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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 14, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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you can see there is a hole into it. the chemical safety board is investigating whether or not there was insulation around that and that is whether workers removed insulation and whether or not that contributed to them after insulation was removed. the flow from the pipe increased and caused a very large vapor trail appearing on surveillance video which has not been released. and there are somehow an ignition led to that explosion. it might have been a hot pipe or a diesel engineer by. but that is not confirmed and they'll look into that and may never know the answers what caused this explosion. the safety board also says that chevron has been
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cooperating with investigators and the board investigated dozens of witnesses and cps -- csp had not had to use subpoena power to get people to talk. >> that unit is shut down but there are are hydrocarbons in there continuing to be released in smaller amounts from that point point. they're being watered down by chevron. >> and there is an area which the leak occurred. it's some ignition and officials say they don't know what caused it and there is some gas oil is 600 degrees fahrenheit that may never know what sparked this huge fire.
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>> and there is so much more to note here there are 5,000 all being blamed on smoke from the fire. there is an oral report revealing new details about the number of people that sought treatment. complaints ranging from could haves to -- coughs to asthma-related issue autos people were concerned about phone shall health impacts. many people went to the emergency room because they're concerned and they wanted to be checked to get reassurance. >> there is also a suggestion new technology could be more effective for notifying people of danger. >> there is an emergency alert out of a shell plant.
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black smoke poured out of a smoke stack there. >> yesterday, a fire now this. i want to show you the view from sky 7 that smoke was not caused by a fire but by a flare used for safety reasons. to help get rid of the excess gas and prevent an even greater incidence. earlier workers traced odor coming from a piece of equipment called a pressure relief valve. one of many pieces of equipment used to process oil. workers were evacuated for safety reasons and crews tried to close it down. this was happening and you can smell strong odor in the air, there were no harmful readings and there is never a shelter in place.
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>> we'll have that shut down while we figure it out. >> and there is that equipment shut down. the refinery continues to operate. shell would not say how this will affect it's output. yesterday there is a small fire at a different location and there is under investigation. both fire yesterday and this incident today are unrelated according to shell. there is a a spokesperson what are the chances of two things like this happening within 24 hours? he said very rare. >> and there is anyone trying to do business with department of motor vehicles is mostly out of luck. the computer outlook at the state dmv office crashed.
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and what happened?. >> yes. it was a hassle. the state says computers were back up to full speed by 12:30, this problems that were caused by that hiccup lasted into the evening. i want to show you video. there is almost always a line outside of the dmv. this one was wrapped around the building and created bhai is described as a network problem that is providing them from talk together state central computers and there is a little finger pointing. drivers didn't care who was to blame. they just wanted it fixed. >> i have been here about 6:00 in the morning to show a line. and this is not working.
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we don't know how long we have to wait. >> two hours? >> yes. i had an appointment. >> and what about your job? >> and this is for folk that's did have appointments dmv spent most of the afternoon calling them back. some did show back up here this afternoon to try to get business taken care of. most of them made it through the line. and there is one about three weeks ago blamed on i power outage. there is another that happened a month before that. and there are $200 million computer system upgrade the straight state is rolling out to offices. as that takes place, the state has said it wants to maybe think about stepping up the technical support contracts that it has for critical
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computer systems like the dmv that deal with customers. >> there is a triple digits temperatures drove up demand for temperatures today. you can see california did have power to spare today. top line shows available power, bottom reflects demand for electricity. there is where we can do our part to save energy and this is oakland police hope witnesses will come forward and tell them what happened after a man was shot to death this afternoon. sky 7 shows clothing left on the ground of the crime scene at 64th avenue. this is about 12:20. investigators have not made any arrests and are now trying to figure out what led to this shooting. and police have made an arrest
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in a rare murder case in the town of kensington. investigators found the victim stabbed to dwej a knife in his chest. and there is the 81-year-old and police arrested a 56-year-old woman in this case. a neighbor believes the two may have had a romantic relationship. >> some progress is being made in fighting that huge hire fir that letened homes for a while. there is where you can sthee is still burning and it's just a lot of smoke going on there. interest there is the way the fire looks right now. cal fire spokesman came by
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saying they'd done way with two names and they're now treating this as one incident. it began this day with 30% containment. the short time ago, cal fire told us it's improved on that and yet to say how much it means plenty of work to do and what you see here is some tamer stuff, flames burning down hill and too week to drive them. not so a few hundred feet way up and this, is the stuff that can wreak havoc with winds. >> they want to be aware of the fallout and ash. >> and how far can it go? >> this depends n cases fires can spot ahead and other cases several hundred feet. >> there is traffic on and
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around highway 20. residents hoping to get home yesterday. they waited as much as an hour for the patrol. >> there are fogs in the house probably eating my furniture. >> mostly these two fires have roamed rocky, rugged terrain. and there are crews working nooks and crannies. in heat like this, fire is a four--letter word. >> we don't want to be too confident. >> and back live you're looking at flames again. there is another tree up, now, gone down. there is if it's better, you
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may thank winds which did stay down but it's hot here. you can thank fire crews would have worked hard to z.taken advantage. >> and they have worked hard. sandhya patel is here with a look at wernl condition that's firefighters are facing in lake county. there is a satellite image of the smoke. >> yes. wait until you can see this smoke. there is a where wild fires are burning. there is relative humidity 13%. winds are light. so far gusts. this is a sustained wind of three has been about 15-17 miles per hour. and there is winds remaining under 20 miles per hour tonight. and there is a this area dropping down into 90s concern is that there is a slight risk
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of showers. there is speaking of fires, i want to show you all of the fires burning in northern california. check out extend of the courage. the smoke traveled for miles and this is wind that is sending that smoke into different directions. i'll be back with changes in weather that could include possibly dodging drops. wait until you hear about that. >> thank you. >> and there is more breaking news today there is a wildfire forced evacuations east of temecula. and this is warm, windy in
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that area of state. our sister station reports three structures have been burned so far. there are no word yet on what started this blaze. the battle continues. >> the law could make it illegal for government agencies to cutoff cell phone access without a court order. there is a a bill in response to that decision. demonstrators protested against bart's investigation to cut cell phone and wi-fi service. and there is a time to develop law that's have not been updated since. >>s. >> there are implications of technology, society and public poll six a little bit ahead of
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everybody else. so this is our responsibility to respond to that. >> there is no word yet on whether the governor will sign that bill. >> there is a state agency in hot water for failing to make changes to the water supply. >> and also, a tech giant daughter does too much sharing on twitter. you're going to hear how she may have put your family at risk. >> we're some months from ski season. this may have gotten more affordable. ab krchl 7 newsor
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. environmental groups filed a lawsuit over a cancer causing chemical made famous in the film ""erin brokovich"". the suit claims the department
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is eight years behind in establishing a drinking water standard for chromium six. tests show it's contaminated thousands of drinking water sources and officials say a compute over whether it was a carcinogen. >> and the twitter account of the daughter of michael dell has been deactivated. the teenager apparently caught oversharing and posting detail as kts of her family whereabouts. security came into question after a picture of zachary dell was posted by his sister taken on a private plane during a trip to fij i. we want to thank people who helped raise thousands of
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dollars. for every new like we get, $1 is donated to the sleep train dream campaign. >> and there is some special ski deals for you this winter including two of northern california's favorite resorts. this is two free days at each of four destinations including qau valley and there is a health on unlimited lift tickets. this is a great deal. >> that looks like fun. >> find out now. >> there is up to 94 in antioch and there is numbers
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in places like antioch. check out why as we look from our camera. there is marine layer that has ramped up and this is now around 1600 feet deep. and there are sea breeze cooling us off. there is another live picture from our heavenly camera. there is about a few hundredths of rain there. and i'll show that to you in just a moment. there is a marine layer deepen sog it's going to get in further we're seeing it over the bay and this are high clouds up to the north and there is moisture moving in,
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you can get daytime heating. and there is a result of thunderstorms in the area and there is almost 700 lightning strikes. so if you're traveling, temperatures now are cooling off and there is wind coming in off the ocean. look at oakland. down to 64 already. so that is fog at the coast tonight. cooling continues inland tomorrow, partly cloudy skies this weekend. and this could get interesting this weekend. besides clouds there may be sprinkles here. there is a cool start again along the coastline. low to mid-50s and there are inland areas where it gets
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interesting. water vapor showing an area of low pressure developing and circulation around the low is drying up moisture, what is going to happen is that two combined could pull upstream of moisture late this week from what is and this will dissipate. moisture may make its way up towards our region and into saturday there may be some sprinkles and perhaps light showers. and there is 85 degrees in cupertino. 76 in san mateo. 84 in los altos, cool, foggy. and there is 65 up in the north bay, clear lake. there is 80 in santa rosa.
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inland areas still hot and there is foggy 63 degrees, accu-weather forecast, dropping tomorrow and this is cooler by saturday and sunday and there is a change but friday night into saturday we can be talking about more than clouds and there is if anyone has outdoor plans they'll be tracking showers and and there is a twitch in the eye more than a decade? helping bring relief for those who suf
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education news, uc berkeley researchers believe they've found a link between new school buildings and higher test scores. school students in los angeles saw scores jump when transfering into new buildings. but score dz not climb for high school students moving to new campuses. one professor believes new elementary schools attract younger teaches compared to new high school that's usually have older faculty member autos giants pitcher sergio romo made a pitch for parents to get kids immunized before school starts. and this concern of course is whooping cough, california law requires 7th graders to get a booster vaccine before entering school. >> there is though they had
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shots when they were smaller the immunity wears off and they need a booster shot to keep themselves healthy and stop the spread of the disease in the community. >> children entering kindergarten need to meet certain requirements and urging pregnant women to get their booster shot.?x?xñcús
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coming up at 6:00 abc 7 news reporter vic lee gets a look and access to napa state hospital. measure nouz in place to protect workers and why some are still afraid for safety. >> some call it the great marijuana myth. an investigation revealing what legalization would really mean for california's economy. >> ask illegal immigrant working to become a lawyer in california and how his case could trigger another battle in merng's immigration wars, coming up at 6:00. >> and world news is coming up next. and from all of us here


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