times" says nfl commissioner roger goodell will announce his decision later today. among other penalties, head coach sean payton was suspended for the entire upcoming season. we'll see if the commissioner has any leniency for the black and gold. i wouldn't count on it. back to the ballroom tonight with more of a twist than usual. and wait until you hear what some airlines are offering the passengers as they rack up the frequent flyer miles. stay with us. [ female announcer ] ready for a taste of what's hot?
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...granola yeah, i know. ah, i get that a lot. [ male announcer ] it's a snack like nothing else. kraft milkbite bars are a calcium-rich mix of real milk and delicious granola. welcome back, everybody. time to check "the pulse" this morning -- the stories you'll be talking about today. it's a return to the dance floor for the remaining couples on abc's big hit, "dancing with the stars." tonight, they'll tango. william levy and katherine jenkins seem to be the favorites right now. >> jaleel white had a good start, but he's accused of abusing an ex-girlfriend and reportedly had a dramatic blowup with his dance partner, kym johnson. he'll join us on "good morning america" to set that record straight. >> say it ain't so, urkel. and a bomb shell on the teen girl who quit school to move in
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with her lover and former teacher. >> i spoke with jordan powers exclusively this week end. hooker was arrested on charges of being involved with another 14-year-old years ago. powers said she has broken up with him over the weekend. he called her from jail. she said she told him they were done. she said she's heartbroken and wouldn't be surprised if there were other young girls in his past. a major complaint from frequent flyers. the restrictions on redeeming your air miles. carriers are coming up with some off-beat, alternatives. >> take air baltic. a three-mile dog sled trip. in latvia. or just under 15,000 american airlines miles for a beer-tasting tour of brussels. >> a leather vest signed by george clooney will cost you about 177,000 air canada miles. >> that's worth saving up for.
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. deadly accident leaves a community in mourning. the crash that has taken the lives of a father and child and has a 17-year-old driver facing prison time. >> problems with pounds. new study suggests link between the weight of an expectant mother and her child's risk for autism. lisa argen has the forecast. >> enjoy today. the last mild and sunny afternoon. >> we'll check updating the top stories now. the two men accused in the deadly shooting spree in tulsa will be arraigned later today. charged with three counts of first degree murder and two counts of attempted murder.
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tributes are pouring in for veteran cbs newsman mike wallace, who died over the weekend at age 93. "60 minutes" plans to devote next sunday's broadcast to his legendary career. a new report links a mother's weight to possible autism. pregnant women who are obese are 67% more likely to deliver children with autism compared to normal-weight women. stormy for parts of texas and oklahoma today. well, dentists all over america could soon face an onslaught of patients to overdid it on easter. >> they may be the dental equivalent of napalm, but fans say it wouldn't be easter without these. reporter alicia vitarelli, from wpvi, has the story.
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>> it's like a cult-like following with our fan base. people love their peeps. >> reporter: cushiony, silky, puffs. >> we have liquid marsh mall lowe. liquid sugar. gelatin. dote coated in sugar. >> it's quite crunchy. >> reporter: it's been that way since 1932 when sam born and his two brothers in law relocated the factory from new y. >> we continue to be family-owned business. our owners are very proud of that thakt. >> reporter: they say this isn't where great candy is made. it's just born. they welcomed mike and ike in 1940. and their sassy spicy sisters, hot tamales in 1950. three years later, peeps hatched. and grew to become an easter basket basic. >> it makes them think of their childhood.
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>> reporter: 2 billion of the chicks, bunnies, and other seasonal shapes hippity-hop down these conveyer belts each year. right now, they're deep in peak peep season. i heard you haven't lived until you have tasted a warm peep. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> reporter: this is living. and more than 800 million will be made, sold, and enjoyed over easter. wow. okay. ♪ >> hmm. >> there's something about these things. >> we have our own peep treats here. that's what's making news in america this morning. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc


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