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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning happy friday i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas today. and i'm kristen sze. you can tell we are in for a change. >> beautiful. >> we have nice high clouds out there that's it live doppler quiet this morning no weather worries as you head out. it is much cooler anywhere from six degrees in san francisco, five oakland, seven san jose double digits los gatos inland north bay and east bay 16° cooler this morning in napa, right now 39°. 40 fairfield, 41 santa rosa, a lot of mid 40s until you get to oakland, half moon bay, mountain view, san jose and antioch 50.
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coming up, the warmthing trend right now the first look at traffic -- at least for the morning commute no major trouble an here's the bay bridge toll, we are watching the golden gate with the doyle drive closure in place starting 8:00 tonight. here are your options, once the closure is in place. the primary alternate route to get to the golden gate bridge is 19th avenue park presidio, major delays are expected through the area. you may want to think about the richmond san rafael bridge, option, i-80 to the bay bridge. heavy through the east bay of course you may want to consider taking ferries as well. there will be double the amount of service. also golden gate transit has extra buses to help you get around the closure. we again with the latest breaking news in san jose a police s.w.a.t. team locked in a standoff it began when police got a call reporting a stabbing victim in the 200
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block of cleveland avenue overnight. officers found a man bleeding on the sidewalk he died later. place tempted to make contact with the person who may the 911 call. that person refused to talk told the officers they were barricading themselves in their home and had firearms. pictures of the scene here from sky 7 hd. the standoff began at that time, no word on how many people are inside that home we'll continue to follow the story and bring more details as they come in in the east bay authorities in at least three cities are looking for the men who carjacked a taxi driver late last night and drove from city to city with him in the trudge. a -- him in the trunk. the cabbie was dropped off alive but we would imagine frightened. >> reporter: what a horrific fight for this -- horrific night for this cab driver. he was dropped off in the
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oakland hills we are high up, check out the view, we are at skyline boulevard and joaquin miller. imagine this man had no idea where he was badging on doors after midnight, a lot of people -- banging on doors after midnight. a lot of people didn't open their doors, someone finally did. he picked up three men at the bay point bart station they asked to be taken to antioch. once they got there they pulled guns, they stole his money, jewelry and cell phone then put him in the trunk of his cab this is 11:30 last night. for the next 30 minutes he rode in that trunk he could hear them arching about what to do with him they were -- them arguing about what to do with him. they were talking about beating him up or killing him. they got way in his cab. here's what police are looking for crown vic yellow cab it says antioch pittsburg on the side door the license plate is
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8 z 27362. police say try to remember the 8 z 2 if you can't remember the whole plate yellow cab with antioch pittsburg on the side. officers say they don't know why the guys decided to let him go and not to hurt him and just drop him here in the oakland hills. relief for the cab driver who police gave a ride back to his hometown in antioch where here's recovering from a terrifying night. amy hollyfield, abc7 news certainly could have had a different ending there. firefighters in oakland trying to determine what lead to a spectacular early morning car fire. this fire started 4 a.m. on the 800 block of 36th street, the blaze spread to a nearby utility pole. investigators say they are unsure how that fire starts found nobody at the scene when they got there the battle provided a square look as the air bag explodes while
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firefighters are battling to put that fire out another hazard those folks face everyday. they knocked the flames down, nobody was injured. in san ramon police alerting parents of a man approaching kids on their way to school. wednesday the suspect stopped a third grade girl. he got out of the car, after -- asked if she wanted a ride. the suspect was driving a faded light blue truck, 40 to 50-years-old, white man with dark eyes and facial hair. political battle over how best to keep college students from drowning in college debt is about to play out in congress. within hours the house is set -- is set to vote the whole thing could get hung up by democrats and republicans. tahman bradley has more. >> reporter: republicans and democrat agree iner that now is not the right time to --
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raise federal student loan rates in washington it is never that simple. law makers battling over how to pay to prevent loans from doubling in july. this week president obama traveled to three battleground states and attacked republicans for failing to introduce legislation to stop the increase. >> the president: we can't make higher education a luxury it is an economic imperative. every american family should be able to afford. >> reporter: house republicans set a vote today on a gop bill that would keep interest rates intact for another year republicans want to cut spending from the president's health care law. boehner accused president obama of using taxpayer money to lunch his election year attack. >> -- to launch his election year tack. >> i think is beneath -- beneath the can i goy of the white house
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. >> people who graduated in the 60s have a different experience they could afford their education. this generation is a generation of debt. >> reporter: the obama administration says if the rate doubles it could cost low and middle income students on average $1,000 over the life of their loans. tahman bradley, abc7 news. the parents of a peninsula high student who are suing the district because their son is accused of cheating say they are getting hate calls. the family admits their son who an continueds sequoia -- copied off another teen's homework but says his rights why violated when he was removed from an honors class claiming the punishment could
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ruin their son's academic future saying the policies are contradictory, vague and shouldn't be enforced. to be heart of that honors english class the son had to sign a pledge against cheating and the mother had to sign it as well. mike is signing a sunshine pledge this weekend and i will hold him to it. >> does that make me honor able or honors. >> you have always been hahnable. >> and we honor you as well -- and we honor you as well. we have sunshine that is going to roll in and warm as through the last weekend in april that's our big story this morning besides a cool morning the afternoon will see temperatures jump four degrees in san francisco. concord fremont san jose near 76 degrees warmer than yesterday santa rosa about eight degrees to 71 while you
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were sleeping area of low pressure and cold front moved way the jet stream moving north, high pressure taking over and that's why we are going to see a lot of sun cooler in the morning rapid warming in the afternoon. 40 inland 47 bay 50 at the coast find mid 50s along the coast bay and inland in the low to mid 60s upper 50s at 4:00, mostly sunny at the coast mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland and then mid to upper 50s at the coast at 7:00, a lot of mid to upper 60s around the bay area and inland. near 80 inland this weekend, mid 70s around the bay, mid 60s at the coast. new stall reported for the san mateo bridge westbound on the shoulder now hopefully it doesn't cause trouble this is from the toll looking westbound on the right. you remember last friday the san mateo bridge westbound shutdown because of those accidents it started with a
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stall. live shot of the bay bridge toll, minor wait for some of the cash paying lanes there was an accident earlier this morning, that did start with a stall as well, friday light commute so far. i-80 looking good, westbound traffic flowing well towards the maze golden gate bridge traffic fine now everyone gearing up for the doyle drive closure i'll have details and detours coming up on that and i will be here this weekend. >> sneaky ways around that clogged bridge this weekend. >> we always knew you were sneaky, now we know for sure. the latest on the golf course debate why there could be a new delay. more speculation on a possible royal baby that's not theirs, no. but he were looking at onecl
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the fate of -- [ unintelligible ] it is going to be a big weekend for prince will and princess kate celebrating their first wedding anniversary sunday. [ talking over each other ] >> cameras caught will and
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kate in london yesterday they were gushing over a three-week old baby among people who greated them. that is causing buzz among those wondering if the couple have an heir on the way. the latest coming up on "good morning america" after our newscast at 7:00. >> they can't go out -- everybody gushes over cute babies.vqx they gush over 'em, people see these pictures and they start interpreting it to mean if they like babies they must want to have a bunch. >> i'm looking for that baby bump, so far i don't see. gma will have the scoop. >> turning over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> sonogram, right here. >> no. >> warming up? >> yeah i know you like warmer weather should make you happy. >> for the giants' fans. >> absolutely, 7:15 today and 6:00 tomorrow. aggressively getting warmer the games start earlier beautiful picture from
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mount tamalpais this morning absolutely gorgeous high clouds and sunshine sunshine will dominate as will the warmer weather today. breezy along the coast the better part of the afternoon. faster as the wind -- as the sun comes up and stars to overturn the atmosphere. it is going to be brisk and possibly dangerous gale warning out over the coastal waters. let's take about temperatures how to dress when you step out, we continue to drop san jose, oakland, near 50, fairfield, livermore, santa rosa, low 40s, napa 39° this morning. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay inland to gilroy and salinas, mostly sunny, temperatures warming back to averages for this part of april. clear, chilly tonight, warm
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weekends on the way. dry air relatively calm air that schools down significantly but warms up quickly that's with why we'll make a run into the 70s north bay valleys, fairfield, east bay valleys and santa clara valleys mid to upper 60s elsewhere upper 50s to low 60s with brisk breezes at the coast. breeze will keep monterey 60, santa cruz and watsonville upper 60s with salinas, low 70s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. giants back in town to play the padres clear cool, breezes taper during the game as temperatures drop from 61 to 55. keep dropping into the 40s tonight a few 50s around san francisco, oakland, san mateo, vallejo, concord and antioch. next seven days i don't see
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rain. with the high to our north to northeast from time to time this weekend, that clockwise flow means an offshore breeze that's why temperatures are warping above average over the weekend with hid up to -- warming above average over the weekend with mid to upperd here's frances. back to the san mateo bridge a stall has been reported westbound doesn't look like it is causing big trouble. live shot from the toll plaza let's hope it stays that way bay bridge toll just backed up minor back up for a couple of cash paying lanes not a big deal. friday light even though we've had a few accidents in morning none causing much of a slow down. of course here the tkpwlt go -- here's the golden gate bridge live shot traffic light you want to an individual this area this weekend with the doyle drive closure in place. the main detour around the doyle drive closure as you can see with the waze traffic app
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will be that highway one section park presidio on to 19th avenue that is going to be especially jammed and lincoln boulevard is another option. if you would like to an individual that area, you can always take the richmond can rafael bridge downw i-80 to the bay bridge. with this waze app you can check out the speeds of other commuters. caleb moving around 10 miles an hour on city streets. you can check out how i-80 is doing, traffic spotter moving slowly they may be off the freeway. this will give you a good information as to how traffic is flowing and how delayed certain alternate routes will be. is the place to get it if you go to on our front page you can get information on the doyle drive closure and all detours and options, including golden gate ferries. don't forget, you can
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speak around all that by going by baker beach. >> 6:20. warrior seasons comes to an end. they won their last game why many fans may have been hoping for a loss. >> they did lose. >> they did? >> yes. >> that's what people wanted. first round surprise the 49ers fill one of the team's biggest holes
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. the nfl draft continues in new york city today. yesterday at the draft party fans watched on large monitors as the 9ers chose aj jenkins as their first round pick. the party was also promoting the new stadium. >> this is our fourth time come together draft we have a real good time, it is great, we love. >> what is your favorite part? >> just seeing people, picking up souvenirs. >> 3500 fans attended a sell-out. warriors season is over now the team is hoping to get
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a good pick on the lottery may 30th. spurs beat warriors 107-101 putting them in a tie withtron foe for the 7th worst record in the nba. if the warriors win they will be 7th. if they lose the lottery pick goes to the jazz because of a deal made. still ahead, latest on developing news involving early morning highrise fire that sent four to the hospital in san francisco. was alcohol to blame? the story behind an overnight accident involving añ0ñ0ñ0ñ0ñ0ñi
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good morning. it is 6:30. look at that beautiful shot! the sunrising, you got folks driving across the bay bridge now don't even mind the commute when you have a morning like this on april 27th, on this friday at 6:30 i'm kristen sze, thanks for joining us. and i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. the sun is out, mike is here and we are glad you are too. >> very nice, good morning. try to follow that live doppler 7 hd quiet no need to worry about weather for the morning commute other than how to does because it is so much cooler than it was yesterday 39 in napa, 40 fairfield, 41 santa rosa, mid to upper 40s
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most other neighborhoods until you go antioch, oakland, mountain view, half moon bay low 50s. big warming trend for the weekend. first traffic. here's the bay bridge ptolemy aring lights on. -- bridge toll, metering lights on. yes, it is beautiful out there. if you are commuting, it is not bad. live shot of the golden gate bridge are you ready for the doyle drive closure starting tonight at 8:00? i want to give you a heads up, it is going to be busy getting out of san francisco tonight with the closure. in addition we have critical mass at justin herman plaza at 6:00, the giants game, special a busy ride across the bay bridge. the latest on breaking news from san jose, a police s.w.a.t. team locked in a standoff. investigators asked questions about a deadly overnight stabbing. katie marzullo joins us live with the latest.
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>> reporter: right now it is still very much an active standoff. you can see behind us a few officers down the street this is as close as police would let us get. they have a k-9 unit with them he's suited up in his bulletproof vest. i have heard somebody speaking into a bullhorn i cannot make out what they were saying. a little information, few details that are not confirmed just things we've overheard over the police scanner someone might have come out with their hands up a little while ago, again not confirmed. a pit bull ran from the house and was loose for a bit an officer tells me he believes that dog has been caught. one less potential danger out as far as we know, people are inside and armed. we have video earlier from sky 7 hd this whole situation unfold 1:45 this morning when police got a call there was a
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stabbing victim. authorities found the man they tried to resuscitate him, took him to the hospital there he died of his injuries. meantime, the home now at the center of this standoff that's where the 911 call about the stabbing victim originated. the residents locked themselves in the home and they claim to be armed. that will bring out the s.w.a.t. team. those officers arrived and going on several hours now of this standoff with armed people inside the home. more about what we don't know at this hour is what the relationship might be between the people inside the home, in the standoff with police and the stabbing victim. no other information about that actual stabbing who the victim is or who the suspects might be in that case. we are on the scene now we'll keep a close eye and let you know if anything changes. katie marzullo, abc7 news. we are continuing to
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follow breaking news and developing news in san francisco early morning highrise apartment fire sent four to the hospital and forced dozens to shelter in place. it started 2:45 on woodside avenue firefighters felt it was safer to shelter in place than any evacuation. investigators are trying to determine if the fire was unintentionally set. two apartments were damaged. several more have water damage. four people injured, no word on how serious. in west oakland, police investigating shooting death of a teenager shortly after 8:30 last night in the 1100 block of 34th street. no word on suspects or motive. police have not made any arrests. a neighbor describes the victim as a good kid. >> all that street violence, he not with that, he not one of them type of kids he go to
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the school and play with the kids in the neighborhood he don't play with the gun, don't sell drugs. >> the teenager's death marks oakland's 40th homicide of the year and the third deadly shooting since saturday. right now oakland police are trying to determine if alcohol may be to blame for morning accident that seriously damaged an ac transit bus that bus was tee boned at west grand and tell -- t-boned at west grand and telegraph. the impact managed to blow-out the bus' door and windows. the other driver was detained. this morning governor brown ordering state prison officials to explore a plan to use a single drug for lethal injections instead of the current three-drug cocktail the move as the bureau of prison as peels a federal court order that has blocked execution in the state for the past six years. a judge has rule the three-drug procedure could violate the ban on cruel and
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unusual punishment. state officials say it is unlikely any discussions will take place this year. secretary of state's office now in the process of validating more than 800,000 signatures that could change california's controversial three strikes law in place since 1994. opponents say they've gathered enough support to put a three strikes repeal before voters this fall. the initiative would change the law so the third strike would have to be a serious or violent crime. coast guard is suspending all permits for offshore boat races in the bay area this unprecedented move comes two weeks after a deadly accident during an annual race around the farallon islands this video taken april 14th shows the conditions that day five people were killed when the yacht ran aground. the coast guard says the temporary suspension will allow for a thorough review. we spoke with a racer who believes the offshore suspension has to do with the impending america's cup race.
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>> the coast guard is really watching and it going to be one of the biggest jobs certainly in this area that they've had. we need to have everything in working order to be safe. >> the duck ship race tomorrow will be affected instead of going all the way out into the ocean racers will only be allowed to go as far as point bonita. developing news hours from now a big new attraction will be arriving in new york. as you can see, it is about to takeoff from dulles international airport in virginia looking at a live picture of the space shuttle enterprise. going to be arriving atop a jumbo jet, a journey that will make it a featured attraction at the intrepid museum. it will make several passes over parts of the city today. can you imagine looking up, being in new york city, any city, looking up and you see that flying low altitude?
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amazing! people will be calling in. >> it is a shuttle! >> 911 and tv stations saying what is going on? >> even though i'm sure it is well reported. >> there's a pregnant jetliner above us. >> of course open to investigators in new york city in mid july. if you are headed there, make looking sunny out there already. >> pregnant jetliner, i was thinking swelling with pride, not that -- >> kind of the same thing many times. >> sure. let's move tonight forecast, thank you very much. percent of normal as far as rain, this is about it as far as the rain goes, may is right around the corner, next week, 66% of average in santa rosa, san francisco 69. big winner oakland 75% of their average, 59 livermore,
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mountain view 51, san jose 48. nearly self inches of rain in the south bay -- nearly seven inches of rain in the south bay. today brighter, high clouds from time to time, sun dominating. by 8:00, pretty much we are are now in the low 40s to near 50. rapid warming thanks to the dry air sunshine relatively calm conditions except for at the coast where the winds pick up this afternoon out of the northwest around 20, 30 pile as hour. mid to upper 50s during the lunch hour for half moon bay and san francisco. low to mid 60s for the rest of us, upper 50s to near 60 half moon bay and , 4:00, mid to upper 60s for the rest of us. without the rain -- guess what comes back? high amounts of tree, grass and mold, ragweed low. temperatures above average tomorrow through the early parts of week temperatures taper back to average, no rain the next seven days. have a good one.
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good morning. looking good now at the bay bridge toll just a minor wait for some of the fast trac lanes slow to the metering lights which are on, different story possibly this weekend because of the doyle drive closure that starts tonight at 8:00 here's a live shot of the golden gate bridge light out of marin county. with the closure in place a lot of traffic will be ed on to park presidio, 19th avenue or lincoln boulevard. there's a couple things you need to know -- we have critical mass at 6:00 from justin herman plaza. we have the giants' game, expect busy traffic a lot of folks head to the bay bridge and richmond san rafael bridge as detour. you may want to consider mass transit, extra ferry service and extra buses. mooney will be rerouted around the -- muni will be rerouted around the boil drive closure. you may want to consider bart as an alternate. waze traffic app is a great tool to have to get around the
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closure this will tell you what the speeds are on your alternate routes. we have a traffic spotter now moving at 25 miles an hour. you can bet it is going to be slower than that this weekend. it will tell you the back-up at the bay bridge as you can see here how slow it is across the span. you can download this by going to on our front page you can click on a link that will give all the information for the doyle drive closure and alternates. 6:40 within. new numbers that could have you ditching your car. also we are minutes from a live report from the new york stock exchange. the dow right now up 34 points. new warning for international travelers as we approach a very us a suspicious anniversary.h@
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. live doppler quiet. warmer weather on the way mid 70s through the central valley into los angeles upper 60s big sur san diego 91 palm springs tahoe and yosemite much warmer now and will be this weekend with low to mid 60s around tahoe upper 60s to mid 70s around yosemite plenty of sun, a lot of sun near l.a. near 80 over the weekend same in san diego, near 70.
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"good morning america" starts in 15 minutes. >> here's josh elliot with what is coming up. good friday morning to all of you. a scare in the air. teams from swarming a plane in chicago praepbgss held in lock down for hours the story behind what happened. caught on tape, it looks like a scary break-in just a prank. is he the worst boyfriend in america? he will join us set the record straight, next on "good morning america." what was he thinking? [ laughing ] >> the -- [ talking over each other ] world's largest internet retailer getting attention on wall street. -- [ inaudible ] good morning. ford make wag is a massive attempt to deal -- ford making
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a massive -- [ inaudible ] . [ unintelligible ]
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it has been a down and now up weakening the week warm temperatures. >> i thought were you talking about the stock exchange. >> they kind of marry every once in a while. stocks up a little. [ talking over each other ] slow and steady, turtle wins the race. beautiful look at telegraph hill, gorgeous this morning. a few high clouds hanging over that is going to be the case today a lot of sun compared to yesterday. schooler, -- starting off cooler, 49 napa, 42 livermore everybody else mid to upper 40s san jose half moon bay and oakland around 50 monterey bay inland temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. by the afternoon, sunshine and temperatures warming back to seasonal levels today, clear
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and cool tonight with calm conditions and drier air schools off, nicely at night, almost below average then it warms to above average normals or levels over the weekend. here's one of the big stories 24 hour temperature change everybody going up, concord 70 fremont 68 san jose 70 all six degrees warmer than yesterday, santa rosa biggest jump eight degrees by the time the sunsets at 7:57 most inland valleys north bay, east bay, santa clara valley around 70 to 72 bay shore mid to upper 60s upper 50s to low 60s along the coast, cooler, breezy, during the around choppy seas and beaches. 60 monterey, santa cruz and watsonville upper 60s low morgan hill, gilroy hollister mostly sunny.
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giants in town to take on the padres 7:15 first pitch, clear, cool breezes taper during the game 61 first pitch down to 55°. as we look at the rest of the temperatures overnight, 50 vallejo, concord, oakland. 52 in antioch mid to upper 40s as you wake up tomorrow morning under a clear and calmer sky overnight high pressure moving onshore any time that happens it is going to take control of our weather and have that clockwise flow which is a slight offshore wind that's why temperatures are going to jump today and why the storm track is going to stay to the north through the weekend. where will you up this weekend? how about mid 60s along the coast, mid 70s around the bay, upper 70s to near 80 inland temperatures will hang out in those two areas for monday and tuesday and cooler wednesday and thursday, cooler being back down to average no rain
6:51 am
in this forecast. have a great weekend. the good news is, this morning only a couple slow spots east bay westbound 4 antioch typical delays westbound 580 dublin already on the shoulder sluggish out of livermore. san mateo bridge looking good earlier stall didn't cause any problems just keeping an eye on that we know what happened to that stall last friday how it caused massive delays. here's the bay bridge toll, also just a very minor wait looking good now, you may want to consider bart if you are traveling in and out of san francisco from the east bay because the commute can get tough this evening once doyle drive closure starts at 8:00. we have a couple things going on. there's the critical mass bike ride at justin herman plaza at 6:00. and the giants game at 7:15. and as a detour to the doyle drive closure since traffic will be jammed on 19th avenue park presidio, a lot of folks will be heading to the bay bridge and richmond san rafael
6:52 am
as an alternate you may want to avoid driving. if you want to take mass transit bart will be a great detour option between san francisco and east bay extra ferry service for golden gate ferry commuters and muni will be rerouting some of the buses through the doyle drive closure or around i should say. also the waze traffic map will tell what the this case are for all your alternates. you can go to to get the latest information on the closure and the detours. i'll be here this weekend as well as sue hall to cover your commute saturday and sunday. there's a new development this morning in the mad cow disease investigation. the agriculture department says the infected cow was euthanized after it became lame and started lying down.
6:53 am
its carcass was shipped for rendering that's where testing discovered the mad cow virus. the cow was almost 11-years-old, not five as originally reported this is only the fourth confirmed u.s. case of mad cow. officials reiterate there is no risk to our food chain. >> conservative watchdog group appealing a judge's ruling denying access to photos and videos of bin laden after his death. commandos kill the al-qaeda leader almost a year ago of the group is seeking the images under the freedom of information act. the justice department says they are being withheld to avoid inciting violence against americans. the u.s. embassy in pakistan restricting its employees from going to restaurants and markets in islamabad for the next two weeks. the rare action covers the upcoming peer around the anniversary of the raid on
6:54 am
bin laden's compound. president obama has been briefed about the possibility that al-qaeda is making plans to retaliate. the threats of a revenge attack has been monitored by the u.s. since bin laden was killed. among the papers found in his home were repeated references to the importance of attacks timed to coincide with anniversary dates. >> major issue for al-qaeda to do something to prove they are still alive. to do some fairly major event or series of attacks that prove that they are not down, they are not out. >> as a result, american law enforcement and white house officials say travelers at airports in the u.s. and europe should expect to see enhanced security over the next several days. as we get ready to hand off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go: san jose police s.w.a.t. team in standoff with a suspect who claims to be heavily armed. it started after police attempted to talk with someone
6:55 am
at the residence who reported a fatal stabbing. >> number two, final countdown to closure-doyle drive. it will shutdown 8 p.m. tonight. new detour set to reopen monday morning at 5 a.m.. crews are warning drivers to avoid the bridge or expect huge delays. >> that doyle drive closure could mean bigger gridlock around the giants' game that's the third thing to know before you go. giants return home to face padres first pitch 7:15. drivers are being urged to use public transit. number four, investigators trying to figure out what lead to this car fireúm when they engulfed no driver inside. >> number five, enterprise getting a piggyback ride to new york city. the shuttle will spend the next hour and a half circling new york city beautiful sight before touching down at
6:56 am
kennedy airport. >> we'll try to show it to you on let's get you out the door quiet , doppler, no rain but significant cooler from 39 at napa, near 40 fairfield, 41 santa rosa everybody else in the mid 40s to around 50. by the afternoon cool temperatures become pretty warm with mid to upper 60s around the bay shore, low 70s in our east bay valleys, santa clara valley in the north bay, watch out along the coast brisk day with winds around the northwest at 20 to 30 miles per hour, upper 50s to low 60s. calmer and warmer everywhere through the weekend. pretty good this morning even though we've had a few accidents. live shot of the bay bridge toll, even had a crash on the bay bridge this morning, no evidence of that, no delays. get ready for that doyle drive closure. you can use the waze traffic app, this will help you check out the detour, lincoln, park
6:57 am
presidio, alternate, you can find out how slow it is. extra ferry service and golden gate transit buses that might be a better option. >> frances detour dinglasan. >> that's it for us, abc7 news she will be back at 7:24 with more. >> keep track on twitter shuttle enterprise arriving in new york city this morning you can talk about that at have a great day and .
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